Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Hawaiian Eyeful On The Prowl Again Friday Night @ The Paris Theatre

Doc here with a quick Couple's Flash Report from the hypnotic Hawaiian Eyeful.  Ms. Eyeful ventured back to The Paris Theater on 5/17, and this is her report...
Here we go!
Hello Guys,
I enjoyed my brief time  Friday evening in the Oasis feasting on my guy's manhood while you all watched.  The best was having my guy watch me as I made my way to the rail and having all the horny men fondle and suck my breasts.  There were some of you even brave enough to try to get to my ass and pussy.  
I watched many of you stroking your cocks as the men played with me.   I even observed  and heard one guy definitely enjoying himself as he released his load.   However with the red tide not quite gone, I didn't want you to fully partake in a dessert not at its best.  One must admit though, it was quite torturous for me (as it was for you?) to not fully finish what one started.   It is with great anticipation, I can't wait till my next visit on the arena table.
One other couple's woman in the oasis was definitely enjoying the scene before her, as she began to put on her own show exposing and playing with her pussy.   She was definitely turned on.
From what I can tell, Friday night wasn't too bad for couples, and I am glad to see Koral and her man were able to make it to the Paris Theater.  :)  
Continue to enjoy this thing of ours.
Until my next visit,
The Hawaiian Eyeful 


Doc here again... Many thanks to Hawaiian Eyeful for another great report.  We are looking forward to your next report, and hopefully more pics to illustrate the report.


Couple's Flash Report! Gemini @ The Paris Theatre in Portland on 5/19/13

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from the very sexy and naughty Gemini.  She spent her Sunday after at Portland's legendary Paris Theatre, and her report is riveting.
Fasten your seatbelts...This report is white hot!
It is very late on Sunday night as I lie in bed reliving an exquisite Sunday afternoon at the Paris. I don’t have a lot of time to write, so I will give an overview of my experience.
We introduced ourselves to the new clerk (nice!) and went straight in, where we found the Mechanic already completely naked and ready for play.  How convenient!  I usually prefer finding fully dressed men upon arrival for time to settle in, but although he didn’t know it, I was anticipating playing with him right away, so it worked out for me.
We went into the Annex where he helped unleash the ladies from the barrier they were struggling to break out of, then I began to give him a little oral foreplay.  He asked if he could do the same for me, and had me get up on the exam table.  The Mechanic proceeded to use his tongue, fingers and cock on me, making me explode in one intense orgasm after another.  In fact, I told my husband that he should be called the Machinist because he really knows how to drill a hole.  I know that may sound crude, but ladies….this unassuming, well-mannered gentleman knows how to hit the sweet spots.  Don’t overlook him.
End of round one, and I went out for a cigarette break.  I invited a nice young self-proclaimed “nerd” to come out with me.  He was interesting and carried a good conversation.  He reminded me a little of James Spader, but maybe not quite as tall.  As the rest of the afternoon progressed, he spoke a little with Jordan too.  Even though I got his name, I did not catch his email here on Brents’.   But I’m sure you are reading this, B, and I’d like you to email me personally.  I have some possible ideas with you in mind…

The Real Gemini
So back inside, cleaned up and ready for round two.

I found another favorite whom I rarely see.  He is a bit shy performing in front of others, so I found a place with the most privacy I could find.  This man is so proportionally gifted, we almost have to give up when he dropped his specially purchased jacket in the sheets and it took a couple minutes to find.  Nothing in my pocket would have fit him.  Nonetheless, he found it, slipped it on, lubed up a bit, and slowly slid inside me.  Once my body adjusted to having every millimeter filled up, he increased the tempo and it didn’t take long for both of us to explode together.   He smiled the kindest smile at me, and I hugged and thanked him.

Another clean-up/cigarette break and back for round three.

My plan was to go back to give the Mechanic an awesome blow job.  However, my plans were altered when Jordan allowed a couple to come into the Annex with us.  The woman and I began to have some nice mutual above the waist play.  The next thing I knew, I was on my back on the exam table with her face between my thighs.  Her husband was next to her watching every move.  The Mechanic had his hard cock at my face.  The rail was full of men trying to see as much as they could.  As my body responded to her maneuverings, she stepped out of the way to let her husband in.  He jacketed up, and began fucking me like nobody’s business.  The Mechanic somehow climbed above me, perched in some sort of precarious position, but still managed to lower his cock in my mouth and passionately fuck my mouth.  The view and the sensations running through my body had me coming so quickly with one orgasm lasting an eternity. 
The Real Gemini
By now the woman was playing with someone on the other side of the Annex, although I couldn’t see who.  I continued to come as these men continued to drill me at both ends. I think the husband came in his condom while fucking me, but I’m not sure.  The Mechanic took over once again, bending me over the exam table and putting his cock in me from behind. Then he flipped me on my back again and used his talented fingers and powerful arms to rock me to a crescendo of intense orgasms. Moans turned into screams as I squirted and came so many times I thought I might even have to tap out - which is really rare for me.  But mercifully, he subsided. 
I sat up and tried to get my bearings and saw that the couple was still in the Annex.  I went over to suck on her breasts some more.  With her husband was sitting, and she lowered herself on him reverse cowboy style.  As she rode him, I rubbed her clit to help bring her to climax.  This is the first time I have ever done that to a woman and I enjoyed it.  We briefly discussed having me try oral on her and she climbed up on the table.  But I decided this was not the right time or place for my first such encounter and had to pass.
Exhausted and hungry, we decided it was time to go.  I cleaned up in the ladies’ room and met Jordan back in the lobby.  We grabbed some pizza across the street and headed home.

Thanks to everyone who made this such a memorable trip to the Paris.  It was especially nice meeting new friends – the new clerk, B, and the couple.  Since I am not a girl of quantity, I will usually put on a show for the masses, but only interact with a few.  I’d like to find more “favorites” on future visits.  Have a great week, and hope to see you all again soon.


Doc here again... I wish I could have been witness to the lovely Gemini as she peeled back her layers and enjoyed being the object of desire for the audience at The Paris Theatre.  We look forward to your next reports...