Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Time at an Adult Theater: Chapter 9 - MajorVoyeur

Doc here with Chapter 9 of "First Time at an Adult Theater", provided to us my my good friend and colleague, MajorVoyeur.  You know MV as a man of letters, and from his own terrific blog "The World of MajorVoyeur".

His First Time report is terrific, and I'm sure you'll think the same.  So here he is, from parts unknown, weight unknown, off the top rope, it's MajorVoyeur.


My experience in this thing of ours has been ongoing adventure since High School in the 70s.  My best bud, Al & I would drive hundreds of miles to check out rumors of adult bookstores & quarter booths.  Lots of fun up & down the road for us.  But my actual 1st Adult Theater experience occurred alone. 

I had heard of an adult bookstore in Illinois, just across the river from Cape Girardeau, MO.  It was during a cold December Saturday evening that I had a chance to explore the rumor.  I believe it was either 1977 or 78.  I remember that my old car's heater could barely keep the frost off the windows.  Driving through the small town was quick and I did miss the adult bookstore on the first pass.  But on the drive back through, I spotted one of those lit signs with an arrow pointing to an old, converted one bay gas station.  All the windows were painted or blocked.  I was quite nervous and it took several deep breaths to get the courage needed to push pass the front door.

What I found on the other side was a sparse adult bookstore with not much on the shelves or racks.  The clerk was talking on the telephone and did not pay me any attention.  There had been a few other cars out front, but I did not see anyone else in there.  As I made a circuit of the room, still being ignored by the clerk, I heard noises from a side room.  This room had curtains over the door way and I could tell that there was movement occurring on the other side.  Looking over, I saw the clerk was still busy on the phone.  Taking a breath, I stepped through the curtain and into another world.  This world was a small theater with several rows of chairs facing a painted white wall.   Being projected on that wall, was a bigger than life fuck film playing a great scene.  First time I had seen a woman getting fucked in that large of media.  It made my heart race, my palms sweat, and my pants tent out.

As I became more aware of the surroundings, I noticed about five people gathered toward the front of the theater.  At first, I thought someone was sick and they were trying to help.  I moved closer and had a bigger shock to my young, horny mind!  There was a woman bent over a chair with one guy pounding away at her rear and another feeding her all his pant could let out.   I just sat down right there and then. 

Torn between the hardcore fucking on the screen and that real bang occurring in front of me was making it hard to breath.  After the one behind her had finished, another was quick to jump in.  I could see that she was of middle age, plump, and had massive tits that swung to & fro as she was getting hard banging from the gents.  There was one more guy in there, but he was sitting on the other side, just jacking away while watching those guys work over the woman.  The front gent finished then and pulled away.  I could see then her face and she was definitely having fun with these boys. 

She noticed me sitting there and waved me over.  I not sure what happened then.  Well, I think the blood drained completely out of my head and into my cock.  Cause, I was up and over in front of her before I realized it.  My cock tore out of my pants and straight down her throat.

I was beyond all reasonable thoughts then.  This lady was giving me a Class A knob Job.  My experience at that point had be few and very far between.  And never as good as this either.  I was of mind enough to be able to reach under to play with her breasts.  What handfuls they were too!  This lady was a champ, working us both together like that.  I could see that he was making big withdraws & slamming deep while hold her ass cheeks apart.  This was too much for the gent in the rear cause he slammed deep and held her in as he grunted several times.  He soon pulled back and stumbled out while zipping up. 

That was when I noticed that it was just me, her, & the guy jacking on the side.   He spoke up then and asked me if I wanted to fuck his wife.  I was not given a chance to answer cause she pulled me around the chair.  She sat on the edge of the chair and opened up her legs wide.  Pulled me close, but I had to go down on my knees to line up.  Being so inexperienced, I did not even think about a condom.  She got me lined up and pulled me deep into that hot, liquid pussy.  Surprised me that it was still so tight. 

Years later, I can still remember how that felt.  Words can not describe how right and special it was.  Her smile was big and she laugh quietly while seeing my expressive face as I quickly build up strokes.  Plunging and squishing was taking a toll on me, I knew it would not take too many strokes before it was explosion time.  As much as I wish that I could have lasted longer, it was too much for this teen mind to take.  I fired a massive amount of young stuff straight into her hungry hole.  She was laughing and pulling me in tighter, feeling my stuff gush out.

As I dribbled to a stop, she released me and I got back on my feet, little unsteady as you can imagine.  The film ran its course by now, just lighting up the room as the projector flapped the film.  Her husband got up and helped her get dress.  I decided it was time to leave myself.  I stumbled out of the room and past the clerk who was talking to someone at the counter.  I think he yelled at me about how I got back there, but I was already out the door and getting the car started.  I slid out of the parking lot and chugged back home quite drained and wowed by the experience. 

Those memories help fuel hundreds of self-fun sessions in my youth.  I knew then that I would have to experience this again.  And have been very lucky to have enjoyed many such adventures throughout the decades.  I hope to sneak a few more in before its time to retire from the scene completely.




Thanks again to my good friend MajorVoyeur and his awesome First Time report.  It's funny how we all have started out, most likely in cities or towns they we do not live in any longer.  And fast forward to now, where this thing of ours has mutated into what it is now. 

Not better, not worse, just different.


Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report for Saturday 12/10/11

Doc here with this week's report from that hard working/hard playing guy, Bob in Biloxi.  Bob was MIA last week, so I hope he has a good explanation for us...

Here is Bob and this week's report...


Hi Doc,

Sorry about not filing a report last weekend. I had Bob-do’s to do, that’s like honey do’s only I make myself do them. So I didn’t make it to the Coast last weekend. Reports from my scouts tell me our blonde professor lady was back at the ABS, but she was the only source of entertainment Saturday, so I didn’t miss a whole lot.

Bob in Biloxi
Last night, there were 3 couples in the theater, only one was playing (if you could call it that). One guy had his hand down her blue jeans for awhile then they left. Another couple came in and I was able to sit next to them for awhile.  The lady was on the other side of her man, so we didn’t get to chat. Still another couple (she was older wearing a dress) played with her man some, until a GOM barged in a sat next to her. (GOM=Gross old man). He tried that with another couple previously (blue jean lady) and they left. The affects on the aforementioned couple was no different, they left 5 seconds after he sat down. What’s the definition of insanity again?

Meanwhile down at the ABS, it was a happy fella convention, complete with a social gathering in the back arcade area. The parking lot was full, and yes, nothing but happy fella’s.  If you remember I had a choice to make some weeks back. There was a dark haired lady with huge boobs that I missed as I was leaving, after succumbing to the BBW talents that preceded this lady, I was dry.

I digress; the same couple showed up and was unable to find a parking space. So they parked on the side of the building. Again her man left her in the car and went inside, (SOP-standard operating procedure) for them - he did the same thing weeks ago. I knew he wouldn’t be long inside so I pulled my HD up next to their car. As I lowered my window she did the same.

I said hello and began to tell her I missed her a few weeks ago as I was leaving. She asked me why I didn’t come back, for course the truth will set you free. So I told her the BBW had drained me and I was unfit to please her. I also told her about the happy fella convention inside and that no booths were available. She just shook her head and said they needed to add more booths and fix the damn holes! No arguing that point. I told her I would love to do her right in the parking lot and didn’t care who watched.

This seemed to peak her interest and she told me that her and her man had seen guys playing in the parking lot before but never did anything themselves. About that time her man came back and got in the car. We, she and I kept talking, when she invited me back to their hotel room.

Ok, so this is not a theater/ABS sex story, but upon entering their room, she dropped to her knees and starting showing me exactly what those happy fella’s had blocked. Doc the lady had talent and soon she was totally nude, her man under her licking her pleasure cave and giving yours truly a magnificent blow job! Followed by, her on all fours receiving a pounding from this reporter! Not a total waste of the night after all.

So, one hook up, and a gay pride convention, a horde of GOM’s, you can’t get that on HBO Doc! And until next weekend I remain your faithful reporter, braving the elements, plunging through the masses to bring you the latest greatest happenings from our beautiful Gulf Coast.



Doc here again... Glad to have you back in the mix, sir.  Your report was missed last week, but I see you more than made up for it this week.  Adjusting on the fly (or in this case, your fly) is sometimes imperative in this thing of ours, and Bob is a master at this strategy.  Nicely done.