Monday, August 27, 2012

House Call! Cathy & Mia at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN 8/25/12

Doc here with a House Call Report... My name is Lizardo. I carry a tongue depressor.

The weekend of August 25th and 26th has long been circled on The Good Doctor's calendar. You see, back in February, I received a nice note from Cathy, who owns the awesome She was seeking some advice on adult theaters that were photo friendly, and there started a 6-month dialog.

The cool part of this scenario was that I was a big fan of Cathy's website from many years ago, and through the present day.  I knew she was a pioneer in the amateur XXX web arena, so when she reached out to your old friend in the white suit, it was cool like Fonzie. (Note: Make sure you check out her great web site HERE)

In the ensuing 6 months, I suggested theaters and ABSs that would compliment Cathy's Summer Tour of 2012.  Among my suggestions were Hartford's Art Cinema (Hi Ernie!), CTs in Gary, and of course, Portland's Oregon Theater (along with help from my esteemed colleague, Brent, who did all of the heavy lifting for this stop). Others are still "maybe's", like Berlin, NJ's Berlin News Agency.

Well in terms of the first two adult theater stops, it would be safe to say that Cathy and her crew are now 2 for 2 in the success department.  The Journal published several reports from the visit to The Art Cinema, and how great it was.  Now The Good Doctor is here to tell you about Saturday night at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN. (Please keep in mind all the pics in this report were taken Saturday night and are as fresh as they come. CLICK to ENLARGE them)

Saturday afternoon, The Good Doctor piloted the Lizardo 3000 up into Illinois, where Cathy, her hubby Peter, and their special friend, the lovely Mia, were staying.  We were meeting at a restaurant, where we would meet, eat, game plan, and execute said plan.

Dinner was a blast... Cathy is just as charming in person as she was on the phone during our conversation last month.  Turns out Cathy and The Good Doctor have several things in common (none of which will be discussed in this forum - It will remain our secret). It does, however, explain many things.

It was at the restaurant I was introduced to Mia, Cathy's special friend of several years. Mia has worked with Cathy at many gang bangs and meets in the past, and their synergy is something to behold.  It was also on full display CTs later that evening.

Rounding our our table was Peter, Cathy's hubby and partner in crime.  As important as Cathy and Mia's teamwork would need to be, as would Peter's and The Good Doctor's.  You see, Peter would be shooting the video, and Ansel Adams here would be shooting the still pics. And as it turned out, a lot of them. Peter is as cool a cucumber as you will ever meet.

Dinner was excellent, very spicy, and filling.  At one point I shouted, "Mon Dieu, my mustache is on fire!"  As it turns out, I was over exaggerating a tad. There were many laughs at the table, and a relaxed atmosphere leading into the carnal encounters yet to come.

My fortune cookie held a prophetic note for the evening...
You think?
We packed our doggie bags, and hit the road for Northwest Indiana, and arguably one of America's most hardcore adult theaters, CTs in Gary.
Arriving at 8:25pm, the lot at CTs was the most full as I have seen it in at least 3 years.  This bode well for Cathy and Mia. Stepping through the door, I introduced the crew to my good friend Pete, owner of CTs. Pete was nice enough to give the girl's access to one of the dressing rooms at CTs, and Peter and myself had access to a side room to stage our photo gear.  (Thank you Pete!)  There were also 25-30 guys in the lobby and theater, awaiting the arrival of one of the internet's naughtiest MILFs.
We checked in on the girls, and they both looked great!  Cathy had on a black "barely there" outfit, with a tiny skirt and a zip down top.  Mia had on an awesome red dress that hugged her curves, and was a delight to many this night.  Needless to say, by the end of the evening, both outfits were in dire need of a 24/7 dry cleaners. The game plan was to start in the gloryholes, move to the theater, and maybe ping pong back and forth.  (At this point, I'd like to give a big shout out to Terry from CTs staff, who did a great job managing the flow of guys both at the gloryholes, but also in the theater.  Thank you again sir!) Over the course of the next 2 and a half hours, Cathy and Mia put on a remarkable display of cock sucking, hand jobs, and fucking.  Cathy's stamina is something to behold, and Mia's expert blow job skills were awesome to witness.
In the gloryholes, the girls tag teamed most gentlemen sticking their wares through the hole in the wall. One particularly impressive cock came through, and the girls giggled as they knew this one was going to be fun.  At times, Cathy was stroking the cock into Mia's hungry mouth. Other times, Cathy was working the cock with her mouth and hands. And at other times, Cathy and Mia were side by side stroking this monster, working it to give them their just desserts: a huge load of cum on their faces or tits.

After 30 minutes or so, it was theater time for our girls.  Cathy and Mia set up in the back row of the theater, side by side, and took cock after cock into their soft wet mouths. The scene was in total control, as a testament to the well-behaved guys at CTs.  The girls were having fun, and the cum was flying in the back row.  At one point, the girls were in unison as they gave their BJs. I'm not sure the guys noticed, but from my vantage point taking the stills, was very impressive. As a matter of fact, things got SO wet back there, Cathy and Mia moved up to the front of the theater.  Cathy jumped on CTs infamous exam table, while Mia set up shop in the front row and taking one cock after another into her mouth.

The best way to describe Cathy at this point would be "splattered". She had cum everywhere, and was loving every moment of it.  Mia was "glazed", with her big natural boobs glistening with load after load from the Gary Jizz Works.

A second trip back to the gloryholes by Cathy yielded several more "pops", and one in-booth visit by a black gentleman who was packing a howitzer. In scene best described as "how many people can you fit into a phone booth", we had The Howitzer, Cathy, Peter and his video camera, and Ansel Lizardo and his still camera. Good times.

Towards the end of the evening, Mia tapped out and Cathy ran with the ball solo.  It was a long travel day for Mia, as this was a special trip in just for this weekend's activities.  But she performed at a very high level, and I'm willing to put that in writing (wait, I already am...).

Perched up on the exam table once again, Cathy got soundly fucked by a large black gentleman while another was at the side of the table feeding his big cock into Cathy's mouth. When the gentleman came in his condom, Cathy removed it, and let the big load drip all over her awesome boobs.

At the end, every cock that wanted (or needed) attention was serviced.  Cathy's little black outfit was a mess, and more resembled zebra stripes than it's original color.  And you know who didn't mind a bit?: The blonde with the adorable accent and a cock hungry attitude that is unmatched in this thing of ours. There was no doubt that Cathy and Mia sent everyone home satisfied and drained.

The full video of the CTs event will be available at Cathy's web sites in the near future.  Remember to check them out at and The still pics shot by your humble sea bass (over 340+ images) will also be available through the websites. The images in this report are just the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks again to Pete and Terry, along with the rest of the CTs staff for a great Saturday night.  Cathy returned Sunday night for more, but alas, The Good Doctor was on duty during that window.  I heard that the crowd was a bit smaller, but really delivered the goods.

Cathy and Peter are now off to the East Coast, and then over Labor Day Weekend, then they will jet to Portland for two nights of debauchery. Mia is heading back to the East Coast as well, and we all hope we see them again real soon.

Thank you Cathy, Mia, and Peter!  Safe travels across the country, and inside this thing of ours.

This is Doc, last surviving crew member of The Nostromo, signing off from The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college.