Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hartford Report #2! Tantalizing Tammy at Mardi Gras @ The Art Cinema (w/4 PICS!)

Doc here with Report #2 from Mardi Gras @ The Art Cinema in Hartford.

In this report, regular contributor (as well as very naughty girl) The Tantalizing Tammy adds her take on this record setting evening @ The Art.

I had a chance to meet Tammy and her male friend, and they could have been any nicer to your old friend in the white suit.  There is even a rumor that I may have made a cameo in her report.

So I encourage you to sit back with a Bloody Mary (as I am doing while editing this report) and enjoy the naughty passages (and hot pics) of The Tantalizing Tammy and her wild Mardi Gras Night.


Hello there Doc,

Mardi Gras Night at the Art Cinema in Hartford CT was awesome! It all started with me meeting up with my male, tall, dark and handsome friend outside of the theater. We got a goody bag to start. Thanks guys. But that was just the start of all the goodies we gave and received!!
My male friend and I proceeded to go straight to the balcony. There was a few couples already up there. I met and said hi to another couple.from another group I'm in. We talked and I started rubbing my friends leg. Then we started to move around and check things out. 

The Real Tantalizing Tammy
One couple had already gotten partially naked in the top section of the balcony. We watched her sucking his cock. We started playing and I took his big black cock out of his pants and started stroking it then I got so horny that I had to put it in my mouth. It tasted so good as I licked and sucked on it getting it harder and harder. He just couldn't wait to slide it into my wet pussy. We went into the aisle on the stairs and he bent me over and gave it to me. Omg! His huge cock was penetrating my pussy and hitting all the right spots. Mmmmm! I looked up and we had some couples watching. He was just grinding me and I was loving every wild movement.
We walked around and met others. We also met the great Doc. It was nice to meet him. We moved over to a couple and asked if we could join in playing with them. I began sucking the guys cock while my friend fucked his female friend he was with. I sucked it until he came. Our whole night was like that. Loved it!!

I wanted him to experience the main floor because he has never been to the theater before. I told him what it would be like. We saw a woman getting it on in the aisle against the wall on the main floor. It certainly looked like she was having fun! We went and sat down and I started sucking his cock again. Before we knew it, we were surrounded by a crowd of guys. My friend and another guy that was sitting behind us, started talking dirty to me and I was getting more and more aroused. Another guy started fingering my pussy from behind. My pussy was getting so wet!!

My friend wanted me to share my goodies with others. So I started to multi task, one cock in each hand and one in my mouth. One guy asked if he could eat my pussy and I let him. Not a hard decision at all! So I got fingered, clit played with, pussy eaten, fisted and fucked till I ended up squirting on a cock per the request of one of the guys. Everyone was so cool! But we decided to go back upstairs.

The balcony was full of hot couples getting it on everywhere. We decided to go over near the railing at the edge of the balcony to give the guys downstairs a little show! I sucked his cock hard and I bent over the railing and he fucked me slow and easy, maneuvering his cock deep inside me. Then he fucked me hard and fast as I was moaning and screaming with delight!
We were all over the theater and had an awesome time with everyone. I even had the thrill of playing with The Good Doctor. It was great to suck his cock. He bent me over a theater seat. I was in this great position where I could feel his cock deep inside me. Mmmmm!!

I then ended up back downstairs with the single guys again. Played in every position. Got fucked some more, from the front and from the back. And I sucked some more. Totally turned on!! The guys were encouraging each other. One guy was fucking me so good that I told him to fuck me harder. I thought we would break the seat!!

Ended up playing in the lobby a little and got asked by a new friend to lick my ass. Damn!
My friend got his play in definitely and so did I. It was an unforgettable night!!

Tantalizing Tammy


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Tantalizing Tammy and her terrific report from last weekend's Mardi Gras @ The Art Cinema event. Tammy was a real trooper kids, as she and her friend were the last of the couples to leave after closing, despite being one of the first couples to arrive.  I will have more to say about The Tantalizing Tammy in my own report (which I am still working on).

Were you at Mardi Gras @ The Art Cinema?  Please submit your report directly to me at I am in need of more reports from this event, and now is the time to send them in.