Monday, August 11, 2014

#LIZARDO5TH - The Photo Contest! Entry #7: JP's Slut Toy (@fitlilslut) in Chicago (w/4 PICS)

Doc here, with Entry #7 in the #LIZARDO5TH Photo Contest, and it's a multi-photo feast from my good friends JP and JP's Slut Toy (@fitlilslut on Twitter).

The photo contest is picking up some serious steam, as evidenced from today's submissions alone (from T&A, Mrs. Sexual Athlete, and now JP's Slut Toy)!  It's time to bust out your photo gear, print the #LIZARDO5TH photo HERE , and take your best girl (and maybe even a few friends too) to an adult theater, ABS, or even a public or private place where you can get away with a sexy pic (or pics) with the #LIZARDO5TH photo.

House Call! The Good Doctor Hits Portland - Part 1: Dinner and a (Porn) Movie at The Paris Theatre Friday July 18th, 2014 (w/PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say once pledged for the Klaatu Barada Nikto fraternity, with Part 1 of my House Call Report from my visit to Portlandia.

The Portland trip was close to a year in the making.  I was a regular visitor to Rip City from 2004 to 2011, when my medical advisor position with Spacely Sprockets changed.

Well, Spacely changed ownership, a large medical group from back East brought me on early this year, and Portland was back on my radar. And not a moment too soon.

The above clip from Portlandia says it all. I missed the outstanding food trucks. I missed dodging bicyclists. I missed Voodoo Doughnuts. And I missed the adult theater scene between The Paris and The Oregon Theaters.

There were a number of people from Portland (or close enough to visit PDX) that were insistent on my return: Ms. Hawaiian Eyeful, Gemini, Bambi & Thumper, Shygirl (Ashbaby), and of course my colleague in arms, Brent.

#LIZARDO5TH - The Photo Contest! Entry #6: Mrs. Sexual Athlete @ The Art Cinema

Doc here, with Entry #6 for the #LIZARDO5TH Photo Contest, celebrating 5 years of filthy adult theater reports, pics, and musings from deep in The Valley, near the small women's liberal arts college.

The heat is on, as you have less than two weeks to get your #LIZARDO5TH photos submitted to The Good Doctor. For rules on submitting your #LIZARDO5TH entry, click HERE for details and prize list.

Now onto Entry #6 by my good friends, The Sexual Athletes. By this point, you have seen their reports, and the pics of the insane body of Mrs. Sexual Athlete. This sexual dynamo is truly amazing, and their entry (taken in the balcony of Hartford's Art Cinema) will certainly get your attention (and hopefully your vote when polling begins when the last entries come in).

#LIZARDO5TH - The Photo Contest! Entry #5: T&A Keep Them Coming w/3 More Photo Entries!

Doc here... The entries for the #LIZARDO5TH are flying in now!  Not only are we getting follow-up submissions from entrants, some old friends of The Journal are now ready to be published (The Sexual Athletes and JP's Slut Toy will be hitting the front page of The Journal in the next 24 hours).

Entry #5 is the irrepressible T&A from Art Cinema fame. In this, their third submission, they dive back into and in front of the video booths at their local ABS.

Couple's Flash Report! Ben Dover and Roxy Hit The Art Cinema in Hartford on Saturday 8/2/14

Doc here, a man who some say always has a knack for leaving a few hours earlier than he should of, with a terrific Couple's Flash Report from first time contributors Ben Dover and Roxy.
Ben and Roxy hit The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT about three hours after I left the theater on Saturday August, and apparently while my flight was somewhere over Pennsylvania, Roxy was teeing it up and hitting them down the fairway at The Art.
Here is their hot report...
Hello Doctor,
We (myself and Roxy) had an enjoyable trip on the way to Art Cinema in Hartford.  Any trip that Roxy is using her car vibrator on is always a good trip.  We arrived around 5:30 and headed up stairs.