Monday, August 29, 2011

Flash Report: Breakfast With Gloryhole Nancy (and 5 HOT new Pics!)

Doc here with a great report and smoking HOT new pics of the very naughty Gloryhole Nancy.  Toledo's #1 natural resource was out and about on a Sunday morning, and while other's may have been in church, Nancy was kneeling someplace else...

I'm more a of a Sunday brunch kind of Dr., but in the case of Nancy, I might make an exception.

Here is this great new report from Nancy and her guy, T...


Hey Doc,

We usually hit the gloryhole at night, but sometimes we just happen to be in the area so we decided to stop by the bookstore Sunday morning.  We knew it was probably going to be dead but we were driving right by so we sent a text to several of our on-call stunt cocks, and one replied saying he'd be right there.  He told us later he had just showered and was about to go to sleep finally, so getting sucked off by Nancy was the perfect way to relax him LOL. 

We were the only three people in the booth area, so we were able to relax and take our time. He's one of her favorite cocks, as he's not only hung but always shows up freshly showered.  She worked his head and shaft hard and slow, sucking so loud that was all you could hear back there.  She massaged and squeezed his big balls while power-sucking on the head and shaft until he blew his load with a LOUD groan. Nancy loves hearing the guys moan when they erupt, so hearing him explode only made her hornier. She took his load in her mouth, spit it out and then told him in a loud voice to stay there as she wasn't done yet.

Nancy then began to suck him again and he stayed hard as a rock while she sucked his cock and balls for another 15 min til he erupted again with an even louder groan than the first one LOL.  She looked at the cam and held up 2 fingers to let me know he was filling her mouth with his second load of the morning, and then continued to pump her face on his cock until he finally pulled back from the hole.

He thanked us and left soon after, balls drained by the one and only Nancy!  On the way out the clerk thanked us for making his morning, we thanked him right back  ;) 

And now the pics (click to ENLARGE them...They are hi-res!)


Make sure you visit Nancy's awesome Yahoo group HERE.

You are welcome.


Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report - 8/27/11

Doc here with this week's Cruising The Coast with our old friend Bob in Biloxi. There was something in the air last Saturday in Biloxi, and here is Bob, with his Columbo trench coat and note pad, putting the pieces of this puzzle together for us.

I present to you, Detective Bob...


This Week's Episode: "Weird Vibe"

Hey Doc,

Your faithful reporter arrived late Saturday night (around 8pm), turns out that was a good thing. I probably could have arrived at 11pm.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS

Our theater on the beautiful gulf coast saw 6 couples at varying times Saturday night. I talked with a semi regular couple last night, and they told me 4 couples were also there Friday night. Our German couple has homesteaded as they make a day and night of attending. Our Catholic school girl showed Saturday, this time dressed in a sheer nightie, she got off twice (by her old man) and left.

About 11pm a new younger couple (early 40’s) showed up, she was a dark haired lady dressed in a simple pullover summer dress. Reports are she took on 15 guys and was just leaving when I arrived at 11:30pm.

Timing is everything Doc, mine was bad Saturday night.

Meanwhile down at our ABS, a couple showed...She also had dark hair, summer blue jean dress, they went into a booth by themselves and judging from the sounds had a blast. But after that, they too departed. They might have stayed longer if an old codger would have quit pulling on their door, but he didn’t. I found out later he’d been run off by another couple at the theater for being way too aggressive. Some people “don’t get it” do they?

Bob in Biloxi
About 11:31 or so, a older couple showed at the ABS, she was dressed a black summer dress, their deal is to let her look through the hole, get you to stick your cock through, then abruptly leave their booth. They’ve done this in the past, each to his own, but I’m a firm believer in karma.

While the jokester couple was leading a herd of guys around the booth area, a twenty something couple slipped in, she was about 20 yrs old, long dark hair, wearing pink hot pants and a T-shirt that said “eat me”. She was under 5 feet tall and under a 100lbs, and she proceeded to strip to nothing, revealing a young toned body. She started blowing her man and was holding on to the hole for balance,  perfect time to lay my cock there. She must have expected it, because it didn’t stay dry for long, she was very vigorous with her mouth, that’s ok sometimes, but I like it slow, sloppy, wet and deep. Nevertheless she milked me dry within a few minutes. He must have been close behind or was fucking her,  because by the time I got my shorts up they were exiting too, while she smiled and I winked at her. That got a young girl giggle!!

At least it was not a total bust Doc, its just something weird in the air, maybe with school starting it put a damper on the playing? Maybe as the weeks progress it will pick back up. A few of the couples that attended our theater were run off by male patrons crowding couples. They would sit right next to them without asking permission, or blatant behavior us vets know will run off a couple. T or someone up in P-Town had the perfect set of rules for Adult Theater behavior. I shot an email to Brent to see if he could send it me, but he hasn’t responded yet, but I hope he will soon. If you can remember or have a copy Doc, can you forward it to me?  Couples will quit attending if this kind of behavior continues, you’ve seen it, so have I. (ed. note: I have an excellent one from Old Marine Corps Guy that I will forward to you Bob)

One of the couples, told me one guy had sucked 6 cocks, but when a couple came in, he miraculously become straight and went and sat next to the woman and tried to paw her. They left. Manners were in short supply last night.

Hey, there’s always next weekend, and still not a damn thing on TV on Saturday night. That said, LSU and Oregon plays on the 3rd, next Saturday. That’s a dilemma!!!  If any couples are playing next Saturday and want to drag this reporter away from that game? I’m there, just shoot me an email! I have a DVR !!

Note to self: schedule Portland Trip the last two weeks of August from now on.



Thanks Bob for your hard work.  It will be interesting to see how busy it is this coming Labor Day weekend at the nations adult theaters and ABSs.  And, as always, I need your reports.  Just e-mail them to The Good Doctor at You know the drill... You supply the words, and I can do the rest.