Sunday, November 17, 2013

Smut for A Sunday Evening: Tornado Edition 11/17/13 w/14 PICS!

Doc here, a man some say was hiding in his basement for 30 minutes this afternoon waiting for a Wizardo of Oz size tornado to race across The Valley, with this week's Smut for a Sunday Evening.

This Sunday night tradition that has lasted a lunchtime, is a selection of filthy and naughty images from The Good Doctor's archive of photos from actual adult theater reports.

This photos are the real thing... No set ups, no studio shots... Just people enjoying this thing of ours to the max.

Please sit back and enjoy this week's selection of photos to help pass your Sunday evening.

Fasten your seat belts, and move your tray tables to their upright positions.

A Quick Note From The Good Doctor: Recovery Sunday

Doc here... A man some say does everything in two hour blocks, with a quick note from deep in The Valley near the small women's liberals arts college.

The Good Doctor is in recovery mode this fine Sunday, after a crazy Charlie's Angel's private event last night deep in Chicago's northern suburbs (The report from this event goes live early Monday morning).  When I jumped back into The Lizardo 3000 at 3:15am and drove off into the rainy pre-dawn morning, I felt confidant that I had left everything on the field of play and held nothing back.

That also means I am moving a little slow at the time of this writing. There are tornado warnings here in The Valley, so much like last night at the private event, I am prepared for anything to happen.

Programming note: Smut for a Sunday Evening returns tonight, and you just might find a Flash Report or two pop up during the day.

I am off to prepare Bloody Mary #2... Enjoy your day.