Sunday, January 8, 2012

Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report From 1/7/12

Doc here with this week's installment from the Cal Ripkin of all Journal reporters, Bob in Biloxi. Just like the post office, he delivers his take from this past Saturday at both Biloxi venues.  He's young, personable, and an excellent driver.  Here is Bob's weekly report!


Hi Doc and Happy Fucking New Year!!!

It’s still somewhat cool down here on the beautiful Gulf Coast, but that didn’t keep the couples from coming out. First up at our little theater (Gulf Coast Adult Theater) was the German Couple; they’re becoming sort of a fixture during the day.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
Second up was a threesome of sorts, two ladies and one dude. I remember one of the ladies that attended a few weeks back - she was dressed in a little black dress and was watching a lady get pleasured on one of the couches. She also had her eye on some of the strokers watching the couple. I made the comment that I hoped she came back in an earlier report. Well,she did, however this time she was wearing blue jeans.

I know, I said “yuck” too.

They finally got to sit on the back couch, but other than just giggling and talking among themselves, that’s all they did. Could this be baby steps? Let’s hope that’s the case.  She is certainly built for pleasure.

The next couple comes in regularly, they never do anything, she’s a BBW that also has a fondness for blue jeans. I suspect her fetish is voyeurism, because all she ever does is watch the guys play and jack. One of the crew made a move with them and was rebuked. They may also be taking extended baby steps in this thing of ours, but I doubt it. She has to be just a voyeur. Which is fine in itself, they certainly don’t bother anyone. 

Bob in Biloxi
Meanwhile down at the ABS, they installed a café door leading back to the booths. Another fine addition to the place. Some of the happy fellas like to keep the café doors open, but I prefer them closed. Why? It hides some of the desperation emanating from that area. So when one leaves out and props them open, yours truly un-props them as sort of pay back for some of the cock blockers.

Speaking of cock blockers, our BBW dressed in a golden satin dress that barely covered her more than ample ass, as well as barely keeping her more than ample tits from just being completely exposed showed up around 10 pm. One black guy was following them around and dove into the adjacent booth, only to sit on his side and look through the hole. I wonder if these people (and cock blockers in general) think that intimidates a couple? Not so in this case, as the couple did the wise thing after about 5mins and moved to another booth.

Your faithful reporter was able to secure the booth next to them and soon she unleashed her puppies and exposed that more than ample ass we discussed earlier. She had no technique though, Doc. It was the old outdated jack and lick, suck with a dry mouth routine. She was very rough, so much so I had to pull out and chaste her briefly. She slowed down some and didn’t apply as much pressure and received a more than suitable shower all over her more than ample tits. I thanked her none the less and another crew member entered.

Afterward he also confirmed she was rough with him. Some ladies have that natural sense to know what to do, others not so much. The couple beat the crew member to the parking lot and drove off. He later admitted it beat having to do it himself, but not by much.

It was 11:30pm when I departed, and that’s the report from the Gulf Coast Doc.



Thanks again Bob for yet another outstanding report!  The scene in Biloxi is pretty consistent, and we are lucky we have Bob deeply embedded on the front lines.  Thanks again sir!

Do you have an adult theater report?  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at I will edit, format, and give you the audience.  You get the byline and the glory.

Try it.


Couples Flash Report Teaser From Gloryhole Nancy (+ A New Pic!)

Doc here with a nice nightcap for your Sunday evening... A teaser pic from the new Gloryhole Nancy Flash Report (taken over the weekend in Toledo) coming soon to The Journal.  Here is Nancy and her guy T to tell you about it...


How's it going Doc? Just wanted to send our teaser pic of Nancy doing her thing. I'll follow up with a report and more pics later, hope your readers will enjoy:) 

Take care and you'll hear from us soon!

T & N

Doc here again... I have put the entire staff here at The Journal (OK, me and my imaginary friend, Santo the Barber) on red alert, awaiting the new Gloryhole Nancy pics and report. 

Thanks Nancy & T!