Monday, October 15, 2012

Couple's Flash Report! Tattooed Voodoo at The Paris Theater in Portland

Doc here with a great Couple's Flash Report from the mecca of adult theaters, Portland, OR.  First time contributor, Tattooed Voodoo has submitted a great report to share with you, the good readers of The Journal. 

Here is her take on a recent visit to the Paris Adult Theatre in Portland, OR.  Otherwise known as "The House That Brent Built".

Take it away, Tattooed Voodoo!



Allow me to introduce myself as a dabbler in this thing of ours. I reside in OR, and in 07-08 frequented the Paris usually w/my partner and another couple. We had some crazy trips - perhaps a blast from da past is in order.

Paris Theatre
Portland, OR
Anyway.....I live 2 hrs away now so my play time is limited by distance and small town living. :-(  We popped in to Paris Theatre last Sat night. The same sweet gent was at the counter from my previous visits. We supplied our previous members card but were found to be no longer on file. So ID got us set up and in we went.

I have to say that I was a bit nervous. It had been a long time. Of course all heads turned as we slipped into the couples retreat at the back. We had the area to ourselves. We watched the movie for a bit chit chatted w each other. My gal pal sidekick was always the gregarious chat people up one in past visits. I was missing her as I was a bit shy.

Before long 2 more couples ventured in. Neither really "dressed to play" but hey one never knows. The couple that sat next to us was an adorable BBW and her larger hubby both seemed a bit shell shocked. First visit,  etc.,  they stayed longer than I thought they would. But negativity was harshing my sexual vibe. I would have loved to have played w/ her but shyness and her comments lead me to believe it wasn't gonna happen.

The other couple were fit classy and had a nice open vibe. At one point the gent leaned over to me and said you go first!! So I started stroking my mans cock through his shorts and was soon giving him a nice blow job. I pulled my hair back so the gents had a decent if dark view. My man really wanted me to let the guys at the rail fondle me as he fucked me, but with newbies there and butterflies I just chickened out.

So next visit I plan to sit in the annex area right away. I think I'll be more approachable and ready to enjoy some play with the gents. I feel sort of like I let them and my partner down. I'm a BBW and at times my confidence is not what it could be.

On the way out in the lobby a very sweet Hispanic gent did ask me to play. But it was late, my date was partying a bit hard, and I chose to go. I WISH NOW I HAD STAYED!!!!!

So respectful gents from Saturday... Thanks for watching....promise next time to be more interactive.
Ray's Paris is a blast!! Next trip I need a drink and a driver to truly feel the freedom to play like I've done in the past. May shoot for next Saturday if all works out.

As a first time possible contributor, I thank you for your time and all the great reports from this thing of ours!

Tattooed Voodoo


Doc here again, with a huge thank you to the very sweet and very sexy Tattooed Voodoo.  Awesome report, well written, and loaded with insight for guys and girls alike. 

Thank you Tattooed Voodoo... Keep the reports coming in!


Flash Report! Koral's Special Birthday Present (w/8 PICS!) in Portland

Doc here with a great way to start the work week.  Koral is an insatiable gloryhole and adult theater girl, with a heart of gold. Based out of Portland, OR, she has turned both the Paris and Oregon Theaters on their ear several times this year.
Koral, along with her partner, Sam, wanted to show Santiago, a reporter for Brent's Theater Tails Yahoo Group, the proper way to spend his birthday. 
In this editor's opinion, the way Santiago did indeed celebrate his birthday beats the hell out of Chuckie Cheese any day.
Here is Koral and Sam (along with Santiago's own words, and used with his permission), and the best birthday ever.  The gallery of pics of Koral at the gloryhole follow the report.
Hello there Doc,
This is Sam (Sam and Koral from Portland Oregon). We had some adult fun last week on Wednesday, and want to share it with you (and your readers). It was our friend Santiago's birthday a few weeks ago (he's one of the reporters on Brentstheatertails along with Brent), and Koral and I wanted to do something special for him to show our appreciation for all the kind words he's said on our behalf over the past few years. What we decided to do for him was two things.....
1. We wanted to meet him at an adult store and take him to the gloryhole rooms....let him into a room with us....then give him our camera so that he could be the photographer while Koral sucks on strangers through the hole. I love taking pics of my woman being a cum slut, it allows me to really appreciate the action and get up close, and even instruct her for a better photo. I thought Santiago (the b-day boy) would really enjoy joining me for the best seat in town while Koral had fun at the hole and he would appreciate being the photographer with some instructions for her of his own.
2. From there, we wanted to take him to the Paris Theater where Koral wanted to have some one-on-one time with him in the "bedroom area", followed up with Koral being led by myself into the general population area wearing nothing but her collar and she would treat the Paris patrons to an everyone invited blowbang/cum mask bukkake.
It was a very fun evening, and being the natural born reporter that he is, he wrote a little review of the night and posted it on Brents Yahoo group. Here's a copy of the story written by Santiago (I asked his permission and he said it was fine to share with you), and I also included with this email a set of photos Santiago took at the adult store.
Santiago's Report: "Today was a Good Day"

I've been waiting 3 weeks for this blessed event to happen. Schedules didn't jive,
unwanted visitors came in our midst, and sometimes life happens. Well,
today/tonight everything just fell in place and I felt like Raul Ibanez of the
New York Yankees.
I met the Insatiable Koral @ the Fantasy Book Store on Sandy
Blvd...Before I go on, I REALLY have to say this. Without Sam I Am...NONE OF THIS
would've happened. Me and other people sit here and blog about the goings on at
the Paris but when you have a very cool other half like Sam. WE/US wouldn't
experience the talents of these incredible women...Sorry had to give my man some
Back to the story...We went to the back gloryhole rooms and got down to business. I
was the camera man, and took pix I did. Koral gulped down 5 or 6 in the first
sitting. Then we had to leave because it was hotter than fish grease in the room.
We moved on to the 2nd room...w/some air blowing and Ms. Koral finished off 3
more folks. Then it was off to the Paris Theatre. So we get there and honestly, I'm
really nervous b'cuz I got this VERY SMOKING HOT woman who wants to wish a
Happy Birthday to me w/her amazing body and then you add me having "performance
anxiety" I thought I was going to pass out w/all that pressure.
But thanx to Koral and her nice demeanor and sweet personality, she made me at ease and took
it slow and gave me THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT...I EVER got in life...yes, better
than a pack of tube socks.
She wore this white wife beater w/these sexy boy shorts that made my blood pump. Then on top of that she was very sexy and dirtyat the same time. i gotta say that she took my "little package" and made me and it feel like i was 10 inches long and thick (she's good at what she does). We
ended up in the 69 and I got "ALL YOU CAN EAT" while she was sucking on my "Man
I've been on this earth for 40-something years, and that was the BEST
BLOWJOB I've every received. After I shot my 4 day old load in her mouth, she
spit it out on her chest smeared it around on her perky tits and gave me this
sexy look like...I really can't even explain it right now cause I was done after
that. She was SOOO good I couldn't even remember my name or where I was at.
So after I composed myself, she went on and took on the whole theater. Yeah, she
played w/another lady who was there for a brief moment. Then Sam said..."paint
her face w/your cum" man, it was off to the races after that. In true cum slut
fashion, she excepted the challenge and got jizz, cum, nut, baby batter all up in
her grill and glasses. Seeing her like that makes me want thank Sam one more
time b'cuz he decided to share this incredible creature w/us.
I decided to go for round 2 and w/that sexy look and dirty demeanor. I mustered up some
man juice and shot it on her face...Then Sam yelled out last call. Like at a bar you have
to finish your drinks before leaving. So Koral had to finish up her last cum shots she had standing in front of her.
All I gotta say is THANK YOU KORAL for being in our nasty perverted lives at the Paris and wearing that outfit I requested...Again, nothing is sexier than wife beater and boy shorts. Lots of spank bank material was downloaded in my brain.
Now, I hope you understand my Ice Cube reference... Today was a Good Day!!!

The Gallery of Koral Pics (Click to ENLARGE)
(Doc here... Now back to Sam for some final words...)
As always Doc,  both Koral and I can't thank you enough for the time and energy you spend on your web site. We absolutely love all the stories and reviews, and the knowledge that we are not the only couple who act on our desires to be super kinky. The information you provide is priceless. Thanks again.

Doc here again... A huge thank you to Koral, Sam, and of course Santiago from Brent's Theater Tails for the great set-up, report, and of course, the pics.  It's couples like Koral and Sam that make this thing of ours as exciting as it is, and one day I hope to thank them in person for all the contributions they have made this year to The Journal.