Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flash Report! Mocha Pickle Answers To The Batsignal at CTs Adult Theater in Gary - Friday 5/18

Doc here... This was a crazy weekend across the board in this thing of ours, from Portland to Hartford. Included in this craziness was CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.   Both Friday and Saturday nights yielded many NOWWW reports from Pete, the owner of CTs.  NOWWW reports are his version of "Red Flag" announcements from The Paris Theater in Portland, and signal to the working stiffs that a couple has arrived to CTs.

Luckily for us, senior reporter Mocha Pickle answered the Batsignal emanating from the roof of CTs, calling for more guys.  Here is his story...


Friday. Late. Got the msg. "...the COUPLE from LAST NITE with the HOT ASIAN WOMAN JUST CAME BACK!!!" I'd missed her Thursday performance at CT's. Heard she was special. An exotic treat.  I decided I would not miss her again.

CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
Got to CT's within the hour. She was in the back row of the theater. Pinned like a butterfly on display. Naked. Limber. Legs spread, black high heels stabbing the air above her head. A bearded guy sucking the taco between her legs like he'd been snake bit and her pussy contained the antidote. He was hogging the buffet, she was loving it, coaxing him to tongue her asshole. How could he refuse? He didn't. She was a multi-tasking minx, a cock in each hand, taking on all cummers. Thank you, God.

After a quick smoke break, she and another woman (with perfect pinchable tits, by the way) returned to finish off the crowd.

A bit of coaching from her man, the teasing tit-woman sucked a few cocks 'till they erupted onto her meaty boobs and perky nipples. The Asian girl, however, used her nimble fingers and hot mouth to stroke, swallow and drain every other cock in the theater.

As an added bonus, she offered her shaved, slippery pussy, but only bareback. Cocks fell like flies into her glazed honey trap, one after another. None lasted more than a few pumps, leaving her gooey, sloppy and wanting more. I opted for an exquisite hand job and lasted less than thirty seconds (she really knew how to work the crown!) Later, her man held her ass cheeks open as I jacked off and popped again, this time on her cute little butthole. I moaned a little bit. Couldn't help it. Did I mention she was a minx? It bears repeating.

This young lady was a real treat- a sexual succubus, her charms simply irresistible.  Thanks to both ladies (and their generous men) for sharing of themselves and their wonderful gifts. As long as we have faces, your hot buns will always have a place to sit.

(mocha pickle)


Doc here... Love Mocha Pickle's writing style.  I have the voice of Detective Joe Friday from Dragnet in my head as I read his report.  And special kudos for the Journal's first use of the word "succubus" in almost 3 years of existence.  Bravo, sir.  Please submit more reports the next time you are working vice...

The Good Doctor needs your adult theater reports!  It took a full week, but I am finally caught up on all the editing from last week's submissions.  It was a great week of reports, and I have you to thank (you know who you are).  Let's keep this train rolling... There was a huge amount of activity at CTs in Gary, The Paris and Oregon theaters in Portland, Berlin new Agency in NJ, and at 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL.  Were you there?  Were you someplace else?  We want to hear what you experienced... Just drop your white-suited friend an e-mail at Send in your report, along with a pen name (for your first-timers).  I'll do the rest, and you get the byline.

Thanks again for a great week here at The Journal!


Flash Report! CTFireGuy Returns With Another Art Cinema Adventure

Doc here with another great report from the newest regular reporter from Hartford, CTFireGuy.  The Art Cinema in Hartford is going great guns, and here is yet another example of how good it is at The Art.

Here is CTFireGuy...



CTFireGuy here again... This Friday nigh (May 11th) 7 couples were there & 3 played downstairs.

The first two were hot and sexy ladies. The first couple walked in and went down front with many onlookers.  The sexy lady blew a few lucky guys and stroked some more guys. As this was all going on, other couples arrived and went upstairs to play. Two younger couples put on shows by the balcony and let the guys watch and got into watching guys stroke to their show.

Another couple came down and walked the aisle stopped and he lifted up her skirt and started playing right there. As you can imagine Doc, the guys hovered right over. She blew her man and let the guys touch her all over. They thanked the guys after the both came.

Then couple #3 came down and played they put on a show, and this is a regular couple where she will let you touch her tits and ass as she plays with her husband. But tonight was different she was playing with her husband and then started stroking other guys. She is very sexy and gets into the whole scene.

All in all Doc, it was a great night in Hartford! The right mix of respectful guys and willing couples.  I have heard that other new couples are coming to the Art, which means more chances for a great downstairs experience if you are patient and respectful of the couples.

Have a great weekend DOC!


Doc here again... Thanks again to CTFireGuy for another great report!  You are 2 for 2 sir... Keep up the great work!

The Good Doctor is still looking for adult theater reports... E-mail them direct to me at I will edit and format the reports, and even drop in a pic or two.  First time reporters, please also give me a pen name you wish to use for your report(s).

Lastly, remember that comments are open on all reports now at The Journal.  Just play nice...