Sunday, July 24, 2011

Flash Report: Summit News Adult Theater 7/22/11 by Jay

Doc here with a great first time report from the newest contributor to The Journal of Adult Theaters, Jay.  Jay hopefully will be our steady Summit News Adult Theater field reporter moving forward. Jay has been around the block a few times, and know this thing of ours well.

Summit News has steadily been moving up the Power Rankings in the past few weeks, and now is a pretty consistent Top 5 adult theater. Summit News is also (depending on who is working that day/night) posting announcements on their private Yahoo Group, ala The Paris in PDX, 15th Ave in Melrose Park, and CTs in Gary when couples arrive. 

So sit back, and enjoy Jay's outstanding report on Friday night at the Summit News Adult Theater in Warren, OH.


Dear Doctor,

Friday night (7/22) at the Summit Theater in Warren, OH was one to remember. That afternoon, Eric (one of the staff at the Summit) emailed the hobbyists on the Summit Yahoo group that Turbo Slut would be making an appearance that night at 8:00.

So I headed out to Warren and arrived at the theatre about 7:45. My hopes (and cock) rose when I found another couple in the main theatre, but alas, they were watching the movie. Her friend had his hand down her halter, playing with her tits, but that would be the extent of the action. One of the great things about the Summit is everyone is always respectful of any couples that come in. There were perhaps 7 or 8 of us in the theatre, we were all hoping more would follow, but even an hour into the movie no change. Could have been their first time and she was just not ready. Everyone there respected that and did not push.

At close to 9:00 I was getting discouraged and almost ready to leave when Turbo arrived. I had not brought my Blackberry in with me and it turns out she did let Eric know they would be late. After her and a friend sat in the main theatre for a few minutes, they left and went to one of the booths and got ready. They soon headed to the private theatre and us troopers followed.
She moved to a tall, padded chair and sat down facing the couches where we were getting ready. Turbo had on a very hot red bra and panties that would soon be moved aside. She is one hot chick, looking like a younger Carrie Fischer. She then announced that she only had one rule (other than condoms are a must)...Don't waste her time, be ready, she wants cum! She also had brought a large martini glass and informed everyone to cum in the glass, she was going to take all of the cum at the same time.

One of the troopers dove right in and Turbo started to squirm and announced he really could eat pussy...he was in the all time top ten. She soon stood up, her friend tied her hands behind her back, and she bent over the chair. One of the fellows didn't waste any time, he moved right in and started to pound away from behind. Turbo yelled out "Somebody stick a cock in my mouth!" Well, I didn't need any more encouragement so I quickly obliged her. As my fellow hobbyist pounded away she moved forward with each thrust burying my cock in her mouth. It wasn't long before I was ready (we took her rule seriously) and soon asked for the glass and shot my load into it. One after another the boys continued to fill the glass until we were all spent.

Her friend then laid cushions on the floor, Turbo laid down on her back, and he asked us how she should take it. There was a brief idea to go back to the main theatre and drink it there, but a consensus was soon reached to just pour it in! She leaned her head back and her friend poured 8 or 9 cum loads directly into her mouth and on her face. She loved it! We loved it!

Can't wait for her next appearance at the Summit, good Doctor.



Doc here again... It's reports like this great one from Jay that make The Summit News Theater a must stop location in this thing of ours.   Thanks for the report, and we are looking forward to Round 2!

Do you have a report that you'd like to see on The Journal (just like Jay did)?  Just e-mail Gorrila Monsoon The Good Doctor at, and I will edit and format your report.  You get the glory and prestige.  A real win/win!


Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi's Saturday Night Report 7/23/11

Doc here with this week's report from that southern gentleman himself, senior Journal reporter Bob in Biloxi.  The past two weeks have been a bit slower than usual on the Gulf Coast, but Bob somehow, someway, finds a way to get into some shenanigans. This report is no exception.

I submit to you, the good readers of The Journal, Bob's report:


This Week's Episode: "Gentlemen Prefer Red Head(s)"

Gulf Coast Theater
Biloxi, MS
Hey Doc,

Last night was the perfect night for this thing of ours or dogging or anything else one can figure to do without one’s clothes. Cool breeze blowing off the Gulf, moderate temps, etc. But we only saw a small amount of ladies willing to play?
 At the Gulf Coast Theater, 5 couples were in attendance at various times, with our “German Couple” making a run for the record. The other four checking out the scene, but reserved in their actions.

Now down at the ABS, a totally different story. I arrived around 7pm, and the lot was full. I went in to check it out, & the clerk told me no couples had been in all day. So I went back and figured I would check out the new movie postings and try and relax just a little and ponder the events that may take place this evening. No fewer than 25 guys poked their nose into the hole, seeing that I wasn’t going to play, and made their exit. I was just about to leave when a couple entered next door. In all honesty I was waiting to see if one would show.

The Real
Lauren Holly

A stunning redhead, dressed in a black stretch dress, no panties (God I love women when they do that!) a bra containing massive D (at least a D) cup tits, with what appeared to be a baby smooth pussy. I know this because upon entering she started disrobing! I can best describe her looks as somewhat like Lauren Holly, only with bigger boobs! Every attractive young lady maybe in her early 30’s, in any case she stirred the right hormones and soon I was sliding the first mate through the hole. What happened next, and I’ve thought about this repeatedly on the drive home, could only be compared to a lioness toying with her prey before she devours it!

Her tiny hands were ultra soft and begin stroking me followed by a very wet mouth, followed by lightly stroking, followed by a very wet mouth, followed by what felt distinctly like a wet pussy! I didn’t last long Doc, frustration from endless meetings, goofy employees, goofier bosses and just plain ole pent up anxiety shot to the surface, along with what felt like some spinal fluid covered this lass. It was one of those OMG moments; I was appreciative of the top portion of the wall to hang on too! Lest I collapse on the floor! This lady had genuine talent for making a man lose all control.  I don’t think they stayed long afterward, but since they didn’t, many missed out on incredible talent!

Bob in Biloxi
After retiring to the safety of the bitching burnt orange Ram and consuming massive amounts of H2O, accompanied by an hour or so of rest, a blonde pulled up in a Mustang with her ole man. They went in and went straight to the back. I wasn’t able to catch which booth they went in, but one of the gays there pointed to one without a hole. I never did find them, so I don’t know what if anything they did. She was certainly dressed to play. When I came back from checking out the theater they were already gone, but one guy told me she was looking to get him plowed in the ass. Oh well, not my thing but maybe she had some luck. We will never know I guess.

That’s only one for one on two weekends, but it beats striking out anytime. The quality of the attending ladies certainly has gone off the scale; primo would be a great word to describe them!!!

And that’s your report from the beautiful Gulf Coast, Doc. Have a great week!



Doc here again....Thank you Bob for once again, taking one for the this thing of ours team.  This is an example of quality over quantity, and Bob makes the most of his instincts on this report. 

The Good Doctor is begging and pleading for more adult theater reports.  Please e-mail Natureboy Rick Flair The Good Doctor at . I will edit and format your reports, and all you have to do is supply the words and get the glory.