Friday, August 26, 2011

Flash Report: Bukkake Blast Party on 8/19 - Report #1 from Kitty

Doc here with Report #1 on last Friday's Bukkake Blast at The Oregon Theater in Portland.

Here is Kitty's Tale of the Tape...


Well I know some of you warned me it was to good to be true and the pics were just well . . altered. But she stayed in pretty well contact and was seemingly very enthusiastic about being the bukkake queen. HHMM, well then what the hell happened. Got an email saying there were flight issues only hours before the event. Another, HHMM . . and then NEVER another word from her. She did NOT contact Caesar/Big T OR myself (Kitty). And she has/had BOTH our numbers AND emails made available to her! Guess it was all to get the glory and attention.

Heard the pre party at Sassy that was planned with HER in mind was still a fun. And the afterglow party, well of course that didn't happen either after all the planning and emails I did to get it set up for her. Her loss, live and learn. At least the guys realize that though she may be hot, if those pics are in fact her and not altered, she is a flake and fake.

So about the event . . . Started a bit late, which is not like me at all as those who know me know this. But I was waiting for her. Once Big T arrived we decided that she was just flaking out and was NOT going to call or show, so I took another round for the team.

We did the standard refresher of common sense theater etiquette and got the party started.
ROUND ONE: I had a chair on each side of the bukkake chair for the fluffers. And let me just say right now that they rocked it! Thanks you SOO much for participating.

Phase one started right off the bat with some of the guys who were more than ready to blow their loads. I took several facials right off the bat and went to about 8 loads until I took my first break. Back in the ring after a break I was ready for round two. This proved to be by far the best cum producing round and put me past my personal best. After kneeling again for sometime I again needed a break to stretch the legs and clean my eyes.

When I arrived back in the theater I was undecided if I was going to go for the third round, I mean after all I had already beat my personal best and there was so much theater action going on. But there were several guys who were saving loads for me to get back, so back to work I went. Don't want to keep the guys waiting after all. I took a few more loads,  making my new personal best 40 loads.

So, for weeks and weeks of promoting Judy to arrive and planning pre parties and afterglow parties, to be disappointed with a NO SHOW, I was able to still pull it off, have a blast (yes pun intended), beat my personal best and create a new record AND meet new people too.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and participated. It was great to see such a nice sized crowd and many more couples this time too.
I do not have a bukkake queen for the third Friday in September, if you are interested then contact me.



Thanks again to Kitty and Big T for turning lemons in lemonade last Friday.   Report # 2 from Sam Lancer will be up by tomorrow morning.  In the meantime, it's time for Bloody Mary #2.


All-Time TOP Adult Theater Experience: Brent from Portland @ The Jefferson Theater

The Good Doctor is looking for people to contribute their top adult theater experiences. I've had quite a few and it was hard to choose the best. I decided on this one because it was a night when "this thing of ours" was truly in it's own stratosphere. There was no place on earth at that moment in time that was more happening than The Jefferson Theater and I was fortunate enough to be there:
4th Of July, 2003, Jefferson Theater, Portland, Oregon
This was a legendary night at the Jefferson. The AC was broken and
> it was hot as balls.
> But that  didn't slow down the action.
> If I hadn't been there myself, I might not
have believed it.
It seemed appropriate that the Jefferson Theater was named after one
>  Our country's founding fathers, because there were a lot
> Of "liberties"; going on in there , that Fourth Of July weekend.
> It had been a glorious holiday in Portland. The weather was
> perfect. There was a lot to do, The Blues Festival was rocking the waterfront and
> a
> regatta of boats was docked by the river. People were in a
> party mood and there were quite a few people in from out of town.
> There were some new couples at the Jeff and some that
> had not visited in a while. Man it was hot in there!
> Everywhere I looked there was action. Down in front, by the screen,
> a woman with short blonde hair- with a nice , sturdy body and 
> a        
>   strong good looking face, was fucking and sucking anybody and
> everybody. She was in for a few hours and swallowed loads of come
> while her husband watched.
> In the couples section there were four couples, three were playing.
> The one who wasn't was a new couple and they were just taking it all
> in. A tall , older lady with long straight blond hair was sucking a
> guy off whom she had invited into the couples section. She had on a
> short skirt, crotch less pantyhose and was wearing a slave collar.
> After a while, the guy she was sucking put on a rubber and started
> fucking her . In the back corner was another couple. The girl was
> wearing a red Scottish type school girl skirt with white blouse and
> white bra. She had luscious breasts that she had
> pulled
> out of her bra and was caressing them while she stroked her husband's
> penis. She had caught the attention of a "theater rap artist" who was
> begging her to come down and show him her great body. She kept giggling while the rapper rapped. Finally, she came down front and started to play with Rappers dick and invited him to sit with her and her old
> man. They were all sitting on the bench. She had her legs spread and
> was playing with Rappers big cock.  After while she started sucking on him. Then she lay down and
Rapper started eating her pussy. She
> sucked her husbands dick while this was going on.The three of them eventually left the theater together.
> The fourth couple had left the couples section and were now sitting in
> the main section She was a young blonde woman with
> nice breasts. She had on a skirt and crotch less pantyhose.
> Soon she was surrounded by guys. Her face was buried in cock
> and guys were lining up to fuck her. Her boyfriend was making sure
> they were wearing condoms although one guy may have slipped it in
> bareback. When I felt her pussy, it was wet and sticky.
> They went outside and took a break. When they returned to the theater, they headed down
> towards the front followed by the inevitable horde. She ended up on the stage
> with the lady with the short blonde hair.
> DP Girl came in. She was another blonde who looked like one of those
> women who sings opera with the braids and the horns. She was tall and
> well put together. She loved feeling a cock in her pussy,  her mouth and her ass at the same time. She had a
> large group of men around her. She was moaning and groaning
while the guys fucked her ass and pussy.
> In the couples section, a well
> dressed couple had just walked in. They sat in the
> front of the couples section by the fan. They were there for about
> an hour. They even left the section to watch the action in the main
> theater. She was wearing a short skirt, but she never did get relaxed
> enough to uncross her legs. Guys were standing nearby, waving
> their dicks at her but she wasn't interested. The lady with the slave collar was sucking off a guy while the other couples watched. Everybody was having fun at different levels.
 A man brought in a pretty young woman with dark hair. She wore a light blue dress and leather jacket. She
> looked like a Gibson Girl.Her dark hair was done in a stylish bob.
> She was beautiful and angelic looking. At first they sat in
> the main section and were immediately surrounded. She had her dress hiked up and her black panties pulled to the side and her old man was fingering her. Things started to get a little out of hand so they retreated to the couples section. She ended up in the
> front of the section giving her old man a fantastic blow job.He had a pierced penis with jewelry in it.
While all this was happening the woman with the short hair was still
> sucking guys off down front by the screen, DP girl was still brown-
> butting it on the left hand side of the theater and the usual assortment of gays and
> TVs were doing it all over the place.
Now comes the moment that made this night at The Jefferson one of the best theater experiences ever
> Two couples came in and sat in the front row of the couples
> section. The ladies had on sun dresses and the guys were well
> built with good sized cocks. These four had come to show off and
> play. One girl was a tall, beautiful blond with medium short hair.
> She looked like Cameron Diaz or
> Reese Witherspoon,. The other girl had curly brown hair. She was very pretty and had a lot of mischief in her eyes.
> They started playing with each other and soon they were completely naked
It was, by far, the hottest scene of the night. They played with each other. They sucked and fucked each others boyfriends. They were getting spanked and fingered and
> licked. They were moaning and screaming. They talked dirty to the crowd. Everybody in the theater was watching them. The blonde was
> riding one of the guys cocks while she sucked the other guy. She kept
> saying how much she loved to fuck. The pretty girl with brown hair
> was getting fucked while she was on her knees. Then they came
> down to the front of the couples section. The blonde wanted as many loads of
> come as the crowd of horny men could give her . She kept saying what a bad
> girl she was. The other girl  turned
> towards the crowd so she could also take load after load of come on her beautiful tits.
> The excitement was electric. It was a perfect Adult Theater moment.
> Controlled yet chaotic.  When they were done, they got dressed and the blonde
> happily stated that it was the baddest she had ever been in there!
 She had jizz all over her and two hot loads in her pussy. The brunette was also covered in cooter butter. We all thanked them profusely for being such bad bad girls.
There was some action after they left but their visit was the night's  defining moment and I will always remember it as one of my best adult theater experiences, ever.
But I'm not dead yet!

Quick Update From Gloryhole Nancy

Doc here with a quick update from everyone's favorite video booth girl, Gloryhole Nancy, and her guy, T.

Here we go...


Buenas dias, Doc!

We just wanted to say hello and let you and our friends know we'll have a report coming soon enough, we've just been busy with what seems to be an endless number of weddings! LOL.  Please let the readers know we're still here, and if there are any single ladies in the Toledo/Detroit area who want to join us at the hole, please get a hold of us, Nancy is looking for a gloryhole partner to help her work some cock together;)

T & N


Doc here again...You can reach out to Gloryhole Nancy and T via their hot Yahoo Group HERE.


Field Report: WM Reports on Changes at Theatair X in Clarksville, IN

Doc here with a quick update from regular Journal contributor, WM.  Changes are afoot at Theatair X in Clarksville, IN and WM has the skinny.

Take it away, WM..



It has been a while since I last submitted a report.  I wanted to pass along a few notes for you to let everyone know about:
  • The glory holes at Theatair X in Clarksville, IN are no more.  Starting September 1st, all glory holes will be covered.  Most have already been covered.  This is part to a new city ordinance.

  • The clerks at Theatair X stated that couple traffic has been very light for the booths and theaters, even on couples night.

  • The last two times I have been there, no couples visited neither the booths or theater.

Most places I have been recently have been very slow and there is not a lot of couple traffic.  So I will keep on looking. 

Thanks for all you do and wish I could find some couples that are playing while I am there.



Doc here again... Thanks WM for the updates on TheatairX in Clarksville.  The times are a-changing, and glory holes are one of the things going the way of the do-do.  Many municipalities are forcing them to be covered, and the ABSs hands are tied on this issue.  It's just a sign of the times.

I am still in dire need of adult theater reports, in addition to the TOP Adult Theater Experience stories.  Please, please, please... Send a report into The Good Doctor at I will make your report look like a million bucks, and all you have to do is submit the story.