Friday, August 20, 2010

A Mid-Summer Brent Recap at The Paris Theater in Portland

Doc here with a Special Report from Brent in Portland, OR.  We all know Brent as the poet laureate of adult theater reporters.  In this report, Brent chronicles the late July/early August scene in the Rose City of Portland.  Take it away, Brent!
Hi, everybody. The following story covers a few adult theater scenes that I witnessed at The Paris Theater in Portland, Oregon at the end of July/ beginning of August 2010.

I was in Albuquerque the next weekend so I missed the fun at The Paris on August 6,7 and 8 2010. Nothing to report from Albuquerque, by the way although I was only able to get out on Monday, August 9. The theaters have no "in and out" privileges . I sometimes wonder how I managed to get addicted to adult theater sex in "The Duke City". Those were different times, sweet Jane. I still plan on writing about the theater sex action that took place on August13,14 and 15, 2010.

It was supposed to be part of this report but I got sidetracked,as usual. I drive around town all day in the hot sun, admiring the ladies in their sun dresses or undresses. It's too damn hot to bother thinking about climate change. Instead I prefer to think about Tennessee Williams and sultry women in white slips, moisture slipping down hot brown skin, full ,wet, red lips. I get the urge to drive over to the coast, maybe to Coos Bay or Lincoln City.

Once, about 9 years ago, a beautiful , and very sexual blond came to The Jefferson Theater in downtown Portland where she and her husband met up with a few other couples and proceeded to lick, suck, touch, fuck and generally "get off' each other , plus the entire horny male population at "The Jeff."

She was from Coos Bay. I believe it was her one and only visit to The Jefferson. Nowadays the action in Portland is at The Paris Theater, a private cinema club where adults pay a nominal membership fee to gain entrance into a movie auditorium where they can watch bad X rated movies, and , if the spirit moves them, indulge in various forms of sexual activity with themselves and/or others.

The most common form of sexual activity at The Paris is probably "watch and wack" or "the works" as is known in the car wash industry. This is where a person, usually male, stands in front of a couple or couples, who may or may not be showing off or playing, whips out his penis and proceeds to masturbate furiously while staring intently at the lucky couple.This can be either annoying or enjoyable, depending on which side of the aisle you are on.

The second most common sexual activity is probably man on man or " Juan on Juan". A close third is watching the movie and beating off. This activity is odds on, the number one sexual activity in the civilized world, today, but only comes in third in the world of adult theaters where there are too many other distractions. Notice I did not mention fucking as the number one sexual activity in the world, today which it probably is. I wonder which is more common, fucking or masturbating?

The fourth most frequent sexual activity is "the show". This occurs when a couple comes into the theater and proceeds to undress and have sex with each other while everyone watches them. ( Please see "watch and wack", above) After that it gets better and better. The various forms of sexual activity that occur at an adult theater can be anything from allowing guys to reach in to the couples section and touch , hand jobs, blow jobs, spankings, couple on couple, girl on girl, gen pop group grope, dildo demos, selective fucking and sucking, line up and fuck while she sucks and gives hand jobs (condoms required) and the ultimate, the bareback, mouth pussy and ass stuffed with raw dick, a cock in each hand, another circle of men jacking off waiting to fuck a hot soccer mom or professional woman lawyer, nurse, teacher or executive. This is called "The Aristocrats."

So when you read on the sign, just before you are buzzed into The Paris Theater, that "Sexual activity may occur here", let your imagination run wild. Anything your squirming lust filled brain comes up with has probably happened at The Paris.

For example, a couple of weeks ago at The Paris Theater, I was there after 9PM, One couple was in the couples section. She had dark hair that was pulled back and she was wearing a short skirt. Her legs were crossed, together and up against her body. She was watching the movie and occasionally glancing at the men around her. No other couples came in during the hour or so they were there, although things got slightly better shortly after they left. A guy who looked like a bouncer brought in his pretty blond wife. She hid behind him while he kept his arms crossed like Mr. Clean.

Then two other couples came in, including a hot young couple who love to play at The Paris. She looked a little like Kirsten Dundst/ Ann Margaret (I'm getting the generations mixed up here) The two couples introduced themselves and proceeded to get comfortable. Another couple arrived, making it four couples in the couples section. She was a dark haired Hispanic lady with large breasts.which her man displayed and played .

At some point, just when I thought that the four couples would burst into glorious 8 way adult theater sex, the exact opposite happened and I was staring at an empty couples section.

Not like a few days before on a quiet Wednesday evening, a man brought in a beautiful thin French looking brunette, who looked like Margaret Trudeau.. She picked a young man from the audience and invited him to touch, lick and finger her while her man did the same. We watched her, pale naked and full of romantic timid lust. give her new boyfriend a first class hand/blow job. The look of satisfaction on her face when he came all over her tits was inspiring.

Looking back to that Saturday at The Paris a few weeks ago, I remember that after all the other couples left there was a bit of a lull. Then the woman who looked like Kirsten Dunst came back with her old man and a young lad they had picked up. He was a good looking fellow with a big dick. The three of them walked into the couples section.No other couples were there so it was cool for him to join them. Soon they were all naked and "M" bent her pretty body forward and began to suck her new friend's dick until it was ready for her wet pussy. He slipped on a jimmy and slipped inside of her. Her old man stood in front of her and she sucked his dick. The three of them together looked like a goal post.
They fucked and sucked and we all yelled "Rah Rah, Sis Boom Ba. "Fuck her again. Fuck her again. Harder! Harder!

While all of this team spirit was going on, B, or "Condom In Mouth Lady" came in and headed to the main theater area. Soon she was surrounded , had a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. For the next three hours she fucked and sucked around the theater.

A couple that I had not seen in a while came in. She looked like 80s adult film actress, Tiffany Minx. They ended up in the bedroom where they put on a fantastic show. If I remember correctly they played alone, although she has invited a few select guys to fuck her in the past, she actually prefers women, Her specialty is drenching. I would not exactly call her a squirt er. She is more like a super soak er When her man worked his magic hand on her, the sounds of her orgasmic moans and squirting pussy were heard through out The ParisTheater.

At one point there were three couples going at it in the couples section. There was a lady who looked like the coach's wife on "Friday Night Lights" giving her man a blow job while he played with her pussy and ass. Kirsten or M was with her man naked, getting her pussy eaten and a first time visitor who looked like Gwyneth Paltrow was naked and spread eagle. She and her friend fucked and sucked like theater sex veterans, much to our collective delight. The most intense scene of the night was when they went down to watch some activity happening in The Paris Theater Bedroom. Kirsten or M was in there with two guys.She was on her knees getting fucked by one while she sucked the other. It was definitely her evening to have fun. Gwyneth was watching from outside. Her man had her tits out and they were kissing like teenagers. A group of men circled around them, cocks out and ready. Gwyn was getting more turned on with each passing moment. She was getting felt up by her man. Her breasts were exposed. Her lips were being kissed and she was watching a pretty young woman having hot sex with two good looking men in the "bedroom".On top of all that she kept glancing at all the hard cocks that were near her. Her eyes were brimming with nervousness and lust. There was a critical moment when things could have gone either way. It was a perfect theater sex moment. I'd like to say that she ended up getting groped and fucked by the entire theater but that did not happen. Instead they returned to the couples section where they continued to make out and to fuck and suck each other like a couple of kids on a lucky first date. I thought it was wonderful.

I hope he brings her back to The Paris someday, real soon. There have been a lot of scenes like these at The Paris , this summer. There has been action during the day, during the week, during the weekends, even after hours. Some of the action has already achieved legendary status.

For example , I missed C& K's visit to The Paris. Her lust filled, no holes barred, satisfy all the old boys and make them feel like men and do it with style and grace, has been lauded by many as one of the best adult theater sex experiences, ever. There are .photos of K in "The Photos" section under "ATSLUVR C&K adventures". She had read my stories about The Paris and wanted to meet me. To this day I regret not going down there that Thursday. What was I thinking?

Oh well, one of these days, just like in the movies. I will run into them in a little adult theater in North Dakota and my life will be complete.

And there was Laney's visit, Wicked Wednesday number one, Thirsty Thursday- I could go on and I haven't even begun to write about recent theater sex at The Paris in Portland.. More to come...
Doc here again... Another classic from our friend Brent.  Thank you!

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