Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! Gemini's Seattle Sexcapade with Jordan and Brent

Doc here, a man who some say has the recipe for Fresca memorized, with an outstanding Couple's Flash Report from my good friend, the amazing Gemini.

You see dear friends, Gemini, along with her hubby Jordan, and the poet laureate of adult theater reports, Brent in Portland, hit the road two weekends ago. Their destination was Seattle, and their intent questionable.  Adult theaters and ABS locations were programmed with their GPS lady, and off they went in search of hi-jinks. 

Here we go... Please welcome back the sexual dynamo known as Gemini.


Seattle Sexcapade


With excited anticipation, Jordan, Brent and I planned our trip up to Seattle.  It would be an overnight road trip to explore any and all adult possibilities along the way. 

We left about noon on Saturday and headed north on the I-5.  We made great conversation as we drove in search of truckers to flash.  I had a red blouse unbuttoned dangerously low with a red lacey bra underneath.  Brent sat right behind me with a hopeful view of a trucker’s reaction, shielded by a dark tinted window.  To our amazement, all prospective truckers were either driving too slowly for us to ride alongside on the two road highway, or completely oblivious to the little peep show I was more than willing to provide. 

We continued on, stopping at every rest stop available.  It was obvious at our first stop that parking on the “automobile” side would only reap droves of families out for a busy weekend.  We got out to stretch, I gave a hobo a fistful of coins, and we proceeded on.  At another rest stop, I tried to persuade Jordan to park in the “trucks only” side, but he is not quite the rule breaker I am.  However, I did get him to park next to a large pickup, where two guys were standing smoking.  

They were large framed men and looked of the country.  One had a t-shirt with an alcohol reference, so I lit up and tried to make conversation as Jordan and Brent waited in the car.  “Do you guys know the Olympia area very well?” I asked.  “Um, a little – what are you looking for?” the larger man asked.  “Well, I’m out for a little weekend adventure heading north, and looking for any adult bookstores along the way.”  I said with a naughty smile.  Stammering and nervous the men looked at each other and one replied, “No, I’ve never been to one.  I wouldn’t really know.”  “Yeah, we wouldn’t know” said the other.  They crushed out their cigarettes and jumped in their truck and drove off.  I laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of it all.  It was pretty plain they each had been, but couldn’t admit it in front of the other.  I wondered if they had hard-ons as they drove away.

We turned to good ol’ Google to lead us to a bookstore and finally found one with a small video arcade not far off the road.  As we pulled into the back lot, we noticed there were no cars, but went in to check it out anyway.  We were surprised to find a few men and one couple perusing the wares.  The men were not really my type and the couple was talking to the clerk, so I went back outside for a quick smoke.  That’s when a Hummer pulled in and older jock type guy entered.  I followed. 

He went into the furthest booth to the left in the arcade, which was not far from the entrance.  I couldn’t take the next booth because it was out of order.  I tried the next, but it just swallowed my dollar without giving me a movie.  I tried the next, and it wouldn’t even take my dollar.  So making lemons out of lemonade, I explained the situation to Jordan who had come into the hall – loud enough for Hummer man to hear.  I looked over to see he had left his door ajar, and the sounds of his movie were that of straight sex.  Perfect. 

Quietly I walked over to his door and asked if I could join in watching his movie. “Of course!” he stated.  I went in to find him with his pants around his ankles, stroking his cock.  He smiled at me, and then his eyes went straight to my cleavage.  I unbuttoned even more and brought the ladies out of my red bra.  In an instant he was fondling and sucking on them.  I reached down and began stroking him, then bent down to lick his head.  He immediately pulled back and sheepishly told me to hang on.  He went back to my breasts, and I reached over to stroke him again.  “Hang on….hang on!!” he said, but I could tell he was at the point of no return.  “That’s ok – go for it!” I told him.  A couple more strokes and he exploded all over.  The whole thing couldn’t have lasted more than three minutes.  Pretty proud of myself, I exited with a big grin, thinking this would be the first of many this weekend.

We continued north to find more bookstores.  The first was out of business.  Darn. It looked like it had really been something in its day.  The second had an arcade, but had the RULES abundantly posted everywhere.  The booths were the size of telephone booths and sported glass doors.  Cameras watched our every move.  It was obvious this place was run by the Gestapo and not very user friendly. 

Next door there was another run down looking place, so we stopped in.  The stench immediately hit us as we walked into the building.  I looked down and noticed it was probably everything from smoke to you-know-what collected in the carpet that hadn’t been clean since it was installed in the 70’s.  The owner sitting behind the counter looked the same.  A guy came in and went into the lit up arcade/hallway.  I followed just to see what was over there, but was told very sharply that “women are not allowed back there.”  He said it was too much of a liability “should someone get carried away.”   What a joke.  I would never have played there anyway – the place was disgusting. Moving on…

Frustrated now by the lack of good venues, we checked into our hotel and found a great Italian restaurant for dinner.  (Sorry, Doc – we didn’t have meatballs.  But Brent and I did share an awesome non-alcoholic amaretto ice cream.) (ed. note: You are forgiven Gemini. But next time, just say yes to a plate of balls.)

Back at the hotel we prepared for our evening at an adult theater.  We didn’t know what to expect, and hoped it would produce better results than our drive up.

Gemini in her black corset.
When we reached our destination, we parked in the back and headed in.  I felt like a celebrity at a movie premier as we were greeted by the warmest reception imaginable. This place really knows how to treat its customers!  After an ample tour of all the nooks and crannies, we wandered into the main theater to see a variety of men watching the movie.  

Soon after, a massage table was brought in, which I soon found out would be used for a mind-blowing show.  I curiously watched as two men wrapped the table in shrink wrap.  Then came a tall blond with a great body – wearing a short, blue plaid school girl type skirt and tank – striding in on amazing black stilettos. 

She asked her long haired boyfriend, “How do you want me?” To which he replied, “Doggie style.”  She climbed up as directed, elbows on the table and ass in the air.  Her boyfriend and a helper proceeded to shrink wrap HER to the table, leaving only her head and ass end exposed.  Then she was blindfolded. 

Three dildos were placed by her feet – each one larger than the next – along with an anal toy.  I was already getting wet with anticipation, but my jaw must have hit the floor when Boyfriend brought out an electrically charged toy.  The wand was glass, and you could see a purple charge flowing through. 

He started with the anal toy, pushing in one large bead at a time.  Then the electric toy was used, gently touching her in different places to stimulate her senses.  When she was good and wet, the first dildo was inserted.  (Oh, god….I am getting wet myself right now just thinking about it.)  Suicide Blonde began to moan and was rewarded with a cock to suck. Men crowded around to get a better view, but luckily I could still see.  The second dildo was then used to pleasure her further, until she could finally take the very large third toy, being fucked with determination as her heels fell to the floor.  I wonder how many times she came. 

When the show ended, I felt as if I’d orgasmed myself and had to go have a cigarette.  After a quick freshening up, J and I enter the main theater again.  Almost all the seats were occupied, but we found a bench in the back that seats three with only one man sitting there.  He reminded me a bit of Ben Affleck. We “watched” the movie for a bit to settle in, and I finally turned to introduce myself.  It turns out it was “K’s” first visit too.  

We turned back to watch the movie again.  I could sense his anticipation as he gently brushed his arm against mine.  It reminded me of sitting next to my high school boyfriend in the bleachers.  (A boyfriend I bedded every chance we got – once even giving him a blow job in the bushes of our school at a basketball game.)  While the thought of this ran through my mind, K was patient as can be until I was finally ready to make a move.  I brought him over to another massage table that was placed lengthwise in front of a bench.  I had him stand at the end in front of me as I unbuttoned my blouse and unleashed my ladies.  He and others stared and gasped as if they have never seen natural H cups before.  It was quite flattering.

K cupped one in both hands and began sucking on my erect nipple.  He came up for air, and looked at me with the lust of a teenager.  I pulled his head back in as he took turns on each breast.  The chemistry with K was rare and amazing as we kissed as if we were in the back seat of a drive in – not an indoor theater with a crowd watching.  We could not get enough of each other.

I looked at him lustfully as I began to undo his belt.  As if in a trance he stared back until he realized it would go quicker if he helped get his jeans off.  “We need at least one leg out,” I told him as he struggled to get a shoe off.  With his beautiful cock finally exposed, I laid him back on the table.  I gently licked the top of the head which prompted him to prop up on his elbows to watch.  I used my tongue to delicately lick different parts of his cock and balls, feeling it go more rigid with every pass.  My eyes met his as I let my lips part and slowly engulf his member.  From there I licked, sucked and stroked knowing the crowd of men was watching.  It made me even more aroused to know there might be someone mesmerized by the show, wishing it were them. 

I stopped for a moment.  We were at the fork in the road.  Do I continue and let him finish this way, or do we move on?  I asked him “Do you have a condom?”  “Yes,” he replied.  “Would you like to use it?”  And with that we traded places. 

He suited up and kissed me again like a make out session you see in the movies.  It was now my turn to lie on my back as this stranger entered me.  The feeling was amazing.  He pumped me as my breasts moved to the rhythm. I massaged them and moaned as he brought me to orgasm, cumming soon behind. 

As K fumbled with his jeans, Jordan introduced me to a nice looking dark man who had been crowded out.  I smiled at him, then dropped my gaze down to his cock.  It was hard and ready as I took it in my mouth.  He moaned as I sucked him, cradling his balls in my hand.  He asked if I would like him to lick me, but I told him I prefer fingers or cocks, and asked if he would like to fuck me.  I bent over the table as he got close to penetrate.  Whoa!  That was not enough time to suit up!  “Do you have a condom on?” I asked.  “Uh, no, I usually don’t wear them.”  “No bareback!” Jordan stated firmly, “You have to have a condom or you don’t play.”  Someone in the crowd handed him one and he struggled to get it on, tearing it in the process.  Another one was offered, but it was also too small – I couldn’t chance it slipping off.  Jordan suggested he go buy a larger one in the store up front, which he did.  Unfortunately, he put it on upside down and struggled to get it on.  I tried to help, but it was no use.  By now the mood had passed for him and he stepped aside to let others take his place.  But this was a good time for me to take a break as well.

Brent and I found Suicide Blond and her boyfriend outside with another man, and we all had a casual little chat.  ­­­­­­

Back inside, Jordan, Brent and I made our way to another theater room.  There were two couches at the far end of the room.  A couple men were watching the movie, which turned into a little line at the side when we sat down.  The first guy seemed a little shy and I wasn’t sure why.  When I started to suck him he had trouble getting it hard and confessed that he already climaxed after my show with K.  He apologized, but I took it as a compliment!  The next guy was dressed like a bartender in a classy establishment.  He had dark skin and a thick cock poking through where he had unzipped.  His name was M and he looked somewhat familiar, but I couldn’t really see his face since I was facing the movie screen and he was in the shadow.  Turns out, we had played once before in Portland!  Fancy that! 

He asked if he could touch between my legs and I lost my jeans immediately.  He had me put one foot on the couch and inserted fingers as I moaned with pleasure.  Knowing exactly what he was doing, he soon had me gushing as liquid ran down both my legs.  Other men asked permission to fondle my breast as this continued.  ­­­­My heel was slipping in my own juices that were now flooding the floor.  I don’t know how many orgasms I had, but I’m sure you could hear me in other rooms of the building. 

When he was done, I collapsed on the couch as someone graciously went to get me paper towels.  A small framed Hispanic man was next in line, but I didn’t have much left to offer.  He asked if he could just look at my pussy, so I spread my legs and massaged myself as he started stroking his cock.  Massaging turned into full masturbation as I brought myself to climax with him cumming on my leg.

The party was now over, as I cleaned the floor and couch best that I could.  I was sure a clerk would be coming by to disinfect all surfaces as they regularly did there. 

On our way out, a beautiful fit couple came in.   I would have loved to stay, but I was exhausted from the day, so we said our goodbyes and headed back to the hotel.

The next morning after getting ready for breakfast, I decided to put my bag in the car while Jordan and Brent finished up in their rooms.  As I got into the elevator, I was joined by the hotel maintenance man who stood facing me on the opposite wall.  I could sense him eyeing me up and down – my cleavage was at an R rated level.  When I looked at him, he looked down and stammered “Oh, I like your, um, toe rings.”  “Oh, these things?” I said bending over to inspect them, “Yeah, I can’t remember where I got them, but I like them too.”  I could feel him staring down my open shirt which provided an ample view of my breasts.  

I stood back up and gave him a wicked grin as the door opened and I walked out.  After a few minutes outside, I headed back to the room.  As fate has it, the same guy was going back up but this time his boss was with him.  The three of us entered the elevator as the boss was reading over the daily list of maintenance man’s duties.  I could tell he was having trouble focusing as he kept glancing my way. Too bad the ride was so short, or I could have had a lot of fun with them.  However, the thought of it got me primed and hoping for another encounter on the way home.

Unfortunately for me, nothing else panned out.  We tried the little bookstore where I met Hummer man, but it was empty and the clerk was not up for fun.   I tried flashing truckers all the way home, and finally got one, but we were already near the Portland bridge.  *sigh*  Good thing Ray was hosting Kinky Karaoke that night because I was able to find one of my favorite gents, B, who filled me up with orgasmic pleasure, and I also made good use of the new Barber Chair with S!  A great ending to my weekend sexcapades.

Hope you had a happy Fourth!  I am thinking about Ray’s famous hot dogs at the Paris….



Doc here again... Incredible report Gemini!  As always, the images you paint with your words make your reports can't miss reading here at The Journal.  Keep the reports coming, and next time order the meatballs.

I hear they are pretty damn good.