Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flash Report: Biker1952 and Friend Visit The Summit in Warren, OH

Doc here with an outstanding report from first-time contributor, Biker1952.  Sounds like his visit to The Summit in Warren, OH was a success.  But don't take my word for it...


Myself & my ladyfriend arrived at the Summit at approx 9 PM. As we were paying our entry fee, Eric, an employee, asked if my lady was into women. When I asked why he said there is another couple in the theater. Just then a tall redhead wandered out of the theater & said she needed a break because she was extremely arroused. I thought this is looking to be a great nite.

Walking into the theater we noticed about 6 or 7 men sitting on the couches or theater chairs. The screen is large & gives off enough light to see but not so bright that it spoils the mood. We took our seats on the back couches. The men here have learned to give couples time to get comfortably settled. I made the first move by pulling my cock out & stroking it. I love to watch porn & stroke my cock with people watching.

After several minutes my lady bent over & started sucking me. Now you must understand, this lady is not shy. If she sees someone she wants she goes right to them & tells them to come over. Soon I & 3 other guys were standing in front of her while she hungrily devoured us. At this time I realized the other couple had returned to the theater & the redhead was very excited. I could see her feet on the back of a chair & her pants pulled down to her ankles. The gentleman beside her was fingering her very forcefully. By the volume of her orgasms he was doing a very good job.

At this time my lady sat on my lap facing away & continued to suck a couple guys while I fucked her. After 3 orgasms for her I went out to get her a drink. When I got back 1 guy had her bent over & was nailing her from behind while she sucked off another one & jacked off one other. I noticed the redhead was now sitting on our couch with her pants off & blouse pulled up exposing small but firm tits. I asked her if she wanted to fuck but she said she only does oral. "May I eat you then?" I asked. She smiled wickedly & said yes. Within 15 seconds of me eating her she screamed & exploded in my mouth with so much pussy juice I could not swallow it all. This went on for 4 more orgasms. I have never seen a woman come so violently & squirt so much. For the next hour & a half we just kept taking turns with these ladies.

The difference in the ladies orgasms was amazing. My lady could have an orgasm every 2 minutes & the only noise was her quietly saying"I'm coming on your cock". The other lady was very loud vocal & physical. Because of these 2 horny & physical ladies I had to quit in about an hour. Those 2 ladies took care of at least 10 men that nite.

I had a hard time driving the 2 hrs back to home that nite. We will be back as soon as possible. I am trying to line up 3 or 4 of my lady friends to go to The Summit with me. They all said they want to but it is tough getting the logistics together.
Great freshman report by Biker1952!  The Summit is seeing a great deal of fun from what I have heard through the grapevine, and this is an example of what one may find there.

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Trust me...I'm a Dr.

Technical Problem Update: Out of the Woods

Doc here with some good news for the first time in two weeks.  The technical issue plaguing The Journal has been solved and our highly trained staff (OK, me) is ready to start to arduous task of reloading the banners and photos into the archived reports.  This will take days to complete, but in the end I hope The Journal will resemble it's former self.

I have several new reports in the can that will take priority over the restoration.  Look for them over the next few days until I get caught up.

My major lesson learned from all of this: Photostreams are a pain in the ass.

One of the features that will not return to The Journal will be slide show of adult theaters from my archive.  It provided some nice eye candy, but is not worth the landmine that I stepped on as a result of this gadget.

I want to thank the people who e-mailed me during the time The Journal was on the operating table and who lent their support and advice. 

Now, where were we?