Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Flash Report! The Big Shield @ Fantasyland II

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from The Big Shield.  He is a coast to coast traveler, so his reports may come from anywhere.

In this report, The Big Shield hits Fantasyland I and II in Tampa, Florida's Drew Park area.

Take it away, TBS!


Hey Doc,

This is the man previously known in this thing of ours as "Well Dressed #1" from the Koral Conquers APV stories back in early November. As announced in the comments of story #1, I would be traveling to Fantasyland I and II and I would spin off a story or two depending on whether or not they were as hot as the "Conquer" stories were. Unfortunately, they were not as smoking and I deferred until feeling an obligation to the readers after peeking at the playoff Sunday Smut picture #1....LOL.

Fantasyland II - The Librarian

The Big Shield touched down at Tampa Intl Airport early Sunday morning Dec 2nd from parts unknown. Deciding that I was there for work first, work second, and play third, I immediately jumped into my work with a fervor that I am rarely able to achieve in the home office, just so that I could hurry up and find out what all the hype was about surrounding the famed Fantasyland establishments.

Having cranked out a solid 9 hours of work on a non-business day, I decided it was time to see if I could participate in or make someone's fantasy come true at the famed place. I have to first say that without question the people that work at the Fantasyland playgrounds are some of the nicest folks running an establishment in this thing of ours, second only to Eric at the Summit News in Warren, Ohio (more on that in a subsequent story).

Fantasyland I
Tampa, FL
Arriving at FL1 just before 5:30 pm, I felt my hopes as well as the Big Shield rise at the sight of a dozen or so cars in the parking lot. I entered FL1, the clerk and I exchanged greetings, and I asked the typical questions of a first time visitor to a particular establishment of this kind and he proceeded to give me the 10 minute rundown of the FL1 set-up and the connection to FL2.

Equipped with logistical knowledge of the place, I proceeded to the booth area to find that there was a Sunday sausage-fest taking place, AND DOWN WENT the shield and my hopes. Nothing that I haven't seen before frequenting theaters, just not my thing. So I decided to venture into the theater and seeing nothing but guys with shields out stroking in the presence of not women the first, I thought there is no freaking way that this could be happening based on all of the hoopla. But after all, it was a Sunday evening so I figured the FL was kind of like all other establishments that I've been in. Hope and shield at their lowest point on the trip, I decide to catch a bite to eat and post on the FL site that "Well Dressed #1 from Koral Conquers story on Dr Lizardo Blog would be at FL1 at 9pm, and I attach a link to the the good doctors blog and the flash report.

Arriving back at FL at the announced time, the parking lot again somewhat full. However, this time I let neither my hopes or shield rise much. As soon as I entered I caught notice of a couple with a scorching hot MILF shopping for toys in the store; I casually looked through some items for sale and searched for any inkling that they were there to play, but with a second look at this beautiful blonde, hopes and shield rising fast, it suddenly appeared and proved to be correct that this couple was only here for purchasing merchandise and taking their party elsewhere.

I entered the theater and immediately noticed an older couple in their mid 50s playing. The husband was playing with the wife's b-e-a-utiful jugs. I swear they looked like they were natural and from the body of a 25 year old not the 50ish old body that they were attached to. I said to myself "this is more like it!". There were a few guys scattered about but none next to the couple so I took up residence at a respectful distant on the couch next to them just to get a good look-see of the tits and offer any assistance that the husband might need or the wife might want. After about 10 minutes of sucking on her nipples like he was a baby's receiving his first taste of milk, she had him stand in front of her and she proceeded to give him some head. The hubby lasted a mere 2 minutes before he blew his entire wad in her mouth, on her face, and on her tits; NICE with an exclamation point. Cum dribbling from her chin, they retreated to the rest room in the back to clean up and then they left.

So I'm sitting on the couch and taking in a few minutes of the flick which was itself uninspiring, and then the door flung open. She did not walk; she stormed in with a blur following her like a woman on a mission. She paced the hallway looking into each of the mini theaters and then in the main theater. She looked at the guys inside each room and the main theater up and down. My first thought was that she was looking for her mate and that she was pissed off. She stared at me several times without the slightest hint that she was looking for "Well Dressed". With Under Armour sweats on (which is my preferred attire for ease of play and revealing the Big Shield without having to undress), she was clearly thrown and did not consider me the target and she moved on to the booths. Wanting to see if there was drama unfolding I casually followed her and watched her leave the sausage party to itself in the booths and leave FL1 altogether. Again, I found myself surrounded by nothing but men so I decided to have a go at FL2.

Fantasyland II
Tampa, FL

Arriving at FL2 a few minutes later, I was discouraged to see only 4 cars in the parking lot as I surmised that at least one was connected to whoever was working. However, just as my hopes started to sink lower, I noticed that one car appeared to be occupied ......and it was a woman. Taking my chances at disappointment, I slid my 6'5" body out of the small rental car and went in. A cursory search of the theater proved to be another all-male revue, but as I was leaving the theater, in walks the Librarian - that had moments before stormed through FL1.

Mid 40's, 5'5" or so, average body, sandy blonde hair pinned up....with just a few strings hanging around the temple of her Librarian like glasses; she gave me just the slightest wink and made a beeline for the completely empty booth area. Without hesitation, Big Shield rising and pointing the way, I followed her and went into the booth next to hers. Upon request I slid her the Big Shield through the Gloryhole and she proceeded suck and stroke, first slowly, and gradually increasing her suction and stroke speed to the intensity of which she stormed through the hall and theater of FL1. She stopped and looked through the gloryhole and said "you are Well Dress #1 afterall, why don't you come over to my booth". All of the banging of her hand against the booth wall while stroking the Shield as she sucked on it must have brought out the masses as there were about a dozen guys looming in the booth area by this time.

As I left my original booth there was a hurried attempt by several others to get into the booth. I went next door and by the time that I entered the lucky (or unlucky in this instance) winner of the "get to the booth next" race already had his shield at attention and through the hole. Unfortunately for him and the masses, she was fully occupied and never so much as touched him or anyone else on this visit. After about another 5 minutes of sucking and stroking, complaining of a sore jaw, she begged for the protective liquid of the Shield, which I happily shared; coating her entire oral tract from her lips to her stomach, she consumed it all and filed it away in her dewey decimal system. She licked her lips and thanked me......while I should have been thanking her, which I did. I asked her if she would like to play the following day but she declined saying that she wasn't sure she could get away or that her jaws wouldn't be sore, but if ever in Tampa again to post on the FL site. What a woman?

Well Doc, that's all I have for my first Flash Report. Until next time May the BIG SHIELD be with her - whomever she is.


Doc here again... Now that is a fantastic report!  The Big Shield has done a great job of describing the vibe at both FL I and II, theaters I have been in more than a few times over the years.  There is another Big Shield report in the hopper...Look for it soon at The Journal.


Couple's Flash Report! Chrissy & Mike @ The Art Cinema in Hartford (3 Nights!)

Doc here again with the second report from Hartford's Art Cinema by Chrissy and Mike. Their first report last Saturday was a page turner, with more than 9,000 pageviews.

In this follow-up report, Chrissy is back on the main floor of The Art Cinema, and it's about to get wet and wild!

Without further delay, please enjoy the lovely Chrissy and her guy, Mike.


Hello again Doc!

I have to say the weekend of the Valentines Event has made us totally addicted to the Art Cinema in Hartford. Not only did we attend that Friday and Saturday night but we also went again Tuesday as well as Friday and Saturday night!

Tuesday night didn't really produce anything worth reporting but I will say that the past two nights were beyond amazing. We showed up Friday night with a male friend for this report I will call him "J" he is an older gentleman that knew how to take things slow but also when to make the fun unbelievably enjoyable. We checked out the main floor at first, but Mike and I were really curious if there was anyone in the balcony so we decided to check it out. To our surprise there were no couples there! How can this be when just a week ago there was a record breaking amount of couples there?

The Main Floor at The Art Cinema

Well with that being said you can probably guess this attention whore went back down stairs to the barrage of men that were waiting for this one woman in the whole theater. We sat down to the left side of the theater, in the row that I had partied in just 6 days earlier. Again I was wearing a nice skirt with no panties for the ease of access. It wasn't long before J had his hand on my leg rubbing it slowly and of course that is one of my sweet spots so of course I let out a few quiet moans. Like a homing beacon the crowd of men came closer for a look. One joked and said he didn't want to be in anyone's view of the movie where I replied "yeah, like anyone is watching that lol"

A few came over and asked if they could touch or fuck where I expressed that I only fuck with condoms and it seemed like a few went running within seconds of that statement cumming out of my mouth. I was nice and wet from J fingering and eating my tight pussy when this young black man with a southern accent came over with a condom, he couldn't believe how sloppy wet I was from all of J's hard work.

Within about a minute I had gone from the seat to laying on the floor, this guy was awesome. If I had any reason to think I needed to go to the gym he put the kabosh to that. Matter of fact he kept saying "Nope, she don't need to go to the gym this one is nice and firm!" I was fucked missionary and doggy and while doing doggy had another cock in my mouth. Oh my god it felt so good, but I had to back off the cock in my mouth because when I cum I tend to clench down (don't want to hurt anyone).

The Real Chrissy!
After he satisfied his craving for nice wet, tight pussy it was time for more fingering. I really enjoyed the hands all over me and I even had one nice older man say that he really wished he had taken or at least brought one of his little blue pills lol.

He claimed to be an old man and if he was 18 I would have been in trouble, I replied back, well if you were 18 I would be the old fart but next time bring the pill with you and we will have some fun! He was a very sweet guy and he took great care of my pussy as well as everyone else who fingered, licked and fucked it.

I think it was around 10pm when another couple (Newbies) showed up, I was pretty surprised when they came directly to the main floor in the row we were in. I even heard the female "D"  say "maybe we should have sat closer to them" within a few minutes she had her own little crowd including my hubby. She is also a bigger gal like me but very cute. Mike had a good time with "D" he got her bent over the seats and gave it to her hard! (this was the first time I had seen Mike with another girl and I loved it) She also had about 4 or 5 men including her S/O around her as she blew them.

We both talked for a few minutes and her and I both wanted to meet up again and give the guys some girl/girl action live!  Unfortunately she had to leave for the night for a party but we made sure to give her our number. As she was getting ready to leave we saw the house lights come on and knew we had closed the place out. Ernie, the owner saw all of us walk out and smiled and said to me and "D" "it sounded like you both had a good time tonight, here have a free pass and please come back again!"

I was smiling ear to ear and Mike and I sat there another good 20 minutes talking with Ernie and another frequenter. We finished off at a nearby hotel with our friend J and by the time we went to sleep (3:30am) I was sore and swollen from the multiple fingerings and poundings I had received throughout the night! Well even though I was still swollen and a tad sore we went back to the Art Cinema Saturday night. I have to say there were more couples there in the balcony and even some freaky ones. The freaky couple we saw was an older man with a younger woman, as she had a dog collar and leash on and they both had fun going to the bottom lit corner of the balcony and showing off how he took control of her. He even used the Cat-o-nine tails on her demanding that she tell him she wanted more. From what we could hear they had started their fun around noon and it was about 9pm when they started their fun at the cinema. At one point she was laughing as he whipped her. Not my cup of tea but to each their own.

As we were down on the main floor once again listening to their escapade I could hear the single guys saying "bring her down here and we will show her who's boss!" lol They did come down while I was being pleased by the wonderful single men but they just seemed to like to give a show and not share. Mike and I go by the saying that sharing is caring so we not only like to give a good show but let others participate as well.

The Art Cinema
As the night went on with the multiple men sucking on my tits and fingering my pussy Mike decided to warn this group of men about my squirting abilities. One guy was very happy that he was warned since he had somewhere to be and was already dressed up! It didn't take long for these guys to take Mike's warning as a challenge and before long I was showering the floor and seats with my gushing squirts. I had literally become Old Faithful! One awesome guy had me squirting so much that it felt like it was raining in the cinema and people that were 3ft away were getting wet! This apparently turned everyone on because I had to have had about 6 different guys get me to squirt about a dozen times!  During one of the squirt sessions I yelled out "I fucking love this place!"

As I had that action going on below the waist I had multiple cocks in my hands and mouth and about 4 or 6 loads of cum dumped on my tits! I was soaked from the neck down and I wasn't complaining! I eventually ended the night with my top off and my skirt hiked up since I didn't want my shirt being stretched from everyone trying to grab a tittie out!

Once again I left the Art Cinema in Hartford with a smile on my face! Mike and I have labeled ourselves on CL as the Art Cinema Addicts! Were already anxious for next weekend so we can have fun with the guys again! (hopefully couples too!)Well Doc, hope you and all the readers enjoyed this report, I see us writing many more for you in the future! Let us know when your gonna be stopping into the Art Cinema again as I would love to show you and all the others how much fun I can be! Thank you for informing us about the Valentines Event, it has really helped me dive into this lifestyle with an open mind!

-Chrissy and Mike!


Doc here again... It is quite clear you love The Art Cinema, Chrissy and Mike!  But the patrons of the arts also on the main floor are also having the time of their lives!  A true win/win.

Keep the reports and pics coming in Chrissy!

Also, remember to check out The Art Cinema's new website: