Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report - 2/11/12

Doc here with a classic Flash Report from just last night from the beautiful Gulf Coast of Mississippi from our old friend, Bob in Biloxi.

Here's Bob!


Hi Doc,

It was one of those “Holy Crap Batman!” weekends on our beautiful Gulf Coast Saturday night. A total of six couples made an appearance at our Gulf Coast Adult Theater during the time your dutiful reporter was present. At the ABS 4 couples showed, with two playing, that’s 50/50 odds right there.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
222 Inberville Rd., Biloxi MS
At the theater, one older couple came in around 7pm. She was sucking everyone that wanted sucked, and two of the scouts had partaken in her talents. Much later a blonde came in and was playing musical chairs sucking a guy on the back row, then trotting back to the second from the back row. She was about 5’4 large chest mounted rack, but wearing some sort of pants. I really could not tell if they were jeans or slacks. But she would alternate between sitting in the seat sucking, or dropping to her knees sucking. I think she was just having a good time showing off. I didn’t hear any of the familiar grunting as you do when someone cums?

Also at the theater were a couple of regular/semi regular patrons, one of which was cerebrating a birthday Saturday. She and her hub usually only play with couples, so a much extended Happy Birthday to her. sSe’s is a very nice lady all around, and every once in awhile she will give onlookers a peek at some of her more discrete areas that are pierced. I got wind that it was this lovely ladies birthday, so I picked up a card and some candy that would hold her through until Valentines Day. She seemed to appreciate gesture.

Bob in Biloxi
Meanwhile, down at the ABS, one guy came in with two ladies. He was the one from last weekend that had a young wife that stayed until closing. She loved getting fucked in the ass. But this time, they brought a friend, she was a blonde BBW, both ladies were dressed in black pant suits, like they were headed out to do some dancing.

The guy paid admission and both girls had to use the ladies room in the back, so while they were freshening up the guy was scoping out the booths. Well two were available, so your reporter took an open one. I’ll be damned if a cock blocker didn’t take the one next to me. If any rocket polishers read my report, don’t take the booth next to me, you’re wasting my time and yours. So they ended up next to bona fide cock blocker in another booth, but waited him out. He finally exited and yours truly was able to secure the adjacent one.

The blonde was sucking the guy and the other lady had her fingers in the hole, so I placed my cock in her hand, after some gentle stroking he finally woke his ass up and was rewarded with I assume was the blondes mouth. After she was satisfied, I felt a different even smaller hand take hold and start rubbing against something ultra soft (ass), but with a condom in my teeth I quickly tore it open, wrapped and fed it back into the hole.

It was met not by her ass this time, but by a very wet pussy. I held my end of the deal up for awhile until launch time, but during that time her little ass was making that poor wall pay a price. I just love hearing a woman make that confounded double wall squeak, crack and groan. And she did too! I followed up with a thank you ma'am and proceeded to the men’s room to wash up. They left shortly after that.

Much later birthday girl and hub arrived and parked next to me, we were shooting the breeze and discussing the goings on at both the theater and ABS. The nice lady always dresses to impress! Last night she had on a black stretch top and a very short blue jean skirt, her small statue was enhanced by some very high heels. They had never been inside the ABS and suggested I play tour guide for them, and I was honored to have that honor.

We went in and got adjoining booths, she began to show off her many piercing’s so on a lark I fed my cock through the hole and VIOLLA, wet hot velvet on my little soldier. This woman may prefer women, but she has extreme talent when it comes to cock too! I kept hearing something bump against the wall and thought maybe hub had taken advantage her upturned ass, but that wasn’t the case. It seems her forehead was bumping against that confounded double wall!

I didn’t know if I should cum in her mouth, so I pulled out at the last second and unloaded on my side. Geez!! My legs were shaking my head was spinning. This lady knew how to please a cock. I was able to squat down and say "OMG thank you", when she asked me to open my door. They came over and I was able to stroke her very wet pussy and lick one of those piercing’s to give back what she gave me. She touched my cock and it was instantly hard again (uh,, that never happens). I was then further rewarded by her upturned ass as I slid inside, again hot wet velvet. I couldn’t maintain though (sadly), and after the message reached my cock from my brain "major failure", he went DOA on me. Thank God she understood! Doc women are the stronger sex! Damn I need to bring candy more often! 

All and all a wonderful Saturday night on our beautiful Gulf Coast Doc ! Until next Saturday I remain your faithful reporter.



Doc here again... Thanks again to our good friend Bob in Biloxi for his yeoman-like duty on his weekly reports! What would we do without you?

Thanks again,