Friday, September 9, 2011

House Call! The Good Doctor's Rendezvous with Mr. and Mrs. X @ 15th Ave.

Doc here with a rare House Call Report from your narrator and white suit wearing after Labor Day kind of guy, The Good Doctor.

We will start this report with a recap of sorts... Two months back, I made a trip to 15th Ave. Adult Books & Theater in Melrose Park, IL on a Saturday evening.  It was a busy night there, and I found myself in the bleacher section in the Spa Area.  There was a group discussion taking place with two couples seated there, and the usual gaggle of penis gallery members. 

The female half of one of the couples was a very well put together brunette - curvy in all the right places, very well dressed (like she had just come from a nice dinner), and some very mischievious eyes (she will be known as Mrs. X from this point forward).  We had made eye contact during this 10 minute town hall meeting of sorts, but the discussion faded and they eventually disappeared with the other couple inside on of 15th's nicely appointed private rooms.

Fast forward to the next day... The Good Doctor received an e-mail from Mr. X, the male half of the couple asking if I had gone to 15th last night, because I mentioned on Twitter that I had planned on going.  After a few e-mail exchanges, we determined they spotted a guy that Mrs. X was interested in, and it happened to me (yes, you guessed it), The Good Doctor.  However, I didn't make the first move (something I very I rarely do), and I blew my chance. 

Over the next several weeks, when opportunity allowed, I would reach out to Mr. and Mrs. X to see of they were heading to 15th Ave.  Our schedules never meshed. That was until last Friday night.

I sent a quick e-mail out on a whim as I was heading out the door of the Chez Lizardo to Mr. X, just in case... You know, The Good Doctor is a highball glass half-full kind of guy.  As it so happened, Mr. and Mrs. X were on their way to 15th!  The timing finally worked for both the X's and myself (note to self: buy lottery ticket).

The Good Doctor arrived at 15th Ave around 9PM, and was a little alarmed that the lot was only about 1/3 filled (very unusual for a Friday night).  However, that little detail did not deter me from making my evening rounds, and checking in with The X's (who had e-mailed me and told me that they were already there). 

I walked into the spacious theater, and found the X's sitting in the back row of the couples section.  Mrs. X was wearing a pretty blue and white print dress, and looking even more put together than the last time I saw her.  I waited against the back wall of the theater until I was able to make eye contact with Mr. X, and after we did he waved me over and asked if I would like to join them in the couples section.  The Good Doctor took his position as the right bookend, with Mrs. X next to me, and Mr. X on the left. Mrs. X was looking good, and her perfume was very nice.  The stage was set, the orchestra was cued, and the only question was when and where this arrangement would be played.

For the first 10 minutes or so, we got comfortable by acting more like the 3 hosts of Mystery Science Theater 3000, commenting on the porn on the big clear screen of 15th Avenue (for the record, each "actress" looked like they would have much rather have been in the Turkish prison in Midnight Express than enduring the anal sex in the video. This detail was the theme of our film criticism).  Our conversation let Mrs. X  relax a bit with me next to her, and give us time to figure out how and where I could express my gratitude for their visit to 15th Ave.

While Mr. X was rubbing the neck of Mrs. X, The Good Doctor started rubbing the inside of Mrs. X's thigh.  Her smooth skin was silky, and as I ran my hand up further I encountered the silkiness of her panties, which were now wet.  Around this point Mr. X excused himself, leaving your white-suited friend alone with Mrs. X.  I slipped my fingers inside her panties, and found her smooth pussy wet with anticipation.  I rubbed her hard clit, and she ground into my hand with her hips...Her moaning was getting louder, and that must have functioned as some sort of "call to arms", as I looked up and found ourselves surrounded behind us by the penis gallery. 

A quick aside... When I am either escorting a woman, or joining a couple in an adult theater, I will be an alpha male (AKA kind of a prick). I am there to protect the woman first, and if the guys get grabby without a invite, that guy (or those guys) will be addressed directly by me.

Well, The Good Doctor had to scold two guys at this juncture to "back off". Luckily for everyone, they did and let us re-focus ourselves on the situation. That was the last time there was any issue that evening.  Also at this time, Mr. X returned to his seat, and with a plan.

Mrs. X had her first orgasm in the theater, as I was finger fucking her tight pussy while telling her very dirty things I wanted to do to her in private.  Her sighs and moans filled the theater until she came all over my fingers and hand.  After a few moments I went back in for an encore, with a similiar conclusion. When she regained her composure, she and Mr. X conferred, and Mrs. X hasked me if I would like to go for a walk.  I knew this was the invite back to the Spa Area at 15th and into a private room.  And, I might add, it was an excellent idea.

When the door closed behind us, Mrs. X and I embraced. Her deep kisses were soft, and her tongue was probing and swirling (as was my head at that point).  Mr. X adjusted the lighting in the room (yes, the rooms have dimmer switches), and it was go time.  I helped Mrs. X off her with blue and white panties (that closely matched her dress), and laid her down on the padded bench.  After feeling how wet her pussy was in the theater, I could not wait to taste her. 

Ladies and gentlemen of this thing of ours, her wet pussy was a taste treat not to be missed.  I wrapped my arms around her well shaped thighs, and licked and sucked her to several intense orgasms.  Her screams and moans were loud (love that btw), especially within the tiled walls of the private room.  It was also during this time I detected the light level in the room was changing, but I paid it no mind. I was very busy, and was entranced with licking Mrs. X's pussy until she was begging to be fucked.

I pulled her up, helped her off with her pretty dress, and stripped down myself.  She then lowered her head to take me into her mouth.  The soft mouth that I was kissing earlier was now devouring my hard cock.  This was not a dainty BJ folks...This was the kind of blow job that was intense, as in letting me fuck her mouth before fucking her proper.

Also, the room seemed a little darker than before, but I thought Mr. X made the adjustment. I paid it no mind (again). I then laid Mrs. X back down, and slipped my now-covered cock into her tight, wet pussy.  She moaned louded when I slipped all the way in, and followed that up by begging me to fuck her. It wasn't long before the next series of orgasms started, and I felt her pussy clench around my cock as she came...HARD. 

This repeated itself a few more times, as the intensity ratcheted up.  It went to a new level as I lowered my mouth onto her hard nipple as I fucked her. The sex was getting more intense, and her screams louder.  Then something caught my eye...The light level in the rooom got very bright.  I looked up at just the moment when the lights went off completely.

My first thought was "Is this how a stroke starts?".  Maybe my rods and cones were short circuiting, and I was in the process of checking out.

At an adult theater.

I looked over at Mr. X, so see if he was working the lighting board at this concert.  Bad news.  He was sitting in the corner of the opposite wall, enjoying the show being presented. What does one do in this situation?

Stay the course my friends.  If I was going to go out, what better way? 

I turned Mrs. X around and on her hands and knees for a little doggie style.  Mrs. X has a great ass, and it was a wonderful sight seeing it bounce against my hard cock.  There also may have been some light spanking involved (I will neither confirm nor deny this rumor). We were both covered in sex-sweat, and I was at a point where I had to finish (either orgasm or stroke out, whichever came first). 

(By the way, the lights were still ranging from dim to bright at irregular intervals..still)

It was then when I asked Mrs. X where she would like me to cum.  Her answer was music to my large Mediterrean ears: "Anywhere you like". My answer was short and sweet...

Mrs. X knelt down, and she began more her of intense yet soft sucking of my throbbing cock.  At the moment of truth (and with the lights still having a mind of their own), I came heavily all over her pretty face.  The well put together Mrs. X's face was dripping... And smiling.

Mrs. X then spun around and took Mr. X into her mouth and gave him an equally intense BJ, and he came into her mouth a short time later.  Mrs. X looked very satisified indeed.

I dressed, gave Mrs. X a hug and kiss, & thanked Mr. X for his hospitality and generosity.  I ducked out to the exceptionally nice mens room in the Spa Area, cleaned up, and got ready to leave the building.  I spotted Mr. X alone in the bleacher area/TV room, and asked him what was up.  He said that Mrs. X wanted to take a nap, so he locked her into the room and gave her some privacy. 

As I walked out, I noticed a crowd of guys in the locker room area.  I poked my head into the area, and saw a young, thin woman, mid-20's, just toweling off after some time in the sauna or the shower room.  I'm not sure if she was busy or not, but she had quite the group of admirers.

I jumped back into the Lizardo 3000, thankful for a great time with Mr. and Mrs. X, and also grateful I was not experiencing a stroke...

In an adult theater.