Wednesday, June 30, 2010

UPDATED! Call for Submissions! Who Are Your Top 3 Adult Theater Women?

Doc here again...Submissions are coming in, but The Good Doctor's staff needs more of your Top 3's.  I'm putting up the Bat-signal for regulars like Bob in Biloxi, JaxBchBum, Donny Digital, as well as the regular readers of The Journal.

So when you are enjoying your 4th of July BBQ, and are knee-deep into your 3rd mojito, think about your Top 3's, then send them along to The Good Doctor.  The work already submitted has been outstanding.


Doc here with a call to arms for you, the readers of The Journal.  This is your chance to discreetly (or not so discreetly, your choice) add your two cents worth to a post. 

The topic is: "Who Are Your Top 3 Adult Theater Women?" 

Here is what The Good Doctor is looking for:

a) Your screen name (or any fake internet name you want to use), so I can attribute the submission

b) General geographic location

c) Nickname or first name of the women you encountered, and what made them memorable

Here is an example from The Good Doctor:

Portland, OR @ The Jefferson Theater around 2004
Nina (aka Bakery Slut): Blonde milf who looks like Nina Hartley.  Great attitude, very attractive, insatiable appetite for cock, no-holds barred approach.

It has been my experience that most adult theater women go by a nickname (either self-given or given to them by the males in regular attendance).  There are exceptions to that rule, but if you do use a name, just use a first name only.  The last thing I need is for the sunday school teacher who happens to like 3-input theater sex breathing down my neck for outing her.

Please send your submissions to The Good Doctor at, or private message me on Twitter:

Have fun with this, and feel free to add a longer story if you like.  I will be more than happy to give you your own article if your story deserves the space.



Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Twitter Reminder from The Good Doctor

Doc here with a quick reminder to follow me on Twitter ( 

Why do you ask?  Well, just today I was able to give my frequent fliers in Chicagoland a heads up that two couples had just shown up at 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park.  My Tweet went out 2 minutes after the Yahoo Group posted the info.

Other info that went out was from Alex and Lauren from Gastonia, NC that CVE was "remodeling" their couples only theater.  You saw it there first.  The live Tweeting event from Tina's visit to CTs 2 weekends ago was covered. You also saw the information exchange between The Good Doctor and his first (and naughtiest) Twitter follower, @velvetskye (  She is such a naughty girl...

Sign up and following The Good Doctor today.  You will thank yourself in the morning.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Blast From The Past: OldBeatNik's Tale of Theater Sex in "Borrowed Wife"

Doc here with a great (and I mean outstanding) remembrance by OldBeatNik about theater sex in the 1980's with a special friend.  Sit back and enjoy this tale of years past:

Borrowed Wife
by OldBeatNik
Copyright© 2008 by OldBeatNik

Back in the 80's before most of the porn theaters dissapeared I was lucky enough to meet a wife whose husband didn't give the attention she wanted. I plied her with drinks and compliments and one night I talked her into going to the theater by telling her she would get all the attention she wanted.

Remember the 80's with all those long loose skirts? She loved to wear them and after a few love sessions when ever she met up with me I had her wearing either thigh highs or gartered stockings. She held me tightly the first time we walked into the theater. I sat her down on the aisle seat so no one could bother her by sitting next to her, but all the guys across the aisle could see if we started to play. For the first 10 or 20 minutes we just sat and watched the movie. I finally leaned over and told her if she was getting turned on she should start raising her skirt. If I saw her do that then I would take that as a signal to start caressing her legs, thighs and panty covered pussy.

I didn't have to wait long before she began to bunch her skirt up onto her thighs. About 10 guys were gathered in the rows in front, back and across from us. They all turned their attention to Rita when they saw her raise her skirt. She also noticed that she was the center of attention and that really let her loose. She spread her legs and grabbed my hand and placed it just below the leg band of her thigh highs. I began to stroke her leg in small circles, drawing her skirt even higher and making her breathe in shorter and shorter gasps. I widened the circle until I was touching bare skin above her stocking top and just below her panty covered pussy. She was now squirming in her seat. I finally touched her pussy with my finger, she grabed my hand and placed it firmly on her cunt and shook in her chair as she came.

I now put one of her legs over mine and bunched her skirt into her waist exposing her panties for all to see. I lifted a leg band and inserted a finger and slowly began to finger fuck her. I put in a second finger and started to caress her clit with my thumb. As soon as I touched it she came again. One guy behind us put his hands around her and grabbed a tit. Rita jumped in her seat and I saw a frightened look on her face. I told the guy no touching, but he could look all he wanted, but Rita was too shook to continue so we left. She was still turned on though and gave me a blow job in the car on the way home. I asked her if she enjoyed herself and would ever want to go back. She said it was one of the most exciting things she had ever done and if no one would touch her she would love to go back sometime. From then on at least once a week I took her to the theater.

I would guide her down the center aisle with my hand stroking her silky skirt covered ass, remember the 80's were polyester paradise, everything was silky and slithery. Rita's skirts and dresses were no different. Over the knee but still very sexy. The great thing about long skirts is if the woman wants to show a little thigh, she has to do it on purpose. And my lovely Rita loved to do it on purpose, especially when she got comfortable in the theater. Our seats were always on the aisle, so she could give a good show to lots of men, but also no one could sit next to her. After the second time there, the regulars knew us and would spread the word, don't touch the women and you're going to see a great show. After our second trip Rita also knew that play time was up to her, I wouldn't touch her until she started to raise her skirt up over her legs. When her skirt got high enough that me and all the men gathered around could see her bare thighs above her stocking tops, but before she exposed her panties, I would put my hand on her bare thigh and caress it while moving it upward towards her panty covered pussy. Once I arrived at her cunt and stroked her pussy lips and clit she would cum quickly. Then I would move a leg band and insert a finger or two and finger fuck her. The third time we went and thereafter I turned her towards the aisle so all the men could easily see me finger fucking her. The fourth time we went I unbuttoned her blouse and allowed the men to see her bare tits, which for the first time I kissed and sucked in the theater. I continued to stroke and finger her pussy and she had an even stronger orgasm.

At our sixth or so time there she got brave enough to give me a blow job. She turned on her seat to face my crotch and showed her ass to the men on the aisle. While she was sucking on my cock I was slowly raising her skirt up the back of her thighs until it was gathered across her back completly exposing her panty covered ass to the eyes of the crowd. I scrunched down as best I could so Rita could get as much of my cock into her mouth as she could and I could reach around her and stroke her ass and pussy for the men to see. I was even able to pull her panties out and away from her leg so I could get a finger into her cunt and the men would get a good view of me finger fucking her, her pussy juice covered thighs shone in the light from the projector.

I was surprised that Rita had gone that far, all we had talked about was how her husband ignored her, and how she loved being the center of attention at the porno theater by just showing some leg and pussy. I hadn't expected our playing in public to go hard core, but once it did all bets and rules were off the table. The next time we went she sat on my lap and let me fuck her. It was all her instigation. Almost as soon as we sat down her skirt was up to her waist and she had my fingers buried in her pussy. Not too much longer after that she had my dick out and was sucking me off. And not too soon after that she sat up facing the screen, moved over onto my lap, took my cock in her hand and guided it into her cunt. She did all the fucking, I just sat there loving the feeling of her warm pussy surrounding my dick and looked at the men around us with their eyes glued to the fornicating beauty in their midst. I reached around her and unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her bare tits. This time when one of the men touched her tit she didn't freak, she just gave a little shudder and fucked me harder and faster. The men took this as a go ahead and three more men began to stroke her tits and rub her nipples. Rita bucked down on me even more and then gasped and held her breath as uncontrolably her hips and lower torso spasmed and jerked around the cock buried in her pussy. We left soon after she regained her senses. On the ride home she asked why I let the men touch her and I said because she did nothing to stop them, and she even seemed to like their touches. So I asked her why she let the men touch her, she shyly said she did like it, and when she had three hands all stroking her nipples and tits she had one of her deepest orgasms. So I asked her when we go again do you want me to stop the men from touching you and she said no.

It was almost chaos the next time we went. Rita was so ready for the night she had me play with her pussy on the drive to the theater, something we never did before. And it was Rita who made me stop before she came, it was she who wanted to be hot and bothered as she entered the theater and eager for her pussy to be fucked. As soon as we found our usual seats Rita had my pants unzipped and her mouth around my cock. And as soon as I was hard she had her pussy back on my dick and she was ready to be fucked. And this time it was Rita who unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her bare tits. She started playing with them and pulling her own nipples as she rocked back and forth on my lap. To everyone's surprise she told the man sitting in front of her, who had turned around to watch the action, that she wanted to suck his cock. He didn't take long to respond, and he didn't take long to cum in her mouth. Almost within seconds he was filling Rita's mouth with his sperm. She swallowed all she could, wiped off her lips and asked the man sitting next to him if he wanted his cock sucked. Rita wound up sucking five different cocks while fucking me and when I finally came in her pussy she let three more men fuck her. After she rose from my lap, she bent over the back of her chair with her ass facing the movie screen, pulled her skirt up her legs and over her panty covered ass and said to no one in particular and everyone in general fuck my pussy, someone fuck my pussy. She then rested her head on her folded arms atop the seat back and waited for someone to put their cock in her waiting cunt. She fucked four men that way, just letting them use her pussy as a sperm depository.

We only went to the theater only a couple of times after that because Rita and her husband started counseling, and she wanted to make her marriage work for the sake of her kids. But those next times were memerable. She would suck off a few guys while fucking me, then once I came she would fuck anyone who wanted to, which turned out to be more than 10 guys each time. She got to the point where she wouldn't wait for the men to come to her, she started walking around the theater and fucked the men in their seats. She would raise her skirt or dress as she walked so she could show off her stocking clad legs and panty covered pussy and ass. Ahhh, the lovely Rita, I shall never forget you and those gangbangs you left in my mind.

The End

Monday Night At The Movies: World Premier of "New Wave Hookers" at The Pussycat Theater in Hollywood

Doc here with this week's edition of Monday Night At The Movies.  This week, we take a look at the world premier of the classic porn film "New Wave Hookers" at The Pussycat Theater in Los Angeles in 1985. 

A side note...The Good Doctor visited the former Pussycat in LA (now Studs Theater) back in 2008 for the first time.  The cement hand prints of John Holmes, Linda Lovelace, & Marilyn Chambers (as well as many others) are still there as a tribute the the golden age of porn theaters. 

What struck me about this video of the premier is the shot of the stars walking into the lobby of the theater.  The lobby is still there, but is essentially a large void by the new smaller entrance to the theater.  And I think the carpet is exactly the same. 

So without further delay, here is this week's Monday Night At The Movies:

Flash Report: Status of CVE in Gastonia, NC

Doc here with a quick heads up from our good friends Alex and Lauren ( about CVE in Gastonia, NC.

According to their Twitter, CVE has closed their couples theater for remodeling.  Should we read between the lines here, or take this info at surface level?  We will keep an open line of communication with Alex and Lauren and monitor the situation.

If you would like to get caught up with the last update from Alex and Lauren on CVE, here it is:

Thanks to Alex and Lauren!


Weekdnd Update - A Preview of Things Coming This Week

Doc here with a quick post before I take several Ambien and hit the hay.

This past weekend was a weekend that had all the elements lined up to be a memorable one, and it did not disappoint.  The staff here at The Good Doctor's office are busy analyzing the data and breaking down the numbers.

Preliminary information shows that things were hopping in Portland, Gary, IN, and in Warren, OH at their adult theaters.  At all three of these hot spots, couples had posted ahead of time either on their local Yahoo Groups, or on Craigslist.  This almost guaranties a good to great turnout, as long as enough notice is given. 

Also, all three theaters have notification systems in place (through their Yahoo Groups) to let people know when either a couple has arrived or plans to arrive.   The Paris Theater in Portland uses their legendary flag system (as seen on the left).  CTs in Gary uses their "NOWWWW" posts to their Yahoo Group (Pete will also describe the couple/lady in conjunction with the NOWWW).  The Old Un Adult Theater and Bookstore in Columbia, MO is now getting more proactive in their announcements.  It is a solid formula, and it works for those involved in "this thing of our's".  Couples get what they want: A steady stream of hard cocks.  Guys get what they want: As close to a sure thing as it gets.  A real win/win.

So what we had this weekend was a perfect storm of conditions conducive to hot and exciting adult theater fun: 

Summer weather: Check.
Full moon: Check.
Weekend before a holiday: Check.
Plenty of advance announcements: Check.

So what does The Good Doctor have in store for you this week? 

I should have a story and photos from CTs in Gary about Tina and John's visit on Saturday night.  I saw some preliminary photos this evening, and they are HOT.  I should also have a breakdown of the activities at The Paris Theater in Portland for your entertainment.  I will also have a report from long-time Journal reporter OldBeatNik that will be hopefully the first of many to come.  And of course, plenty of surprises. 

Keep checking back throughout the week.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tonight is Saturday Night Live @ CTs in Gary - It's "Tina-Mania"

CTs Adult Superstore and Theater
4620 Industrial Hwy,
Gary, IN

Doc here with an announcement from one of The Good Doctors's favorite adult theater couples, John and Tina:
Hi All, Tina will be at CT's (in Gary, IN) tomorrow night from 8 pm until 11pm. Please make sure that you are clean, carrying condoms and ready to fuck. I will be taking some pics, not of anyones faces, just the action please. She wants to make sure everyone cums at least 2 times and would really like me to take new pics of her covered in jizz. Yes, if it is not too much to ask, a nice CJ at the end. This time she will be well rested and fed before we cum. She was a little off her game last week, but she is itching for a big night!! Also, let me have my space for taking pics, I will move about so that you can all have fun, but if I want to get close for a pic, please move to the side. Lets all have a great time and let's give Pete some nice pics(and make Tina cum a bunch) for the group!!

Doc here again...Let us do the math:
John and Tina + A Full Moon  + CTs Adult Theater (arguably the most hardcore adult theater in the country) = A Hot Saturday Night in Gary.
John has informed me that he will provide a couple's report from CTs (with pics btw), which will be most welcomed here at the offices of The Journal.  This is looking to be a memorable evening for everyone attending.

Friday, June 25, 2010

UPDATED: Flash Report! Thrusting Thirsty Thursday at The Paris Theater in Portland

Update: It's has been brought to my attention that credit for the theme days "Wicked Wednesday" and Thrusty Thursday" at The Paris Theater belong to frequent poster on Brent's Theater Tales, Santiago De La Cruz.  Duly noted. 

Doc here with a Flash Report of a mid-week encounter at The Paris Theater in Portland, OR.  A couple from out of town had posted of their intent to rock and roll The Paris last night.  Looks like they succeeded!

Here are the words of poster ORichard from Brents Theater Tales Yahoo Group:
Yes indeed- she rolled the table. I'd say that of the 30 or so guys who passed through the Paris last evening, only the odd creature who didn't want to finger fuck, eat out, enjoy a handjob, an expert blowjob, an exam table fuck (either direction), or finally a straight fuck in the bedroom, left with his load intact. Had we known she was good to the last drop, we might have all patiently awaited our time in the box, rather than all crowding her on such a hot evening. But who knew she was there to play all night? A very good-looking youngish brunette with epic melons, a very inviting, edible clean-shaven pussy, a large, round, smooth booty and a "cum-one, cum-all" smile throughout the evening.

As good as it gets at the Paris when only one couple shows up on Thrusting Thursday. By the way Brent, she was looking for you and stated that you were the reason she was there. I believe she's in town for another evening. Gentlemen - start your engines!
Looks like we missed a hot sticky night at The Paris.  And as a nice postscript, the lady at the center of attention "ATSLUVR" added her two cents worth with these comments:
No Finish Line? I didn't see another load of cum in the house when I Finished Up! I thought I got every drop there was! Thanks for a fantastic time! I love the Paris! I found it to be a really 'well cumming' place.

I look forward to cumming again this weekend. But would love some other girls to help take the load off. And I know my guy would love a chance to play with other girls, while I am busy going down on some hot cocks.

Round two Cumming Up! -or down:) as the situation may be!
Doc here again...I that speaks for itself.  It's going to be a great weekend in PDX!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

UPDATED! Velvet Skye @ Melrose Playhouse in Chicago

"Velvet Skye @ 15th Avenue Adult Books" March 2010

Doc here with an update from a Flash Report from March of this year.  The Good Doctor's newest patient, Velvet Skye, has been in contact with the office over the last few days about her trip to the Melrose Playhouse.  She offered to send pic of her at the scene, and sure enough it appeared.

So ladies and gentlemen, let's jump in the wayback machine and set the controls to March, 2010:
Doc here with a flash report from the Melrose Playhouse (aka 15th Avenue Adult Books), in Melrose Prk, IL (suburb of Chicago). This is a repost of a report from the store's Yahoo Group from a lucky guy named Sal who was there this past Sunday the 21st...
We all know it is hit or miss as far as who will be it the theater. But I must say last Sunday was the jackpot. I went into the spa and a couple was in there.

The girl was very gorgeous, a body to die for, and very friendly. She turned out to be Velvet Skye. She has her own site ( so check her out. For the guys that were there Sunday but didn't go into the spa shame on you, the $10.00 was "the best bang for the buck" I ever spent.
Doc here again... I put our staff to work to find a photo and proof of her visit to Melrose Park, and sure enough, we found it. Her Twitter page is I hope Sal played the lottery on the way home, since he was on a roll!



House Call With The Good Doctor: Striking Out In San Diego and Dallas

Doc here...Sometimes, the planets don't align perfectly.  Sometimes, one's mojo has been left on the luggage carousel at the airport.  Maybe my Hai-Karate after-shave isn't doing it for me any longer.

I have dragged my heels on this report from last month.  Why would The Good Doctor do this?  Well ladies and gentlemen, it's hard to write a report with no content.  A 2-day business trip in Dallas with trips to The Lido Theater (a long running favorite of mine), and a 2-trip visit to the theaters in San Diego yielded the following: Zip.  Nada.  Zilch.

The Lido has long been known as a good place to for couples to visit during a week night.  Past visits have verified this hypothesis.  This time there were plenty of guys, but outside of one couple who stayed at The Lido inside of 10 minutes there was nothing happening.

As far as the San Diego visits are concerned, it was a case of bad timing.  On the 2 nights I visited the theaters at Barnett and at Adult Depot, there was nothing of note to report.  On the other 2 nights I didn't go, Mark and Christine from the Adult Theater Play Yahoo group were holding court at Adult Depot and Barnett.

In the words of my esteemed colleague, Brent from Portland, it looks like I picked the wrong week(s) to stop sniffing glue.

Do you have a report you would like to see on the pages of The Journal of Adult Theaters?  Please e-mail The Good Doctor at


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

House Call! Saturday Night @ CTs, Part 2

Doc here with Part 2 of The Good Doctor's House Call @ CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.  Now where were we?  Oh yeah, the very sexy Tina was on the exam table, bum in the air, skirt hiked up, and getting it doggie style by a guy who looked like Super Dave Osbourne (complete with truckers cap and determined motions).
At this time, in came a regular couple at CTs by the names of Chyna and Leroy.  Chyna is a young curvy reddish-brown haired girl, and is a very bad girl.  Chyna is also very bi, and my hope was that she would introduce herself to Tina and bust out her "bi" side for something different.

Luck was shining on us in the crowd, because Chyna indeed introduced herself to Tina.  And by "introduce", I mean leaned over and open mouthed kissed and made out.  Out of all the hard core fucking, and sucking going on, this is one of two memorable scenes for me.  After their make out session, Chyna had Tina lay back on the exam table and proceeded to lick and suck Tina's wet tight pussy.  I am not sure who was enjoying it more: Tina, Chyna, or the 20 or so guys watching this spectacle.

After Chyna finished her tongue bath of Tina, "memorable moment #2" took place.  Tina spun around to put her lovely bum back in the air while on the exam table, and in a sweet yet slutty voice said "Come on boys"... Leroy was next up, and proceeded to fuck Tina hard.  The next 15 minutes or so were a blur, with plenty of fucking and sucking by a few guys. 

Tina was ready for a break, so up stepped Cookie, a middle aged and well perserved woman who wasn't too keen on the exam table.  She gave it the all-American try, but after 10 minutes, hopped off.  She went back to the gen pop in the back of the theater and teased the guys and her guy (a Gandalf the White look-alike).

(we cut to the Grand Finale)  Tina, as a grand finale, wanted to perform and star in a circle jerk, with a dose of Bukkake thrown in for good measure.  Well, John brought out her towel, put it on the floor, and the circle jerk started. 
By my count, Tina took 9 loads of cum all over her sweet, sexy, and now sticky face.  This reminded me of a similiar scene I witnessed at The Jefferson Theater in Portland my first trip there.  That time, it was "Slave Girl" who was the evil temptress. 

After doing a great impression of a glazed Krisy Kreme, Tina was done for the night... She is an all-star, ladies and gentlemen.  5 Stars!!!

After Tina's wrap up, I headed back to the Lizardo 3000 for the Long drive back to The Valley.  It was another great night at CTs.

Have a report you would like to see on the Pages of The Journal?  Send it along to The Good Doctor at



Important Update on CVE in Gastonia, NC from Alex and Lauren

Doc here with an important article from Alex (from Alex and Lauren fame) about what is currently going on at CVE in Gastonia, NC.  What Alex has to say is important, and it may mirror what is going on in different parts of the country as we speak.  As much as we like to have fun here at The Journal, please keep in mind that "this thing of our's" is an endangered species in many (if not most) parts of the USA and Canada.  The story Alex weaves for us is a cautionary tale.  Alex, you have the floor:

Hello Good Doctor,

Yes, indeed, we are still alive and kicking. A bit overworked lately which, sadly, has cut into play time and has left even less opportunity to write about the times we do get out for a bit. Enough whining.

Things have been interesting at CVE lately, but for all the wrong reasons. I have written a bit about it on our site (, including my take on the whole thing. There are a couple of things that have put CVE on the radar of public observation.

First, a couple was asked to leave the place one night in December. You know a couple has to be way out of line before management is going to ask them to leave. Couples bring in the masses, after all. This particular couple had already had a run in or two with the management, which is very relaxed, and that particular night they (apparently) made some bad decisions. Things turned ugly pretty quickly so they were told not to return. He took his case to the internet, posting all kinds of innuendo, accusation, rumor and scandal about the place, threatening to have every cop and city official running through the place in no time. You know the internet. One rant starts an avalanche. For the past 6 months he, or those in his corner, continue to post some pretty wild accusations and "facts". There have been numerous reports of raids and arrests. One of them supposedly happened while Lauren and I were there. The end result is that many people, particularly couples, have read all this nonsense and are afraid to return.

I chatted with the owner of the place the other day. Other than being frustrated with a guy who has access to the web, he is not particularly concerned. City officials have inspected his place, law enforcement is aware of the business ( he has been in the Adult Entertainment business in Gastonia for years) and there does not seem to be any sort of pressure from the city to do anything.

The other issue stems from another adult bookstore in town that has been forced to close due to a zoning ordinance, which stated that an adult business could not operate within so many feet of a residence, a church, etc. When the ordinance was put into effect in 1994, businesses had eight years to comply. The owner of the business challenged the ordinance. After 16 years, he has lost the final battle and has to close his place at the end of this month. He is not going quietly. He posted a rant on his store's website saying that if he has to go, his competition should have to leave, too. Although they are in compliance with the zoning rules, he claims that they violate a "one use" ordinance, which states that only one kind of adult business can operate under one roof. His complaint found its way to the local paper.

As I said, I chatted with the owner and the zoning people were out not long ago to look at CVE. Apparently they come through from time to time. They seem to have no issue with how the business is set up.

This is a long, dry tome with no exposed tits or throbbing hardons, I realize. But for "One of America's most trusted authorities on the current state of adult theaters", I thought you might want the details. More than that, I think these things should remind us that our "playgrounds" are often at risk these days. Adult theaters are few and far between. Only a fraction of those that are open are "couple-friendly" and many of those face pressure from politicians, preachers and the recession. Let's remember to support them. Learn the names of your city, county and state officials who have made a target of adult establishments and vote accordingly at the next election. (If you don't know their names, ask your local adult business owner. He/She will be happy to tell you!) Participate in city and county government meetings when these issues come up for public debate. And, by all means, support your local business financially.

OK, Doc. Enough of that. I promise to write something a bit more salacious next time. If you deem this worthy of your readership, so be it. If not, I feel better just getting it off my chest! I suppose a few minutes with the Doctor is supposed to have that effect, right?

Doc here again... Excellent advice from someone who is an expert in "this thing of our's".  My advice is to re-read it again later, as it's outstanding food for thought.

Also make sure you check out Alex and Lauren's site at

House Call! Saturday Night at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN - Part 1

Doc here with a House Call report from CTs Adult Theater and Bookstore in Gary, IN.

CTs is located by the Gary International Airport in a heavy industrial section of the city.  It defines the term "stand alone", since there isn't another structure outside of the airport itself for at least 1/2 mile.  The parking lot is huge (several tractor trailers would have no problem parking there), and pretty well lit.  The address is 4620 Industrial Hwy, Gary, IN.

I would not be out of line in telling you that CTs is probably the most hardcore adult theater in the country right now.  It was the scene of Robin's marathon gang bang of last year, attaining a number that probably will never be broken.  CTs transformed from a strip club (CTs is an acronym for "Club Topps", the former strip clubs name), to an adult theater/bookstore in the mid-2000's.  The owner, Pete, is an awesome guy who works very hard at recruiting couples and at times single women to journey to Gary.  By the way, he is very successful at it.
It is not unusual to have couples from way out of town visit CTs, especially during the weekends.  It also helps that there is a large nudist colony due south of Gary in Lake Village, IN.  It's not unusual to see a few slightly sunburned folks romping in the friendly confines of CTs theater. 

OK, enough background info.  The Good Doctor, fresh from a week on The Isle of Stugots, was ready to take pen in hand and report from the field.  He was also ready to try out his new toy, a fresh Twitter account.  I have wanted to live blog from a theater since the start of The Journal, but the right tool would need some research before trying it out.  I settled on Twitter because of the ease of remote tweeting, despite the 140 character limit. 

I eyed CTs as a good place to start, since it is only a 90 minute drive in the Lizardo 3000 from The Valley.  But honestly, the big reason for the tweeting event was a publicized return of one of the hottest adult theater women I have ever run across: Tina.  Tina and her guy John were one of the first regular couples that would visit CTs when it opened as a theater.  Regular was maybe once a month, sometimes days, sometimes evenings.  The visits became irregular a couple of years back, and for the last 18 months, nothing. 

So when The Good Doctor read that Tina and John would be making a return to the hallowed halls of CTs, I made arrangements for my Saturday coverage duties at The Practice, so I could be free Saturday night...For Tina, and for Tweeting. (an archive of the Tweeting Event can be found at

A brief description of Tina: Italian, long dark curly/wavy hair, very Marissa Tomei-like.  Voluptuous body, sexy eyes, nice natural boobs, and a great bottom. But what puts Tina in my Top 5 All-Time Theater Girls is her attitude.  This girl enjoys every second of the hardcore fucking and sucking she can get, and her sexual appetite is voracious.  The other part that is important is that her guy John directs the action and controls the crowd picture-perfectly.  Hubbys and boyfriends could take a lesson from him.  A perfect compliment to each other.

At 7:30 Saturday night, Pete (the owner) put out the bat-signal that Tina was in the house until 10PM. The Good Doctor arrived at 8:15PM (bad traffic as it is getting out of The Valley) to find a lot of cars in the parking lot (unusual for this early in the evening).  Upon talking with Pete, The Good Doctor was informed that Tina was "warming up" in the glory hole booths.  CTs has 4 booths, all with GHs.  I took a peak behind the wall where the booths are lined up, and the line was 5 deep. 

About 15 minutes after of the Good Doctor arriving, Tina made her way to the theater and onto the notorious exam table.  Bent over with her ass sticking high into the air, Tina took guy after guy, slamming into her very wet pussy, while taking a cock into her mouth at the same time.  She was hitting her stride.  At times she would flip over, and throw her legs onto the shoulders of the next guy while she was being drilled.  John was checking to make sure guys had the condoms in place, and Tina was busy taking loads of cum everywhere...

Good times.

I will take an intermission here, and be back later today with Part 2

Stay tuned.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Night @ The Movies: "The Lusty Lady To Close It's Doors"

Doc here with a late edition of Monday Night @ The Movies with The Good Doctor.

Tonight's feature is about the closing of a Seattle landmark, The Lusty Lady.  The "LL" is a peep show theater, with girls behind glass doing what girls behind glass usually do.  However, this place is known for it's awesome marquee messages.  One of my favorites is one to our left:

So, without further delay, along with our sponsors Utz Potato Chips and Mr. Pib, I present to you "The Closing of The Lusty Lady":

A Primer On Portland's Adult Theater Scene, Plus A Report From Brent

Doc here with a great report from Brent in Portland.  This is a full service article, with a primer on the Portland scene, a plug for The Good Doctor's Twitter feed, and a report from The Paris Theater.
Without further ado, from parts unknown, height unknown, here's Brent's report:
It's good to see Dr Emilo Lizardo's Journal Of Adult Theaters on Twitter. Now you can get instant information about "this thing of ours". It could come in very handy. Sign up today.

I'll try to keep information about adult theaters in Portland Oregon up to date for the doctor. There are a lot of people on the road this summer and many of them are planning on visiting Portland and going to the adult theaters here.

Next week , C and K will be at The Paris, and in July, Laney will be there. I hope that lots of couples , single ladies and, friendly dudes , hard and ready, will be there to greet them. The next few months should be a lot of fun.

The theaters in Portland Oregon are distinct venues. The dowdy, old Oregon Theater is on a residential street in the Southeast part of town. Street parking is easy to find and the entrance to the theater is discreet. The Paris is located on a busy avenue in downtown Portland, next to the world renowned, Voodoo Doughnuts. Thousands of people, many of them vacationers , walk by every day. The owner is currently preparing signs to put on the doors to, hopefully, arouse the curiosity of these people. There are many forms of public transit available to get to The Paris. If you do decide to drive, street parking is free after 7PM (but usually hard to find unless you drive around and get lucky) There is plenty of paid parking near The Paris Theater. Admission to the theater is still cheaper than a regular movie and for couples and single women it's practically non existent.
The Oregon Theater gets more customers. The Paris Theater gets more couples and usually more action.
This past weekend might have been an exception. I don't know how much theater sex action occurred at The Oregon, but it was relatively quiet at The Paris. As a matter of fact, both Gary, Indiana (my home sweet home) and Biloxi Mississsippi had more action. I've got to make a trip to CTs to study their business model: an adult theater dedicated to hosting gang bangs for horny MILFs, girl friends, hot wives, and sweethearts in the greater Chicago area.

Although both The Paris and The Oregon have hosted their share of theater gang bangs, Portland theater action can range from very private to full out exhibitionist gym nasty sport fucking.

I first arrived at The Paris around 8 pm on Friday, June 18. A tall, Norwegian looking bloke came in. His girl friend was wearing a black dress and sandals. They started playing a little. Another couple showed up. She was a tall,gorgeous woman with medium length hair . She reminded me of Charlize Theron, very classy. She wore a short skirt with black stockings. She showed a lot of leg. Then two other couples showed up- each one was very attractive, one young and hippie like, the other, middle class. They both sat outside the couples section but not because they wanted to play right away. My guess was that, the entrance to the couples section was packed with guys watching the first couple play and they wanted to get away from the crowd.

One of the ladies of the two couples wore a short dress and, interestingly enough, she and her husband sat
next to a good looking guy. The guy made no play at all. I thought "What would I do? Take out my cock and flag her?" Say "Hello, do you have enough room?" (or is that a fat reference?) Make a joke about the crowd of men by the door? I probably would have waited for either her or her husband to say something to me or start to play. But that didn't happen. We all waited to see what they would do next and they (wait for it) got up and walked out.

Five minutes later there was only one couple left in the theater, the Norwegian guy and his date. She got up on her knees , hiked up her skirt and he fucked her from behind. Her legs looked good. her ass looked good and she responded nicely to his dick. As soon as they were finished fucking, they cleaned up and exited, stage left.

The best couple of the night came in around 1 AM. He was an average looking guy. She was a bronzed skinned beauty with a very pretty face and sparkling, "I'm so turned on getting naked and having sex in public' eyes. At first they sat and cuddled. She wore jeans and a shirt. Then they started to kiss and make out. She leaned over and sucked his cock. She did it lovingly and erotically, knowing we were watching. Eventually, they took off all of their clothes. Her body reminded me of a south sea nude by Paul Henri Gauguin . He ate her pussy until she was so wet that she had to have him inside of her. She climbed up on his cock and rode him slow and hard. She kept moaning "fuck me" in case he might forget. He even fucked her in the ass.

How do I know? Her big round ass was turned toward us and it was easy to see. Her whole body shuddered when she climaxed. Finally he turned her around and fucked her pussy down the home stretch to the finish line and came like a stallion. It was a great show on a quiet Friday night.

There was a little bit of action on Saturday. B or Condom In Mouth Lady was there. She didn't fuck as many guys as she usually does, but not for lack of trying. There was a single woman there who was dressed modestly. She sat in the couples section with another couple. All three of them watched the movie, watched the guys milling about and watched B getting fucked on one of the couches in the main section.

There were two couples that came in late Saturday. A tall black man brought in a hot looking woman who was dressed to play. He reminded me of a cross between Chuck Berry and Scotti Pippin. She reminded me of Kelly Bundy's slut older sister. She wasn't wearing a bra or panties and she had the perfect body for that kind of outfit.They put on a hell of a great show, fucking and sucking like two porn stars. They finished their performance , doggy style on the bench. They used a lot of paper towels to clean up. She even had to wipe her pussy juices off the bench, although I'm sure if you went in there with a black light you could detect evidence of their visit. Not to mention hundreds of others.

The other couple was another black guy with a very pretty BBW. She was gorgeous and extremely sexy. She played in the couples section, in the bedroom and in the main part of the theater. She let guys play with her through the slats and over the walls of the bedroom. She and her man got together with at least two lucky guys while they were there. It was very exciting to watch. She open mouth kissed both of them. She sucked their cocks and they finger banged her very wet, very open vagina. The action was fast, hard and intense

While her boyfriend fucked her she would suck on her new friend's cock. While her new friend fucked her she wold suck on her boy friend's cock. She was so horny she almost let one of the guys slip his cock into her without a condom.

Her boyfriend made sure the man sheathed up before he slipped in. Meanwhile guys were leaning into the bedroom and playing with her pierced nipples and breasts.

I was very turned on by her theater sex adventure but probably not as much as she and her fuck buddies were. One guy told me they had been in many times before but I'm pretty sure it was the first time I saw her.
Either that or I'm losing my memory. That's one of the pit falls of getting old. And sniffing glue.

Okay, now, everybody. Lets go to our local adult theaters this summer and show our out of town visitors a good time. This goes especially to all the hot couples, single women and , horny young men. I need to witness more theater sex action to write about and put in my spank bank.

Thank you. Thank you very much.
Doc here again...Another 5-Star review from Brent. He is the gold standard on adult theater reporting.  Thank you sir!

Have a report you'd like to see on ther pages on the pages of The Good Doctor's Journal?  E-mail me at


Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Special Thank You!

Doc here with a special thank you to Major_Voyeur for watching my back while I was vacationing last week at The Isle of Stugots.  Much appreciated Steve!


Gulf Coast Theater Report from Bob in Biloxi

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
222 Iberville Dr.
Biloxi, MS

Doc here with yet another outstanding report from last Saturday night by Bob in Biloxi.  The Gulf Coast Theater has provided some interesting stories in the past...Will it again?

Here's Bob!

Hey Doc.

Last night was by any stretch of the imagination the very best weekend at the Gulf Coast Theater; eight count them 8 couples showed up, and five played!
The one cute lady that really stands out in my mind was a tall slim blonde lady, dressed in a micro mini Catholic girl skirt and a tied up button down blouse, sporting high heels! She came in with her man and took a seat on one of the couches up front and immediately started playing with him. Of course that drew a crowd, she was swarmed by horny guys, some were rejected straight away but others managed to grab her attention. She got her pussy licked, sucked some more cock and finally fucked one guy. She was definitely in charge of her pleasure as the whole theater could hear her moans. This must have set off the other couples; the lady I was sitting close too asked me if she could suck my cock. She was very talented, and soon I got to fuck her!! She was a dark haired lady, wearing a short black mini and white blouse, high heels, nice rack and shaved pussy.
Meanwhile, taking in the rest of the scenes, another woman was on the front couch with her ass in the air taking all hard cocks from behind. Later on that night, two couples came in and the girls played with each other, and then started playing with what was left of the guys that could still breathe!! For a moment I thought I was back at the Paris! A very good weekend for theater play on the coast!
Doc here again...This place reminds me of CTs Theater in Gary, IN.  Small venue, unobtrusive from the outside, and hot inside.  Kind of like a Hot Pocket.
Thanks again Bob!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Flash Announcement! Live Tweeting Tonight!

Doc here with a test drive of live tweeting from the brand new Twitter account.  If things go according to plan, The Good Doctor will be Tweeting live tonight from an adult theater to be named later.  Look for updates on the right hand side of blog, or log into the Twitter account:

This could be the start of something big!

Stay tuned...


Special Announcement! The Journal on Twitter!

The Good Doctor is very pleased to announce that as of today, Dr. Emilio Lizardo's Journal of Adult Theaters is now on Twitter.  Click on and you will have all the Tweets you so rightly deserve.  I will also have a feed of the 3 latest Tweets on the right side of the page, as well as a quick link to my Tweets.

The Twitter feed will be different than what you will find in the articles of The Journal.  The Tweets will allow The Good Doctor to give live updates and info on what may be happening in adult theaters from Baltimore to Portland.  It will also allow me to Tweet live from one of my House Calls across this great country.

Please make sure to follow me on Twitter.  This will allow me to measure how well this new feature is received.

I welcome your feedback on this new feature, and what new features you may like to see down the road. Just e-mail me at



The Return of The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor has returned to the terra firma of the scenic valley near the small women's college from his much needed vacation.  The Isle of Stugots had beautiful beaches, blue water, and plenty of cocktails at the snap of a finger. I am tan, rested, and ready to deliver more to you, the faithful followers of "this thing of our's".

Keep checking back today for some exciting news, and a great report from Bob in Biloxi.

There's no place like an adult theater home.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

R&R For The Good Doctor

"A Dr. Emilio Sunset", circa 2010

This is the time of year where adult theater sex bloggers take a little R&R.  For example, my esteemed colleague, Major_Voyeur, took a week off and traveled to Lake Ecolli where he had sex something like 130 times that week.  (Make sure you check out his blog from that week at

The Good Doctor has been burning the candle at both ends for several months now since he recently expanded his practice in The Valley.  I'm out of gas, ladies and gentlemen of This Thing of Our's.   The batteries need to be recharged, and I have found the ideal location to do just that...The beautiful Isle of Stugots.
During my week away, I encourage you to submit any field reports, Blasts from the Past, photos, or theater profiles to me at  When I get back to my office, tan and rested, I will be publishing reports like a mad man.  Make your report one of them.

To get your fix of this Thing of Our's in my absence, please visit Major_Voyeur's most awesome blog. 

So to you all, and all the ships at sea, see you back here in a week.


Flash Reports: Portland and Gary, IN

Doc here with two Flash Reports from the top 2 adult theater markets according to the latest Power Rankings:  Portland, OR & Gary, IN.

Let's start with Portland.

Kittycat Kiss made a visit to The Oregon Theater and judging from the 1st person account she has provided, had a fun and cum filled evening in the theater on Division Street:
June 5th, 2010 @ The Oregon

I got to the theater at 6 PM with my escort. We went right to the new couples section and began to play immediately. Knowing my escort is very much a boob man I flung my 40 D's out immediately. He enjoyed my nipples as the men looked on. There was more men there than usual for when I visit and they all looked
like they were enjoying the show (DUH). My escort also likes eating pussy, so down he went, MMM. It wasn't long before he sent me into orbit and I spread cum all over his face. Then he took a drink of the COLD water and douched my pussy with it, OMG that was intense.

While the water drained from my pussy he took it all back into his mouth then came up and kissed me, sharing. I gargled with it and swallowed it down, yummy, pussy water. He continued to lick and eat my pussy to several more orgasms, once I have the first one they cum easily. I was ready to suck on some cock so we moved closer to the edge of the couples section. When I bend over to take his cock hands were all over me rubbing my ass, caressing my nipples and fingering my wet hole. After sucking his cock a bit he brought out the toys from his "bag of tricks."

Started with a vibrating strap on that he used to fuck me with and brought me to an intense orgasm as the guys continued to caress my body and stroke their cocks all around me. After getting me off again, he brought out the BIG boy. (smiling) He had to work this one into my tight little hole, but fucked me with it as I was doggie on the couch, cocks in my face everywhere. There was one cock I just couldn't leave alone and sucked on him. But my escort wanted more pussy, so I lay back on the couch and he ate me some more to a few more orgasms.

I finally had to have some cock and had him lay on the couch. I straddled him and rode him until he filled my cunt with his load. OMG it felt so good to be filled up. Forgive me but not sure if at this point what happened next exactly, we played a bit more in the couples section, we were in there for about an hour. Finally Kitty was ready to take on all the cock I could get. Main_man was there and introduced himself with handing me a bottle of water, so once I headed to the table up front and I invited him to be the first to give me some cock.

Guys naturally followed to the table and continued to stroke their cocks and take their turns. Nothing like getting all I want, I got to admit I'm selfish when it comes to cock, I want them all, any place I can have them. Man after man fucked my cunt, some with condoms and some without. Generally I prefer condoms but this was a "bring it on" kind of night. Some even took my ass and filled it with loads, love that! The guys got me in every way, my ass at the end of the table, bend over the end of the table as I was standing, laying on the table and up on all fours on the table too. At one point as I was laying on my back on the table taking cock after cock, one bold man ( I like that) climbed over my face and let me suck his cock until he spilled his load all over my face. Now I have to say here that it was a HUGE load that covered my face and since I was a bit busy satisfying you all, could not get up and leave for towels to clean my face and eyes off, so thank you to the guys who brought towels and napkins and helped clean it from my eyes especially. And thank you all for not cumming in my mouth, a NO NO for Kitty.

So back to the events . . . . . How does one recall everything exactly as it happens, I mean I was there playing for 3 ½ hours. So I'll keep it general. For the rest of the night I mingled with some of the guests, men women and cross dressers too. Occasionally stopping to join my escort as he was playing elsewhere. I finally joined up with Juli, the blonde CD with a glowing mouth. She asked me to fist her ass, a first for me. So on the glove went ant I worked my hand into her ass. The guys gathered of course and I heard a comment, that "I have never seen that before." Glad that I could give you all something to enjoy, that I could fuck all the cock that I wanted or wanted to fuck me and that you all enjoyed the show. I had a blast and look forward to going back again.
At CTs Adult Theater and Bookstore in Gary, IN, the "NOWWWW" flags sent out by the owner Pete were coming fast and furious on Saturday 6/5.  This quick note from poster "Jim and Mary" says it all:
Hey Everyone!

If you weren't at CT's last night, then you missed the time of your life. There were so many women there that it was a buffet of anything you were looking for lol. The theater was so crowded that folks were fucking in the booths & giving blow jobs in the lobby lol.

Thanks again to Pete for giving us all a place to come & play!

Jim & Mary
Doc here again...  It was one of those crazy weekends at both PDX and Gary that I wish I was there to observe and report.

Do you have a report you'd like to see on the pages of The God Doctor's Journal?  E-mail me at, and all your wishes will come true.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monday Night At The Movies with The Good Doctor: The O'Farrell Theater (Now)

Doc here with Monday Night At The Movies.  I know.  It's Tuesday.  I get it.  Really.  Blogger was having technical difficulities that prevented any updating.  I had gotten this post ready last week, so all I would have to do is hit the "publish" button.  But nooooo...  Don't they know that I post a late Sunday night / early Monday morning article?  Don't they know my colleague, Major_Voyeur (, has a regular Sunday night post? 

Speaking of Major_Voyeur's blog, you need to check this week's edition out ASAP.  Somebody had a very good vacation, and it wasn't The Good Doctor. 

Ok...Enough blabbing.  Here is this week's Monday...errrr...Tuesday Night At The Movies:

Doc here with something a little different for this week's "Lizardo's Monday Night At The Movies".  This week we have a feature of two strippers who perform at The O'Farrell Theater in San Francisco. 

The O'Farrell was the location of the Mitchell Brothers (Jim and Artie) adult business enterprise.  From the pages of Wikipedia:

Opened as an X-rated movie theater by Jim and Artie Mitchell on July 4, 1969, the O'Farrell Theater remains one of America's oldest and most notorious adult-entertainment establishments; by 1980, the nightspot had become a major force in popularizing close-contact lap dancing, which would become the norm in striptease clubs nationwide. The late journalist Hunter S. Thompson, a longtime friend of the Mitchells and frequent visitor at the club, claimed to be its night manager in 1985. He called the O'Farrell "the Carnegie Hall of public sex in America" and Playboy magazine praised it as "the place to go in San Francisco!".

So grab your Twizzers and Mr. Pib and enjoy this week's feature presentation.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Flash Report: "Memorial Day Weekend at The Paris" by Brent in Portland

"Brent, @ Home, Wrapping Up Another Paris Report", circa 2010

Doc here with a brand new report from Brent in Portland.  Hailing from Parts Unknown, Brent is the Grand Marshall of  the "This Thing Of Our's" parade.  You always get your money's worth from Brent, and this report is no exception.  Phone the neighbors...Here comes Brent's report from The Paris in Portland:
The Paris Theater is a private theater club for adults. It's located in downtown Portland Oregon near the corner of Third and Burnside, wedged between a smoke shop on one side and the world famous "Voodoo Doughnuts on the other side. Across Third Avenue is the night club, Dante's. Hundreds of people walk by
The Paris every day. Most of them have no idea what delightful mischief might be going on behind its double doors and that's good. The Paris Theater experience may not be for everybody but it may be for a lot of people who don't even realize it.

Because The Paris is a members only establishment and because people are advised that sexual activity may be going on, it is less vulnerable to the capricious whims of local politicians and law enforcement. Translation: The cops can't come into The Paris unless they join the club or have the permission of the owner. The good old Fourth Amendment is in full force at The Paris just like it is in your home. (wink wink nudge nudge).

To all the new members in the group, especially the ladies and the couples, I invite you to join The Paris Theater Club It costs almost nothing for single ladies and couples. After you get your membership card, go inside and make yourself at home. Relax ,get comfortable and, if you are in the mood, enjoy the intricate pleasures of adult theater sex, Paris style.

Some nights at The Paris are better than others for theater sex action . The unexpected and unplanned moments are the most memorable. That's why the" in and out" privileges that your membership offers you can be so useful. (he says with a straight face) You may find it dead and dreary at 8:30 and alive with couples and singles fucking and sucking all over the theater at midnight. When is the best time to go to The Paris for action? When it is open. When is the worst time to go to The Paris for action? When it is open. When are you most likely to meet at The Paris Theater, the attractive person or persons who will send you tingling to a lust-filled, wet-cunt,hard-cock, slithering, trembling, body-slumping orgasm? When it is open. When are you most likely to see, at The Paris Theater the person or persons that remind you of a Wal Mart check out line? When it is open.

This past Friday, I finished my shopping at Wal Mart and headed down to The Paris Theater to see what fun the beginning of The Rose Festival and The Memorial Day Holiday might bring. Around 9:30 a couple came into the theater. She was an attractive blond in her thirties dressed conservatively western sexy in designer jeans and boots. They sat and cuddled. At one point she bent over and gave him a blow job. Another couple came in. She was also dressed sexy but conservatively . She had dark hair and was pretty like Sydney Penny. She straddled her man. He pulled down her pants just far enough to play with her pussy. She was wearing a black thong .Her ass looked pretty good or at leas what I could see of it. She kept herself covered with her back to the crowd .He had her shirt open and played with her breasts. She grinded on him and was getting turned on but was hesitant to go any further. They left .It was quiet for a while.

Then a couple that I hadn't seen in a while came in. He is a big, bald headed guy who has been called Mr. Awesome by a few of the ladies. She is a nice looking, sexy woman who visits and enjoys the theater scene once in a while. I thought about saying hi to them but decided not to. (It's not all about me)

Another couple arrived at The Oasis (That's the couples section at The Paris). She was a little heavy but well put together. She had long hair and was wearing jeans and a shirt. She reminded me of "Lynn The Glory Hole Babe", who was one of the all time great glory hole girls. He looked like one of the members of Bare Naked Ladies. It was their first visit to The Paris. They kissed and cuddled and groped and grappled. She looked eager to start playing.. Meanwhile Mr. Awesome removed his ladies slacks and gave her a gentle finger massage between her legs. The two couples checked each other out from opposite ends of the
couples section. The new girl was naked,, Her body was soft and full. She sat very close to the entrance to the couples section and turned towards the guys so they could see her bare naked
pussy. She sucked his dick. He finger fucked her. They cuddled for a while. On the other side Mr. Awesome gave his woman "what fur?" with his slippery tongue.

Two more couples showed up. The guys were bald and well put together and their wives were hot cougar types, dressed in skimpy dresses. One was a petite blond who looked like Amanda Detmer.

The other woman had a very sexy body that had just starting to turn a little which, to me made it even sexier. She reminded me of a hot Tatum O Neal. The four of them played with each other as soon as they sat down. Both ladies got fucked by both guys and sucked both guys in return. The one who reminded me of Tatum got on one of the benches close to audience. She was on her knees  getting fucked from behind by one of the guys. I heard her say "You fuck so good" and "I am so wet" . Then I heard her say in a voice dripping with lust,"Touch me". I reached up to stroke her inner thigh but there was already aflurry of hands on ,in, and around her wet pussy She reached through the slats and grabbed the nearest hard dick, stroking it while she continued to get fucked.

By now all four couples were fucking and sucking. The girl in the corner was getting fucked doggy style by her man, the two hot cougars were getting fucked by their men and Mr. Awesome had the misses bent over. It was the highlight of the night, just the kind of four couple spontaneous adult theater sex action that makes The Paris such a fun place to visit.

The rest of the night was quiet. A few more couples came in but there was very little action that I remember.

I heard that after I left,, the hot red headed girl who looks like Alicia Witt and has a body like Marilyn Monroe came in. I was told that she put on a great show. The highlight of her visit, at least for one guy, was the hand job she gave him after he brought her a pillow. He offered her his pillow. She offered him her pillows.

She and her man came back again Saturday. She wore a black dress that showed off her great legs and world class tits ,They're "Cs" but they deserve an A Plus. She was there with many other couples. Saturday was a "Where did all these hot women come from?" kind of night at The Paris Theater. I also heard that The Oregon had a good turn out for couples, at least five showed up and, according to my sources all of them played.

I arrived at The Paris at 7pm and left at 5am. There was action from the moment I walked in until a little after 4am. The reason I didn't leave then was because there were still two couples in the couples section and I wanted to see if they were going to play or, better yet, play with the boys. i was dog tired yet at the same time I was exhilarated by all of the great heterosexual, bi sexual, and cosmo sexual theater action I had witnessed and participated in.

To start things off, around 6:45 a young couple came into the theater. He looked like a combination between Eminem and Jim Norton. She had brown hair, glasses and a soft young curvy body. I thought "Sarah Palin's trashy daughter". They were in and out of the theater most of the evening. She got naked and make a lot of dirty noise while they fucked and while he ate her pussy. He kept laying her down next to another woman who was in the couples section . I prayed to the theater gods that one of them would reach out towards the other one.

The other woman was a classy and sophisticated lady who reminded me of Condoleeza Rice or Diane Carroll. She and her man, a tall Tony Curtis type played for four hours, Saturday. She had a great body, small and fit. Her breasts were like olives with pimentos. Her legs were strong and shapely. The highlight of their visit, in my opinion, was when they stood against the wall of the couples annex,and watched a cute 19 year old newbie, entertain a number of guys on the exam table. Diane stroked her mans dick and watched the young girl. She had a dazed look of lust on her face. The guys hovered near her with their dicks in their hands- just in case. Nothing happened, but the sexual tension was palpable..

Eminem and Sarah Palin's daughter also came to The Paris on Monday evening. They sat on one of the couches in the main theater. And watched a lady get fucked bareback by a stranger directly in front of them. The lady is a regular visitor to The Paris, She loves to get fucked and filled. She is usually there on a weeknight. I think of her as "The Librarian" or The "Assistant Principal." She has a big, sexy body, big tits and strong legs. She will spend an entire evening ,fucking, until there is no one left to fuck. Monday, the younger couple must have been inspired by her activities because he ate her pussy and made her scream while the guys stood inches away from them.

Back to Saturday. The pretty 19 year old on the exam table who was taking on all comers had started out with her man in the couples section. She was a big lioness type with nice big babingas and an ample assarooni. She reminded me of Kate Winslet, or an English school girl. They sat in the couples section on one of the benches directly in front of "reach through row" and watched the sexy black lady get her pussy eaten etc.

Kate pulled up her shirt and lifted her skirt so the buys could reach through and play with her tits, ass and pussy. Her old man wondered if the guys could get up a little higher so she could get her mouth around their dicks. I suggested they move to the couples annex. Faster han you can say "stirrups" she was on her back on the exam table, sucking off one guy and getting fucked by another awkward lad. For the next hour her fat wet pussy was penetrated by penis after penis while she sucked and swallowed the choads that hovered near her face. Some of the members of The Paris gang also ate and fingered her succulent English muffin. I don't want to leave that part out.

It was her first visit to The Paris. I hope she had a good time.

As you can tell by now, Memorial Day Saturday was incredible. The guy who looks like an Indian Bob Dylan was there with his lady, a petite woman with brown curly hair. They got naked, fucked and enjoyed the action that was happening around them.

The California Blond came in to the theater. She is golden beach sexy like Christie Brinkley, Jennifer Annis ton and Sandra Bullock. She wrote about her visit in a previous post. Saturday, She wore classic theater slut clothes- black dress, black thigh highs and "come fuck me high heels" She moved her shapely ass towards us. What a sight; Her long legs were spread apart. Her naked ass and bare wet pussy undulated suggestively .

I reached in and put a finger in her vagina. She was wet and slippery. She turned towards us. We played with her tits while her husband fucked her. They played with another hot couple that had just arrived. We got a chance to watch her take a load of jizz all over her perfect tits. We watched her jack off one of the boys, the lucky stiff.

Next time she visits The Paris I hope she'll play with all of us so we can lay her on the bench, feel her body from the small of her neck to the bottom of her feet, slide our hard cocks against her smooth tanned skin and shoot our thick loads all over her breasts.
Doc here again... You can check out the rest of the report at Brent's Theater Tails Yahoo Group (link located at the Link-O-Rama).  It's a must read!

Thanks Brent!