Monday, October 1, 2012

Field Report! Mark & Christine Profile The Paris Theater inside Downtown Adult Books in Birmingham, AL

Doc here with a great piece of news from Mark (from Mark & Christine fame in their several adult theater related Yahoo Groups). Let's welcome in Mark and Christine,



After years of neglect, crime, political harassment and decay the theater scene in Birmingham had become quite unattractive. Several theaters have been closed and their buildings razed. The one remaining theater (Cinema Blue) has fallen into a sad state of disrepair.

Recently a glimmer of hope was injected into the Birmingham scene with the opening of the Paris Theater. One of the existing larger adult bookstores is now the home of the Paris Theater. To make room for the Paris a section of the Downtown Adult Books showroom was renovated to make room for the Paris.

A space of about 16' X 30' was walled off to make a home for this theater. Folding chairs provide seating for up to 23 patrons. Why 23 seats? I suppose this was the available supply at the local warehouse club. The video It's is clearly displayed on a large flat screen TV about 65" or so.  The screen is elevated about 4 feet above the floor. Not too bad in my opinion.

Admission to the theater is $10 per person and $15 for a couple. The patrons must be "buzzed in" after paying the clerk. The buzzer serves a dual purpose of keeping unpaying people out and as a limited early warning system for those that need to "act right" before the door opens.

So far the theater has been kept clean. No harassment from the clerks has been noted. In summary, the Paris is fair and leaves a lot to be desired and in no way compares to The Paris in Portland. On the bright side it is better than what we had and deserves the support of theater lovers.

The Paris Theater is located inside Downtown Adult Books, 2730 Reverend Abraham Woods Blvd. (AKA 27th Street and 8th ave north) Birmingham AL 35203 Hours: Open Mon-Sat 9AM until 11 or 12. Sundays noon until...


Doc here again... Mark makes a good point.... With this version of The Paris, it may not rival The Paris in downtown Portland, but it's better than nothing.


Couple's Flash Report! The Bayou Boudreaux at Bilxox's Gulf Coast Theater (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a 2nd fantastic Couple's Flash Report from The Bayou Boudreaux.  This report has TBB addressing their Saturday night visit to Biloxi's Gulf Coast Adult Theater, and has 6 pics from the event!

As with the last report, this is a hardcore adventure.


Hello Doc, Bayou Boudreaux here.
As I promised last week, I took the lil slut out for more fun Saturday evening at the Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS.  It had been a pretty hectic week and the lil slut was feeling tired so I figured the best thing to get her up and going again would be multiple ‘protein’ injections.
'Lil Slut at Play
I would like to say that the crowd there Saturday was great, before any touching they would ask, they didn’t crowd to terribly bad (everybody wants to see the action).  The regulars and the staff at the Adult Theatre in Biloxi are incredible!!!
Doc, at one time there was seven couples in the theater, tho we were the only ones that played.  That is a good thing.  And thanks to you Good Doctor, attendance is up!  I know one couple and a few singles that were there after reading your blog.  Well Done Doc!!!
We met with another local couple (sweet slut and her boyfriend), friends of ours and relaxed, watched a bit of the movie and let everyone see the two girls sitting next to each other.  Sweet slut is hot, no other way to put it, great tits, sweet ass (with a butt plug in it!) and knows how to work a cock and pussy.   It wasn’t long before sweet slut pounced on lil slut and it was on!  Moans, muff munching, boob squeezing was all in order.  The crowd gathered for the action and let the girls go at it.  The sluts swapped position and lil slut was working sweet sluts pussy, it actually drowned out the sounds from the movie….and our music was much better! 
A little groping from the group and the action ramped up.  Tit massaging, pussy rubbing, moaning, what a delightful sight.  It wasn’t long before lil slut found her first ‘victim’ for providing the first protein injection.  Not to be outdone, sweet slut soon was sucking cock, working it like the slut she is!  The action started out fairly well, each sucked a couple of cocks and both sluts had their pussies stuff full as well.  A little snowballing and cum swapping between the sluts made the action just that much hotter!
Then, the action slowed to a crawl, a lot of people, but no action.  An occasional cock would show up, and there was no lack of sluts to service them. 
While waiting for more stiff cocks, the sluts enjoyed a little more girl time while waiting for more cocks and action and once again, the movie sound was silenced by the moans and groans of sweet slut.  What an active slut she is…and a lot of fun.
Sweet slut and her boyfriend had an early day for Sunday and had to depart early, but we hang around hoping more action would come in.  And it did.  After what seemed like a long wait, lil slut started working my cock, I would finger fuck her and play with her tits.  A cock would approach and without thinking about it, lil slut worked the cock and guzzled the cum load.  The action started picking up and more cocks were lining up, just the way I like it!  About cock number 10 for lil slut, another couple came in and sat close enough to us to watch.  This is the couple that read your blog and came down for action. 
Doc, the young lady was hot, great tits, very sexy body and a sweet innocent face.  It wasn’t too long before that innocent face was busy working her magic.  They observed lil slut taking cock after cock, mostly in her mouth but the lil slut had her ass fucked twice, once by very large headed cock.  If you could have seen lil slut’s face when that cocked ‘popped’ in her ass!!
The other young slut began working her man’s cock and he was massaging her perfect tits.  It wasn’t too long before she started working her man’s cock, then another cock, and another.  Young slut was spun around, bent over and took another larger cock and there was no doubt she was enjoying it.  When he finished, she had a few more and lil slut was still working cock after cock, swallowing load after load of cum.  She’s a trooper Doc!
Pretty soon there wasn’t a hard cock left to be found, all had been drained of their load, some multiple times. 
I wanted to get my cock sucked and lil slut was busy and still had a couple in line.  Young slut, being the sweetheart she is, took me in her mouth and worked my cock.  This lady knows what she is doing and it didn’t take long before I unloaded my jizz and she took it all!  By this time, lil slut was about done, commenting her jaw and ass were sore from all the cock.  That is exactly what I like to hear!!
Thanks again Doc for your support, more and more people are coming (cumming) out to enjoy our little Adult Theater and you get some of that credit.
It may be a bit before we can get back out, but rest assured Doc, we’ll keep you updated!
Bayou Boudreaux Out!
Doc here again... Thanks again to The Bayou Boudreaux for another 5-Star report from the beautiful gulf coast. Keep up the fine work, sir.  It was great to heat that in some small way, The Journal helped open the eyes of a few couples in Biloxi to visit and play inside the theater.  Mission accomplished!

Couple's Flash Report The Lovely Lucy Visits the Lido Theater in Dallas

Doc here with a Couple's Flash Report from The Lovely Lucy.  This time our naughty-minded friend visited Dallas' Lido Adult Theater.
Here we go!
After our experience in Tulsa three weeks ago we decided to take a trip to Dallas to the Lido Adult Theater. The Lido is much larger than I expected. Keep in mind the Midtown Theatre in Tulsa, OK is the only adult theatre I have ever been in. If you missed my first report check it out .
Since this was a planned trip I decided to spice things up. I wore a slinky black dress that revealed my natural DD's quite well. I accessorised my outfit with lots of flashy diamonds a red and white polka dot headband with red high heels (thanks to my husband). I wore pin up style make up and hair.
The Lido Adult Theater
Dallas, TX
We arrived at the Lido around 10:30 p.m. On the right hand side is a big staircase the kind you find in older hotel where you take 10 steps turn and go up about 10 more. On the left was the counter filled with boner pills and vcr cleaner and a large room filled with movies and toys. Typical sex shop stuff. We paid our $18.00 and up the stairs we went. Of course I am nervous because I am new to all this and still find it to be a little creepy. I did however pack a flask of Jagger and Redbull for the occasion(almost half gone by the time I got out of the car lol).
 Once we were inside the door I looked to the right. There was a small lounge area with a couple of black couches and a t.v. Straight ahead there was a long hall leading to a big black door. While walking towards the door to the theatre there were rooms on each side maybe 4 or 5 on each side. There was a man probably in his mid 50's dressed in kakai pants and a nice polo shirt standing in the doorway. My first thought was I guess he is meeting someone here and waiting on them. He said hi, and we said hello and continued walking down the hall.
The next room there was a guy dressed like the rapper Eminem with his hat on sideways pacing in the doorway like he was the great cornholoio, except he was trying to get us to come in the room. I must say I can see why he would be in a place like that. He had a very shady vibe about him. So it made me think back to the older gentleman and I wonder what his story was, and why he was here.
Anyway, we walked into the theatre that was behind the big black door. It was rather large compared to the one in Tusa. It had an actual movie screen that was playing your average dull porn (I like hardcore stuff). There were probably 5 couples in the theatre. We no more took a seat and here comes Pepe and Poncho. When we pulled into the entrance of the Lido, Pepe and his woman were getting out of the vehicle . My husband gave them the not interested sign. Apparently their sign language was as bad as their English. Needless to say we got up and walked back out in the hall. Eminem was still pacing and making gestures for us to come in, Pepe's lady friend was texting and the older gentleman was still standing in the door way. We both went to the bathroom and walked back into the theatre.
We sat closer to the back and watched the movie for a bit at this point I was quite bored, and I grabbed my husbands cock and started sucking it. After a bit he finger banged me till I came. At this point the flask was empty, the theatre had about 4 couples and I needed a drink. On the way out of the theatre there was Eminem again looking like a caged dog in heat, and the nice older man that nodded bye as we left.
The guy at the counter said we could come back in and told us where we could go to get a drink (he was very customer friendly). We returned around midnight. The theatre had around 12 couples by then. There were 2 black couples that sat in front of us. They sucked their partners cocks and left. Then a couple sat by us and she started sucking her husbands dick. I just didn't find them to be my type so we moved to the back wall. We were making out and having a great time. People were walking in and out of the door and here comes Pepe, and Poncho . Pepe kept telling me how beautiful I was and Poncho was trying to cop a feel. Once again we walked out in the hall. I have no idea what came over me but I grabbed my husbands hand and pulled him into the the nice gentleman's room.
Not having any idea what to expect I asked him what do we do. Rod (we will call him that) was very kind and comforting,and replied whatever you want. The room we were in had 2 black sofas and a small t.v. that you feed money into to play porn. We sat on one couch and he sat on the other. My husband and I started kissing and he pulled out his big throbbing cock and started face fucking me.
When I looked over at Rod he was on the edge of his seat. My husband pulled me up and walked me over to Rod. Rod stood up and my husband told me to give Rod some action. Of course Rod was already rock hard. I sat on the sofa and had 2 cocks in my face. I was going crazy. I started out giving each big dick about 6 good sucks a piece alternating until I got down to one suck going back and forth as fast as I could. I was taking every inch all the way down.
My husband grabs me and almost rips my red lace panties off of me from behind. Rod sat down on the couch and I continued sucking his cock while my husband fucked me so hard and fast from behind. I was getting fucked and sucking at the same time. Rod politely said "I am about to come", so I watched his cock shoot a nice large load while still getting fucked.
As soon a Rod was done, My husband tells me he is about to come, I got on my knees like I always do and let him shoot his load all over my face and licking the rest off his dick. We all got dressed and talked for a few minutes. Rod Informed us that he paid $40.00 to enter the upstairs to the couples night.
Note to all men some people are new to adult theatres and by acting so eager you miss out on a good time.
Doc here again... The Lovely Lucy is the real deal folks.  She is taking her first steps into this thing of ours, and is taking to it like a fish to water.  A huge round of thanks go to The Lovely Lucy and her hubby!  Keep the reports coming...