Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Flash Report! Mr. Clean Visits the Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood, FL on 7/13 &14, 2016 - Patience Pays Off Big Time!

Doc here, a man who some say is one with the sea. Man against nature. Man versus fish. Boat meets shark. Shark eats boat. Man eats cannoli.

Well kids, this report is a good one! Mr. Clean hits it out of the park with this detail packed report from one of the most intriguing adult theaters in the country, the Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood, FL. 

Reports are few and far between on this location, but thankfully Journal contributor Mr. Clean has stepped up to the plate.

I encourage you to pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and enjoy this report.  

Here we go!


Flash Report – Mr. Clean Visits the Pleasure Emporium (Hollywood, Florida) – and patience, persistence pays off big time!

The Place – Pleasure Emporium, Hollywood Florida (http://www.pleasureemporiumhollywood.com/)

Date – Tuesday July 13th and Wednesday July 14th

Time – I was there from 7-11pm (they are open until 1am)

Outside – Safe area, ample parking. On a dead end street.

Inside – Impressively large, store. Very clean, inviting. Friendly staff. Arcade, two theaters.

Entrance fee - $7 for the arcade, $18 for arcade and theaters, $20 for couples. In and out privilege until 1am (clerk even followed me in to give me the receipt which I hadn’t rece3ived and informed me of the in/out policy.)

The Arcade:

Arcade is very (and surprisingly) clean, inviting. Has about 12 fairly large booths (could easily fit 6-8 people…foreshadowing, at one point in my visit, the booth I was in had a couple and about 6 guys.) Four of the booths had a large opening and no door, inviting one to look in. The rest have doors with locks. No gloryholes. Every booth has a large office type chair (swivel type) in what appears to be like new condition.

About 100+ choices, selection displayed outside the theater doors. Screen is a computer screen. Great picture quality and easy to navigate. Takes $5 dollars to start.

The Theaters:

Two theaters. #1 playing a mix of videos, #2 showing gay videos. (The videos playing are displayed outside the door of each theater.)Entrance is by pushing button and clerk unlocks door. Each theater has about 15 large recliners (great condition, very clean, look to be new). Each theater has three screens up front, one large (3’ by 4’) and two smaller ones, showing different videos.

My Experience:

Went on two evenings, Tues. and Weds. while in south Florida for work. Arrived at around 6pm each evening.

Tuesday Evening:

I entered and paid the $18 for the arcade and theaters. (This is higher than most places to which I have been but I prefer it as it tends to discourage the less desirable types.). I went in, checked out the arcade (just a couple of guys) and then was buzzed into theater #1. About three other guys lounging in the chairs. I watched the movie for a bit, then went to check out the other theater and arcade. No couples or females around, about 6 other guys. I left after 30 minutes to grab a bite, returned about 7:30pm. 

Pleasure Emporium
Hollywood, FL
While sitting in my car outside, I saw an elderly couple, my guess is they were in their 70’s, enter the store. I thought to myself how cool it was that people their age were going to an adult store and assumed they were just going in to shop. I went back inside about 8pm and entered theater #1. Imagine my surprise when I saw the elderly couple in there watching the movie. They were sitting in adjacent loungers, holding hands. After a bit the guy took out his cock and then he took her hand placed it on it. He then reached between her legs and they proceeded to play with each other. 

While this was happening, no one approached them (I watched discreetly for a bit.) I then left and went out to the arcade. I watched movies for about 20 minutes and then checked theater #1. Only one guy in there so I checked theater #2. To my surprise, the elderly couple were in there, naked from the waist down, lying down, crotch-to-crotch (scissor style). They weren’t moving at all and I think the woman might even have been asleep (ed. note: Oh boy). I left after a couple of minutes, checked the arcade (nothing happening) and went back into theater #1. About 3 guys in there and no females or couples entered before I left around 11:15pm. (Female clerk gave me a big smile, said good night and that she hoped I’d come back soon.)

Wednesday Evening:

I arrived about 6:45pm. Paid, checked out the arcade (just a few guys hanging around) and went into theater #1. About 6 guys in there. I sat down and watched the movie for a bit. I found it somewhat distracting having three videos playing simultaneously. In this case it was one straight, with a white woman and a black guy, one bi with two guys and a woman, and one MMF threesome. I stayed till about 8 and then went to grab a bite.

I returned at 8:45pm and as I was pulling into the parking lot, a couple was entering. This was a beautiful, hot Hispanic looking woman. She was about 5’2”, truly killer bod and longish hair. He resembled Denzel Washington. From the way she was dressed – jeans and a fairly conservative top – I assumed they were just there to shop (as I said, it’s an impressive store.). I entered a couple of minutes behind this couple and to my surprise (and raising my hopes) they had just finished purchasing entrance to the theater and arcade.

They stopped at the rest room, and about 5 minutes later, came out and entered theater #1. (I had waited discreetly to see what they might do.) My hopes went up a bit because she was now wearing a fairly low cut, flimsy sliver top with no bra. I followed them into the theater, at a discreet distance. They took two recliners on the right side, I sat in one on the left, immediately across from them, with about an 8’ space between us. They watched the movie for about 15 minutes, and then she opened his fly, took out his cock and played with it. He in turn, reached over and pulled her top down to expose one of her breasts. I had a clear view of the action and had my member in out and in hand, hoping they’d notice. 

The other 5 guys in the place stayed in their seats and never approached them. One guy got up and left, which I found incredible because I can’t imagine leaving when there’s a hot couple and the potential for an encounter. She then went down on the guy and worked him for a good 15-20 minutes, while he fondled her and played with her crotch (jeans still on). They then sat up, straightened themselves out, got up and left the theater. I left behind them and alas, they were headed to the exit…or so I thought.

Instead, they went into the rest room again. I again waited to see if they might be coming back. When they came out, they headed towards the arcade. They first stopped in a booth with no door and a large opening. They seemed to check out how the screen worked and then left and went down the hall to a booth with a door. They stepped inside, with the door half closed. I waited a minute or so and then leaned in and asked, “Did you want this door closed?” To my utter surprise and delight, she stated, fairly firmly, “No. We want it open.” I took this as an invite and stepped inside the door.

They had put money in the machine and were in the process of selecting a video. She selected a video and then he sat down, opened his pants and she knelt in front of him. She proceeded to suck on him. After a few minutes he reached down and pulled her top up and off. Her breasts were perfect and her body was truly smoking. I’ve had several encounters in adult theaters (many thanks to the good Doctor’s site so thanks guy!) but never with a couple like this.

I waited a bit and then asked the guy if it was okay to touch. He said, yes. I then caressed her –stroking her beautiful, smooth a silk dark skin. She had a couple of very nice, tasteful tattoos. At one point she leaned up and I then leaned in to suck her breasts…and she allowed it. At this point, there were about 4 guys in the booth watching. At the guy’s request, they had closed and locked the door). Only one other guy reached in to touch her…so I basically had this gorgeous lady to myself (well, except for the guy she was with whom she was sucking on.)

The movie ran out and I quickly took out a ten spot and said, “Allow me please”. Once the movie started again, she stood up and he slowly removed her jeans. I could not believe my luck…though I still wasn’t sure how far they would take things. She went back to her knees and continued sucking on him. As it happened, luck was with me because as I stroked her, I went further and further down her back until my hand was on her pussy. She was just a little wet when I first touched her but as I played with her pussy she got wetter and wetter until she was dripping. I even gave her a couple of playful slaps and she gave an appreciative moan. Then it happened. She stood up, bend over and presented her pussy to me. I said, “I have a condom.” And he said, “Go for it.”

I put a condom on, put a bit of lube on it (though it wasn’t really necessary given how wet this babe was), and slowly slid into her. She was amazingly tight, and pushed back into me. I pumped away, grabbing her hips, reaching under her to play with her breasts and nipples and gave her a couple more playful slaps. Each slaps provoked a delightful little wiggle and push back on me. I held out as long as I could and lost is at about the 4 or 5 minute mark.

I thanked them both and stepped aside. One of the several guys who had been watching immediately took my place. I stayed till he was through and another guy stepped up. I then quietly slipped out the door, asking one of the other guys to lock it behind me.

I left the place after that. In hindsight, I wish I had thought to stick around and try to get this couples contact information so I could hook up with them the next time work takes me to south Florida.

PS According to their website, there is another Pleasure Emporium in Miami Florida. On my list for next time.

Thanks for the great site and all the effort, Doc. Very much appreciated.

Mr. Clean


Doc here again... Many thanks to Mr. Clean for his two-fer report on Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood, FL. I hope more readers will step up and report from PE in the future, as it sounds like this location is going strong.