Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Field Report Redux! EJ Heads Back To Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Doc here with a mulligan of sorts.  Now regular (and soon to be senior) reporter EJ stopped by Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre recently and reported on his findings in a nicely detailed report (here).  Not satisfied with that single report (and by the potential of this adult theater), EJ took out another ball, placed it on the tee, and stopped in again to Cinema 309.

This time, he hit it down the middle of the fairway.  Take it away, EJ!
Cinema 309
910 Wilkes-Barre Township Blvd, Wilkes-Barre, PA

EJ here with an updated field report on Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre PA. I made a trip south bound thru Pennsylvania a week ago and stopped at Cinema 309 and Cupids in Kutztown PA (which I wrote a report on each). I had hoped to travel back home by the way of Baltimore and Philadelphia and stop at a few theaters but that did not pan out.

Since it was a Saturday evening and I was passing thru Wilkes-Barre again, I decided to stop in again around 8:30. There were more cars in the parking lot than the first time I was there so I entered with a positive outlook. There were around 23 males there and a CD who was talking care of guys in the front section of seats on the right side. Some other open male/male action going on all the time and most of that was taking place in the very front rows of seats where it is the darkest part of the theater.

I stood along the back wall observing this when a middle aged couple came in and stood along side of me for 15 minutes or so until they sat down in the center section. She wore a low cut top to show her ample cleavage and some nice tight fitting jeans with heels on. A half hour later after watching some nice  DP action on the Hi Def screen she came back and talked to a guy she knew who just came in and shortly after,went to the front of the theater and sat down with him. Like a swarm of bees, many of the guys gathered around and sat down. I watched from the back wall while she started sucking her guy and her companion who she came in with, remain in his seat towards the back. After she finished him off the guys were right there and she kept right on slurping those cocks one after the other and did not stop until she got her guy to cum.

Her companion moved up to watch the action and so did I and was right beside him...he enjoyed the view. Of course I chatted him up a bit and helped him maintain his view by asking a few to step back so he could see. Hey, that's the least I could do and he appreciated that and moved me to the front of the pack where she expertly sucked and swallowed all I had...Very nice touch she had I must say and a fantastic technique. She took on all "cummers" and even gave two much older guys a second chance as they were not able to get their nut the first time. She had her lovely firm tits exposed most of the time and they had a few loads on them.

After all the guys were done, her man asked for a few private moments and shortly after the few of us that were remaining left the theater as it closes at and unbelievable 10:30 pm (editor's note: Unbelievable!)...and on a Saturday night no less!! A  more positive report than the first I wrote and the guys did say that more couples were returning here and enjoying this very nice,clean theater. Till the next adventure, which just might be the Paris Theater in Syracuse, take care and keep on enjoying "this thing of ours"
Doc here again...Looks like for EJ, persistance paid off in a big way.  It's always good to hear about a well-run adult theater that is kept clean and is couples friendly.  They are a vanishing breed, my friends.

I'm looking forward to EJ's next report on The Paris in Syracuse, NY.  The Paris is a twin theater on Erie Blvd. in Syracuse, and I have long maintained that it is the cleanest adult theater I have ever set foot in.  Fingers are crossed for EJ that his good luck continues.

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