Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Couple's Flash Report! Alex and Lauren Visit The New CVE in Gastonia, NC

Doc here with a terrific Couple's Flash report from one of my favorite reporting teams, Alex and Lauren.  Alex and Lauren submitted one of the first reports I published here @ The Journal, back in 2009, and since then they have a special place in The Good Doctor's heart.

Well, here they are, with an important Flash report from the "new" CVE in Gastonia, NC.  This adult theater (which also had booths at one point, but not any longer) was one of the top theaters in the country prior to a soap opera being played out there.

Well that was then, and this is now... Here is a much needed update on CVE by Alex and Lauren...


Hey Doc,

Lauren and I dropped into CVE a few mornings ago to see for ourselves the changes in the place. We got a little education, had a little fun and thought the gang might like to know what's up.

As I say, it was literally before noon when we stopped by, much earlier than we normally go. But we were over that way, found ourselves with a few free minutes and figured we would check it out. As you probably know, all of the video booths (along with the gloryholes) are now gone. In their place are two shiny new theaters that each seat about 30 people. The video system is bright and crisp and they have installed a nice audio setup as well. It's not surround sound, mind you, but for the local smut shack, it isn't bad!

Gastonia, North Carolina
There was straight porn in the theater to the left, with just a touch of kink. The theater to the right was playing a gay movie and we saw one guy in that theater. The other was empty. The original theater is still there, larger than the others, though they have removed many of the seats, leaving the front half of the room empty. We joked that maybe they were making room for an exam table or a platform for serious exhibitionists, but the new signs warning of spontaneous law enforcement inspections probably mean that there is little chance of that.

We settled into the larger theater for a moment to watch the movie. It seemed to be the best of the three (in our opinion). When we arrived, Lauren had darted into the restroom in the main entry hall and when she came out she flashed me a wicked grin. In the the theater she flashed me more than that. Seems that the poor girl lost her panties - and her bra - in the restroom, leaving her with only a cream colored summer dress that left most of her shoulders and thighs bare. When she sat, the light fabric in her lap was the only thing covering her smooth, shaved pussy, and even that was moved out of the way pretty quickly.

We enjoyed the solitude for only a few minutes before an older, distinguished looking gentleman came in and took the seat across the wide aisle from us. Lauren has a thing for that "type" (as well as many others!), so she immediately began to play up to him. She moved her left leg over my lap, nearly letting him get a look at her pussy. I began to rub it as she started to caress her breasts through her dress. That was all the invitation the other gentleman needed. As he crossed the aisle and prepared to take a seat in front of us, Lauren invited him to the seat immediately to her right. He quickly took it (smart man) and was treated to an excellent view of my very aroused wife.

We took our time, making out like kids and slowly opening the buttons of her dress. Before too long she was completely exposed in front of this polite stranger. Eventually, her legs were open wide and I was fingering her clit and slit. Only then did he ask if he could touch. She quickly agreed and I leaned back to enjoy the show. He began by tracing her nipples, then squeezing her breasts. His touch was soft and Lauren was loving it. Soon he slid his hands between her legs and found her very wet cunt. He teased her clit for the longest time, bringing her to a small orgasm. He asked if he could taste her. She simply nodded her head.

As he slipped to the floor, she opened her legs wide, dropping one across my lap and placing her other foot on the chair to her right. Our new friend knew exactly what he was doing. I watched as licked and sucked her clit and then buried his tongue into her hole. The light from the screen reflected in the wetness of her slit. I watched as his nose and chin got wetter themselves as he savored her juice. She pulled me toward her, kissing me deeply as he took her from one orgasm to another, finally reaching full climax with a string of words her mother would have never approved of.

Once she caught her breath, she told him to stand. I love watching my eager wife go for what she wants. And what she wanted was his dick in her hands. She yanked impatiently at his belt and tugged his zipper open like she was desperate for it. His cock was already stiff and oozing pre-cum. She went to work on his balls, sucking them while she stroked his shaft quickly. As she could feel him nearing release she leaned back and jerked him onto her pretty tits, smiling up at him as she did. I stood to take his place, sliding my dick into her mouth and unloading a few minutes later down her throat as he watched.

With that, she kissed him on the cheek and headed to the ladies room to quickly clean up as we still had an appointment to make. He and I exchanged pleasantries. Turns out he has seen us in there before, but has never had "the privilege" as he called it.

On the way out, we noticed that CVE is running free Couples Nights each Friday and Saturday through July. That doesn't cover the admission to the Couples Room, but it will save a you a few dollars and will allow you to check out the theater area without spending a dime if you so chose.

Alex and Lauren


Thanks again to the always awesome Alex and Lauren for this important update on CVE.  I am looking forward to more reports from the new CVE, so if you find yourself near Gastonia, NC, stop on by.  Consider it your civic duty submit a report to The Good Doctor.