Monday, February 29, 2016

Special Report! The Gemini Chronicles: A Boat Meeting with "S"

Doc here, a man who some say is a major stockholder in the Fresca Corporation, here with the return of one of my all-time favorites in this thing of ours: My good friend Gemini! (Hi Fresca!)

Gemini has been kind enough to take us on a past adventure, a chronicle if you will.  And my friends, you are in for a treat.

Here we go!


The sexual tension with my husband was at an all-time high. We found each other in unusual spaces and times, craving more with each encounter. With adrenaline running through us, we set out on an adventure to see where the night would bring us. 

The Real Gemini
 It was a weekday evening so we weren’t sure what to expect. The first stop was a place we’d never been. It was full of cowboys too polite to take notice of my subtle glances since I came in with another man. This wasn’t the place for us.

We headed over to a more familiar haunt. A large bar on the industrial side of town with an enclosed patio. This time J sent me in alone to take stock of the potential testosterone. The place was fairly empty, but I immediately zoned in on a stocky guy at the bar who filled out his jeans nicely. He looked in his 40s and I hoped the do-rag indicated a bad boy side.

I told J I had a good feeling about this, and we went in together for a drink. We sat at a table just behind the man as he watched the flat screen and ordered another beer. Soon there was an easy conversation between the three of us. But this guy didn’t miss my glances or intentional cleavage. Once I knew I had his attention, I excused myself to the ladies room so direct conversation could be had between the men.