Thursday, August 25, 2011

Op-Ed: An Open Letter To ItsMeJudy From The Good Doctor

I am currently experiencing so flight difficulties and may delayed. I will

And with those fateful words, ItsMeJudy41 disappeared into the ethernet.  Doc here with an open letter to ItsMeJudy41, who pulled a Houdini and didn't appear as promised at the second Bukkake Blast @ the Oregon Theater in Portland last Friday.  Luckily, Kitty and Big T had a backup plan, and the evening was still a huge, sticky success. 

I have two reports in the hopper about the evening, and the success it ended up being despite ItsMeJudy41.  They will be up later on Friday and Saturday @ The Journal.

Now onto "Judy"... The Good Doctor emailed "Judy" early this week, asking for her comments on what happened, and her "flight delay" getting to Portland.  I always give people the first right of refusal if I am going to be critical of them.  I may be Sicilian, but I am fair.

And as you have probably guessed, I got no response.  I know Kitty has tried to reach "Judy" as well, and with similar results to The Good Doctor.

Here is what we know about "Judy":
  • "Judy" most likely lives in Michigan.

  • She is pretty bad at Photoshop. Work on your blend tool skills, Judy. A lot.

  • Weather was gorgeous here in the Midwest Thursday and Friday.

  • Unless she has perfected the medical procedure that allows her to swap her head with different bodies, she wasn't even good at matching bodies for her fraudulent R-rated photos posted to Kitty's Yahoo Group.

  • She has few internet footprints, aside from an interest in stripping posted to a BB, and she's a big fan of Papa Roach.

  • And, as well all know now, she joins the ranks of the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa as roommates.

So ItsMeJudy41, you got one over on us.  Nicely done.  But thanks to the hard work of good people like Kitty and Big T (as well as the great folks participating @ The Oregon Theater), you didn't matter.

If this has all been a huge mistake, please let me know here @ The Journal.  I will publish a retraction, and issue an apology.  Your side of the story would be appreciated by everyone.

However, if I was a betting man, I somehow think you won't write an email back to me. Again.

The real purpose of this open letter is to warn others interested in this thing of ours that people like ItsMeJudy41 exist, and chances are they suck at Photoshop.  A good friend of mine on the East coast had a fast one pulled on him in similar fashion in the Baltimore area (on the way to an adult theater to meet a lady), and they too had awful Photoshop skills.

So kids, if you see any of the photos below of "Judy" in another Yahoo Group, internet site, or see images with a similar degree of Photoshop awesomeness, be warned.  You are probably talking with The Tooth Fairy.


Flash Report! Laney Reports In From The Art Cinema in Hartford (w/HOT New Pics!)

Doc here with a hot off the press report from the past 3 nights by Laney from Texas.  To those of you who were napping the past week, Laney announced a trip to Hartford's Art Cinema for some late afternoon/early evening adult theater fun.  The Good Doctor did his best to announce the visits in advance, and it looks like it paid off nicely for this Texas hottie.

Here is Laney's report, along with 4 brand new pics of Laney taking on a variety of cocks at the Art Cinema.


Hello Doc,

I had such a GREAT time at the Art Cinema in Hartford, Conn.! There were lots of men there all 3 days. All of them were very nice, respectful, fun, and extremely horny, so there was always plenty of hot action.

The Art is an old timey theater, with lots of seating on the main floor. Upstairs is a couples only area and is watched by the owner so no that single men can crash the party upstairs. The owner Ernie made sure I felt comfortable, and was safe. Ernie is really a truly wonderful "Host" and fun to talk with. I found the theater to be very clean, and even the restrooms were in great shape.

I would highly recommend this theater to couples and single women like myself that enjoy playing at an Adult Theater. It's a great place to play. I can't wait to go again and see Ernie and all my new friends at the Art Cinema!


Laney's Gallery (click on the pics to ENLARGE - Very hi-res images!)


Doc here again... Thanks again to Laney for the great report and pics!  She is a real Energizer Bunny, and if you ever get a chance to meet the legend that is Laney, do it.  Laney always arrives wearing a sexy outfit, is very put together, and shows her appreciation to the guys who meet her. She also travels the country, so who knows where Laney might end up next.  Rest assured that when the next destination is revealed, you will read it at The Journal first.

You are welcome.


Flash Report! Enzyte Bob Reports on Saturday Night at Fantasyland in Tampa

Doc here with a thorough Flash Report from Fantasyland I in Tampa by senior Journal reporter, Enzyte Bob

Let's get right to it, shall we?  Here's Enzyte Bob!


Hello Doc,

As promised, I made the trek over to Tampa and Fantasyland I.  All in all, I have to say that the evening was a complete bust, with one notable exception.  Unfortunately, I was not the exception.

Fantasyland I
4715 N. Lois Ave., Tampa, FL
I arrived at approximately 6:00PM, a little early, but I am a patient guy and was determined to wait; besides FL has both a poolroom with six pool tables as well as a buffet, so I could occupy myself while waiting.  Unfortunately (I will use that word a lot in this posting), there was a monsoon going when I arrived.  When I say monsoon, I am using the word in the truest context.  Within ten minutes,small craft warnings were being issued for the parking lot of FL, due to about six inches of water flowing right down the middle of the lot.

When I went in, it was pure Sausageville.  There were about a dozen guys wandering aimlessly, back and forth from the booth area to the poolroom and back to the main theater, of course stopping to check out the private rooms off the hallway on the way to the main theater.

Between 6:00 and 10:00 PM two couples that came in.  One was a middle-aged guy and his younger oriental girlfriend/wife.  She had a very oriental look and was a nice tight package in a short little body.  It was a stark contradiction to his being very tall and thin.  They both went into the main theater for about ten minutes and then went back into one of the private rooms.  It is unclear if they only allowed guys to watch them through the hole between the room they were in and the room next door or whether she was giving BJ or backing herself against the hole and fucking.  Rumors abounded, but none of the guys that came or went from the room next door said a word.   The pair made a couple of trips back to the theater, stood near the entrance and watched the video on the big screen, which coincidentally featured oriental/Filipina girls, and then returned to the private room.  This led me to believe they were coming out to attract new men before going back to the private room and doing whatever they were doing.

The second possibility of the night was a middle-aged man,his wife and a much younger BBW (late 20’s – early 30’).  The older of the women had the appearance of Dame Judy Dench, M from recent James Bond movies.  The BBW had dark hair and eyes reminiscent ofValerie Bertinelli before Jenny Craig.  All were smartly dressed, the women in dresses and the man in dress slacks and shirt.  If I were to guess, they had come from meeting at dinner. 

They sat together in the main theater for maybe ten minutes before heading into the smaller theater near the hallway that leads to main theater. Apparently, hubby scoped out the main theater for likely suspects and then the trio retired to the smaller theater. The smaller theater has a door on it that locks.  It was empty and the trio entered, closed the door and locked it.  A short time later,the male portion of the trio came back into the main theater and asked a young black male if he would like to join his wife and their friend in the smaller theater.  He was quick to accept, went into the smaller theater and the door was closed and locked.  They remained there for quite some time, but I do not how long as I did not keep watch on the closed door.  There were, however, a couple of guys that hoped to be the next to be invited.  I think they were disappointed, for the occupants were only interested in BBC,apparently.

Fantasyland I Pool Room
In keeping with the theme here, the next event was unfortunate.  A cute couple in their late20’s entered the main theater, clearly they were wanting to play with each other, at least initially.  They sat on one of the love seats in the main theater and a rather large man that I had been observing most of the night immediately sat down right next to the couple, giving them no space.  This guy had the looks of Lurch from the Addams family, but shorter and heavier.  He slouched and walked around slack-jawed.  The female portion of the couple was okay with the situation, but the male half was clearly and verbally not appreciative of this guy’s lack of couth. He made a loud and angry exclamation, “Anyone who touches without permission, I’ll knock him out.” 

Now, I would have moved, but not Lurch.  The young lady calmed her partner down and they began to make out on the couch.  I was hopeful that they would work each other into a lather, but Lurch took liberties, whipping out his cock and this was too much for the man.  He got up, took his girlfriend by the hand and pulled her up off the loveseat.  She was clearly preferring to stay, but he made it clear they were leaving and made the statement, “You know,some people just ruin for everyone.” With that, they left.  I took a page from The Journal as I was going out to my car anyway and was behind them.  As we parted ways, I told them not to judge all by the actions of one.  She agreed,he was still pissed and they got in their car and left.

I should have left at that point to make the long ride home,but I am an optimist and after a while, I returned to FL.  There was a group of young couples that came in during the wee hours, but they were intoxicated and never left the poolroom.  The highlight of this group was one drunken young man that belched at a decibel level that rivals the engines of a Boeing747 at full throttle, regularly and often. I could not help but think, your mother must be so proud. 

Lurch remained, following around any couple that left the poolroom.  Ultimately, Lurch went into one of the video booths that has a glory hole and was serviced by a rather attractive, and extremely well-dressed, cross dresser who was hanging around the booth area.

As it was now getting very late/early, I made the decision to leave.  I was disappointed, but there are always those times when things just do not go your way.  I must admit that the practices at FL seem to have changed because of past LE activities. Couples are meeting men wherever and then going into private area to play.  It is a necessary concession and is the equivalent of theater safe theater sex in Tampa.

Have fun, but hey....Let's be careful out there!

Still smiling...Enzyte Bob


Doc here again... Enzyte Bob has his finger on the pulse of Tampa, and with everything that has happened there in the past 8 months, it's good to see that things are kind of returning to normal at Fantasyland.

That said, I think I have run into this "Lurch" character before at FL.  And he is everything Bob said.

Thanks again Enzyte Bob for the thorough and entertaining report!

Do you have an adult theater report?  Just e-mail Fredo Corleone The Good Doctor at I will edit and format your report...All you have to do is submit the text.
It's easy... Trust me.

I'm a Doctor.