Monday, February 25, 2013

Art Cinema Event Report #8: Paul & Wife Soak It In

Doc here with a quick report from the Valentine's Event last Saturday at the awesome Art Cinema in Hartford.. First time reporters Paul n Wife were kind enough to give their POV on the evening.

Here is their no-nonsense review of their trip to The Art Cinema...


We went there Saturday night, for the Valentine's Day Party. We arrived around 8:30. Lot's of sex going on in the balcony and a gangbang going on downstairs. The gangbang was already underway when we arrived - I think she took at least 10. She was then joined by a second woman who took at least five. Most couples in the balcony were naked and having sex of some type. This was my wife and I's first visit here.

We will be going back.

Paul n Wife


Doc here again... Many thanks to Paul n Wife for their report.  I am looking forward to your next one when you return back to The Art Cinema.


Flash Report! Cini Mini I and II in Grand Rapids, MI by ChromeTool

Doc here with a great first time report from our newest contributor to The Journal, ChromeTool.
Mr. Tool has not only provided us with an update on the Cina Mini I and Cina Mini II in Grand Rapids, MI, he has supplied one hell of a report from an encounter in December at CMI.
Enjoy this terrific report...

Cina-Mini I and II Field Reports

Well Doc, you've gone and done it now...

The Cina-Mini II in Grand Rapids, MI is officially closed, kaput, goners. Good riddance! It's quite the coincidence that only weeks after you rated this pit as the #1 Worst Theater in the Country, it disappears. Word on the street indicates that it will be turned into a restaurant. Can you imagine having dinner at the former scene of a million Homo Hummer and Fudge Packing events? Oh yeah, just what I want to do, NOT....

Meanwhile, the original Cina-Mini I has temporarily closed also while undergoing some reconstruction, as evidenced by the building permit prominently displayed on the entrance door. It would appear that my little town might still provide future opportunities for this thing of ours.

R.I.P. Cina Mini II  2013
Grand Rapids, MI

Couples activity at the Mini I has slowed considerably in the last few years, however I did have an very enjoyable meetup in December there. It was a Friday evening and I arrived about 6pm to find a completely empty theater. Alrighty then, at least I get the best seating pick. The movie was decent and I commenced to fire up the man unit by myself. Yep, still works good!

Ten minutes later, I hear the sounds of company arriving. MOTHER FUCKER! It's the 60 something couple I've seen there a few times in the last year. They've always been warm with each other, but quite reserved and not ready for a prime-time crowd. He's a big guy and looks, well... old. However, as always she's looking great, with swept back salon styled hair and tight facial features including that super model type cheek and jaw bone structure. Add some super breasts that look great even inside her winter jacket, wide hips that make her sheer knee length skirt sway perfectly when she walks, and a complimentary waistline to round off the package. It wasn't too long ago, that she was a stunner for any age group to gawk at (think Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched, only at age 60).

My soon to be new friends take up residence 1 row up in front and 1 seat over with her on the aisle side and they're being quiet. Within a few minutes, Eliz extends here arm across the seat back directly in front of me and the games afoot! I scrunch down in my seat with just the right amount of chair squeaking and clothes rustling to allow her sonar to home in on the target. And without a glance, shes on it in a flash with her warm, small delicate hand jacking my semi-hard to full-hard. We're both digging it and getting sexed up nicely.

I'm thinking HELL YEAH, when Tall Drunk Dude walks in and dulls the moment instantly as Elizabeth goes back to being prim and proper like. Now this is the same dumbunny that scared away the last playful couple I saw here by standing behind and spotlighting the gal with a penlight. So I decided to put the whammy on him. After a minute or so of telepathically beaming at him: "Sit the Fuck Down, Don't be a Leech, Be cool Dude", he goes for a seat 5 feet away from us and I leisurely saunter over towards Elizabeth and the big guy.
Cina Mini I
Grand Rapids, MI

A polite "May I?" from me was met with nods of approval as the couple moved over one seat towards the wall. Moments later, I'm back to enjoying a pleasant handjob and lovin' the way her small hands make my cock look enourmous. The big guy then unbuttons her jacket to reveal bare flesh as she's topless underneath. The tits are big and real, and very nice for a woman her age. He and I tongue those luscious breasts and explore her body with our free hands. The knee length skirt is traveling upwards when the big guy whips out a tube-o-lube, splashes a gob on his hand and in one quick swipe, applies it to her pink.

My hand slowly meanders toward her slit and she instantly clamps up like a good school girl, all shy like. Shes getting manhandled good and I can tell she wants to moan, breath hard and get her freak on, but all three of us are dead quiet. The big guy stands up, unleashes his unit and motions for me to do the same. Now shes got two cocks dangling in her face and she goes to work on them with both hands and a nice warm mouth. I'm thinking to myself, "This is Kick Ass" when the big guy says to me "you wanna fuck her?" as he's breaking out a condom. I say yes, she immediately says no. He reply's "you wanna have fun, don't you?" and apparently two out of three win :)

There was no more argument from her as she proceeded to suit up her new toy and slide down in the theater seat. I was in her before she placed her feet on the seat backs in front of us. Her puss swallowed my cock deep without hesitation, and it felt like warm butter. I'm giving her all I've got and nibbling her neck trying to get her to cum first. Her mouth is wide open, head bouncing around and she's staring at the ceiling, just wanting to make hot sex sounds while bucking her hips to get all the hard cock she craves.

All of the sudden, Eliz announces "he's cumming". She was right, and it was a monster cum too! I dismounted and it took me a couple minutes to catch up my normal breathing pattern while those delicate hands peeled the latex off and flung it across the theater, then double handed my meat until it was well done. She now has a beaming smile on her face and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. I responded with a little lick on her neck and said "Thank you, thank you, thank you... that was wild and you're one hot woman!"

The whole encounter probably lasted only 15 minutes. It might have even been her first time as she played precocious, yet somewhat hard to get. I was cool and considerate. She wanted to make it last longer, but that wasn't going to happen. The big guy and I were just happy as hell to enjoy damn good, taboo, anonymous theater sex at it's finest.

More as it happens,

- ChromeTool


Doc here again... I laughed when ChromeTool accused me of hastening the demise of Cina Mini II, since this place seemed to doing a great job of doing it to themselves.  But I will take the assist on it in any case.  What a dump.

Thanks again to ChromeTool, and we look forward to many more reports to come!