Saturday, December 30, 2017

Couples Flash Report! K&S at Brown Bag Video in Ottawa, Il on 12/16/17

Doc here, a man who some say is a loner, Dottie. A rebel.  

Let's all jump into the Lizardo Gort-1951 Way Back Machine, shall we? The controls have been set to Saturday December 16th, 2017. Arriving on that day, we discovered that The Good Doctor had posted a Visit Announcement in the morning, stating that his good friends K&S would be stopping by Brown Bag Video in Ottawa, IL at high noon. 

So how exactly did this visit go for these crazy kids?  Let's find out...

Take it away, K&S!


Hey Doc!

Crazy holiday time but I had a minute so I wanted to reach out. Thanks for your help a couple weeks go for our field trip!

We showed up around 12 that day at Brown Bag Video and saw about a dozen cars in the lot (although not all were necessarily in BB). We had stopped by once before and were familiar with the layout. S changed in the car; super short black skirt, a loose, thin white tank top, with a small tube top like strapless bra underneath that was very visible, and super cute/hot black baby doll high heels. She wore a long fur coat over it to go inside.

We paid and went into the arcade. We stopped in a booth ourselves to get settled an adjust to the darkness. S took off her coat we proceeded to walk up and down the halls a few times so the 1/2 dozen men could take a look. Everyone seemed pretty shy. We eventually found a room with some decent porn and went in and left the door open. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Flash Report! Raoul Duke Takes a Few Pointers from Doc & Soaks in a 15th Ave. Adult Theater Party in Chicago with Stunt Slut Simone & Bombeshell

Doc here, a man who some say was called "El Grande Velocista" in his days competing in 4-man bobsled for the Mexican national team. The term was inaccurate, as neither was his top speed fast, nor were his driving skills finely honed. 

It's been awhile since we have had a first-timer Flash Report, so let's jump into one, shall we?

Raoul Duke is his name, and he reached out to The Good Doctor prior to attending his first Lizardo event at 15th Ave. Adult Theater. I dropped some rules of the road, as well as some veteran pointers on him, and he took the ball and ran with it.

For a touchdown.

Take it away, Raoul Duke!


Public and group sex has always fascinated me, but until this year it's always been a pipe dream—relegated to an after work session with lubricant in my bedroom as I pleasure myself to the writhing, moaning bodies of an Upper Floor orgy on my computer.

One faithful day, while perusing my Tumblr feed, I came across a post that detailed the best and worst locations for adult fun. The post listed 15th Avenue as one of the premier premises for the type of party I'd always wanted to attend but was never quite sure how to get invited to.

A post linked to this blog and I went down a rabbit hole, reading about 15th Avenue and the Twitter users in its orbit, getting a glimpse at the fun that happens at the venue’s parties.

Visit Announcement! The Sexual Athletes at The Art Cinema in Hartford CT TONIGHT 12/27/17 at 7pm ET!

Doc here, a man who some say once used a Dictaphone incorrectly for years, thinking it was something it wasn't, with a very cool Visit Announcement for you, the good readers of The Journal.

TONIGHT, December 27th 2018, join my good friends The Sexual Athletes at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford as they take in a couple features on the main floor.

This is your chance to meet one of the legendary ladies of this thing of ours, Mrs. Sexual Athlete, in one of her rare Art Cinema visits.  Here is a peak at Mrs. Sexual Athlete to wet your whistle: 

Field Report: Mr. Anon Updates The Journal on Three Locations of Interest

Doc here, a man who some say spends 1 hour a week, every week, in scuba gear just in case shit goes down.

A quick update on three adult theater/ABS locations hit my in-box, and The Good Doctor decided to throw them on the home page first before loading them into the Adult Theater dB.  Why you may ask?

Because I'm a giver.

Here is Mr. Anon with the updates...


Just found your site and its pretty cool.  Not sure if you want update information for any of the places listed on your database but here goes: 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas from Doc & The Journal of Adult Theaters!

Doc here, a man who some say once talked 4 bathing beauties into an impromptu photo session over the Christmas holiday. 

From the entire team here at The Journal of Adult Theaters (which means Barky Lizardo and myself), we wish you a safe and fun Christmas Day!

Reports resume Christmas Day evening.  

Buon Natale!


Sunday, December 24, 2017

A Journal of Adult Theaters Christmas Eve Tradition: The Wreath of Khan

Doc here... A big Christmas Eve tradition here at The Chez Lizardo, located in The Valley, near the small women's liberal arts college, is the hanging of The Wreath of Khan on our front door. 

All the little Lizardo's gather round, bundled up against the cold, and in the sweet voices of angels, sing out loud...

To the last, I will grapple with thee... from Hell's heart, I stab at thee! For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee!

Buon Natale!


A Christmas Eve Present: #5Guys with Khaleesi & Khal at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 12/8/17 w/PICS!

Doc here, a man who some say loves a nice Christmas Eve poem, and tonight I'd like to share one written by me for you...
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through an adult movie house,
Khaleesi was stirring, wearing an open blouse;

Her stockings were hung over the chairs in the couples section,

In hopes that Khal would not have an objection;

The #5Guys were nestled all wishing she was in bed,

While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads;

With Khal in his bukkake tech shirt, and some guy in a cap,

Had just settled down for a long afternoon's fap,

When out in the Red Room there arose such a clatter,
Men sprang from the chairs to see what was the matter.
Away to the entrance, pants down in a flash,
Tore open the panties and ready for a bash.

The glow on the breasts of this brunette smokeshow,
Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below,
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a 10" black hammer, and eight tiny reindeer,

With a little pile driver, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment it must be another black dick.
More rapid than eagles his coursers they came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;

"Now, Neo! now, Kong! now, Marketing Meeting and Frat Boy!
On, Sox Cap! on Carlos! on, several hard toys!
Finish up quickly! to the top of the list!
Now dash away! dash away! if you get my gist!"

And then, in a twinkling, Khaleesi heard on the roof
The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.
As I drew in my hand, and was turning around,
Neo came with Khaleesi, with such a loud sound.
He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,

And filled that big condom; then turned with a jerk,

And laying his finger aside of his nose,
And giving a nod, up from her legs he rose;

He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
And away they all came with the speed of a missile,
But I heard them exclaim, as they drove out of sight,
Thank God for Khaleesi, and to all a good night!

Sit back and enjoy this incredible report from Khal as he documents Khaleesi's Private  #5Guys GB at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago in early December.


Okay, so, I’m going to do it again. It seems I can’t ever tell do this without having to tell you one story before I tell you the one I’m supposed to be writing about here. If you’d prefer, you can think of this Report as a two-in-one and before I tell you about what happened in the “Red Room” last Friday night, I’ll tell you about what happened the weekend before at Doc’s Black Saturday Party at 15th Avenue, when Khaleesi and Neo put on another show in the party room.

Day 24! The 2017 Journal of Adult Theaters Advent Calendar! Keep Checking Every Day!

Doc here, a man who some say loves a daily surprise!  And what better holiday surprise than an Advent Calendar. Lizardo-style!

Each day throughout the month of December, leading up to Christmas, the calendar will reveal your next adult theater-related nugget of information.  You can't jump ahead, kids. 

24 days. 24 nuggets of goodness from The Journal. A little something from The Good Doctor to you to celebrate the holidays!



Friday, December 22, 2017

Flash Report! Jack Rolls Into a Parking Lot, and Finds Kim In Public, Anaconda, and Dry Clean Only at The Green Door

Doc here, a man who some say hits everyone's year end best dressed list in the "Soprano's Extra" category, with the cherry on top report from the now famous KimInPublic visit to The Green Door in Bethlehem, PA with senior reporters Anaconda and Dry Clean Only

To date, we have had Kim's, Anaconda's, & Dry Clean Only's report. The only one we were missing was the mystery man from the parking lot encounter, Jack.

Well kids, Jack's report is here... Enjoy!



It was a such a long day. Work was piling up at the office and I knew that I had so much stuff to do afterwards. Ugh. 

After a tumultuous day riddled with a bunch of year end nonsense, I was out and about just trying to get some Christmas shopping done. Instead of pretending to be jolly Old Saint Nick, I was completely unfocused and kept thinking about how bad I wanted to get rid of my several day buildup of Christmas cheer. 

Not a big fan of my local bookstore for a myriad of reasons. However, I said fuck it and decided to take a drive by. The lot was kind of busy to my surprise. I still wasn’t sure if I was going to venture inside or not. Couples have been known to frequent this seedy little place from time to time (The Green Door in Bethlehem, PA). I parked and waited for a minute. I was chubbed up by the sheer thought of some unadulterated NSA fun and headed for the door. 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Flash Report! Khaleesi's "I'm Dreaming of a White Thursday" at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 12/14/17 by That Guy Josh

Doc here, a man who some say was a voice over artist for an unpopular Christmas animated special, "Drippy the Elf & the Incompatible Fish".  Critics called it "a horror" and "soul-damning". 

Another gift that keeps on giving are reports from the latest Khaleesi & Khal visit to 15th Ave. on 12/14/17, which spotlighted Khaleesi's dream of a very white Thursday.  They came, the guys came, all left happy and one left white. A holiday happy ending if you will... 
In this report, we welcome first-time reporter That Guy Josh. Josh has been through a Khaleesi experience prior, and was ready for more.  It is here where we pick up our story...

Take it away, That Guy Josh!

A Merry Fucking Christmas Indeed

Doc, having already “bent the knee” or participated numerous times in Khal and Khaleesi’s bukkake adventures I thought it is finally time for me to submit a report. 

Arriving shortly after 1,there was already a large crowd of about 25 to 30 guys gathered around Khal in his classic “Bukkake Technician" t-shirt and Khaleesi dressed in her very sexy Christmas outfit, complete with stockings and heels.  I saw, but mostly heard the sounds of a soaking wet Khaleesi being fucked by her Bull, Milkmymuscle, and Kong.  
 Through the crowd I was able to catch a glimpse here and there of Khaleesi being drilled by two BBCs.  Like a scene out of Khal and I’s favorite website, BlackedRaw, Khaleesi was shared between the two men, as a puddle formed from Khaleesi’s amazing squirt below, I witnessed her bent over and as she was stuffed from behind, while her moans where muffled because her mouth was full of BBC.  

Field Report! Dry Clean Only on Modern Adult in Erie, PA

Doc here, a man who some say has one Hell of a set of pipes on him, with a brand new Field Report from senior Journal reporter, my good friend Dry Clean Only.

DCO hit the mean streets of Erie, PA, and discovered an ABS/mini theater on State Street, Modern Adult. DCO jotted down a few notes, and here are his findings!


Hello Doc, 

A quick report from my whirlwind business tour of the Northeast this fall.  PA has a number of theaters, especially new ones popping up the last few years along route 79's suburbs between Pittsburgh and Meadville, however, I wasn't aware of one in Erie until a little scouting I did on the streets after hours one Monday night.  

Flash Report! Hawaiian Eyeful at The Oregon Theater on 12/16/17 by Brent in Portland

Doc here, a man who some say gets asked 2-3 times at every event he hosts in Chicago, "What is the latest on Hawaiian Eyeful?"  That is the kind of following this amazing woman has here in the Windy City.

Well, Lizardos and Lizardettes, I have an answer for you from this past Saturday night in Portland, at the Oregon Theater. The Hawaiian Eyeful was back, she was in great form, and she rocked The OT. 

And what person to break it down for us, than the Professor Emeritus of adult theater reporters, Brent in Portland!

Take it away, sir!


I was at The Oregon Theater this past Saturday for Max and Sarah’s Oregon Theater Tour. There was a fairly large crowd and they were watching a beautiful young woman, naked and dancing at the end of her boyfriends whip. There was a T-girl getting airtight on the small gang bang table and a couple sitting quietly and unnoticed on a couch outside the couples’ section.

I went to the lobby to read my messages, tweets and emails. The news was Max and Sarah had to cancel their visit. I was disappointed for a moment and then I heard Joe say “The Hawaiian Eyeful is inside. Let everyone know."  “Wow”, I thought. “How did I miss her?” Then I remembered the couple sitting on the couch, and, after posting on The Internet, I hurried back inside, and, I can’t remember if I called her by name or just looked at her, but soon I was locked in a friendly embrace with The Hawaiian Eyeful. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Flash Report! Anconda, KimInPublic, & Dry Clean Only Walk Into a Bar, an Adult Theater, and a Parking Lot in Bethlehem, PA on 12/13/17!

Doc here, a man who some say was the Commissioner of Tourism for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania until the "Maple Syrup Incident" of 2003. 

The 3rd of 3 great reports from what will forever be known as "KimInPublic's Cumming Out Party" with senior reporters Anaconda and Dry Clean Only in the tiny town of Bethlehem, PA is here, and it's a doozy.

You have read Kim's report, then Dry Clean Only's report, and now we wrap it up with Anaconda's report. The MPAA has rated this report "Dyn-o-Mite", for harsh language, alcohol consumption, nudity, public handies, an Aphrodite reference, gratuitous sex, and a parking lot cum shot. 

Here we go... 


Hey Doc, 

Let me preface this report before I begin my writing in earnest, by apologizing to your readers for what may end up being a much longer and perhaps more rambling set of thoughts than the concise, well packaged reports I usually submit…but this is a very different kind of report. I believe that it will benefit from more commentary and background than I am used to giving, in addition to the typical “just the facts” type of report you’ve seen from me in the past.

I have been following @Kim_In_Public on Twitter for a while now. She’s beautiful and so intriguing and sexy with her propensity to pull her gorgeous tits out whenever and wherever she wants to, and she is kind enough to film it all and post it for the Twitterverse to see. I have been following @DryCleanOnly99 for even longer I think, and we have always enjoyed sharing stories, advice and once in a while attempting to coordinate our business travel to see if we could hit a theater in tandem. 
Kim in Public
I have been enjoying This Thing of Ours for 5 or 6 years. I can clearly recall being inspired to explore the theater scene by finding Doc’s blog and immediately became a regular reader. I also wanted so badly to become a contributor and set off to gain experience and learn the ropes on as many ABS/Theater visits as I could manage on my travels. As I transitioned from complete greenhorn to a well versed regular, the natural progression for me was to have a new fire kindled. That desire to not just visit alone and keep my fingers crossed to stumble into some action, but to act as an escort to a sexy, open minded woman, and bring the action to others. 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Field Report! The Return of the Cunning Linguist & a Recap of the Upstate NY Scene

Doc here, a man who some say can speak seven languages, all poorly, with the return of a Journal reporter from years ago.

The Cunning Linguist has sprung back into the light of day, and has been nice enough to bring us up to speed on the current Western NY scene.  There is also a mention of my favorite adult theater I frequented as a young Lizardo, to which I tip my Bloody Mary often in fond remembrance.

Take it away, The Cunning Linguist!


Hello Good Doctor,

I do hope you remember me. I have penned articles for you previously. However both personal and professional obligations have caused me to step aside from This Thing Of Ours for a period of time. Gratefully, I am emerging from that fog and getting my sea legs (or is it semen) back. I find This Thing Of Ours to be like a bicycle and learning to ride again cums easily. 

I do know how you appreciate home cooking so I wanted to get back in the journalism game by providing a brief update on local WNY news. 

An ABS on Transit Road heading to Lockport, NY called Video Pix has added booths in the back. The price of admission is $5 and is paid by purchasing tokens from a change machine just outside the entrance. 

Couple's Flash Report! The O'Hare MILF's Bukkake for the Holidays on Monday 12/11/17 at 15th Ave in Chicago w/PICS!

Doc here, a man who some say does most of his creative thinking while wearing stilts, with a terrific Couples Flash report from my good friends The O'Hare MILF and her hubby, K!

Last week, The OHM & K decided to make an afternoon visit to 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago, and asked me to help organize it and get the word out that this petite blonde spinner who is always on Santa's naughty list would be stopping by to take in a feature or 2 at 15th Ave. 

That and a bukkake.

I am always glad to help in this capacity for friends, and the word was sent out, and The Lizardo Lantern positioned to signal their arrival. The stage was set, so all that was left was to see who ready to dance.

Take it away The O'Hare MILF and K!

The O’Hare Milf has been reading Doc’s reports of other Hotwives enjoying their bukkake experiences for a while now. One day she thought it was time for her. As usual you can never predict when she gets that sinister urge, so we had less than 24 hours to set this up. A quick email to Doc, and we were in business. An early afternoon at the 15th Ave bookstore!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

TONIGHT! The Next Secret Room 2125 Party! Naughty or Nice Holiday Party on Saturday December 16th, 2017 at 15th Ave. Adult Theater Party Room!

Updated Saturday 12/16 at 10:30am: TONIGHT!, Saturday December 16th, 2017, step deep inside The Secret Room 2125: Naughty or Nice Holiday Party from 8pm until 1am inside 15th Ave. Adult Emporium Party Room in Chicago.

The Lizardo 4000 is gassed and waxed, and ready to venture into Chicago for tonight's HUGE Christmas party!  And I just spoke with Santa, and he is ready for a big night and sexy Mrs. Santas and questionable decision-making. 
This is an intimate couples & singles Dr. Lizardo BYOB event and you are invited! Entry through The Party Room Entrance Only.

Visit Announcement! Today at Noon! S&K at Brown Bag in Ottawa, Il Saturday 12/16 at 12 Noon (w/PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say has a soft spot for stunning red heads, with a last minute Visit Announcement for a somewhat out-of-the-way adult entertainment location in IL.

My good friends S&K will be hitting Brown Bag Video in Ottawa, Il Saturday afternoon 12/16/17 at 12 Noon (address in the Journal's Adult Theater dB). This is a Xmas treat for you, because S is STUNNING!  And here is proof (click the thumbnails to ENLARGE): 

Here is a brief bit about their visit, in their words: 

I was hoping for some help this weekend.  S and I discovered Brown Bag arcade in Ottawa IL.  It has about a dozen booths and an open lounge area with tv, couches, and a pool table.

We stopped in one night late and there were a couple guys, but we will be passing through again this Saturday 12/16 and wanted to see if we could get a few more guys to come out.  Could you help us spread the word? (ed. note: Damn right I will!)

Flash Report! DryCleanOnly Brings Back the Three Martini Lunch with KimInPublic and Anaconda on 12/13/17

Doc here, a man who some say once delivered a "People's Elbow" to a tourist who was just simply asking for directions to "Pooch Bay". The Good Doctor thought the tourist called him a douchebag, and thus, the elbow.  True story. 1989.

This week has been one for the ages, ladies and gentlemen. Last Saturday was "Bad Santa" at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. Wednesday night in Seattle, Max and Sarah tore it up in Des Moines, WA at the terrific Secrets. Thursday was Khaleesi's "Dreaming of a White Thursday" bukkake at the 15th Ave., Friday night was the big "Joe's Birthday Party" at the Oregon Theater in Portland, and tonight, Saturday the 16th, it's the last Secret Room 2125 party of the year: Naughty or Nice in Chicago at the 15th Ave. Adult Theater Party Room and Max and Sarah at The Oregon Theater in Portland

However, the event that has captured America's heart has to be the 3 for 3-Some with KiminPublic, Anaconda, & Dry Clean Only in Bethlehem PA.  Kim's report has been viewed over 3,800 times on The Journal so far, and is showing no signs of slowing down. 

The 2nd report from this evening has hit The Journal, and batting second is senior reporter Dry Clean Only.  This dashing young man has delivered what I think is his best report to date, and I am happy to present it to you here, in living color.

Take it away, DCO!


Doc, this Field Report was so close to not happening that, in fact, I'm still pinching myself to make sure I'm not in a (wet) dream as I reflect upon and write up the shenanigans that unfolded yesterday in The Little Town of Bethlehem (PA).  

It started about a week ago, when, to what did my wandering [sic ;)] eyes did appear, but a Tweet in my DM from a familiar face I'd been marveling at for a year....  
I am fortunate to have some friendly online fun, chat, banter, and wisecracks with some great people in this things of ours on Twitter, but it's unusual to receive an out-of-the-blue message from a beautifully naughty Twitter celeb, who's never set foot in a theater... suggesting a theater visit in a week's time... with a Field Reporter I've come to know and think of as a friend, Anaconda.  I instantly replied, telling her I was excited for her, and assured her she'd be in good hands with him.... then she gave me the virtual smack upside the head that Jersey girls are so skilled at, and said.... she was inviting me, too!

I've checked the Lizardo Logs, and I am confident my adventures down this rabbit hole of theater fun as a neophyte started six years ago.  In the years of filing a few Field Reports here and there, there have been many other theater visits each year not worth calling in.  But in every case, it's the optimism and patience that has kept me coming back for more despite, on many trips, only the view of some bald dudes' heads in the theater rows ahead of me, and has kept me in the theater far later than I should on a work night, and has put me driving far too far for just a few hours' chance of some theater fun midweek.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Couples Flash Report! The Right to the Point Couple Hit Doc's French Maid Party on 11/18/17 at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago!

Doc here, a man who some say has a tattoo on his right forearm of a sea bass, with the words "Never Forget" right underneath.

The hits keep on coming here at The Journal, and this report by my good friends The Right to the Point Couple is a prime example!  This specific report is written by the very sexy Mrs. RTTP, and it's a page turner. 

Take it away Mrs. RTTP!


Hi Doc,

Mrs. Right to the Point Couple here...

We showed up at the French Maid Night party at 15th Ave in November, and sat down for maybe 5 mins.  We had a couple come up to us and introduce themselves.  The woman said they have been out of it for two years and were getting back into it.  She was asking how it was and if the place got packed.  I told her 15th Ave. is great, and we always have an amazing time.  

After talking to them, I looked at Mr. RTTP and said lets go for a walk.  We walked into the theater and there was no one in the back so we sat in couples section, and it only took maybe 2 mins before the theater was filling up with men.  So he started rubbing on my pussy, but I looked at him and said lets go back behind the screen.  It did not take long for that room to fill up. 
Once back there, I got on my hands and knees as Mr RTTP started to lick my pussy to get it really nice and wet.  I started to suck the dicks of a couple guys, when the one guy wanted to fuck me, so he got behind me, pounding my pussy as I sucked three more dicks as all these people watched.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Single Female Flash Report! KimInPublic Enjoys Happy Hour with Journal Reporters Anaconda & Dry Clean Only w/PICS on 12/13/17!

Doc here, a man who some say is mankind's only hope with that oncoming meteor, with an amazing report that breaks new ground here at The Journal of Adult Theaters.

Cue the "30 for 30" soundtrack...
What if I told you a Twitter sensation/blogger by the name of @Kim_in_Public became familiar with a semi-famous blog about adult theaters...And that blogger reached out to Kim to find out more about her, and that those similarities were startling with many legendary ladies in this thing of ours...

And within a short period of time, Kim got to know two senior Journal reporters, and arranged a meeting in a clandestine location in Eastern PA on a cold Wednesday night... And that meeting started innocently enough, and progressed to full debauchery in a mater of hours minutes...

The Journal of Adult Theaters presents "Happy Hour: The Story of a Girl & 2 Guys (and an innocent bystander) in 3 Chapters", authored by the incredible @Kim_in_Public ! 

Take it away, Kim!


Chapter 1: Happy Hour

Through my Twitter feed, I found out about “The Good DoctorDr. Emilio Lizardo, who runs a blog about Adult Theaters and Bookstores. After some Twitter conversations, and his “8 Questions” Series, I let it be known that I’d never been to an Adult Theater. I’ve done the Swing Club, BDSM Club, Adult Bookstore thing, but never an actual theater.

One of my Twitter followers, Anaconda, who also happens to be a Senior Reporter for the Lizardo Journal was going to be in town and asked if he could take my Theater Cherry. Although Adult Theaters are definitely places to be watched, the watching is somewhat expected, so it’s not really what I would consider “public.” Not generally my thing, however, Anaconda’s offer was too good to pass up so I readily agreed. 
Kim in Public
(File Image)
The day of our tryst arrived and I, of course, was running late. When I got there Anaconda was already sitting at the bar with a glass of wine. I pulled up a seat next to him and asked for the same. There may have been 30 seconds of awkwardness, but if there was, I don’t recall. Almost immediately we were chatting and getting to know each other. Anaconda is a very good looking guy, very easy going, and my nerves, which had been raging moments before, were suddenly gone.

Flash Report! Khaleesi & Khal's Dreaming of a White Thursday at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 12/14/17

Doc here, a man who some say once provided the voice-over for the documentary film "The Doughnuts of Akron - The Anthony and the Ecstasy" . 

Today was the 2nd big day in this thing of of ours in a row. Yesterday (12/13/17), KimInPublic met up with senior Journal scribes Anaconda and Dry Clean Only for a 3-part evening of debauchery at The Green Door in Bethlehem, PA.  Late last night, Journal contributors and my good friends Max and Sarah hot Secrets in Des Moines, WA, and tore it up. 

And that brings us to today, where my friends Khaleesi & Khal stopped into see 25-35 of their closest friends at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago to catch the matinee of "Khaleesi is Dreaming of a White Thursday". And lucky for us, regular Journal contributor Raygun was there, in the trenches, and taking notes for this terrific report.

Take it away, Raygun!


Hi, Doc. I've mostly been keeping my raygun holstered lately, but I was in the area and thought I'd stop by 15th Ave. to see what your friends Khal and Khaleesi were up to. I had heard they were going to be there around 1pm. 

I arrived a little after noon to find another couple already in the house. They had arrived only minutes before, but were already starting to play in the theater. They stood face to face kissing in middle of the couples section surrounded by a group of guys jerking off, grabbing her ass, and reaching between her legs. I thought, oh no, they're going to deplete the field of guys available for Khaleesi. But then I recognized them and realized they were a regular couple I refer to as "Muscle Man and Blonde." 

This Afternoon at 1pm! Visit Announcement: "Khaleesi Dreams of a White Thursday" Matinee at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago Thursday 12/14/17 at 1PM!

Update Thursday 12/14 at 11am:  All systems are locked and load-ed for this afternoon's visit to 15th Ave. in Chicago for Khaleesi & Khal!  Khaleesi is dreaming of a white Thursday, and there was a sprinkling of the white stuff on the ground overnight in Chicago The forecast for Melrose Park at 1pm today is much the same.

Do yourself a favor and take a trip to 15th Ave. this afternoon and 1pm and get in the holiday mood with a smoking hot Trinity from "The Matrix" (but hotter) look-a-like in Khaleesi! 

And as always, tell them Doc sent you!



Doc here, a man who some say has a problem with most elves, with a special holiday treat for you, the good readers of The Journal.

This Thursday afternoon in Chicago, at 15th Ave. Adult Theater, why not join Khaleesi and Khal for an afternoon showing of "White Thursday", starting at 1pm!

Get into the holiday spirit. Pants optional. 


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Flash Report! Dry Cleans Only Gets Artsy at The Art Cinema In Hartford, CT!

Doc here, a man who some say was New Jersey's "Mr. Bocce" sometime in the late 1990's, with a Flash Report from senior Journal scribe Dry Clean Only.

DCO happened to find himself with the time to hit the awesome Art Cinema in Hartford, and filed this report from a visit not that long ago.  It's an excellent one!

Take it away, DCO!


Hi Doc, 

A quick one to share.  A recent Friday in New England for business left me with a spare Friday evening before returning home, and of course I just happened to have found something to do.  
The Art Cinema
Hartford, CT

I arrived at The Art Cinema at about 8pm... There were two couples in their 30s in the prime disco light section of the main floor.  Clearly they had a preexisting friendship, and one couple watched the woman of the other couple enjoy the 8 to 10 guys who gathered around.  They were a good crowd, not pushy at all.  I love this particular section of the theater.  It's well lit but dark, and the couple's balcony above affords us first floor commoners a view of the second floor fun, too.  I think I described this area well --- and you included a perfect photo of it --- in my Oct 2016 visit.

Big tits, long hair, tan skin, and very vocal.  A great warm up!

A couple couples stopped in for a peek but no play, then went upstairs.  Speaking of upstairs, I would have said there were about 6 couples up there, but the lighting and distance only leaves it to my imagination as to what exactly was going on.  However, there was one really enjoying themselves in the stage right balcony section near the railing but just far enough out of the way to be left wondering.  I kept an eye on them for the evening.

Our lady friend and her crowd went upstairs after a few loud orgasms, and we were left to enjoy the movie and keep an eye on the staircase.  A few couples came but reported directly to the 2nd floor.  

TONIGHT! Visit Announcements! Max & Sarah Invade the Pacific Northwest Starting Wednesday Night 12/13 Through Saturday 12/16/17! Fun Sure to Follow! (w/PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say can fling a salmon at Pike Place Fish Market like a boss, with a great 1-2 punch of adult theater visits sure to warm your nuggets and toast your almonds. 

My good friends Max and Sarah will be riding into Des Moines, WA with purpose on Wednesday December 13th, 2017, and will be stopping into the awesome Secrets for some well deserved R&R at 10pm!  
Des Moines, WA

Do not miss them Wednesday night, kids!  Sarah is a force of nature, and smoking hot! Please show her a great, but respectful good time, and tell them "Doc sent me!"

Then...On Saturday December 16th, Max & Sarah turn their attention to the venerable Oregon Theater in Portland, OR, starting at 10pm!  Joe will be on hand to welcome them to Portland's #1 adult theater!  And you need to be on hand to show them

Please join them, Portlanders!  Sarah is on Santa's Naughty List!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Flash Report! Anaconda Hits Berlin News Agency in NJ on Monday 12/11/17

Doc here, a man who some say is Popular Mechanic's Ball Peen Hammer Model of the Year, 1992.  

Senior reporter Anaconda has quite the week lined up for himself as we head towards the holidays. Some quality time with some of NJ's finest!  In this report, Anaconda hits the always awesome Berlin News Agency for some R&R, and finds just that!

Take it away, Anaconda!


Hey Doc, 

Anaconda here again with another report from the South Jersey hotbed of theater activity we know and love...Berlin News Agency. This comes on what will be my final travel of 2017, and I was determined to end the year with a bang (yes, pun intended). 

I rolled into BNA on Monday right around 6PM and the lot was empty. That's ok, since it was early and there hadn't been any advertised activity yet today, so I figured that only increased my odds of seeing some activity since it seems a rare occasion nowadays that BNA goes a full day without ANY couples coming in. So, I paid my admission and settled into the theater. Another great thing about BNA, the porn is always high quality, which makes it easier to stick around and be patient!! So, I was really looking forward to checking out the "remodel" at BNA in the form of the addition of the "Red Room." It's nice!!!   
Please Note: BNA is no longer open 24/7.  They
close at midnight.
For those familiar with BNA, as you walk back into the theater there is the first room on the left that shows gay porn, so if you turn left into that room and then immediately cut the corner and make another left, you're in the red room. Very reminiscent of the room behind the screen at 15th Ave. It is VERY comparable in size, walls painted red (a nice change from the typical black), red LED string lights and a big red padded vinyl table (about 1.5-2x the size of the table at 15th Ave). At the end opposite the entry door, there is also a nice new bathroom. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Last Update! Tonight! Saturday 12/9/17! Bad Santa 3 Holiday Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago w/Special Guests!

Tonight, Saturday 12/9, the fishnet stockings will be hung with care, and a jolly old paesan in a lab coat and red hat will sail down the chimney at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago for their 6th Annual Holiday party! Bad Santa 3!

Swag bags for the first 50 M/F Couples in the door, starting at 8pm!  Here they are! 

Special guests will be sitting on Santa's face lap, telling him what they want for Christmas. And The Good Santa will tell each young lady the same thing: "What out for that cum shot, kid. It'll shoot your eye out!"

Special guests for Bad Santa 3 include:
  • The Grand Return of Stunt Slut Simone & Mr. S! 
  • The amazing Khaleesi & Khal!
and... Registered Physician's Assistant (and totally rad chick), Twistingly! 
As always for 15th Ave. Adult Theater events, please follow the following rules to ensure a fun night for all:

  • No cell phone use in the facility. This rule has zero tolerance. You can use your phones outside if you wish.
  • This party is BYOB.  No alcohol allowed outside The Party Room. 
  • Extra security will be on tonight.  Gentlemen, if you do not behave yourselves in mixed company, you'll find yourself escorted from the premises. 
  • There will be plenty of parking.  Couples get preferred parking in the rear lot (until we reach capacity. Get here early). Security will direct you to the nearest parking. 
The Good Doctor will see everyone tonight!  The roads are clear, and we are ready to host a great evening!  And don't forget to say hi to Santa!