Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Good Doctor's Pic(s) of the Day! The Amazing Ms. PIPY 3 Ways!

Doc here, a man who some say was once the toast of Rock Hill, NY, with a special Good Doctor's Pic(s) of the Day.

One of 2015's most pleasant surprises was the emergence of a sexy little thing by the name of Ms. PIPY, who made her first visit to an adult theater earlier this year at Memphis' Fantasy Zone.

Ms. PIPY's partner in crime, The Escort, has been very diligent in keeping The Good Doctor up date on their adventures. And with some of these adventures, there may be a pic or two sent along. The three pics I am highlighting tonight are three of my favorites from Ms. PIPY. 

Ladies and gentlemen of this thing of ours, please welcome Ms. PIPY as The Good Doctor's Pic(s) of the Day (please click to ENLARGE them).


New Video! The Art Cinema's Back to School Party on Saturday September 19th 2015 at 7pm in Hartford, CT


Doc here with a little something to get your juices running in anticipation for September's Back to School Party at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT:  The Journal's promo video for the event!

Save the date...Saturday September 19th, 2015 at 7pm. I look forward to seeing all my friends for another night for the ages at The Art!


Review! H-Man Reviews the A-Z Videos with Added Color Commentary!

Doc here, a man who some say once had a sweet relish named after him, with a review from senior Journal reporter, H-Man.

H-Man has taken the time to screen the three HOT videos from A-Z that were re-published yesterday on the Journal, and wanted to add his two cents and perspective on the scene.

So without further ado, please welcome back to the Journal, H-Man!


Hello Doc!

It has been a while since I submitted a report…but I have to comment on the “A to Z” videos that were recently posted on your site.    They were outstanding and that woman is like the “energizer bunny” without a blemish or imperfection on that dynamite body of hers!  She is one sexy and hot young lady!!!  (Z is one lucky man!) BTW……The “mardi-gras event” was one for the ages.

When those videos were shot, I had the pleasure of being present…and I mean feet from the scene and it was unbelievable.  I will try to recreate the scenario that was extremely hottt!!

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter Returns to Xposed Adult Theater in Dallas on Couple's Night (and Afternoon)

Doc here, a man who some say has fought off sharks in both the sky and the sea with nothing more than a ball-pein hammer and a cannoli, with a great Flash Report from senior reporter, The Oral Reporter.
His most recent trip to Xposed Adult Theater in Dallas, Texas was a grand slam home run, and the type of night most of us only dream about. I hope he played a lottery ticket before he left Big D.

So without further ado, please welcome back The Oral Reporter.



I had a spectacular time on a recent July evening at the Xposed XXX Theater on Mockingbird Lane in Dallas, TX. This was a Saturday night and that means it's one of two nights where it is couples only in the theater. Now there is a way around the couples only thing on Friday and Saturday nights after 9 PM. That is any single guy wanting to go in the theater on those two nights after 9PM has to pay a newly reduced rate of either $75 dollars or $100 dollars.
Xposed Adult Theater
Dallas, TX

So far I have not had to pay that extra fee, I have been lucky enough to have Jennifer accompany me to the theater on those nights. This was only her third time in a XXX theater, so she is still a little new to it but is really enjoying the sexual freedom she has in the theater. 
She and I arrived pretty early (5PM) & paid the $20 dollar admission. We entered the theater and we were the only patrons at that time. But that would change drastically over the span of the night until 5AM in the morning. 

First let me start things off by saying that this theater is one of the cleaner and nicer ones I have been in. The staff is usually helpful and pretty much knows where their popularity is coming from. They know that if the couples show up they will sell more of those high priced singles tickets on Friday and Saturday nights. 

The night started with Jenn and I sitting in the theater watching a not so good porn movie. Jenn is a little Bi, and wanted a Girl/Girl video on so I went out to the counter and requested one. The clerk was having a hard time doing his job while he was glued to his cell phone, in fact I had to ask him twice to change the video. Once that was done, Jen decided it was time for her to give me a very nice blow job. The night started out with a very nice blow job and it ended with another fantastic blow job from a different lady.

I dropped my shorts to the floor and Jenn began sucking me off. After about 10 minutes of this I shot my load in her open mouth and she swallowed it. She is a bit of a 3 hole slut, and likes as many men as she is able to fuck and suck in the time she has at the theater. While she was doing me, another white guy came in the theater (not couples only time yet) he sat down on the same couch we were on, and started stroking his tool while watching Jenn blow me. After she was done with me, she started stroking the other guy's cock and asked him if he had a condom, he said yes so she sucked him for a while, then he put on the condom and she sat on his good sized cock, she rode him until he had his orgasm and had cum. He then decided it was time for him to go, so he took of the condom and put his clothes back on, and was not to be seen for the rest of the night.

Another guy came by and Jen had fucked and sucked him the first time I took her there, so he walked up to her pulled out his already hard cock and she started sucking his cock. She worked on him for probably 10 minutes, but he had not cum yet. He needed to go, but h
e said he would be back, but it was very late before I saw him again. He must have told another guy outside about a white woman in the theater sucking cock, so he came in and had his cock already out and was stroking it. He said is the party over and she said no, bring that thing here, she then sucked him off (he was much quicker). He had his happy ending in probably 5 minutes.