Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Gloryhole Nancy Update, Part 1! (w/5 HOT PICS!)

Doc here... Nothing says Happy Thursday better than a Gloryhole Nancy update!  So, Happy Thursday!

This is Part 1 of a three part update, complete with fantastic pics of Nancy sucking and fucking at their custom gloryhole.  In the next two updates, you'll see a different side of the extremely naughty Nancy.

Lastly, a word of advice...

"Marion, don't look at it. Shut your eyes, Marion. Don't look at it, no matter what happens!"


Good evening Dr. Jones! ( I know I'm lame, but I LOVE that line from Raiders of The Lost Ark lol.)

Anyways Doc, just wanted to let you and your good readers know Nancy is still sucking and fucking cock like it's her job, but we've been avoiding the bookstores due to L.E.  We've been hosting at our private gloryhole and have been having good luck lately, but are still looking for HUNG studs for her to suck and fuck dry;)  If any of your readers are in the Detroit area send them our way, Nancy will take care of them!  (ed. note: You can contact Nancy at

Here's some pics of one of our earlier visitors who stops by on his way to work to unload in her mouth or pussy, just depends on Nancy's mood.  Hope you like the pics and hopefully it inspires some Detroit studs to get a hold of us....(ed note:Remember to click on the pics to ENLARGE them - They are in glorious high-resolution!)

Take care Doc and we'll be sending more pics soon!
T & N


Doctor Jones here... I'm glad you looked at The Ark.

Parts 2 and 3 of this Gloryhole Nancy update are coming in the next two days.  In the meantime, if you are in the Detroit area, and possess the type of equipment Nancy likes to work on, reach out to them.  Again, the e-mail address to do so us

Stay tuned for more of the gorgeous Nancy... (and some new pics that have a different flavor to them).

You are welcome.


Flash Report! The Paris Twin Cinema in Syracuse, NY by DryCleanOnly

Doc here with another new contributor to The Journal of Adult Theaters: DryCleanOnly. DCO's home turf is Upstate NY, The Good Doctor's old stomping grounds.  There is still an adult theater scene in Syracuse, Rennselaer, and Buffalo, and with this report, DryCleanOnly starts us off with the Paris Twin Cinema in Syracuse (address info in the database).

Here is DryCleanOnly, and his Flash Report...

Hi Doc,
No time for details right now, but two couples are in the Paris 2 in Syracuse. Paris 2 is the theatre on the right. Lady in the front is not bad lookin, about 50, and getting it on with a few of the 50+ crowd there.  She's a regular for the last 30 years they tell me. 

An overweight 30yr old couple walked in on my way out. She seemed pretty comfortable with the scene.  Nothing happening as of 5:15pm in Theatre 1.  The crowd was 50+ in Theatre 2. I've got some updates for you from Video Liquidators in Buffalo for you too, sometime soon.

Outstanding work on the Blog, my friend!
-DryCleanOnly in Upstate NY


Doc here again... Thanks for the kind words, DCO! The Paris Twin (2) is an old school small twin theater, with a "straight side" and a "gay side" setup.  The action there can be sporadic, but when it does happen, it's a great place to visit.  Super clean, and ample parking.

Thanks again to DryCleanOnly, for not only a great report, but my favorite new pen name of 2012.  We look forward to your next report from Video Liquidators in Buffalo, sir.