Sunday, May 7, 2017

Flash Report! Henry Chinaski's "An Afternoon of Bliss, Part 3 - The Finale" at the Bliss Adult Theater in Dallas, TX

Doc here, a man who some say once 'rassled a grizzly bear at a local country fair, taking him out with a "Superfly Splash" and a quick 1-2-3. 

Good readers of The Journal, some, if not most of you have had an extraordinary day/night at your adult theater of choice. I've had more than I can count.  But this Henry Chinaski character... Holy cannoli, what a day he had at Bliss in Dallas, TX!

Do yourself a favor, and re-read Part 2 before starting Part 3.  Then, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and get ready for the happy ending grand finale!

Here we go...Take it away, Mr. Chinaski!



So I have stumbled onto one of those rare blessed days for a single man in the adult theater world. First there was the erotically charged group handjob with a nice finish on the body. Next up, a fun and spirited game of genital tag with a sexy facial finish on Face. Oh Bliss, what gifts you have bestowed on me today? 

The poetry-mobile sat outside waiting to return me to a suburban hum drum existence of mortgages and weekend yard work. So . . . one more round through the theater seemed a wise plan. (I honestly don't know what I was expecting to find. I mean its not like I am 23 any more and two Yahtzees in around 4 hours was likely all I could physically expect at this point. Maybe I just wanted to delay a return to the real world, maybe I have a problem, maybe I sensed something more amazing was yet to come). 
Bliss Theater
Dallas, TX
As my eyes adjusted to the theater I noticed something odd. Not the tiny girl on the screen in a school girl outfit getting reamed by two improbably large black cocks (that's normal here), but the lounge area was empty. Normally, on a Friday an hour before the single men are ushered out the theater is kind of packed with those hoping for a last minute roll in the hay. I heard voices coming from the theater area. Remember, the actual theater is simply a large L shaped heavy curtain that runs from ceiling to floor. Could it be? Might a couple have entered during my hour or so rendezvous with Face? Only one way to know. I turn the corner into the theater and . . . 

Oh my God! The gods of debauchery are shining down on Henry today... 

There seated on a couch with a man was none other than Milfy Nextdoor. It was some sort of kinky kismet. First at New Fine Arts and then here earlier today. Let me try to set the scene. I described her briefly in Part 2 of this saga. She is around 5'3" and probably weighs in at 120-125. Short blond hair, pretty inquisitive eyes and she reminds me of Markee Post from the old Must See NBC show Night Court. 
TV's Markee Post
She has nice natural C cups with long eraser nipples that get very hard (more on this in the following paragraphs), a nice curvy ass with no cellulite and no droop to it. I call her Milfy Nextdoor but if she is your next door neighbor, you live in one hell of a neighborhood. Her man he was average build, 5'8" 165, in his 50s and looked a little like Richard Dreyfuss near the end of Mr. Holland's Opus. He had a smile on his face befitting of a man who was as lucky as he was.