Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flash Report! Lustman Al's Visit to 15th Ave in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a quick two-night report from 15th Ave Adult Theater and Books in Melrose, Park, IL.

Here is Lustman Al and his run down.


Hello Good Doctor,

Here is a report from my visit to the 15th Ave Bookstore in Melrose Park, IL on Feb. 8th and 9th:

Feb. 8th
Had heard such good things about the goings on at this establishment I was horny as all get out.
Paid for both the Theater and Spa.  Only one playing African American Couple put on a show. She was attractive and then went back from Spa to Private room quite a bit. The lady danced for all us guys but no sex so we all wanked off to her. I waited for other hoping to please some lady but alas no one arrived. By 1:30am I gave up and wanked off to the lovely lady too.

Feb 9th
Busted my ass and all the speed limits to make it before 6pm in order to get the $20 combo special. One BBW couple was there around 7pm then another average attractive couple showed up. I was still holding out for a really Hot to Trot couple(s).  About 10pm a 30 to 40ish White Executive looking gent and his partner a really attractive Asian gal showed up. He wore long black overcoat and she a long trench coat with beige 3 to 4" Fuck me Pumps. They sat in the couples section of the theater for 45 minutes or better then got video and private room and spent an hour or more making some really hot but strange moans and groans.

A few of us waited patiently hoping the door would open so we could join the fun or at least view. It never materialized. The couple finished, came out and left. My what a shame of such a HOT lady to not share her. Hope to be back in Chi Town in fall and wish some of the fine lady readers would take me under her wings there.

In future emails I will tell of my experiences in Detroit at such fine theaters such as the Highland Twin, Sassy Cat, Guild, etc. One thing to ask the readers if anyone remembers "Toledo Couple" from the Sassy Cat days. Besides Very Naughty Robin the lady of this couple was the finest woman I ever laid eyes on.
Lustfully yours,
Lustman Al


Doc here again.... Thanks to Lustman Al and his due diligence reporting from 15th Ave in the western burbs of Chicago.


Flash Report! "Oh Canada" by floyd in Portland

Doc here with the return of our good friend, floyd.  floyd has his niche, and it's reporting on the daytime scene at the Paris Theatre in downtown Portlandia.

floyd was on hand to report on the phenomenon that is Handy Pete and his girl who gave The Journal advance warning of their visit to Portland.  It sounds from all reports that they have set The Rose City on fire with their visits.  And lucky for us, we have floyd to report on this event.

So grab your popcorn and your Big Gulps... It's time to stand for the Canadian Natonal Anthem, and voiced by senior reporter, floyd.

Oh, Canada!

It’s been ages since I’ve filed a report.  There just hasn’t been a lot of daytime action at Portland’s famous Paris Theater lately, and I’ve been out of town on business quite a bit too.  So, lest you think I blew a fuse and joined the Rick Santorum campaign, I figured I’d contribute to your “First Time in an Adult Theater” series in lieu of any recent Paris stories.  So,naturally, I had scarcely put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) when I noticed the Red Flag indicating a couple in the theater.  Postponing my literary exploits, I quickly jumped the streetcar and made the short trip to the Paris.

Once again, like so many times recently, it was obviously a false alarm.  Oh, I’m sure that there had been a couple, but they could not have stayed more than the 15minutes it had taken me to get there. There were only about four guys in the whole place, but I was already there so I sat down and watched the movie.  About 15 minutes later a couple entered and retired to the back benches of the couples area. She was gorgeous: about 5’ 8” and slim, with a cute round face, small breast, and a very nice little ass clad in nice jeans.  He was about 5’ 10”, slim and fit looking.  The appeared to be early thirties, but she looked very fresh and young.  After a bit of slow necking he took out his dick, was impressively hard.  She stroked him for a while and then stated sucking him slowly.

This went on for quite a while, and they were clearly in no hurry, nor were they bothered by the four men at the rail watching.  He started putting his hand down the back of her jeans while she sucked him off, and within minutes she had pulled them down, exposing a truly beautiful little round ass.  He moved around so his head was behind her and ate her pussy from the rear. Some soft moans began escaping her mouth as he tongue-lashed her clit. 

They took a quick break to shed their clothes, and I got a good look at her completely nude. This girl was amazing, with perfect little tits capped with hard, pointy nipples.  He put her on her back and got in between her legs and ate her pussy from the front for a long time,alternately fingering and licking her. This went on for a long time as well. 

He finally turned her sideways on the bench and spread her legs wide, drawing a collective gasp from the penis gallery as we got a full-on view of her shaved pussy and glistening wet clit.  It was becoming obvious that this was a very experienced theater-sex duo!  He walked he over to the padded benches adjacent to the railing and positioned her ass-up with her arms leaning right on the rail, not three inches from me, and entered her doggie style standing on the floor. He read my mind and said “Sure, you can touch her.”  In seconds she had several hands rubbing her tits, pulling her nips, and stroking her shoulders and back.  I had her left titty all to myself and it was wonderful.  Her skin was so soft and smooth, and her body looked incredible as he fucked her slowly.

One of the daytime regulars (actually the same Regular Guy who fucked the 19-year old with me from one of my previous reports) entered the theater and joined them in the couples area.  I’m not sure if he knew them or if he was just taking a chance they wouldn’t throw him out, but he was touching her and jacking off next to her.  Her guy pulled out and let Regular eat her from the back for a few minutes, then slipped it back in her. 

After fucking her like that for ages, he signaled for Regular to get ready.  He sheathed his rod and took over, giving her a vigorous fucking.  Her bf took over again and did her mish while we stroked her tits, then Regular did her mish as well while her bf fucked her mouth. Regular came soon after and cleaned up as bf continued to fuck her mouth, saying “Go ahead, baby, you can make yourself cum now.”

She wasted no time getting her fingers going on her big swollen clit, while slowly fucking herself with a bottle of lube.  When she pulled it out, the guy next tome stuck two fingers in her cunt while she vigorously beat her clit with her fingers.  I saw an opportunity and squeezed some of the lube on my index finger and carefully pushed it up her ass.  She obviously loved it and was squirming around, with her bf talking dirty about how he was going to jack a big load right into her mouth. She stared having little orgasms every 15 or 20 seconds.  Her asshole would spasm and grip my finger really hard, then when it would relax it would literally suck another inch in.  Extremely hot!  Her bf eventually gave her a mouthful and they lay there panting. 

I realized it was after 4:00pm and I had been there for two hours, so I headed back to the office.  I learned later from Brent that she is Canadian and they are here on vacation.  They actually came back later that night and swapped with another couple. I am hoping that the Red Flag that just popped up here is them!  I’m on my way….



Doc here again... The reports are coming in on this series of visits by Handy Pete and his girl, and I will have them up at The Journal as quickly as I can.

Portland in the springtime... Can't think of any place I'd rather be.