Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flash Report! Ray in Seattle Hits Hollywood Erotic Boutique

Doc here with an awesome first time Flash Report from our newest contributor to The Journal, Ray in Seattle.

His subject for the report is one of The Good Doctor's favorite adult theaters, Hollywood Erotic Boutique (HEB) in Seattle. Ray does a good job explaining the layout of HEB, and what makes it unique to this thing of ours.

Here is Ray in Seattle and his report...


Hey Doc,

Ray in Seattle with my first report...

Seattle area theaters have been picking up last few months, as it must be the rain and nice weather combo. We have 3 theaters in Seattle area:

  • Fantasy Unlimited downtown (have not been there, but they just remodeled the theater part and it has been getting some good reports - like all places hit and miss but Saturday nights chances are better).
  • Hollywood Erotic Boutique (HEB) in the Lake City part of Seattle has been alive and kicking. Fri, Sat, Sunday, and weekdays even some daytime fun (every once in awhile), but Saturday is probably best.
  • The third is south in Everett called Airport Video, a fun place. Played there with good results.

I wanted to share my story last of Saturday at HEB.  2 couples were playing (or should I say wives playing), but with men they picked. The husbands just watching enjoying the show... The men were well behaved that night, but we all watch out for the ladies and respect the wishes of both the wife and husband.

Seattle, WA
Anyway, was invited to have my cock sucked by Wife # 1. She was nice looking blond, mid-forties, short hair. reminded me of the blond in An Officer and a Gentleman - Debra wingers friend. Nice ass that I rubbed and grabbed with that mini skirt she was wearing. She sucked my cock well, but I was not ready to explode yet, so having good theater manners I let someone step in and moved over to wife # 2.

She was a nice looking plain Jane type - a little larger then most prefer but you could see she liked to suck cock. She sucked me also... nice and long stroking as she sucked, all while her husband kept telling her how he loved to watch her suck cock after cock. She decided to take a break and go upstairs to the adult book store (the theater is downstairs in the basement).

Anyway, as I walked upstairs another couple was going downstairs. I am in my late 40's and they were older,  probably late 50's or early 60's. The husband looked like the guy that plays the grandfather all the time (think Wilfred Brimley). Now his wife was this super sexy tall blond, nice big tits, and nice tight ass - she looked like she was about 51, but she real was early 60. Marilyn Monroe type, super hot and sexy, she was wearing short mini skirt, super cute high heels with these little white socks and a low cut white top that her tits were about  to pop out of.

They went downstairs and walked around, they stood in a corner and they let a couple of guys rub and touch.  Then they decided to sit down a few minutes later. I waited awhile, then asked if I could sit near her. He said yes, and told me some rules: She just likes being touched , no BJ or fucking at theater (maybe somewhere else though). So again being the gentleman I am, I ran my hand on those long legs lifting her leg nice and high as I kissed her feet in those high heels. She loved it (so did hubby and the other 12 other guys stroking and watching). I ran my hand between those legs up the skirt to a pantyless pussy that was extremely wet, and had her cum and moan and squirm. The best cum of hers was as I pulled out her tits (so nice and big) sucked them both as I stuck 4 fingers in her making her cum. It was hot because the crowd and husband just left us alone all stroking and watching, before we called it a night.

 I gave them my #, and we just met at a hotel this Saturday, but that's another story I will share if u and your blog want to hear (ed. note: Yes please!).

Sorry the report was so long, but it was a great night! I had met Brett down in Portland once when I played at the Paris, and was telling him how Seattle has been getting better. Hope I wrote well enough to gain peoples interest like you both do. Thanks for reading, and go head and share story on your blog.

 Ray in Seattle


Doc here again... A terrific report Ray!  It was a perfect blend of description of the theater, the scene inside the theater, and your personal experiences.  Keep up the solid work, and keep the reports coming in!

The Good Doctor is in need of reports, just like Ray's above.  All you have to do is put fingers to keyboard, type up your report, and sent it to your white-suited new best friend at  Also include a pen name if you are a first time reporter.  After your 2nd report, I will create your own custom logo!  Just ask CTFireGuy and the gaggle of other new reporters who have submitted steadily over the last few months.

Thanks, and remember to eat all your vegetables.