Monday, May 2, 2011

Field Report: MrPeeperZ on Teaser's in Deer Park, NY

Doc here with an excellent Field Report from first time contributor, MrPeeperZ.  He has submitted our first profile of Teasers In Deer Park, NY, and it's a good one folks.

So sit back, pull the foil off a TV Dinner, and enjoy MrPeeperZ report:


Dr Lizardo,

I am a new correspondent (call me MrPeeperZ), but a seasoned participant in "this thing of ours".
I am writing to report on a location not previously reported here: Teasers Adult Video in Deer Park, Long Island, NY. (55 Brook Ave, Deer Park, 631 254-9048). It is open 7x24.

To describe the facility: Located at the end of a long driveway bordered by auto repair shops, one enters into the bookstore area, which has a moderate selection of DVDs and toys. Towards the back on the left is an area reserved for use by the dancers. There are usually 2 dancers available for the peep show or private shows in small rooms here. I have never partaken of their services, so cannot report on them.

On the right rear, behind closed doors, is the booth area. One enters a U shaped area lined with booths. The booths on the inner perimeter have no doors or movies showing. The booths on the outer perimeter have doors, movies showing and most have glory holes, usually about 8-10 inches in diameter. The last 2 booths have gay porn, the 3rd from the last usually tranny, and the rest straight porn.

On the right in the front is the theater, also behind closed doors. There is a large flat screen TV showing straight porn, and it is furnished with about 5 vinyl sofas, each wide enough for 3 or 4 people.
There is an $11 fee for access to the booth and theater areas. Women and couples are always free.

The action: As is the norm, most of the action is gay. Management never intrudes on any activity in the booth or theater areas, and literally, anything goes. Although you must be properly dressed when passing through the bookstore area to get from the theater to the booths or vice-versa. The theater used to be "couples only" on Friday nights. This meant that if a couple arrived, and wished it so, single men would be thrown out of the theater. More recently when I have been there on a Friday night, there was only one couple, and she was enjoying the attentions of several of the single men in attendance.

I visited Teasers on a recent Saturday night. The place was nearly deserted. After a while I went into the booth area, and there was a Latino couple standing in the central area. She was wearing just a teddy. Her husband was allowing everyone to caress her, offering baby lotion as lube to everyone. She jerked several guys as we clustered around her. They then moved to the theater, where I ate her out a while, then moved behind the sofa for a BJ. Another guy continued the oral ministrations till she came. Her man put a blindfold on her, and she then switched to doggy style, while the guy who had eaten her to orgasm and her husband took turns fucking her while she blew me and another guy.

The following Friday, I brought my wife late in the afternoon. (She is comfortable with group sex and sex in relatively public places, but ABS's generally skeeve her out.) She paraded around the booth area nude for a while, then we played in the booths for a bit. One guy must have been a contortionist, because he was able to stick his arm through the glory hole to caress her pussy while simultaneously sticking his cock through for her to jerk him. We then moved to the more comfortable couches in the theater, where I ate her and fucked her to orgasm while other guys felt her up. We then switched to doggy, so she could suck one guy and jerk another at the same time. A nice afternoon!

Further reports will follow if you are interested.



Doc here again... I told MrPeeperZ that we are definitely interested in more reports from Teasers in a private e-mail.  This Field Report should be a template for anyone interested in submitting one to The Journal: Excellent description of the location, interior layout, attitude towards couples, and reporting on anything exciting going on while visiting.  A home run sir!

If you have a report of your own that you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal, just e-mail The Good Doctor at It's easy... Just ask MrPeeperZ!

Thanks again,