Sunday, December 16, 2012

Flash Report! floyd's Daytime Adventure @ The Paris Theatre in Portland on 12/11/12

Doc here with a terrific (as always) report from daytime Journal scribe reporting on Portland's legendary Paris Theatre, floyd

So without further ado, running up the steps of the University of Pennsylvania, here is floyd.


Stallone and Adrienne at the Paris?

Hi Doc,

It’s floyd here with another quickie daytime report from the world famous Paris Theater in Portland, OR.  It was looking like the cards were seriously stacked against a good daytime-action day yesterday; first, it was a Tuesday, one of the slowest days of the week, and second it was pouring rain.  So when I saw a Red Flag (indicating the presence of a couple at the theater), I was a bit skeptical.  But my reasoning went like this: On such a crappy day, it was unlikely that there were a lot of “tourist” couples about, those who wander in for five minutes and split.  So I figured on taking my chances and jumped the streetcar down to Burnside.

For once, my reasoning was sound.  As I entered the theater, I saw the couple on the back bench in the couples section at the rear of the theater.  I arrived no later than 2:00pm, and the flag had flown at 1:43, and they were already busy!  Clearly theater players.  He was a stocky dude with a dark complexion, maybe Hispanic but I’m guessing Italian-American.  She was a chunky blond with a cute face, blond hair in a single braid, and absolutely colossal natural tits.  She was wearing a dark skirt, an open unbuttoned blouse, and a silvery tank top that was pulled down close to her waist.  He had his hand under her skirt, fingering her pussy, which unfortunately was not visible.  More on that later.

The Paris Theatre - Portland, OR
He alternated playing with her pussy and her tits.  His titty play was pretty hot, as he pulled and pinched and twisted her exposed nipples.  Her tits were remarkable; she did not have the big wide flat nipples so common on giant breasts; rather, she had big, hard, dark brown nipples that poked out nearly an inch.  This reporter was most impressed.

The tit and pussy play went on for a good while.  It’s worth noting that of the six or eight guys in the theater, only this correspondent and one other guy were actually watching them.  Another daytime regular soon entered, and the three of us moved closer to the rail, as the couple seemed to have no issue with being watched.  After a few more minutes, they began shifting around and it looked like they were going to get up and leave, but fortunately that was not the case.  He maneuvered her around on a bench so she was on her hands and knees facing the railing with her substantial ass up for him.  He quickly dropped his drawers and lifted up his shirt and her skirt.  Then he gave his half-hard cock a couple of quick strokes, spit on his hand and lubed his now instantly hard dick like a porn star, and eased on in from a standing doggie angle.

He slowly fucked her, and the gallery enjoyed a perfect view of her big hangers swaying with each stroke, her big hard nipples pointing straight down.  After a good bit of slow stroking, he picked up the pace.  She responded immediately with her first vocalizations of the afternoon, some soft moans.  As he began to bang her in earnest, she got louder and started saying  “Harder…harder.”  He responded with some dirty talk of his own, and the watchers had started to jack to this hot scene.  

Regular readers of the Good Doctor’s will remember that floyd considers the sounds of sex to be as big a turn-on as the sights.  Doubtless comes from my days at the swing clubs, where Mrs. Floyd and I would often hang in the group rooms just listening to the wonderful sounds of female sexual ecstasy.  In any case, it was getting hotter, and he pounded her full tilt for at least five minutes, which had her really worked up and into it.  He climaxed shortly thereafter, and slowed his thrusting.  He pulled up his pants and plopped down on the bench.  She turned around and sat next to him.  Her pussy was covered by the skirt but her massive tits and amazing nipples were hanging free and clear.  He noticed this and gruffly told her to pull up her tube top and cover them.  Seemed kind of odd, given that they were hanging about six inches from my face no more that 90 seconds before!

So Doc, this was a true wham-bam thank-you-ma’am theater fuck.  Let’s summarize.  No blow job, no hand job, no any-kind-of job; in fact, his dick never came out until 20 seconds before he fucked her.  And for all the fingering, we never even saw her pussy with the skirt in the way.  No pussy-licking.  No multiple positions.  A guy who knew what he wanted and got it.  Sure it could have been more exciting, but the fuck was plenty hot, and daytime action is always appreciated by your loyal daytime reporter.  Hope you and your readers enjoyed….



Doc here again... Thanks again to floyd and his dedicated daytime attention to Portland's Paris Theatre.  Keep up the fine work, sir!  

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