Friday, July 13, 2012

Reminder! Cathy's Summer Road Trip 2012 Is Coming Soon!

Doc here with the official Journal of Adult Theaters announcement of Cathy's (from & Summer Road Trip 2012.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is THE huge adult theater event of 2012, featuring my friend Cathy, as she sets out to turn several adult theaters on their ear this summer.

Don't let Cathy's looks deceive you... Underneath her sophisticated and classy exterior, lies a woman who is truly HARDCORE. That perfect mix that we truly desire.

A little background for you... Cathy contacted The Good Doctor early this year, asking my opinion of some of the best adult theaters in the country that would allow Cathy to do her thing. I rifled back to her a list of the best fits for her, and presto-chango, there is now a schedule.

So kids, if you find yourself near one of these great adult theater locations, and want to party with Cathy, check out her schedule page HERE.

Cathy has some rules she would like you to read and understand. This will help smooth the process and pave the way for a terrific vibe in the theaters/gloryholes.

Cathy's great websites provide all the information you'll ever need on her and what she really likes. CLICK on the links below to be taken to her homepage(s). She is looking for big turn outs, so if you are in Hartford July 27th, let's start the theater part of the tour with a BANG!

Cathy is counting on it.


Psst... Watch for an incredible Flash Report from Cathy in the next day or so, with 18 NEW pics!

Flash Report! The Anaconda Wraps Himself Around 15th Ave. in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a terrific first time Flash Report from our newest contributor, The Anaconda.

His own introduction does a great job of setting the table for you, the good readers of The Journal.

So, I will step back behind the curtain, pour myself a cocktail, and enjoy TA's report right along with you.


Hey Doc,

This is my first time submitting a report. I am pretty new
to the adult theater scene. I have been to a few here and there, but
obviously the wrong ones at the wrong time since I have long thought
they were just a place for gay men to meet up. Since I don't swing
that way at all, I wasn't interested in going to the theaters too
frequently. Then I found your blog and it gave me a whole new

So, I am at the start of a business trip that will take
me to upper Midwest and Canada, so I thought I'd hit some of the top
spots that I've learned of thanks to you and your team of reporters.

Night 1 - 15th Ave Books in Melrose Park, IL

I showed up on Sunday night around 10PM. I was immediately encouraged
since there were a good number of cars in the parking lot, and as soon
as I walked in there were 2 couples standing outside the theater
chatting and a couple guys as well. I was sure that I was going to be
in for a much better experience than I've ever had before at an adult

 The female half of couple #1 was a very pretty blonde with
some very sexy curves and nice C cups. She was wearing a short, low
cut yellow dress that hugged her body very nicely. The female half of
couple #2 was decent looking as well. She wore glasses and had brown
hair and was not dressed as provocatively as sexy yellow.

I paid my admission fee, smiled at Yellow as I passed
her by and entered the theater, took a seat about half way forward on
the left side and waited. In the theater were about 4 or 5 other
single guys. The movie was a very bad one from the 70's and I was
just itching for the couples to come in and start the real show.

After about 10 minutes, both couples did come in along with about 3
more single men.  They all appeared to know each other and they sat in
the 2 rows directly behind me.  They were also very dissatisfied with
the movie on screen and yellow left the theater again, apparently to
tell the clerk how bad the movie was since a short time after they
walked out of the theater, the movie stopped and a new, much better
one came on and the couple quickly returned and re-took their seats.

I have to admit, I was getting a little anxious for the LIVE show to
start rather than watching porn on the screen.  I would turn around
once in a while to see what was going on behind me, and for a while it
wasn't much.  I was beginning to think I was going to be leaving very
disappointed.  But I maintained my patience, as I knew those couples were
there to play and in the meantime a 3rd couple also walked in. 

Couple #3 was a Hispanic pair and she was on the bigger side and dressed
very conservatively in a black shirt and pants, and it didn't seem like she
was there to play.  Anyway, my patience finally paid off as things
slowly began to pick up.  I saw Yellow's hubby with his fingers
between her legs rubbing her pussy and she was clearly enjoying it
although it wasn't really hot and heavy. 

After he played with her pussy for a little while it was Yellow's turn to
give hubby a little attention and she took his cock out and started sucking. 
At this point all the attention in the theater was on couple #1 and Yellow's
cock-sucking, not on the movie on screen.  After Yellow had gotten
hubby nice and hard and ready to fuck, she came up from his lap and
announced, "Now the real show is ready to start."  She then promptly
bent over the seat in front of her and pulled up her skirt.  Hubby
pushed his cock into her from behind and started fucking her good.

Yellow was definitely loving it as she was moaning and imploring her
hubby to fuck her harder.  The 3 guys in the row of seats directly in
front of couple #1 had the best view and they proceeded to pull out
Yellow's gorgeous tits with pierced, very hard nipples.  Now almost
every guy in the theater (about 10) crowded around to try to get a
good view of the show, but also maintained a respectable distance and
did not barge in on any action uninvited.  After a few minutes of
fucking, Yellow took a little break to watch couple #2 who was also
now going at it. 

She was going down on her hubby and a couple of the
guys were trying to get close to see if they could get more than a
good view.  One lucky guy did get a little action when she stood up
and turned around so her hubby could fuck her from behind while she
bent over the row of seats.  One guy had his cock out and stroking it
and was lucky enough to be right in front of lady #2 when she bent
over the seat, so she started sucking his cock. 

Yellow was now spread eagle in her seat leaning back and moaning loudly
 as one guy had taking a half laying down posture on the floor in front of her
and was eating her pussy like it was his last meal.  He was also fingering her
at the same time and apparently he was doing a great job because
Yellow was just moaning and breathing hard and threw in a little
pleasure scream now and then.  I think she had a couple of orgasms
while he was down there and I think he must have gone down on her for
about 15 minutes.  And that whole time, lady #2 was happily sucking
away on one of the single guys that walked in with them. 

When the guy who was going down on Yellow finally did come up for air,
she resumed her position of being bent over the chair in front of her so hubby
could fuck her some more.  At this point I was the one who was
directly in front of her face as she was getting fucked and was hoping
it would be my turn to get in on the action.  I played with those
beautiful soft C cups for a couple minutes, but it became clear pretty
quickly that these ladies were not there to play with just anyone.
The only ones that actually got into any sucking and fucking were the
hubbies and the guys that the couples appeared to know. 

After a little more action in the theater between couple #1 and 2 and their
guys friends (couple #3 never budged during the action), they all left
the theater together and went back to the spa area to get a private
room.  By this time it was 11:30 and I figured nothing else was going
to happen in the last 1/2 hour before closing time.  I headed out
disappointed with not getting any action other than feeling some great
tits, but it comparison to sitting in a theater with a bunch of guys
going down on each was a tremendous step forward.

Thanks for putting together such great info on the theater scene.
Tomorrow evening I plan on maybe going back to 15th Ave to see what's
happening, and definitely stopping at CT's in Gary on my way to
Michigan.  Looking forward to visiting more places and writing more

The Anaconda


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Anaconda for his first report, and hopefully it is not his last.  For those of you also relatively new to the theater scene, maximize your visit by going on a Friday or Saturday night.  The odds will be better to witness some monkey business, and you never know who or what will fall into your lap.