Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flash Report! The floyd is back in Town @ The Paris Theatre in Portland

Doc here, welcoming back to The Journal senior reporter floyd.  It's been awhile since floyd has pulled up a chair to The Journal, but he's back and loaded with not 1, but 2 reports.

Here is Part 1 of his report.


The floyd is Back in Town

Well, Doc, you’ve doubtless been wondering what the hell happened to your intrepid daytime correspondent from Portland.  Truth is, I was out of town on various business responsibilities for nearly two weeks, returning only last Monday.  Unfortunately, my time away corresponded almost exactly with the absence of our Poet Laureate, Brent, who was also away for the better part of those same two weeks.  So, starved as your readers must be for news from the world famous Paris Theater in Portland, OR, I serve up a two-parter, as there has been some quite remarkable daytime action to report.

Part one stared off last Tuesday, Oct.4, when in the middle of a boring conference call I noticed a Red Flag flying from the Paris. (For new readers, the Paris Theater posts “flags” by text message, email, and on Brent’s excellent Yahoo group that indicate the arrival of couples and other special notifications.)  This was very early for action, at 11:17am to be exact.  I really got pissed when the “Bedroom Flag” appeared a few minutes later, indicating that the couple had moved to the small bedroom area in the theater, which has walls about three feet high so the lookers can gather round and watch the action up close. The Bedroom Flag almost always means action, and my conference call was droning on….

As soon as the call finished, I jumped on the streetcar for the short ride over to Burnside and the five-minute walk down to the Paris.  Entering the theater at 12:05, I was glad to see a small group of watchers around the bedroom area.  As I looked over the wall and my eyes began to adjust, I saw a beautiful young girl, on her side leaning on an elbow.  She was twenty-something, and gorgeous, with long blond hair that was almost white, a tight little bare ass, and medium natural titties that were enclosed in the only scrap of clothing she wore, a burgundy and black bra.  Lying on his back next to her, her guy was a big man, maybe6’ 3”, muscular and tattooed.  Also completely naked.

As the blond reached for a handy towel and started wiping his big limp dick, I realized that I was too late, and that the action was likely in the past tense.  This turned out to be true as they slowly dressed.  I was happy to get a very nice view of her ass and pussy as she stood up to put on panties and jeans. They packed up their small bag and left minutes later without a word.  The small group of watchers dispersed immediately and most wandered out the front door.  I was sorry to have missed the action,especially since it involved such a good-looking young couple, but I kept my entry ticket, which is valid for 12 hours, just in case.  Back to work went floyd.

Two flags in a single weekday afternoon being a rarity, I was not optimistic about my chances to re-use my ticket.  So I was surprised when another Red Flag popped up at 2:17pm.  I called it a late lunch, and back I went.

Entering the dark theater, I saw a BBW on her knees in front of a thin older dude who was sitting on the padded bench in back of the couples’area at the very rear of the theater. There were only three or four other patrons present, and all were watching her energetically suck his cock. She was slurping and gagging as he held her by the hair and pushed her down on it.   Her hair was in a ponytail right on the top of her head. He would occasionally bite on her neck and regularly smack her big tits with a loud slap.  I figured it for a dom/sub or master/slave routine.  This was confirmed a few minutes later.

After blowing him for a good ten minutes, she rose up and turned to face us, revealing her huge tits which were hanging out of her black dress, red from the slaps.  He gave her ass three or four ringing smacks before she backed up and sat on his hard dick.  She commenced to fucking him, and we at the rail got a better look at her.  She was much younger than him, maybe late twenties, with blue eyes, a quite beautiful face, and full red lips.  She was bouncing her big ass up and down on him, and he would periodically slap her ass very hard. After several minutes of this action, she started moaning more loudly and became very flushed.  In a small voice, she said “Sir may I please cum?”

Her guy said, “Yes, cum hard!”

She bounced harder and just let it loose, screaming as she orgasmed on him.  As soon as she had calmed a bit, she was back on her knees licking her pussy juices from his still rock-hard cock, her big ass now bare and facing us.  It was at this point that he pulled out the rubber band that was holding her ponytail, setting her long blond hair free.  Grabbing a handful, he began pushing her head down on himself while he fucked her mouth.  In about two minutes he grunted and you could hear her noisily swallowing his load.  She pulled up her dress over her big tits and put her jacket on while her guy cleaned up and dressed. She smiled shyly and thanked everyone for watching, and they left.

Watching this hot action almost made up for missing the earlier bedroom action, and two couples banging in the theater on a Tuesday afternoon was a winner indeed.

You’ll have to wait a day or so for part 2, Doc, because as usual my account is running a wee bit long.  Trust me when I tell you it will be worth the wait.  Sorry to tease (not.)



Doc here again... We are lucky to have not only floyd reporting from Portland, but also Brent (the poet laureate of this thing of ours).  It is also not a coincidence that Portland is the mecca of all things adult theater-wise.  One city could not have two better goodwill ambassadors.

The Good Doctor is in DIRE STRAITS. Why?  I need reports... Flash Reports, Blasts from the Past, Field Reports.  We need them.  Just send your reports into me directly at  I'll do the rest...