Saturday, February 18, 2012

Teaser! New Gloryhole Nancy Pics and Report!

Doc here with a teaser report and pics from our good friends, Gloryhole Nancy and her guy, T.



Good evening Doc,

Just wanted to send some more pics of Nancy draining another cock at our private gloryhole. We've been avoiding the bookstores til things settle down, but our private hole has been busy (LOL).  Here's a couple teaser pics, more to follow soon.

Please remind your visitors that if they are in the Detroit/Toledo area and want to stop and experience Nancy's amazing cocksucker-of-a-mouth, then please follow the directions on our groups homepage.

It's that simple:)

T & N

International Flash Report! Just Me Visits Beate Uhse in Munich, Germany

Doc here with a treat for you, the good readers of The Journal.  Fresh off his report from the Circus Cinema in Denver, Just Me has submitted this amazing report from Beate Uhse, and adult entertainment complex in Munich, Germany.

Here is Just Me and his awesome report.


Hello Doctor,

I just returned from an amazing eventing in Munich Germany. I am here on business and, as usual, decided to it the local sex kino (adult cinema) to if there was any action. Beate Uhse is interesting in that it is also a place to buy drinks and socialize in. It's very unlike places in the US since it seems to be a social hang out as well as a place to watch videos.

I arrived at about 9 PM and at the bar was a very attractive couple in their forties. The woman was stunning and dressed to attract attention in a very short black skirt and bright white blouse. She was busy chatting it up with some of the guys there but did give me at least a glance. Not knowing the routine, I just headed back to the theater area. They have about a dozen little viewing rooms with videos playing of all variety. It's all arranged in a maze so it's easy to get lost in the porn. 

The real Beate Uhse
Munich, Germany
I settled down in a nice area with a couple of oversized sofas and watched some amazingly hot porn. After about 10 minutes I heard the all too familiar sound of spiked heals on the floor. To my luck they seemed to be coming my way. My heart started beating quickly as I got hard just from the thought. The heals were getting, click, click, click. Then she turned the corner into my area, and it was not the woman from the bar. Instead it was another couple. She was about 30 with very dark hair. He was maybe 50.

They sat down on the sofa opposite me and started watching the video, at least he did. The woman never broke eye contact with me. Within a couple of minutes she leaned over to her boyfriend and whispered something in his ear. She stood up, walked over to me, and knelt in front of me. She pulled down my sipper and started sucking for all she was worth. She was absolutely amazing and was able to deep throat me all the way down! It was amazing..truly amazing. All the time her partner just sat there watching and jerking off.

I was trying to hold out for a possible fuck, but it was getting hard. She was way too good for that. I might have been successful in holding back but all of the sudden the cute blonde from the front bar appeared...and I did not even notice the click of her heals. Anyway, she was by herself and stood there watching the dark haired woman going down on me. I found it extremely hot to be watched by the blonde. Then she did something that made me blast down the throat of the the dark haired woman.

I was was watching the blonde, she looked over at me and lifted her skirt and started playing with herself!!! That as all I could take and came like a fountain. The dark haired woman took everything I had then slowly withdrew from my cock. As she moved back she smiled at me and then stood up. She walked over to her hubby and gave him a big kiss, then let my cum drop from her mouth to his. This was amazingly hot to me.

I was in such a daze that I did not notice that the blonde had left and gone back to the bar. I got up, zipped up, and said thanks to the dark haired woman and her hubby.

If you are in Munich you must try the Bate Uhse. It was HOT. It has everything needed for a great, porn, and couples. 



Doc here again... I guess I'll contacting my travel agent for deals for flight to Munich. Many thanks to Just Me for another oustanding report!

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