Saturday, April 16, 2016

UPDATED 4/16/16: TONIGHT! The Next Amazing Art Cinema Event in Hartford, CT! Mardi Gras at The Art on Saturday April 16th at 7pm!

UPDATED 4/16/16 at 12 Noon: The big day is here folks!  Mardi Gras at The Art Cinema is tonight at 7pm!  The weather is gorgeous in Hartford, and the stage is set for a big one tonight!

Swag bags are complete, and they are fantastic!  Remember, these bags of cool things for all your senses will include two very cool Mardi Gras Masks!  Here is the catch... You have to be one of the first 50 male/female couples in the door starting at 7pm (with your paid admission - No passes accepted). 

Here are the swag bags!

Mardi Gras at The Art Swag Bags
There are also some new surprises at The Art Cinema for tonight's event... The 2nd balcony stairwell will be open to ease access for COUPLES ONLY to the awesome VIP Couples Balcony.  Security will be posted at both balcony access stairwells to monitor authorized traffic up to the balcony.  At no point are single males allowed up into the Couples VIP Balcony.

This is going to be a big one folks, so do not miss it!  Mardi Gras at The Art Cinema, 255 Franklin Ave., Hartford. 

See you tonight!



Doc here with an update on this Saturday's HUGE Mardi Gras at The Art Cinema event in Hartford.

More capital improvements are under way at The Art Cinema  as we speak. Just this week, the 2nd stairway leading up to the Art Cinema's VIP Couples Balcony is being prepared to open for the party Saturday night.  This will add additional secure access to what is arguably the wildest scene in adult theaters across the country. Don't take my word for it, couples... Check it out for yourself.

Remember, the first 50 M/F couples in the door starting at 7pm Saturday night get a Mardi Gras Swag Bag with your paid admission. The Good Doctor will be handing them out in the lobby during my meet and greet from 7 until 8pm.  We always run out quick, so get in early so you do not miss out on one of these babies!

Next update is Friday... In the meantime, get your rest, as you will need it for Mardi Gras at The Art Cinema , 255 Franklin Ave. in Hartford, CT.