Thursday, April 29, 2010

Profile: The Metro in Toronto, by Amber Aldrich

Metro Theater
677 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Doc here with a report from  north of the border by Amber Aldrich, who describes herself as an "adult theater aficionado, but I'm also a retired psychologist".  I have read her articles over the past few years, and they are something to behold.  She can offer insight to "this thing of our's" no one else can.  You may see more of her work in the future here at The Journal.

This is a repost of a response she gave a reader in a Yahoo Group about the Toronto scene.  Her reply:
My favorite theater is the Metro on Bloor St. It's a large theater, very dark inside. There's an area in the center isles near the front where the backs of a few seats have been removed, perfect for a woman to bend over. If your wife's like me she'll like the ability for hands to reach her from all angles, and there will be a non-stop lineup behind her for her pussy. Unlike a lot of adult theaters, most of the guys in the Metro are straight and are there for quickie blowjobs from the few gays that hang out there. So when a woman walks in they go nuts, especially if she heads right to the "rape stand", as we affectionately call it.

Another nice venue for you to try is a sex club on Lakeshore that has a markedly "adult theater like" atmosphere on Sunday nights. Essentially it's an adult theater without the movie and with a lot more women. Lots of large dark rooms with beds and couches in them. I like getting it totally anonymously and from behind, and there's one room in that place that's pitch black dark and has a number of couches with big cushy arms to bend over. On a typical Sunday night there will be 10-15 women there and maybe 50 guys.

If you want, let me know when you're in town and I'll guide you.

Great work Amber!  We look forward to more insight from you down the road.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flash Report! Gulf Coast Theater by Bob from Biloxi

Doc here with a brand spanking new report from one of The Journal's most seasoned field reporters, Bob from Biloxi.  Here is the latest from the Gulf Coast Theater...Take it away, Bob:

Gulf Coast Theater
222 Iberville Drive
Biloxi, MS

About 3 weeks ago I had the opportunity to drive over to the Gulf Coast Theater. There were 7 couples playing that night, (not all at the same time) only four couples in action at once. But the show was incredibility hot. The hottest thing I saw was from a woman who to my knowledge had only been in twice, and she didn’t even play. She was a tall brunette wearing a green dress and no panties. But the fact that she returned and finally spread her legs was definitely a turn on, since the hottest sex usually comes from women who convince themselves to take the plunge and have sex in front of a bunch of strangers the first time. I believe she is almost to that point, we’ll see and I will keep you posted.

On to the action, a very young lady, (24 or so) came in with an older man, dressed in a blue jean skirt and a tight pullover blouse (holding back what appeared to be nice DD cups) sat on the front couch and for awhile just enjoyed the show, glancing every once in awhile the hordes of men stroking their cocks, after about 30mins of this I heard her say, “fuck it, I want to play” and with those words she pulled up her shirt, dropped the straps on her blouse, turned around facing the back of the couch and started sucking the nearest cock, one fellow moved around back and started fucking her. She was like the energizer bunny and went on until all the guys standing around her were reduced to a mere shell of dried up men. She was covered with jizz (after about 20guys) and had a big smile on her face, that was hot.

During this time the aforementioned lady in the green dress was watching and some lucky bastard got to rub her pussy while she enjoyed watching the blonde girl up front do her gangbang, her husband had gone up front to watch for awhile and left her in her seat. I tried to get her to go up front but she said she could see just fine, I left to go get drained then and while I was up front that’s when the lucky bastard got to sit down next to her and play with what I can only assume was a very wet box (dam) Meanwhile in other parts of the theater some regular gals were doing their thing with whomever they usually hook up with, all but the one lady in the green dress played but she may come around eventually, (I hope!!) she drips sex !! During this time we had some amusement when what is possibly the ugliest tranny in the entire world entered the theater and got on its knees and started blowing the old dudes no one wanted anything to do with, so something for everyone I guess? The lady in the green dress seemed to be amused by the straight forward approach the tranny used. Maybe she will follow suit next time?

The week after that was Black Spring break in Biloxi, I didn’t go, but heard from the regulars the theater action was non-existent, so I didn’t miss anything. Last weekend only 2 couples showed up and neither of them played. I guess that’s consistent with most theater action nationwide, (hit or miss) except of course for the temple of all adult theaters (THE PARIS). But this is closer and doesn’t require an airline ticket and hotel. So we take what we can get down here! At least the weather is getting nice.
Awesome report Bob!  I agree with him in that sometimes the hottest attraction in an adult theater is the anticipation of a woman ready to make that first big step into "this thing of our's".  Let's keep our fingers crossed that The Lady in Green is ready to do a Neil Armstrong and take that first great step for mankind.
Have a report you'd like see published?  E-mail The Good Doctor at

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Brief Message From The Good Doctor

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, The Journal had it's 10,000th unique visitor to the site.  The response to The Good Doctor's blog has far exceeded my expectations, and I have you (the men, women, and patients of "this thing of our's") to thank.

There are more new and exciting reports and features in the hopper for you.  More theaters to profile. More House Calls. More photos from adult theaters from the past. And the lifeblood of the site, more reports from the field by you. 

Every milestone deserves to be rewarded...So last week, I stopped by my local K-Mart Portrait Studio and had a new one taken.  I hope you like it.

Thank you again!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Oregon Theater Updates and Upgrades by Big T - Portland, OR

Oregon Theater, circa 1982
3530 SE Division
Portland, OR

Doc here with a dynamite report about the updates underway at The Oregon Theater in Portland, OR by Big T, who is a rock star in the Portland scene.  Take it away T...
It's been about 7 months since I have been in the Oregon Theater. Last time I was there banging some hot babe on a table. Well I made a point to stop by and talk to the staff to see some of the changes to the Oregon Theater today.

Below is a quick break-down on the current changes since my last visit and up coming changes.

Currently in place:

1.Monthly flyer with current weekly events:

Here is a Break down of April Events
•Every Wednesday is Bi-Sexual Movies•1st Saturday of the Month is Crossdresser Party: Noon to 1:30am•Sunday 4-11-10, Young Men Movies (Gay-Twink)•Sunday 4-18-10, CD Party – Tranny Movies•Sunday 4-25-10, Bear Movies – ( No, It's not Smokey and the Bear cartoons)•Every Friday & Saturday, Couples theme

2.Cost to enter with re-enter option:•$3 for Couples everyday for the month of April (Same for May)•$7 per person•$5 for CrossDressor•$35 for 6 entry pass•Receive 1 free entry when you present 10 paid ticket studs

Here are some of the changes that are in place:
1.$3 Lockers (Currently they have 4)
2.They have replace just about all the old theater seats with sofa's thru out the theater
3.Gloryhole booths with large holes
4.Couple section on the left front side of the theater (couples/single women only)
5.Large Exam play table at the front of the Theater (Nice, perfect height)
6.Brand New Movie Projector, this really lights up the theater (Dam, the sound and screen looks amazing!! The pussy on the screen look like I could jump in the picture!!)
7.Ok they do not only sell candy, snickers, babyruths, paydays, chips, ice cream, but they have popcorn and hotdogs from a small broiler!!
8.They have the normal $5 dvd's, free condoms, and also they have condoms for sale as well from $1 to $1.50
9.You can rent Towels and sheets for a few bucks (Highly Recommended)
10.Ok, this is an old one that they agreed upon for me about 2yrs ago for playing with couples, but I thought I would mention it again as this question always seem to come up in Theater Groups. No photos, cameras, or video are allowed unless prior requested in advance. Meaning, you will need to contact them, they will set aside a section for you to take pic's of only the people you have invited in that section. A notice will be posted on the doors letting people know, that a part of the theater is being used for pic's. You break this rule, you will be 86'd without question. I have never heard of this being a problem there as this rule is really for the hardcore and those who really want to capture the moment. If you have any problems, just let them know you read or talk to Big T about it. They know how to reach me to verify….Enough said…

Let's move on to the coming upgrades:

1. As mentioned before, they are making another couples section right in the middle of the theater. There will be room for inter-action with the boys, but no guys can be invited at all in this section. BTW: 4.26.10 the Oregon Theater will be closed so they can complete this project

2. Well to make things even more interesting, in the current couples section on the far left near the front of the theater. An exam/fuck table like the one currently up front will be put right against the rope in the cpl section!! Mmmm, so basically, the woman can just slide up and have the boys line-up to bang away without the guy breaking the rules of going into the cpl section. I just hope the boys can control themselves. lol,lol

To Sum up the Oregon Theater:

The foundation of the Oregon is geared towards the gay crowd, but the current set-up of the couples sections are clearly geared towards Couples/Single women just like in the past. They avg. about 4-5 cpls a weekend. Based on the days I listed, you may want to select a day that fit's your fancy. With a tighter window of being open till 1am, the action seems to pick up from 7pm to Midnight. During the day, there is a steady stream of Reg's and some planned couple action that do occur as well. Yeah, it's old, it's got that sleezy feel to it, the bathrooms need to be burned down and started over by the Home-Make Over Team. The Theater is big, the new movie projector looks better than my HD or Normal Movie Theater hands down. I do think all adult places should follow the format of some of the adult bookstores. They have people clean the place every few hours. A quick sweep, hot mop with pine-sole goes a long way. Hey, it's tucked away in a normal neighborhood, so don't disturb the neighbors!! It's not perfect, but Fuck, it's a porn theater, and what do you expect for a few bucks to get off? The New additions will make the place very interesting play ground for couples this yr as they add 3 new movies everyday as well.


Now you know,

Big T

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Old BeatNik Conquers Tampa! Saturday @ The Drew Park Theaters!

OldBeatNik Conquers Tampa!  

Doc here with a special report from Tampa by none other than top-shelf field reporter Oldbeatnik.  It has been awhile since I have come across a recent overview of the Tampa theater scene since the local LE put the squeeze on the theaters in the Drew Park section.  Back in 2008, there were arrests and all sorts of unpleasantness going on down there.  So much so that I put up a caution on The Journal about visiting Tampa's theaters.  That was then, and this is now.

Without further ado, hailing from Parts Unknown, here is Oldbeatnik:

There are 5 theaters in Tampa ,Florida,  and Sat Apr. 17 I went to four of them.

4715 Lois Ave.
Tampa, FL

I started out at the Fantasyland on Lois Ave. It is quite large, very comfortable, nice couches, one large theater, one much smaller, and several rooms with doors that can be closed for privacy. It has an arcade with gh's, and a pool room with complementary food. $19 for both singles and couples. 11 hour leave and re-enter privledges. It is very nice but not couple friendly at all. While I was there 3 couples came and left without playing. As soon as they entered either the theater section or the arcade they were followed by a pack of men. Not conducive to first timers or nervous women.

After about an hour I left and walked down the Adult Cinema at 5006 N. Grady. It has one theater sectioned off for couples on one side. Comfortable couches and theater seats both. Costs $17 for singles and couples, with 12 hour come and go privledges. One couple was playing a bit and it was easy to see the action. This is the best theater in Tampa for new/nervous couples as it keeps the horndogs away from them, and experienced couples have the option to go into the singles area.

When the couple left so did I and I walked down to The Love Shack on 3910 W.Osborne. The three theaters are within a mile of each other. The love shack has one semi-large theater with comfortable couches and several smaller rooms. Cost $12 to enter for both singles and couples with 11 hour come and go privledges. I dislike towns with more than one theater because I always feel like I am in the wrong one at the wrong time. The Love Shack proved my theory. One of the couples that left Fantasyland was there and the good looking woman was sucking off 2 men that her escort had invited into the room. He didn't allow other men in so several of us watched the action from the doorway. If I had gone there instead of to the Adult Cinema first I might have been one of the men in the room.

When she finished giving her blow jobs I left and walked back to Fantasyland. No one was in the theater so I played pool on a table near the doorway so I could see anyone going into the theater. While I was playing a couple came into the pool room and started playing a game. She was pretty if Rubenesque. She lost the first game and then took off her dress and played the second game nude. When that was over she put her dress back on and she and her escort went into the theater, once again followed by a pack of men, must have been 10-12 of us. She got comfortable for awhile, then took off her dress, knealt on the couch and began to give her escort a blow job. She was soon being fucked doggy style while she gave her blow job. 3 men fucked her in a row. I left and while driving back to my motel I spotted another theater adjacent to a strip club on the corner of Lois and Hillsboro. Cost $10 to enter no return privledge. It had comfortable couches but no patrons so I left.

The fifth theater in town is The Playhouse at 4421 N. Hubert,  but I didn't bother going there since I have heard it has police action rather then couple action. All in all not a bad night on the town for a confirmed voyuer. Fantasyland is pretty cool but not conducive to new or nervous couples. Adult Cinema is best theater for couples, and Love Shack is comfortable but I am sure it is the most hit or miss of the three theaters. The last theater I went to probably gets no couples.

Humbly submitted by your intrepid reporter Oldbeatnik.
Doc here again.  Now that is a report!  4 Theaters in 1 night is an awesome accomplishment, with good intel to boot.  I am glad to hear that at least on the particular night, that the heat was off and couples felt free to express themselves the best way they know.  Based on this report, I am removing the "Caution" flag regarding Tampa until further information deems that I put it back.

Do you have a report you'd like to share?  E-mail The Good Doctor at

As always, thank you for your support!


Status Update on the Buford Highway Twin Theater in Atlanta

Doc here with an update on the re-opening status of the Buford Twin Theater in Atlanta (actually in the nearby town of Doraville).

First, a little background on the theater.  The Buford Twin was the last adult theater in the Atlanta area after the closing of the Belvedere.  The full history is located in this post from The Good Doctor from October

There are new owners of the theater, and they have been trying to open the theater for the past year or so.  The local government has been doing everything they can to make re-opening the theater next to impossible.

Yesterday I reached out to the new owners to get an update on their fight with the local powers-that-be.  This morning I got a response from them...

"We are in court with the county.....things look good but it may take some more time.....we are fighting for our freedom of speech rights..."

I for one hope that they can get the theater reopened.  It is a very nice facility (a former mainstream twin theater, with a huge lobby and plenty of discreet parking) with two large auditoriums.  I will keep you updated on it's status as soon as that information hits our news desk.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Flash Report - Kansas City

Flash Report - Kansas City, MO

Doc here with a repost by Chris A from the Adult_Theater_ABS_Tampa Yahoo group about the state of things in Kansas City:
Erotic City in the Kansas City are is very much CLOSED. KC area pretty thin these days for such things - Bazookas on Main has two small theaters and some booths on the upper level - Strand on Troost has some booths and also has two theaters - Both places tend to have mostly M/M action but also seem to have a few M/F couples at times - Gloryholes are almost gone in KC

I've been to Oldeun in Columbia, MO and it is a pretty good place - Nice bookstore, booths (some with gloryholes) and theaters - Theaters tend to be small, but couples only one on Fri/Sat can be pretty lively.

Hope this helps a little bit - Have fun - Play safe.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Quick Note From The Good Doctor

Just a quick note from your favorite medical professional... One of the most recent hot spots for "this thing of our's" can be found in northeastern Ohio.  The specific theater is Summit Street News, 645 Summit Street, Warren, Ohio, and is a combination ABS/mini theater. The Good Doctor has never visited there, but from internet reports intercepted by our team of assistants, some fun can be had there.  It is also close geographically to a theater frequently featured on the home page photo, The Foster in Youngstown.

If you happen in there and would like to submit a report, please e-mail The Good Doctor at


Monday, April 12, 2010

House Call With The Good Doctor - San Diego

After The Good Doctor's house call to Seattle, he was off to SoCal for strictly business in San Diego (um, sure).  I was only going to be in town for a few hours, so he made the most of his time doing some research for you, the good readers of The Journal.

Let's get started...

Adult Depot
3489 Kurtz St.
San Diego, CA

Adult Depot is located on a one-way street behind the San Diego Sports Arena, and within a mile of the Barnett Avenue Adult Superstore.  Parking is in a large well lit lot behind the store, and there is plenty. It is a very similar setup as the Melrose Playhose (aka 15th Ave Books and News) in Chicago, just on a smaller scale.

It has an ABS in the front of the store, with probably a dozen or so video booths towards the back of the store. The theater admission was a very reasonable $7.00, and you need to be buzzed into the theater (you have in and out privileges for 4 hours). The theater area contains two seperate theaters, one with 25-30 seats, and the other with about 40 seats (both have plenty of standing room as well).  They both have new large flat screen TVs, and they provide the bulk of the light filtering through the screen rooms. BTW, both theaters show straight porn.

Being a mid-week night, I was not expecting to see much happening in terms of couples fun.  I was also wrong.  The in the larger theater, I happened across a couple in the back row.  She was probably 40, had shortish blonde hair, and a black dress hiked up to expose her nether regions.  Her boyfriend was on her left while a another guy was on her right.  She was stroking the cock of the guy to her right for a while, and then starting giving him an enthusiastic BJ.  When she popped back up, a guy sitting 3 seats away walked over and whispered something in her ear.  She nodded, and presto-chango, he slid into her wet pussy for about 5 minutes of intense fucking.  One more guy stepped up to the plate and repeated that performance with one of his own.  Something tells me that scene repeated itself a few more times that night.

I walked over to the other theater and saw only guys and one TG/TV in there...

Even the busiest adult theaters in the country (The Paris in Portland for one) do not draw much couples action mid-week, but this reporter witnessed some at The Adult Depot.  I was also amazed that the parking lot was 3/4 filled at 10PM (and remember, this is a large parking lot). 

Well, The Good Doctor was on the clock, so he headed to the other theater close by, The Barnett Avenue Superstore.  Two lights and 5 minutes later, I was there...

Barnett Avenue Adult Superstore
3610 Barnett Avenue
San Diego, CA

The Barnett Ave. Superstore is part of the Deja-Vu national chain of adult boutiques...It was unmistakable walking in not to notice the same expert merchandising of their DVDs, huge "toy department", and a seperate lingerie and shoe department.  It also is very well staffed, which is a trademark of the Deja-Vu chain.  Off to the left was the theater entrance, and a maze of video booths.

Parking is either on the left side of the store, or if you pull around the front there is more parking there.  Again, well lit and safe.

$10 dollars got The Good Doctor in the door of the theater.  After walking down a hallway with a 90 degree left hand turn, you end up either turning left into a theater or walking straight into the other theater.  The theaters themselves are larger than Adult Depot's, and more luxurious.  Instead of the theater-style chairs of Adult Depot, Barnett has leather reclining chairs, complete with drink holders.  Each theater seats about 50+ people.  Each theater has two flat screen TVs, one showing straight adult fare, the other showing gay/bi/TV fare. For each his own.

I would imagine on weekends this place would be hopping, but that night it was not.  Yes, you guessed it...

Do not jump to the conclusion that there were no couples/women in the store, because there were... I saw at least 12 different women shopping there.  Unfortunately, none of them entered the doors of the twin theaters.

The Doctor's Orders:
Adult Depot: Highly Recommended
Barnett Superstore: Recommended

Doctor's Footnote
The Good Doctor did not make it to the other two theaters in San Diego: Jolar and The Gemini.  If I make it back to San Diego sometime in the future, I will stop by for a house call at these establishments.

Do you have a report of your own?  E-mail The Good Doctor at:


Monday, April 5, 2010

Hot Flash Report! HEB in Seattle

The tsunami of Seattle information continues to hit the Control Room here at The Good Doctor's office. Now we have a Flash Report from a visit this afternoon by Sable at Hollywood Erotic Boutique in Seattle.  Sable's boyfriend offers the following blow by blow report:

Well, I am Sable's boyfriend and I have to tell you she was awesome at HEB this afternoon. She wore a nice pull over blouse with a black sweater and a very short black skirt with stockings and a thong. We had never been to HEB before so neither of us knew what to expect.

When we walked into the theater we were in the main room. I didn't care too much for the bondage movie playing so we went into another room and had a seat. It wasn't long before Sable said it was too light and let's go back to the main room. Sable is a fairly conservetive woman so when we sat down she was a bit nervouse. Well that didn't last long. She was the only woman in the place and every guy there was checking her out. I reassured her she was safe and to start thinking slutty thoughts. She did and started unbuttoning my jeans, I slowed her down a bit and had her open her legs so I could play with her bald pussy and let the guys take a peak . She then started giving me head. Now she really had their attention as the guys started rooting her on and moving in to enjoy the show. Sable is a very attractive woman, tall blonde and a great set of tits. about three guys were standing in front of her and I had her sit up and asked the guys if they'd like to play with her tits. I opened up her blouse and pulled her tits out of her bra. Two men started feeling her up at the same time. Another older dude started running his hand up and down her thighs. It was quite a show for me to see her getting the attention of three men at the same time. She then started sucking my cock. I asked her to straddle me and she moved on top of my lap and got my cock in her. The guys were digging this. The plastic chair I was sitting in cracked and sable said to fuck her from behind. She stood up and bent over the broken chair as I dogged her in front of about seven guys.I couldnt believe how much she was getting into this whole scene. We then sat down and I wispered in her ear that she should stroke someone off. The one gentle men was standing on her right by the wall with his dick in his out of reach and she asked him to take the seat on the right next to her. Well anyway she got up on her knees in the chair and bent over to continue sucking my cock. This lucky guy had Sables ass right in front of him and went to town feeling her ass. When I asked him how he like her pussy he said he just came and wished his wife was like Sable.

Truly a day to remember for her and I . She got right into being the center of attention and the guys all respected her boundries. We are planning a trip to Portland in the near future and check out the Paris.

Doc here again... As I mentioned in my last "House Call" blog entry, HEB is a place that can yield some hot coupes fun.  Our Time-Life operators are standing by, waiting for more reports.  Do you have one?  If so, e-mail The Good Doctor at


Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Feature! House Call with The Good Doctor - Seattle

Welcome to a new feature at The Journal of Adult Theaters: "House Call with The Good Doctor". This new feature will revolve around personal visits by The Good Doctor to various adult theaters across the country. 

When making the rounds with his 9-5 profession, I may be in various parts of the country.  East, west, north, and the south all get visits duing the course of the year.  And as part of my service to you, the good readers of The Journal, I will give you an in depth report on these theaters. Pros, cons, and maybe some inside information that could make your visit to one of these establishments more enjoyable.

So let's begin with House Call #1 in Seattle, Washington...

First, a little recent history.  From a national perspective, the adult theater with the most visability in Seattle/Tacoma area was The Mecca Theater in Tacoma. 

The Mecca, circa 2006

The Mecca had a pretty active Yahoo Group at the time, which highlighted upcoming visits, but also detailed some encounters at this theater.  While it's activity was pale in comparison with the theaters in Portland, Oregon like (at the same time) The Jefferson and The Oregon, it was still in play as a classic 70's style adult theater.  The theater closed in 2006 and now has been re-purposed into condos (sound familiar, Portland?)

Now let us fast-forward to the present.  The Good Doctor was in Seattle making his rounds several days ago, and made time to visit two venues which have been the topic of some Yahoo Group chatter in recent weeks.  I jumped in my rental Lizardo 3000 and headed 20 miles north to Everett to visit  location #1 on my appointment list, Airport Video, 11732 Airport Road, Everett ,WA.

Airport Video, circa 2 weeks ago

As you can see from the above photo, Airport Video is a combination of 3 buildings joined together.  The building on the right is the video arcade, the center building is the lobby/bookstore, and the largest building on the left is the theater and another DVD/bookstore area.

The theater is nothing too elaborate...After walking down a hallway, you enter the theater on the left.  The theater is a room about 70 feet long and about 35 feet across, conatining about 50 or so heavy duty plastic lawn chair type chairs.  The theater is divided down the middle by a wide aisle leading to the rear of the theater.  Movies are shown on a large screen TV that is large enough for the viewing area.

- Busy area with easy access to major highways, yet the business while on a busy corner is discreet
- Large parking lot that is both discreet and well lit.  Two levels of parking for overflow vehicles.  Appears very secure.
- Theater is large enough not to be claustrophobic, but intimate enough to be conducive for play and or voyeuristic activities.

- Plastic chairs in theater
- Seems pretty dark in theater compared to other theaters

I would love to hear any reports regarding Airport Video from readers of The Journal.  This place has potential, and from the words of one report on a Yahoo Group I read recently, has "it's Paris-like moments".
After heading back south from Everett, appointment #2 was at Hollywood Erotic Boutique, 12706 Lake City Way NE, Seattle WA.

Hollywood Erotic Boutique, circa 5:30pm

"HEB" is located in the Lake City section of Seattle.  Parking is tight, with a very tiny lot to the rear of the store.  Otherwise your best bet is on street parking or in the lot across the street.  The theater is open 24/7.

The Good Doctor did not just fall off the turnip truck, but HEB has the most unique set-up for their theater in recent memory.  First of all, the young lady who was working the counter could not have been more helpful!  She is the type of person who would make a couple feel immediately welcome.  Not only was she helpful, she had a great attitude.

The upstairs (the main floor) is your typical ABS (DVDs, mags, and toys).  The uniqueness starts when you walk through the doorway leading to the theaters downstairs...You walk through a door to the left, and before I knew it, I was on stairway OUTSIDE leading down two flights to a landing.  Enter the door on the right, and you once again land inside.  There you will find a larger (35'x35') mini theater of maybe 30 to 40 seats, and 3 smaller viewing rooms varying in size, but smaler than the "main" theater.  It was like a smaller version of some of the theaters in Tampa that have multiple viewing rooms. 

- Open 24/7
- Staff is VERY friendly and helpful
- 4 mini theater setup is unique - very conducive for play
- Very clean
- Something for everyone

- Parking, while not impossible, could be tricky.

The Dr's Orders:
- Airport Video: Recommended
- Hollywood Erotic Boutique: Highly Recommended

Stay tuned for The Good Doctor's next "House Call" in the coming weeks.  If you have any comments, or a review or report of your own, please e-mail me at


Happy Easter from The Good Doctor!

Everyone loves bunnies, especially The Good Doctor.  Have a happy and safe Easter... New stories and reports are in the "hopper" (sorry).