Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bonus Pics! Sweet Temptation Shows Her Appreciation to The Art Cinema

Doc here... One of the highlights for me during The Art Cinema's Valentine's Event weekend was meeting the very sensuous and very naughty Sweet Temptation.

We first started talking via an e-mail she sent to The Good Doctor. Sweet Temptation had never gone to an adult theater, but after reading many accounts from this thing of ours on The Journal, she was ready to discuss this next step.  I was more than happy to offer her my advice on where and when would be the best way to dip her toes into the water. 

Due to her geographic location, the choice of where to attend was a no-brainer: The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT. Hands down, the best couples adult theater in the country.

When was the trickier choice. She and her guy (hi T!) decided that the Valentine's Event on Saturday, February 16th was THE NIGHT.  Their choice was a wise one.

You can read about her night with Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE .

If you were there in Hartford that weekend, you will know that we gave out Art Cinema swag bags to the first 25 couples who came in that evening. Included in the bag were exclusive Art Cinema White Chocolate Lollipops, which were a big hit with everyone.

Now leave it to Sweet Temptation to take her Art Cinema appreciation to a new level:

Word has it that Sweet Temptation will be returning to The Art Cinema soon.  Whenever I get the info on her return, you will read about first here at The Journal.

Many thanks to Sweet Temptation for the very cool pics!