Monday, August 9, 2010

Flash Report! "My Rainy Sunday" by Sable - 8/8 @ Airport Video in Everett, WA

Doc here with a Flash Report from one of The Good Doctor's favorites... Sable from Seattle.  Sable has written some stunning reports in the past about her exploits at both Airport Video in Everett and HEB in Seattle.  This report is no different... And also includes an exclusive photo only available at The Journal.

Take it away, Sable...
Well let's face it, we did need the rain. Up north anyway. Well my BF decided that he and I needed a trip to the APV. I kinda like that theater even tho it's had some bad raps in the past. It is clean, and I have always been treated with the utmost respect there.

Sable @ Airport Video

We arrived. Me...I am dressed in a tank, with skirt and high thigh stalkings, and heels to die for. We sit in the second row and after my eyes adjust, I peruse the room. There is about 15 people there. Nice crowd, I thought. Soon enough about 5 guys move in. As my BF put it, there was a"Chick Porn" on the screen. We settled in. Pretty soon I began to feel the heat. My BF began to slowly move his hands up my leg and then to my crotch. I was wearing a "G" string and he began to play lightly. I was getting wet quick. I asked to change seats with him, as he had a very attentive man next to him. He obliged.

This gentleman was just watching, and that was until I spread my legs and grabbed his hand and put it right where it needed to be. I think he kinda liked that. So I was spread eagle with one leg on BF and one leg on the guy next to me both playing away. Pretty soon BF begins to remove my tank to expose my breasts. This was erotic as hell. The guy next and behind begin to lightly touch and rub my nipples. I am dripping at this point. I reach over and undo BF's pants and pull out his manlyhood and began to lick. As I do this, I swing my happy ass around so that the gentlemen next to me has a "birds eye view." He had the softest touch and was so soft spoken, but he got me going! I am in seventh heaven!

I stop to take a break. Lay back and have both stroking me. I grab both and am thinking, wow this is surreal! I lean in for another round and BF is hard as hell. He picks me up and has me straddle the chair. He gets me from behind. I have 5 guys around watching the finale. BF grabs my hips and brings it on home!

Yes, it rained today. We love the rain. Till next time....
Doc here again...In this medical professional's opinion, Sable is everything a guy would want in a adult theater woman.  Between her great attitude, her craving for the hands of complete strangers caressing her sexy body, and her great descriptive powers, she is the complete package.

The Good Doctor looks forward to the next adventure from Sable (as does the thousands of readers of The Journal).  Thanks for permission to post your report!


Flash Report! Tina @ CTs in Gary Saturday 8/7

Doc here with a re-occurring theme the last three Saturday evenings: Tina (from John and Tina) setting CTs in Gary, IN on it's ear with a gang bang of Biblical proportions.  A huge turnout, coupled with Tina's insatiable hunger for hard cock, makes for another Saturday to remember.

Since The Good Doctor was on rounds this weekend at the hospital in The Valley near the small women's college, John (from John and Tina) was kind enough to provide a couple's report from their unique perspective, and send along some HOT photos from the scene.  Take it away, John...
Hi Doc,
Well the turn out was very good, just as good as last time. I counted 30 cars in the lot when we arrived. We got there at 8:30 and went straight to the glory holes. Tina was raring to get on tables, so she spent maybe 20 minutes in the glory holes. Tina took care of 6 guys there and then went to the theater.

It was pretty interesting because there were quite a few new faces. She went at it for quite awhile and at some point, Michelle showed up, so we left theater to get her second cup of coffee and let Michelle have the table for awhile. After about 20 minutes, Tina was raring to get back to work and we re-entered the theater. Michelle had a guy on the table giving him head and Tina went and assisted by giving the guy some kind words in his ear and a pierced nipple in his mouth.

After he got off, Tina went back to the table and resumed her fucking and sucking of all comers while Michelle went to the seats and kept the large crowd entertained. At one point, Tina had two guys in her mouth at once (a first for her) and a guy coming up from behind. Man, was it going on.

Tina finished the night with the customary CJ and we left. What was really nice was the email that was waiting when we got home. There was a gentleman there that got there before our posted time and we ended up an hour late. He had to leave and Tina told him he could have 1st dibs in theater. Well, it was crowded and hot and the guy was having troubles and Tina took him to the side and gave him some extra attention. He got to get what he wanted and then went home and sent a nice email thanking Tina for giving him that "special" attention. It was really appreciated.

So Doc, without giving details, Tina is going to do something she has always wanted to do without using toys. Hope you can be there!

John and Tina
Doc here again...Just when you think a Tina report can't get any hotter, we get a hotter one to the news desk here at Tina Headline News.  Thank you again to Tina and John for letting us peek in on them while at CTs!

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