Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's Happened Again! The Good Doctor Has Been Outed!

Doc here, with a stunning admission: I have been outed.
Those of you with a good memory will remember my performance capture work for a 2011 Hotels.com claymation commercial where I played a resort waiter.  The pay and notoriety were both good.
A few months after filming the performance capture, I was approached to take my talents to South Beach for another commercial.  It was also about this time that The Journal began it's first growth spurt, and I set aside my acting ambitions after filming the commercial so that I could mold The Journal in to what it is today.
I honestly forgot about the commercial... That is until this afternoon.
I thought it best if you heard it from me directly...

New Feature! Bedtime Stories with Sweet Temptation

Doc here with a bold, new feature here at The Journal of Adult Theaters: Bedtime Stories with Sweet Temptation.

In a first, I am publishing erotic fiction from one of my newest reporters, the naughty and insatiable Sweet Temptation. Her debut of her adult theater skills at Hartford's awesome Art Cinema is still being talked about, and now she is offering her writing skills for you as well. 

I think you'll like this new feature a lot... I know I do.

Here is Sweet Temptation and her story...


She was hot! - and anyone who caught even a glimpse of her knew it instantly. She glided through the airport exuding sexuality itself - in her dress, her shoes, the faint wisp of perfume trailing after her, flowing hair. Her silky tanned legs began at her neck, or so it seemed; her tiny waist gripped snugly with a black cord and silver pendant shaped like the sun; her breast threatening to volcanically erupt from the shimmering white nylon top that encased them; her arms tapering to white-tipped nails; her short black skirt barely covering her firm round ass swinging in rhythm with her rocketing hips.

Everywhere she glistened with silver accents against her delicate skin - earlobes, neck, writs, ankles. She turned heads continually - men and women alike - as she made her way to the gate. She looked awesome and she knew it. She loved the feeling of eyes on her; the excitement of heads turning her way; the appreciative nods.

Her flight was boarding when she arrived so without hesitation she floated down the jetway in search of seat 8B. When she reached her row, there were already two men seated, absently scanning magazines, leaving her little choice but to squeeze past the one on the aisle. She excused herself and stepped over his feet, hugging the seat back in front of him. He caught her scent full in his nostrils and when he looked up, was struck full-force as her beautiful ass passed inches from his face.

His eyes scanned over her quickly as she sat down. What little he saw in that split second intrigued him, his senses coming alive. Oddly, he felt wider awake than he had moments before. He made a pretense of leaning to pick something up from the floor at his feet while in reality he was eyeing her legs. "Whoa, gorgeous!", he thought and silently thanked the fates that had brought her to his side for the next several hours. She adjusted herself into the small space reserved for her and slid her bag under the seat ahead.

From the corner of her eye, she glimpsed his movements and turned to him and smiled. Caught! Damn! He returned the smile and quickly found his voice. They exchanged greetings, introducing themselves, and made small talk about their destinations. She knew the effect she was having on him and she played on. She trailed her hands up over her smooth legs, grabbed the hem of her skirt and tugged it down a bit - rolling each hip as she did. Searching for her seatbelt, she ran her hands over her thighs to the seat on each side, then moved her hands up through her hair and gave it a shake, took a deep breath and relaxed against her seat.

His gaze fell over her chest and he sat mesmerized by the rhythmic rise and fall of her breasts. The two men exchanged a look over her head and their eyes quickly returned to her. She could feel them looking at her, and with a slight grin, turned to introduce herself to the man on her left. As the plane ascended, she squirmed in her seat, casually bumping arms with first one, then the other man. She watched their reactions and was elated to see the effect she was having on them both. Cocks unmistakably growing harder with each brush of her skin. They too began to shift in their seats and were grateful when the captain turned off the "Fasten Seatbelt" sign.

When the flight attendant came to take their drink orders, the man on her left offered to buy the first round for the three of them. He leaned across her to pay for the drinks just as she moved forward. His right arm skimmed across her chest and as he fumbled to regain his composure, spilled some of his drink in her lap. He quickly grabbed his napkin and amidst apologies helped her dry her skirt. Unflustered, she allowed him to wipe up the spill, enjoying the subtle pressure against her body. She pushed her pubis lightly against his hand and savored the shocked expression that crossed his face.

She gave him a wink as his hand drifted slowly down her thigh, his hard-on intensifying instantly. She excused herself again, and squeezed past the aisle seat and headed for the lavatory. She raised one leg onto the seat and turned her body so she could see herself in the mirror, pulled her skirt up over one hip, her panties to the side and slipped two fingers into her wetness. She got herself off, plunging her fingers in rapidly while rubbing the heal of her hand over her clit. She muffled the moan that erupted as she came, and felt a shiver race the length of her body as the warm wetness flowed from inside her. She slipped off her wet panties and concealed them in her hand.

After she returned to her seat, she leaned to the right and discreetly transferred them to her unsuspecting neighbor. When he realized what he was holding, his mouth dropped open in disbelief. He excused himself and headed for the lavatory just as she had. Once safely locked inside, he uncurled his fingers to inspect the wet white panties. He held them to his nose and breathed deeply letting her scent engulf him. Braced against the metal counter, he pulled his cock free. It was already throbbing and dripping and after a few strokes, he shot his load into his hand. Never had he experienced such an instantaneous orgasm.

While their seat mate was gone, she leaned toward the window to get a better look at the lights below. As her chest grazed his, he moved his arm into her lap and deftly slipped his fingers between her legs. She parted her thighs to allow him entry. Quickly he found the moist cavern he was seeking and parted her lips and dipped his fingers in. She gasped and opened her legs a bit further. Within moments, he felt a surge of wetness coat his fingers. They were just settling back into their own seats when their companion returned, smiling broadly. She gave him a knowing glance and a tiny smile, then laid her seat back and closed her eyes.

Both men were left to their own thoughts for the remainder of the flight. When the plane landed, they departed without conversation. She headed for baggage claim with the two men closely behind her. She stood at the carousel watching for her bag to appear. When she saw it, she bent over at the waist to grab it, giving the two guys - and everyone else in the area - a clear view of her naked ass beneath her skirt. The guy from the window seat couldn't take anymore. He sidled up behind her and whispered in her ear, "Come with me." She smiled and followed him to the nearest men's room where they slipped into a stall unnoticed. She balanced herself on the toilet on her knees with her hands on the back wall while he flipped her skirt up over her ass and plunged his hard cock into her pussy. He fucked her hard and within moments drained himself inside of her. She climbed down from the toilet, turned to him and said, "Okay, honey, we can go home now."


Doc here again... I think I am going to like this new series of stories/reports.  However, I'd like your feedback in the comments section below... How did you like Sweet Temptation's story?

Many thanks to the lovely Sweet Temptation for this story!


Couple's Flash Report! Chrissy & Mike Hit The Art Cinema for Three Days of Debauchery

Doc here with another terrific Couple's Flash report from the very sexy Chrissy & Mike. They hit Hartford's awesome Art Cinema for the weekend sweep: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

And when you read Chrissy's report, you will see how wet and wild these three days were.

So without further ado, here is Chrissy!

Hey Doc,

Chrissy here with another report from my second home, The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT. I think everyone can tell from the reports that I have grown to love going to the Cinema. We have been there every weekend since the Valentines Event and still find every visit to be worth the time and travel! We have even made some really nice friends and gotten to know the regulars. But since this is a report, time to get on to the good stuff. 

The Art Cinema - Main Auditorium
We had originally planned on just going on Friday night, but lucky enough I was able to get out of working Saturday and made it a three night event. Friday night we arrived around 6:30 pm dressed in a short skirt and sequined tank top. For all that live in the area, I am sure you remember the stupid storm that hit us and of course that killed the amount of patrons attending on Friday. But no worries, my regular guys were there and we still had a blast!

We started up in the balcony as usual and to our surprise about 3 other couples showed up. One couple came up, she blew him and then they left! (such a waste if you ask me!) Then a middle aged white couple came up and they were fooling around. I found out later that it was their first time there and that they had went to the main floor first. I couldn't help but laugh, since I remember my first time on the main floor! From what the wife told me, she was completely repulsed by the amount of men hovering around waiting for a show, but she had no problem with other couples. I remember once thinking the same thing but now I have been there enough to know they just want some live action and to maybe get in a feel, a finger or possibly a fuck. I later said to Mike, that she probably wont be coming back again. Eh to each their own and more fun for me!

The Real Chrissy
Another couple came in too, they were a middle aged African American couple. She was bi and very tall and thin, trimmed up neat with tits on the small size but her nipples were huge. He on the other hand was very straight, very drunk lol, and very long and wide! Mike had never played with a black woman before and after a few minutes of talking about the cinema and all the fun it can hold, we all were swapped off. I have to say he felt great in my pussy, although he did push his way into doing anal (which I assume was because his wife doesn't do anal and the fact that he was shitfaced beyond belief!) Either way we had a good time and I do feel bad because a lot of my friends were waiting for me downstairs for most of the night!

After the four of us had our fun it was around 10pm, we went downstairs to see our friends, James, Mike, Scott and Kenneth. Mike gives some awesome shoulder rubs and is a great kisser. James can make me squirt like there is no tomorrow and he fucks pretty good too, he has become a regular after a few weeks of seeing me there! And lets not forget Scott! This man is so respectful and has an awesome cock the provides a huge load of cum! I was soaked from my tits to my arm and down to my back after he was done unleashing his load on me! And I love when people ask before they touch and he asks every time! We finished the night with me getting fingered and soaking Ernie's seats and floor with the squirting I did. (Thank god he has a cleaning crew that comes in every night!)

Saturday night was amazing! We arrived around 7pm this time I was in a black dress and heels. Like always we checked out the balcony, there were probably about 6 or 7 couples there but they all kept to themselves. The lighted part of the balcony seemed to be the place for the shitfaced chicks Saturday night!

The first couple that went up there were older, probably in their 50's to 60's. The female half passed out at one point, and next thing I knew she was talking very loud and slurring her speech. It was at that point the male half helped her down the stairs and they left.

The next couple were probably around 40 and at one point the female half annoyed everyone including the single guys with her laughing. Totally ruined the mood for everyone! She was another one that needed a helping hand down the stairs because she couldn't walk straight. (personal note here: Ladies, if your gonna go to the cinema to have fun, please refrain from getting plastered before hand so you can fully enjoy everything it has to offer).

There was one single guy that came upstairs and looked around a sec and went back downstairs. About 20 min later I went out with my husband Mike to get a cigarette (he smokes I don't) and I noticed that there was a VERY masculine looking chick walking in alone. Come to find out, It was a guy that was fully cross dressed. Walked like a guy, but had a black dress, heels, wig and make-up on. We went back up to the balcony and 10 minutes later they both came upstairs. It didn't take management long to come up and ask "where is the cross dressing guy at?" We helped point them out and they were escorted back down. I heard management ask them what they were doing up there and their reply was "we thought this was for couples" management replied with "yeah couples...give me a break". We then went downstairs and met with our friends Mike and Kenneth.

Boy did I felt like the cream filling of a sandwich cookie Saturday night. I was kissing our friend Mike and next thing I knew there was a guy behind me jerking against my ass then another guy showed up on my right side jerking his junk against my leg. I actually look forward to Mike's massages every week! Kenneth (just learned his name this weekend) can make me squirt pretty good too and has a very nice cock! We had 3 other couples come downstairs while I was on the floor screaming out my orgasms. One was a master/ slave combo, another couple the girl actually told the guys "don't touch my tits, I might suck you off but don't touch me" and the third couple I didn't really get a chance to see.

I had multiple guys fingering me and making me squirt! One black guy actually told the guy fingering me to let him know when I was about to squirt because he wanted to drink it! He told me later he loves to get it in a glass and drink it. (lol ). He also asked to rim me, who am I to say no? lol Afterwards he thanked me a few times for letting him rim me. I laughed and said your very welcome! We left Saturday night with my dress soaked and not only the floor but 3 seats soaked! Great night!

Sunday we decided we didn't want to stay home so we made plans to meet a couple in the balcony. We arrived at quarter past 4pm. I was in a short skirt and dressy shirt. The couple ended up being a no show but there were a few couples to show up. They kept to themselves so we went downstairs and boy was that a unique experience!

My husband Mike started rubbing my leg and the action was on! Next thing I knew I had not only older guys but some really young guys around me as well. I was fingered until I squirted probably a good dozen times! These guys were pretty talented! I took on a guy with a good 8" cock that was nice and thick too!

As he was pounding me there was a foreign guy that kept getting too close. He actually got swatted and told to back off multiple times throughout the evening. I don't know if he was bi or what but boy did he piss off a lot of the guys there. I do have to say the guy fucking me did very well even though the foreigner was pretty much up his ass! Kudos' to you if your reading this!

Next I started jerking and sucking a bunch of the guys. One of the younger guys whispered to me "what do I have to do to get you to suck my cock" I said to him, all you gotta do is ask nicely! With that being said I took his nice long rod into my hot wet mouth and devoured it! I could tell he was loving the feeling by the moans cumming out of his mouth. I have to admit though he was pretty hot so I had already planned on giving him some attention ;)

After a few minutes of sucking his throbbing cock, he was ready with a rubber and I was bent over getting it fast and hard (just the way I like it)! We fucked for a good 5 to 10 minutes and after he came he went and cleaned up and came back to thank me. The pleasure was all mine of course! He left and it was on to the next guy. I was fingered a few more times before I took another cock in my mouth. I swear I probably had every nationality possible either in my mouth or in my pussy Sunday night.

I was fucked by a Spanish guy that was a bit on the shorter side. It took a few minutes for him to get in, and I was nice enough to be patient with him, he was quick to finish once he was in though. Not quite sure if it was because I was still swollen from three nights of fingering and fucking, and the keegles, I do or if he is just usually that quick but once he came he was gone! I was fingered a good half hour more, squirting a good 6 more times before this cute 22 yr old came over. He had a very nice cock, on the long side and just the right thickness!

Poor kid, had the foreigner up his ass and another guy sitting there giving us tutorials on how to fuck. This kid had no problem getting hard and he was enjoying every bit of me sucking him and him fucking me but with all the guys around him and the rude ones being right in our faces he couldn't cum. At one point I told the guy that was giving us directions that he needed to back off and shut up. For his own sake he should have just left because I almost punched him for the bullshit that came out of his mouth! I have never had someone be that rude before and after talking to a few other regulars, I found that he doesn't come around much because he has been yelled at before.

At one point while I was sucking the young guy, the "sneaker" as they call him, said in a very quiet tone, "Will you suck me off? What will it take? Warning to all the guys that are rude like that, don't say shit like that to us girls that are nice enough to come down to the main floor, It won't get you anything! The rude guy abruptly left and before I knew it the Cinema was closing!

I felt so bad that the 22 yr old cutie couldn't get off that we exchanged numbers! Even with a few jerk off's and their crap, it was still an awesome night that I won't regret! I got fingered by a good dozen guys, cummed on by 3 or 4 and fucked by 5 guys (one being my husband!) Who can complain about that? I have found that all this fucking has helped me lose weight so I am making this my weekly diet! lol We plan on attending again this weekend, so be on the lookout for us.

Chrissy & Mike


Doc here again...Where to begin in this one... Chrissy is officially on fire when she enters into the lobby of The Art Cinema. What transpires next is up to you and her. 

Keep up the great work guys!