Monday, August 16, 2010

Flash Report: The Carolina Cougar, Part 2 by OSAGuy1

Doc here with Part 2 of "The Carolina Cougar" by new field reporter, OSAGuy1. 

This takes place about 2 weeks after the events I last submitted. The Carolina Cougar was raring for action and contacted me that she was horny and wanted another go round at the adult bookstore. She dressed in a light skirt and blouse because of the fact that the air conditioning was ofter cranked in the theater and did not wish to be encumbered with excess clothing. Upon driving into the lot of Romantix we notice somewhat fewer cars in the lot than usually are there, a momentary red flag went up but we decided to venture inside anyway.

Upon entering the bookstore, we noticed 2 female clerks. Not having seen them before, I was hesitant to inquire if the theater or booths were busy, but the smaller of the 2 clerks threw me a smile and a wink and said it was cool and that there was another couple in the theater so we decided on the theater.

Upon entering the theater we saw that it was completely empty except for 2 people sitting in the 3rd row in the last 2 seats against the wall. Cat and I went down to the front row where Cat could kneel on the floor and suck me or get down on all fours with her ass in the air and get ridden if the opportunity presented itself. After watching the movie for a few I feel Cat's hand rubbing my crotch and reaching for my zipper, within minuets she has my cock rock hard and standing straight up. My hands are under Cats top tweaking her nipples until she is moaning like a whore in heat.

I look up to the third row I notice the female half of the couple sitting behind us her head was bobbing up and down in her husbands lap at an amazing speed. I whisper in Cat's ear what what is going on and she begins stroking my cock harder. I turn and ask the husband if they are swingers he says yes and I ask if they would like to join us... They agreed.

Upon their coming down I notice that the female half or the couple "P" is a very voluptuous, 30 yr brunette with very large breasts and her husband K is in his early 40's and well hung by the size of his cock sticking out of the front of his pants.

Upon them sitting down in the next row behinds us P came around to the front in front of the screen, her top was open and her large breasts being very well displayed she looked down at Cat and my self and complimented me on the size and thickness of my cock. I asked her if she was bi and she saying she was curious I asked her if she wanted to eat Cat's pussy. She smiled and said yes but wanted to watch me do it first.

I began to eat Cat's pussy to a trembling orgasm, upon looking up and wiping Cats pussy juice off my chin, I notice P is sitting in the seat next to Cat her hand working furiously, her head thrown back obviously in the throes of orgasm. I knelt down in front of P and pushed her skirt up around her waist and pulled her panties to one side and began eating, after several minuets she had a moaning wet orgasm.

I look up and Cat and K is watching intently, I see Cat intently sucking K's Cock and loving it. P looks at me and says "I would love to see you suck his cock also", so Cat and I take turns until he cums over Cat's face. Cat licking his cum off her fingers. P looks down and says I still want to eat her pussy, so while P eats cat out I slide my tongue up her luscious ass. After Cats orgasm subsides, P licks her lips and says what a pleasure it was to meet and she hopes she sees us again.

Her and K go back to their seats and continue playing with each other. By this time cat is ready for cock and lots of it. So we proceed to the booths for a hot one on one, but that is another story.
Thanks OSAGuy1 for another great report.  FYI, Romantix (the ABS/theater the action takes place at) is in the Omaha area.

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Make Your Vote Count! Top 3 Adult Theater Women Voting Ends Shortly!

UPDATE 8/16: The Good Doctor here with a friendly reminder to get your votes in for the Top 3 Adult Theater Women.  Response has been great so far, with the Top 4 so far being Tina, Robin, Lynn, & Nina, with Mrs. Partridge gaining ground.  There are a lot of great nominees just outside that Top 4, so please vote if you have not done so already.

Over the last few weeks, we have covered many nominees for the prestigious 2010 "Lizzie's", our version of the Oscar. The Top 3 will take home the award, as voted by you, the great readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.

Here is how it will work: I will list and link the stories below, and you will vote via the poll on the right side of the web page. You can vote for up to 3 women. Review the nominations, and then vote for your favorite.

The poll will close on Sunday 8/22.

The Nominee Recaps:
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  4. VooDoo Girl by Brent
  5. Angel by Bob in Biloxi
  6. Mrs. Partridge by Dr. Luv
  7. Suzie Seat Slut by Old Marine Corps Guy
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  9. The Hairdresser by Justa Reply
  10. Red by Wine Guy
  11. Ruth by Major Voyeur
  12. Liza by Video Randy
  13. Mystery Celebrity by Old Marine Corps Guy
  14. Charley by Buster
  15. Lynn the 3rd Grade Teacher by Dr. Emilio
  16. The Squirter by Dr. Emilio
  17. Nina the Bakery Slut by Dr. Emilio
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  19. Slave Girl by Dr. Luv and Dr. Emilio
Your favorite girl needs your vote!  Vote Now!



Flash Report! Gulf Coast Adult Theater by Bob in Biloxi

Doc here with a Flash report from intrepid field reporter Bob in Biloxi.  It's been a hot summer, and the action at the Gulf Coast Theater (by all reports) has been steady and hot.

Here is our good friend Bob in Biloxi with a report from this past weekend.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
222 Iberville Drive, Biloxi, MS

Hey Doc,

Hot! Heat! Hot! here, but it was cool inside the theater Sat night, 8/14.

7 Couples showed, one lady showed up in a blue jean shirt, wife beater T and white leather boots!! I was lucky enough to be first to succumb to her charms, she was highly talented at cock sucking, and when the fucking started had her trained pussy milking my cock!! Very talented woman! Next, one of the regulars got busy and anyone that wanted a shot got one. Blue jean lady took on three more after yours truly, afterwards they split

Several new couples showed up, I’ve never seen them before, at least not on a Sat night? I left at 10pm, so I don’t know what else went on inside, but the trip home sure was pleasant!

On a side note, the theater does not have glory holes, the ABS two blocks away does, and FYI both places are now open Sundays! I may have to go one Sunday and submit my report to you good folks.
Thanks again Bob for the report.  It's amazing how consistent the action has been at The Gulf Coast Adult Theater.  This place reminds me of CTs in Gary, IN...Modest exterior, anything but modest fun in the interior.
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