Monday, January 16, 2012

Flash Report! Darknight at Deja Vu in Ontario, CA

Doc here with another action-packed Flash Report from regular contributor, Darknight.  This is a terrific report folks, so sit back and enjoy every morsel.


Hello again Doc!

Just checking in about this past Friday night (1/13/12)... I had a date cancel, so I decided to get in the Knightmobile around 8:30pm and ventured down to the Deja Vu Theater here in good old Ontario CA (address info and theater details located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database HERE).

I walked in and was greeted by the male clerk who told me its been an entertaining night and there was a couple in the theatre. So I purchased a ticket and got my re-entry arm band and was buzzed into the theater.

As I walked in,  thethe couple was seated to my right on the back final 2 person couch in front of the standing only partition wall.  I decided to take position behind the wall as it's about 5ft high where you can stand with your elbow on top to look over the scene. There was already another guy back there, and she was on the right while he was close to the door.

She had dark hair and resembles Valerie Bertinelli and was wearing a short grey low cut cotton dress, red pumps and black long sweater and obviously no bra (as I could see her right areola and long toned legs), while her left leg was draped over her mans right leg.  His right hand laid between her legs, with both her hands covering his.

Deja Vu Theater
Ontario, CA
The theater was showing a Rocco movie on the main screen, and they were glued to it!  She turned and glanced back at us.  I remember her guy from my last visit - the guy was in sweatshirt and shorts a Nick Nolte lookalike. She reached over now with her hand and started rubbing his dick, and I could tell from her breathing she was getting very turned on. By now her right nipple was visible (if I should take a guess,  I'd say DD's). He was now rubbing her pussy and she kept opening and closing her right leg.

I decided to make my move around the wall and stood to her right shoulder at the end of the couch and leaned back against the wall. They kept playing and watching me, so I took this as a sign they approved (if they stopped, I would back off this is where experience counts in this thing of ours). She was now visibly playing with her left tit with her right hand and I pulled my zipper down and unleashed my Knight saber.  I was so hard the bronze head shined from the screen light to my right!

She was now taking lingering looks at me and my tool, and the next move surprised me as she reached up to my cock and started slowly stroking it. Valerie then got on her knees on the couch, smiled and covered the head of my tool and started sucking and stroking.  Nick now pulled her skirt over her ass and entered her and started fucking her he looked up at me with an approving smile.

By now the other guy came around the wall and watched and stroked. Nick then asked if I had a condom (I said yes) and with that I put it on and we traded places. I slid inside her warm tight wet pussy and started slow deep strokes. I was enjoying her pussy and from the sounds she was making.

I was now watching as she alternated between sucking Nick's and Dave's cocks while I kept fucking her for a while (and through 2 or more orgasms). I was reaching beneath her to play with her clit till I couldn't hold back anymore and blasted off in my rubber. Dave then came on her tits and we watched along with the other 3 guys as Nick shot on her face and in her mouth.

We later exchanged numbers (I discovered they were married) before I disappeared back into the night on another adventure in this thing of ours.

The Darknight


Thanks to Darknight for another tale of adult theater sex from DEja Vu in Ontario, CA!  Keep the reports coming our way!


Field Report! Status of Fritz the Cat (and cue "Taps") by Gentle Tongue

Hello Dear Doctor,

Some since I have posted, mostly due to a slow period of time.  The adventures have not been as bountiful as in the recent summer and fall.

However, I have been intending on reporting some sad news regarding this "thing of ours" and one of our venues.  Last summer I had reported that the "Fritz the Cat" at the Dallas Pike exit on I-70 (exit 11) was undergoing some renovations that appeared promising.  A sign in the parking lot had indicated that they would be opening shorly.  However, as of last week, the 5th of January 2012 it appears that the 9th life had been used up for "Fritz". 

There is no longer any sign of work and the sign painted on the corner of the building has been removed.  Only a shadow remains.  Another older venue has gone by the way side.

The Gentlemans Club, just up the road is still open in the evenings.

Sorry to say I do not have good news to pass along during this contribution.

I am on a mission to have a much more positive report in the near future.  Targets are, 2400, Theater X, and maybe Horse Cave.

My goal is to retain my worthy logo and to gain a higher reputation.

GT - GentleTongue