Saturday, July 7, 2012

Flash Report! 3 Reports - 3 Theaters by The Falcon

Doc here with the return of a regular reporter here at The Journal, The Falcon.

The Falcon covers a lot of ground in this report, so pay attention, take some notes, and be ready for a quiz at the end of the report.

Here is The Falcon, and his latest submission to The Journal.



I made a road trip this week starting on Wednesday.  I went to Annabelle's in Winston Salem NC.  I was disappointed because Wednesday night is Gay night and the movies and most of the folk there were gay.  I found out after I had paid the $10, so that was almost a waste.  They have done some work on the building since I was there and it looks like they have expanded the theater and taken the private rooms out.  They are still very couple friendly and I will definitely go back (but not on Wednesday).

Bush River Books
Abingdon, MD
Space on to the Bush River Adult Books & Theater in Abingdon, MdD  I was there on Friday night and the crowd was big, but the only thing interesting were a few CDs that came in and met their friends who fucked them a little.  I understand from the folk there that as usual I should have been there a week before when there was a lot of activity.  The staff was friendly and I enjoyed the trip even though the pickings for me were slim.  They have a little room just as you enter the theater where they have a tv that plays cable programs and that helps to pass the time until something comes in the theater.  I like that.  I had to leave early and there was a tremendous line of storms coming through, so that may have kept the crowd down.

Tonight Saturday I was at the Waverly Adult Books & Theater in Waverly,VA,  and again a storm came through.  There were quite a few men there, and abut 9:30pm a young couple came in.  She was definitely shy and they did not sit down, but they were interested.  I spoke to them and offered them a good seat but without takers.  They did not want to talk much and after about an hour and a couple of visits to the theater they left.

However Cammy and her man came in, and she looked great - short full skirt and no bra.  Beautiful large titties and a truly sexy lady.  She made several trips into the theater and was obviously a regular, as she knew all the management.  She did get into the theater and pleasure herself on one of the couches but she did not offer anyone any encouragement.  We spoke and she told me that she used to really play but it looks like the management and cops have put a slow down on her activity.  Just before she left around midnight, she and her man went into one of the private rooms and we heard her have several hard hard climaxes.  Not my favorite thing but better than a root canal.

My plans are to visit the Foxes in Columbus GA soon and I will send you a report.



Doc here again... First of all, there is no quiz, so put your pencils down.  Thanks to The Falcon and his report... His report is much like a lot of visits to adult book stores and theaters, where you will run into a streak of bad timing.  Hopefully this will straighten out soon for The Falcon.

Note: Addresses for all locations above are located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database.

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