Thursday, May 31, 2012

Update! The Latest From Gloryhole Nancy (w/New Pics!)

Doc here with our good friends, Gloryhole Nancy and her guy, T, and their most recent update.  Nancy is on the prowl again, and if you have what she is looking forward, then Xmas has come early for you.

Also included in this update are two brand new Gloryhole Nancy pics, for your entertainment purposes.  Remember to click on the pics to ENLARGE them.

So without further ado, here is Gloryhole Nancy and T...

Hola amigo!

Nancy and I have been busy as of late, with both work and school keeping us busy. However, the good news is that Nancy is now ready to get out and play;) 

We've decided to stay away from the Toledo bookstore scene, as the police are still doing their "stings" so we are just staying away completely, for now.  We've been hosting at our private gloryhole and have had some good guys come over lately. This guy has been trying for months and months to come over, so when an opening presented itself we contacted him and he shot over right away. 

He said he was hung, but even Nancy was suprised when he slid his cock through. Nancy said "Ok, I need to get a measurement on this monster", and proceeded to measure him at 9 inches, just how Nancy likes them!  She sucked and stroked him for a good 30 minutes before he stroked himself all over her double D's! Nancy was sure to let him know he gets an invite back. 

But as always, she is on the lookout for more hung guys (8" or more), and she's DYING to get her hands, mouth, tits, and pussy on a cock over 10" (that means measured with a ruler 10" lol).

Doc, if you know any guys that measure up in the Detroit area send them our way would ya?!  She loves my thick 8" but when the mood strikes her, she goes into full-slut mode and wants her cocks big and bigger lol 

Take care Doc and I'll be sure to send more pics of this encounter soon....
T &N


Doc here again... A big thank you as always to Gloryhole Nancy and T. Cannot wait for more pics from this session at their own personal gloryhole setup.  Also, if you are in the Detroit area, and have the goods, reach out to Nancy and T at


Couple's Flash Report! Mr.& Mrs. C Hit Sensual Arts in Escanaba, MI

                                                                          Doc here with a first time Couple's Flash Report from Mr. C. Mr. & Mrs. C visited a theater I am very curious about, Sensual Arts in Escanaba, MI.  I think you will like Mr. C's writing style, since it's very descriptive, and of course, filthy. 

Hey there Doc, 

Here's a little report about our trip to Sensual Arts in Escanaba, Michigan.

Last Saturday night we got to the bookstore around 9 PM and Mrs C was feeling extra horny that night. Escanaba is a bit out of the way for us, but it's generally a fun place to play. Mrs C is a beautiful , fit 30's brunette with long legs, naturally firm D cups, perfectly tanned skin, and an incredibly tight ass and she's best described as a Sandra Bullock look-alike. She was wearing a short black mini skirt, a form fitting halter and her black fuck me shoes.

Sensual Arts, Escanaba, MI
We entered the store and she started shopping around the outfits, toys and various kinky items they have for sale. I went over to the counter and quickly paid our discounted couples fee. The clerk, who had seen us there before, gladly gave me our ticket, and passed me the change in quarters for the booths. After Mrs C finished her shopping, we entered the hallway towards the main theater rooms.

The hallway was lined with booths and none of the lights that tell you if it is occupied were on yet, so we continued our way to the theaters. As you enter the theater area there are two sections. To the left is the straight section showing mixed interest movies, and on the right is the gay section. I opened the door for her and she went right to the left side as I followed. The theater area has a large screen in one corner with deck style chairs in a semi-circle around the opposite corner.

There were 3 or 4 guys seated around the room and Mrs C quickly found a comfortable place among them. I sat to her right and the seat to her left was open. The movie that was playing was showing 2 girls with a single guy. He had on her hands and knees and was ramming her tight hole from behind. We watched the movie for a while then Mrs C asked if we could go check the booths out. Being the loving husband I am, I didn't object.

As we left the movie area to the booths and selected the booth in the middle. Mrs C took a seat as I plopped a few quarters into the player and we roamed the channels until we found something we both could enjoy. It wasn't long before Mrs C got out of the chair, dropped to her knees, unbuckled my pants, pulled my out my cock and started licking and sucking with one hand on my shaft and the other fondling my balls. I could hear someone enter the booth next to us, and it wasn't long before the occupant was offering his goods through the hole. Mrs. C didn't hesitate to reach over and start stroking the other guy. She looked up at me for approval and with a nod she let go of my cock and started sucking his. I reached down and placed my hand between her legs and she was incredibly wet.

She continued to suck the anonymous cock while I fingered her and was soon having her first of many orgasms of the night. Her moans and groans were too much for the fellow and he emptied his balls in her mouth. She took some of the supplies from our playing kit that we bring, cleaned up and let me know she was ready to hit the main theater again. This time we noticed a few more gentlemen in the theater. We took our seats, this time with me on her left and another guy on her right. She leaned over, and started sucking my cock again. Within seconds every guy there was watching and stroking. She lifted her head, reached over to the guy on her right and started stroking us both. This is usually my cue that she's ready to put on a show.

I had her stand up and lean over the chair. I slid my cock in her from behind, and soon there were hands all over her. Again she started to cum, and I was not able to hold it any longer. I shot my load deep inside her, which made her even more vocal, sending every guy over the edge. She was the center of the universe as every guy shot their loads in her direction. She stood up, got cleaned up, and off we went to the booths again. She blew a few more guys in the booths and before the end of the night she gave me a great blowjob in front of everyone. I'm a big cummer and she wasn't able to swallow it all so some rolled out of her mouth and dribbled down her chin and landed on her breasts. But it was when she took her fingers, wiped the corners of her mouth and licked them clean that the crowd of men gave her praise.

Next time she's hoping to find a few guys worthy of her taking into room 13 and fucking the hell out of them... I guess I'll have to remember the camera!

Mr. C


Doc here again... Now that is a great first time Couple's Flash Report!  Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. C for the great report, and we are looking forward to your next report(s)! 


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi Returns (with a Doctor's Note) For Memorial Day

Doc here with the return of The Dark Knight Bob in Biloxi. Robert offers an explanation for his whereabouts, and then dives into the nitty gritty of this week's fun on the beautiful Gulf Coast.

Here is Bob, with his excuse in hand, and this week's Cruising The Coast Report


Hi Doc,

Well, I guess the readers of your column/blog know that we in “this thing of ours” can’t stay gone very long.  My Saturday nights are still spent with a lovely female creature who is all but insatiable (until one of us passes out), but I digress. The first part of this report is by proxy, the second part is live and in color.

Saturday night saw an abundance of couples in our little theater on the Beautiful Gulf Coast. The indoor activities included most of what one could expect at the Grand Mecca of this thing of ours (The Paris in Portland). The thing that made it extra special was the beautiful ladies appearing, as one of our semi-regular couples related the following report. In all 15 couples showed up, most of course were there for the purpose of checking out the scene, but a good number played.

Bob's Plate
There was one instance where an elderly gentleman (not really being a gentleman) decided he would try and bully his way next to another couple seated near this semi-regular. This did not pan out when he tried to push his way down an aisle and was rebuked. Of course this started a pushing and shouting match that wound up in the lobby under the management’s care. There is still no accounting for good manners or common courtesy for some people and the only way to curtail this behavior is to confront it.

One of our loyal readers emailed me Friday to let me know they were going Saturday night and invited me to meet them. Of course being infatuated as I am now, I had to decline to take care of business at home. This same couple that the quasi gentleman tried to get next too was not deterred and advised me via email Sunday morning they were going to attempt another try at the theater. This is when I learned of the above sad situation. Armed with that knowledge, I suggested the ABS first, we agreed to meet at 8pm.

I called the couple that ran interference for this new couple, and invited them to join me at the ABS. They are semi-regulars at the theater, fairly new to the ABS scene, but seasoned swingers none the less. They arrived shortly before 8pm and we talked in the parking lot about Saturday night events (it seems it was a wide open affair for most of the night).

This couple rode their Harley to the ABS (good way to save gas) and the lady (whom I’ve been with a couple of times) was dressed in a blue jean skirt and red top, no panties (on a Harley, how cool is that?). After chatting for a few minutes our couple from the theater (the one that emailed me) showed up. The lady is very pretty, 20’s, blonde, nice perky tits, dressed in a flower print dress. I went inside the ABS to scope out vacant booths while they talked.

Once inside the blonde couple went into booth 3, myself and the Harley couple went into booth 4, as you may remember one of the scouts and I renovated the holes to a more user friendly configuration. As we peeked through the hole into booth 3, we noticed that the blonde lady was completely shaven and was already sucking her man’s cock. Always a good sign!!

I stuck my cock through the hole and was rewarded with her tiny hands and warm wet mouth, she was making an unsuccessful attempt to deep throat me, but was getting an A+ for effort, as this lady had exceptional talent. While I was busy at the hole, the Harley couple lady was seated in the chair and started blowing her man. Every once in a while she would reach out and caress my ass or reach between my legs and tickle my balls, and yes, she is a very nice lady too!  Every so often the blonde lady would stop and back her ass up to the hole and rub my cock on her steaming pussy, (that felt wonderful) then go back to sucking and licking.

Meanwhile, Harley lady decided I needed her pierced tits on my back. Now I don’t know how many readers have had a pretty lady rub her tits on their back, rub her soft hands around their ass, while their cock was stuck through a gloryhole with another pretty lady on the other side blowing them, but it is a wonderful experience!! I couldn’t stay long, because it’s a work day here and with a two hour drive back home, I needed to unload and get the fuck out of the way ASAP. ( I wish I could have played longer) but I started jacking until I unloaded on her side. She (the blonde) graciously cleaned me up with her hot ass mouth. Damn that felt great!! Thank you ma’am !! 

As I exited, the Harley lady hub took my place and I bid them farewell. I do not know what happened after I left, but I do know that both wound up back at the theater.

That’s the report from our Beautiful Gulf Coast - hot weather, hotter ladies! I think this summer will be a banner year for playing in “this thing of ours” if only manners are adhered too and common sense applied.


It's good to have you back, Bob! Great report as always, and a nice twist on the gloryhole scene at the ABS down the road from the Gulf Coast Theater.

You can next see Bob in the new PBS series, "This Old Porn House", where Bob renovates tired old gloryholes into a user friendly social gathering spot.  Check local listings for times in your area.


Field Report! Act I and II Cinema in Denver, CO by Work2Much

Doc here with a Field Report from long time contributor, Work2Much. He does a great job painting the picture for us on Act I and II Cinema in Denver, CO.

Here we go, with the latest from the Mile High Club City, and Work2Much...


Hi Doc,

Here is the overdue Field Report I promised for the Act I and II Cinema in Denver, CO.

I was in Denver a couple of weeks ago and had some free time on a Saturday night. After checking the good Doctors Database I saw I wasn’t far from Act I and II Cinema (address available in the database).

There was plenty of parking in the back with the entrance in the front on a fairly busy street but this didn’t bother me because I don’t know anyone in Denver. There are actually 3 theaters, 2 straight an done gay. Admission is $8 for the 2 straight or $16 for all 3. I arrive about 10:30and paid for the straight theaters. It looked like this was once a larger theater that was cut in half, both theaters have an aisle down one side with about 12 - 15 rows of 5 or 6 seats. My favorite feature of this theater is the small screen showing the lobby so you can see who was coming and going. Unfortunately for me that night no ladies came in. There were several people milling about between the theaters but after 2 hours I called it a night and made my way back to my hotel.

After I kept hearing a buzzing sound I finally figured out that the attendant had to buzz people into the gay theater.  I don’t think anything was going on in the gay theater either by the way some people were bouncing between the 3 theaters.

I’ll be back on the road in a few weeks and when I plan my trip I’ll be checking the database for places to visit. I know there is no guarantee I’ll find what I’m looking for, but half the fun is in the hunt.


Doc here again... yes, the hunt is the exciting part for me as well (especially in a new city or theater). Thanks again to Work2Much for his report...


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flash Report! Maya's Bordello Experience in Argentina

Doc here with Part 2 of Maya's adventure in Argentina.  In part 1, she was worked over thoroughly in an adult theater.  In Part 2 however, she is the one working over the guys.

How?  You'll see soon enough.

Here is the sexy and naughty Maya and her Argentina adventure.


Dear Doc,

You asked for it, you got it.

Prostitution in in Argentina is legal and very popular cheap way to shoot a load. Usually conducted from apartments or city houses. Traffic is constant, 24/7 and peaks Friday and Saturday evenings and nights where johns wait for their turns to get serviced.

How does a girl get to work in one? Well, hubby went, talked to madam, and offered a cash incentive based on mounts volume, and then delivered me to them.
The Real Maya in action
Thanks to the incentive the madam took time and offered/highly recommended me as an American girl who was working at local offices of her company for a couple weeks and wanted the experience of being a prostitute. Fresh and eager instead of seasoned and cold.

 Girls are offered for 30 minutes of services, mouth/vaginal at johns discretion they call it, one load only, or one hour and the guy can cum as often as he wants (can). I was offered for 30 mins only and highly recommended as being “good”.The price is fixed, $120 pesos, USD $24, out of which 38% is mine to keep. (Minus the incentive it was quite less, lol). Curiously most guys where young, height weight proportional, and very nice overall.

The gentleman sits in the room where he's gonna fuck us and we parade, introduce ourselves for 20 seconds and leave. Then he makes his choice and pays. Shifts are 12 hrs and mine started every time at4:30 pm, where traffic starts. It increases until the wee hours. I worked in a house, 7 rooms, 8 girls, up to 9. Ridiculously busy.

For this I wear no top, my small titties bared,  very skimpy skirt that shows as much as possible, and act provocatively, as I am now competing for my lovers. Walk in, introduce myself, show off, and probably grab and caress the cock although its not allowed, but I am a temp, so who cares? Right? Just letting my men know I want them.

The client traffic is big, and I am often the chosen one, and average 2services per hour. The pay is near to nothing but the fact that I am being sold is incredible exciting, and as you well know I am an addict in this.

I go all the way out to serve and please, and it shows. I orgasm more than I expect to, and am overall in a state of continuous ecstasy. Only another woman who is into serving you guys in this “thing of yours” would understand the total joy of it. First go down on my knees, then take off my clothes and am usually mounted and can not control it, get extremely verbal, moan and shout. I offer in my broken Spanish to wear a fem condom if they want me to (for $10 more pesos) which then feels like bareback to them. What they don't know is that after being topped I can feel their cum flowing down my thighs when I stand up from  the bed, and it feels soooo wonderful, while still being safe.

I get to mostly use a room that is just by the waiting area, so hubby can hear me while pretending to be another waiting client. Later nights when madam trusted him more he was allowed to peek through a window and see me work. (that's what a tip in hard currency gets us, lol)

Great,incredible, superb, exciting, blown out, brain floating endorphins....would not quite describe it. It IS!!! It comes with sense of accomplishment and great pride.



Doc here again... So you thought Maya's last report was pretty hardcore?  Change your mind after reading this one?  I did... Maya's innocent exterior hides a very naughty and hardcore woman who is willing to please in almost any circumstance.  And I for one cannot wait for her next report!

Thanks Maya!


Blast From The Past! Cathy from at Fantasyland in Tampa (with PICS!)

Doc here with a special treat for you, the good readers of The Journal.  A couple of months back, I began a dialog with Cathy from, one of my favorite amateur sites on the interwebs. More details of our conversation, and some adult theater visits by this very naughty MILF will be coming soon to The Journal.

In the meantime, Cathy sent along a great Blast From The Past Report from 2004, along with 7 HOT pics (click to ENLARGE them) from that trip!

Here is Cathy....


August 11 2004

One of my most memorable visits to a gloryhole was in August 2004 at the Fantasyland Theater in Tampa. Although sucking about a dozen cocks was certainly memorable what made this trip even more so was the fact that there was an even bigger Blow-Job on its way to town. It was right at the time when Hurricane Charley was threatening to devastate Tampa.

My hubby and I had been visiting Tampa for the past week with a group of swinging friends and I decided one night that I wanted to visit the gloryholes at Fantyasyland. I had been there a couple of times in the past, and enjoyed an awesome time on each visit, so there was no way I was going to visit Tampa and not go back. I find it incredibly exciting to have a complete stranger push his cock through a hole for me to enjoy .. hehe.

When we arrived at Fantasyland there was already a lot of wind around but that didn't stop the carpark being almost full. Dressed in a revealing top and short skirt I walked in and straight away guys were checking me out. I walked around a little and went into the theaters to see if there was any action going on in there. A lot of guys were wandering around but it looked like I was the only woman out looking for a good time.

After several minutes I made my way into the area where the video booths are and found one with a good sized gloryhole. By this time there was a group of guys following me and I was feeling really excited about getting started. I sat down in the booth and feed the video machine to keep it happy and then turned around to see a semi-hard cock poking through the wall. I didn't waste any time.

I squatted down and took that cock in my mouth and sucked it to full erection. I was so horny by this time .. there was a LOT of guys watching me from the hallway and that was a huge turn-on by itself.
After sucking that cock for a few minutes I couldn't help myself .. I stood up, bent over and slipped it into my saturated pussy. It felt sooooo good. It was a little awkward but we fucked like that until I orgasmed and the guy filled my pussy. I guess seeing that got all the other guys super horny because I then sucked about 10 cocks one after the other. As soon as one guy shot his load and left another guy quickly took his place. It was great and I loved it .. hehe. I don't know how many different cocks I sucked that night but it had to be at least 12. Some guys came back for seconds and wasn't about to say no to that :-)

It was another awesome visit to Fantasyland, and it made me want to go back again .. and I did :-)


Doc here again... Thanks to Cathy for a great report, and the HOT gloryhole pics! Stay tuned to The Journal for a lot of Cathy news coming soon. 


Friday, May 25, 2012

Flash Report! Dry Clean Only Visits Video Liquidators in Buffalo

Doc here with another terrific Flash Report from upstate NY, The Good Doctor's old stomping grounds.  Dry Clean Only is back with his third report, and it's a very good one



Hello, Doc,

Report from Thursday noon at Video Liquidators in Buffalo:  Pulled into the parking garage, and noticed just 3 cars, but being shortly before noon, I figured I was early.  After taking a seat in theater 2 ("straight"), I noticed about 3 guys independently watching the movie. 

As noon approached and passed, another 5-10 guys arrived, all at least late forties right up to 70, except for one college dude.  Somebody sat down right behind me, and 5min later, I had a throaty whisper "Can I join you?" In my ear as I was trying to get into some blonde on screen taking massive dick on like it was her job (well, wait a minute, I guess it is her job.). "Thanks but no thanks" to Whispering Confused Guy, and I was on my own for all of four minutes when in walks a confident, tall, slender guy with his lady friend, saying "OMG", and giggling, as he pulled her into a seat midway down on the left. 

Of course, the crowd followed them down the aisle and took seats pretty close, but college dude and I hung back.  She went right to work on her friend, with what appeared to be a pretty aggressive 10 minute blowjob.  She came up for air, checked out the movie for a bit, and the guy fended off a couple of the guys who moved in close, and within minutes Mr. And Mrs. took off. 

Something tells me they'll be back with an even better show someday.  Just past noon now, things have gotten a little boring.  A couple guys have decided to blow each other down front, and college dude and I must have been on the same wavelength about our prospects for the rest of the lunch hour because we both took off just after half-past. 

Besides, DCO's got places to go, people to see, and an inbox filling up with matters that know nothing of this thing of ours.



Doc here again... Dry Clean Only is 3 for 3 in terrific Flash Reports, and one of the leaders in the clubhouse for Rookie Reporter of the Year.  Those of you thinking about writing your first Flash Report, you may want to use DCO's reports as a template.  Great stuff!

I still need reports, and it's time to step up to the plate.  Just e-mail me at, choose a pen name, and submit your report.  I'll do the rest.


Couple's Flash Report! The Return of Maya, & Her Trip To Argentina

Doc here with the return of the very sexy Maya.  In her first two reports HERE and HERE, Maya introduced herself to us, and her theater and ABS antics were nothing short of awesome.

Well kids, she is back, and has a wild tale to discuss with us...

Here is Maya!


Well Doc, I've had the intention to report for sometime, but it has no pics as those where definitely not allowed. Here it goes, you decide if its worth it or not.

Argentina has some arcades, but they are 100% gay. Several theaters, same except, weekdays lunch time where lots of bi and  straight guys drop by in search of some relief.
So hubby takes me to one at 12 noon sharp that has a hetero movie upstairs and gay one downstairs. When you go down there's a couple dark places where most of the action is.

I was wearing a sports bra, mini skirt and black thigh high boots. We walk the place and get familiar wit hit and then sit upstairs where some approached and touched, showed off, but shy of actual sex.

Hubby leaves for a “quick business lunch” (Theater is in the business area of the city) and leaves me there giving me assurances that I will be safe. Being on my own gave the guys the courage, so I was soon asked to go to one of the dark rooms behind the basement movie screen, where it takes a few minutes until your eyes adapt and you can start seeing.

Yes Doc, your guessed  RIGHT! I was totally used and abused for about half an hour, several guys taking turns until I was totally done and cried uncle, went back upstairs to rest. My panties where nowhere to be found. Hubby is not back yet, so I stand and wonder around and when again down the stairs somebody grabbed me firmly but nicely and took me into the room where I was molested repeatedly.

Its not easy to convey and explain,  my brain was like in cottons, in the clouds (poppers helped), and  the whole thing simply blew my mind. The servitude and humiliation pushed me into multi orgasms.

Hubby showed up at 3:30 (the bastard, LOL) proud of himself the moment he saw my state and condition. During our stay I went about 3 times a week, mostly on my own. What a trip!!!

Prostitution is legal there, and I also worked in a brothel for some of Friday and Saturday evenings into late nights. But that is another story.

Hope the report makes sense, even if not many readers will have a chance to go play down there.



Doc here again... An incredible job by the very sexy Maya!  Keep those reports coming in.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

A New Call For Reports!

Doc here, shining the Batsignal back up against the skies of The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college (Go Spinners!).

Yes, once again, The Good Doctor's in-box has been emptied of all reports.  The well is dry my friends, and I'm looking for you to fill that well back up with Flash Reports, Field Reports, or Blast From The Past Reports.

The past two weeks saw many first time reporters submit some fantastic reports. The efforts of CTFireGuy, Calico Jack, & Szabo were dynamite, and I can't wait for more from this new wave of reporters.  If you ever thought about submitting a report, but have not as of yet, this is a great time to do so.  Just provide The Good Doctor with a pen name to use for your reports, and type up your observations.  I will edit, format, drop in a pic or two, and best of all, you get the byline.

Senior reporters... It's time to answer the bell.  Right now, only JaxBchBum has a valid excuse for not submitting a report, as he is out of the country for another month.  May is a great time of year for this thing of ours, and we need your reports.  The action has been terrific at Berlin News Agency in NJ, 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL, The Paris and Oregon Theaters in Portland, OR, The Lido in Dallas and of course, The Art Cinema in Hartford. Let's read what you saw...

Send your reports to me directly at I'll take it from there...

Thanks again to you, the good readers of the #1 source for information on this thing of ours.


Flash Report! Trucker Tony Checks In From The Road

Doc here with a Flash Report from our good friend, Trucker Tony.  On his latest adventure, traversing one of the fly-over states, he found a little Show Me...

Here is Trucker Tony...


Hey Doc,

It has way too long since I have anything to report. Seems every time I go somewhere, no action at all. Well, that changed this past Saturday night, and in a place I have not seen any couples for a long, long time.

If you are familiar with the Show Me State, you know where I am talking about. Seems the do-gooders have done a lot to clamp down this thing of ours, and where we do it at. So, I arrive at about 21:30 on Saturday night. Biggest draw for me, being a commodities relocation expert, is where to park at the end of a long day.75 feet ain't easy to park.

Anyway,  I go inside, talk to the clerk for a few, pay my fee, & o inside knowing there is nothing going on. After a few, I walk outside, and low and behold, a couple had just driven up. Now, I am not gonna waste anytime about what he looked like (who fricken cares). She on the other hand was a genuine MILF. 5'10 in her fuck me heels.Wow!

They looked around the store for a few, and I am doing my best to not make a fool of myself. I even went outside to let them get comfy inside. I walk back, and the clerk says they just went into the theater. Yippee!

After a few minutes of watching the lame ass movie, I thought all was lost. They get up and look like they are leaving. They stopped at one of the side rooms, and I make my way towards the exit. I casually mention to them about the arcade, "a bit more privacy". He asks about police busts, and I mention that out in the country, the law has more important things to worry about.

He just wants to fuck his (did i say beautiful wife). They go back into the theater, and it did not take them long to get going.When she pulled off her top, I almost came right then, and what lovely tits. And could not tell if they were real. She even let me play with them, and I still could not tell.

To bring this to a close, he fucked her 9 ways to Sunday. After jacking off twice, I had to leave, as this was way too much excitement for me.They couldn't have stayed long, cause as we know, in "Missery", they have to close by midnight.

So, yes, even in the bible-ruled state of "Missery", there is action to be viewed (or had).

Good luck to all my fellow pervs in this thing of ours.
Yours truly,
Trucker Tony

PS. Oh did I mention, she was bee-a-you-t-ful?

Thanks again to Trucker Tony, and his latest dispatch back to the newsroom here at The Journal.  Keep up the great work sir.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

House Call! Playoff Fever With Mr. & Mrs. X @ 15th Avenue in Chicagoland

Doc here with a long overdue House Call Report…

The first week of May saw The Good Doctor with a free early evening after dropping off some lab tests at a local facility known for their speedy turn-around times & thick Scottish accents. I was within a short distance of 15thAvenue Adult Books & Theater in Chicago’s western suburbs, and the Lizardo 3000 seemed to drive itself to this top notch adult theater/ABS/Spa/ Party Room.

After putting on a fresh white cocktail jacket, I entered, paid my dues at the front desk, and did the walk through.  15th Avenueis a sprawling facility, between the large theater, video arcade area, spa, the bleacher section (an occasional bleacher bum has been spotted waving there), and of course the party room.

The party room at 15th Avenue was open for a playoff basketball game featuring the Bulls and the 76’ers, and tip off was about 45 minutes away when I got there.  The place was kind of quiet, with two couples doing the spa/shower room thing, along with a few well-mannered lads.  The spa is not really my cup of tea, as it results in my mustache drooping prematurely, which in turn sends a bad message to couples.

About 15 minutes after I arrived, I heard two familiar voices… My “Lizardo Sense” (a much lamer version of “Spidey Sense”), located the source of the voices, and it turned out to be those of one of The Good Doctor’s favorite couples… Mr. and Mrs. X!

15th Ave Adult Books & Theater
Melrose Park, IL
At first, they didn’t recognize me, since I was still in office attire and not in my traditional shorts/golf shirt outfit favored by many.  It had also been several months since I had last seen The X’s, so it was up to the Bravo Dottore to make up for lost time.

Mrs. X is one of those women who are very put together… Hair – Perfect. Lipstick – Perfect. Dress – Awesome. Matching lingerie – Yes please.  But don’t let that well-put together ensemble fool you, because Mrs. X is a very bad girl.  How bad, you might ask?

After catching up with each other outside the theater, the always accommodating Mr. X asked me if I would like to accompany them to the arcade area for a bit.  You know, just to catch up some more.  After closing the door behind us, I sauntered up to Mrs. X and began to kiss her neck, which based on prior meetings, was a solid ice-breaker.  As I was doing this, I was also sliding my hand inside her lacey panties, where a smooth and very wet pussy awaited. I finger fucked Mrs. X to a shuddering orgasm, as she clung to me. 

Mrs. X then took hold of the situation (and by situation, I mean my cock). Still fully dressed, Mrs. X got on her knees, undid the Good Doctor’s pants, slid off my Dr. Who boxer-briefs (David Tenant version), and engulfed my cock.  Mrs. X is tremendously gifted in the blowjob department, at times sucking slowly, at times grabbing my ass as I fucked her mouth, gagging her in the process.  And yes dear readers, Mrs. X enjoys the gagging (remember me telling you that she is a very bad girl?) while deep throating.

Mrs. X is also very focused, and it was her intention all along to take me to the finish line while on her knees.  And while making eye contact with me, I filled her lipstick rimmed mouth with a large load of cum.  This time there was no gagging…Just swallowing.

As we left the booth, Mrs. X went to pull herself together, and I talked with Mr. X.  Upon Mrs. X’s return, I had to return a patient’s call and I told them I would catch up with them later - the evening was still young.

20 or so minutes later, I caught up with the X’s once again, this time in the party room.  The basketball game had just started, and I pulled up a chair next to Mrs. X’s left, and Mr. X was to her right. While talking with them, I was fixated Mrs. X’s smooth legs… Stroking them while teasing her with some whispered dirty talk.  Mr. X graciously pulled down Mrs. X’s dress, exposing her very nice boobs and hard nipples to playoff basketball. 

As if on cue, we guys decided to each take one boob and go to town on them.  Mrs. X was moaning, and I was just beginning to tease her super wet pussy with my fingers.  She came hard several times over the course of the next 15-20 minutes of our foreplay… By this time I was fully recuperated and ready to pay back the kindness Mrs. X showed me in the booth.

After retiring to a private room, Mrs. X stripped off her clothes, including her awesome lingerie, and laid back onto the bench.  The Good Doctor proceeded to lick and nibble her pussy to 2 orgasms before suiting up, putting on my Lizardo cape, and sliding into her tight wet pussy.    Before long, the finish line was in sight, and I filled up the condom while buried deep inside Mrs. X. 

I thanked the X’s once again, and left them to themselves as I exited stage right.  The Good Doctor’s well was dry, and it was time to head back to The Valley near the small women’s liberal arts college. 

You may ask what makes Mrs. X special in The Good Doctor’s eyes. She is the consummate professional business woman by day; the one who you would never expect would have a secret (like this). But when venturing into this thing of ours, she is a bad a girl as you will see in an adult theater.

Yin and Yang, in a well put together outfit…



Comments are open!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Couple's Flash Report! C&R Hit The Foster in Youngstown, OH

Doc here with a quick report from one of the hottest couples I have ever come across in this thing of ours... C&R

I first met C&R last year, when they were looking for a little guidance for the Chicago adult theater scene.  Being the good natured fellow that I am, I was able to give them the skinny on both CTs Adult Theater as well as 15th Avenue Adult Books & Theater in Melrose Park, IL.  Fast forward a couple of weeks, I met them in person at 15th Avenue...

Since that time, they have made several visits back at 15th Avenue, engaging in the same monkey business as I saw them enjoy last year.  In this quick report, they decided to stick a little closer to their home base by visiting the Foster Art Theater in Youngstown.

Here is C&R and their latest adventure...


Hello Doctor,

R and I went to Summit (News) a week and a half ago. It was pretty lame at the time.
So, we went to Foster's and had a blast. R got naked in the theater seat and
played with about 6 or 7 guys. She had one guy fuck her from behind in the
middle of the theater. Ahhhh ... life is good.


Doc here again... R is as insatiable as she is hot folks, and if you happen to run into them at a theater near you, go play a lottery ticket.  Your luck just got a lot better.  Thanks to C&R for the report, and hopefully many more to come.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flash Report! Mocha Pickle Answers To The Batsignal at CTs Adult Theater in Gary - Friday 5/18

Doc here... This was a crazy weekend across the board in this thing of ours, from Portland to Hartford. Included in this craziness was CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.   Both Friday and Saturday nights yielded many NOWWW reports from Pete, the owner of CTs.  NOWWW reports are his version of "Red Flag" announcements from The Paris Theater in Portland, and signal to the working stiffs that a couple has arrived to CTs.

Luckily for us, senior reporter Mocha Pickle answered the Batsignal emanating from the roof of CTs, calling for more guys.  Here is his story...


Friday. Late. Got the msg. "...the COUPLE from LAST NITE with the HOT ASIAN WOMAN JUST CAME BACK!!!" I'd missed her Thursday performance at CT's. Heard she was special. An exotic treat.  I decided I would not miss her again.

CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
Got to CT's within the hour. She was in the back row of the theater. Pinned like a butterfly on display. Naked. Limber. Legs spread, black high heels stabbing the air above her head. A bearded guy sucking the taco between her legs like he'd been snake bit and her pussy contained the antidote. He was hogging the buffet, she was loving it, coaxing him to tongue her asshole. How could he refuse? He didn't. She was a multi-tasking minx, a cock in each hand, taking on all cummers. Thank you, God.

After a quick smoke break, she and another woman (with perfect pinchable tits, by the way) returned to finish off the crowd.

A bit of coaching from her man, the teasing tit-woman sucked a few cocks 'till they erupted onto her meaty boobs and perky nipples. The Asian girl, however, used her nimble fingers and hot mouth to stroke, swallow and drain every other cock in the theater.

As an added bonus, she offered her shaved, slippery pussy, but only bareback. Cocks fell like flies into her glazed honey trap, one after another. None lasted more than a few pumps, leaving her gooey, sloppy and wanting more. I opted for an exquisite hand job and lasted less than thirty seconds (she really knew how to work the crown!) Later, her man held her ass cheeks open as I jacked off and popped again, this time on her cute little butthole. I moaned a little bit. Couldn't help it. Did I mention she was a minx? It bears repeating.

This young lady was a real treat- a sexual succubus, her charms simply irresistible.  Thanks to both ladies (and their generous men) for sharing of themselves and their wonderful gifts. As long as we have faces, your hot buns will always have a place to sit.

(mocha pickle)


Doc here... Love Mocha Pickle's writing style.  I have the voice of Detective Joe Friday from Dragnet in my head as I read his report.  And special kudos for the Journal's first use of the word "succubus" in almost 3 years of existence.  Bravo, sir.  Please submit more reports the next time you are working vice...

The Good Doctor needs your adult theater reports!  It took a full week, but I am finally caught up on all the editing from last week's submissions.  It was a great week of reports, and I have you to thank (you know who you are).  Let's keep this train rolling... There was a huge amount of activity at CTs in Gary, The Paris and Oregon theaters in Portland, Berlin new Agency in NJ, and at 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL.  Were you there?  Were you someplace else?  We want to hear what you experienced... Just drop your white-suited friend an e-mail at Send in your report, along with a pen name (for your first-timers).  I'll do the rest, and you get the byline.

Thanks again for a great week here at The Journal!


Flash Report! CTFireGuy Returns With Another Art Cinema Adventure

Doc here with another great report from the newest regular reporter from Hartford, CTFireGuy.  The Art Cinema in Hartford is going great guns, and here is yet another example of how good it is at The Art.

Here is CTFireGuy...



CTFireGuy here again... This Friday nigh (May 11th) 7 couples were there & 3 played downstairs.

The first two were hot and sexy ladies. The first couple walked in and went down front with many onlookers.  The sexy lady blew a few lucky guys and stroked some more guys. As this was all going on, other couples arrived and went upstairs to play. Two younger couples put on shows by the balcony and let the guys watch and got into watching guys stroke to their show.

Another couple came down and walked the aisle stopped and he lifted up her skirt and started playing right there. As you can imagine Doc, the guys hovered right over. She blew her man and let the guys touch her all over. They thanked the guys after the both came.

Then couple #3 came down and played they put on a show, and this is a regular couple where she will let you touch her tits and ass as she plays with her husband. But tonight was different she was playing with her husband and then started stroking other guys. She is very sexy and gets into the whole scene.

All in all Doc, it was a great night in Hartford! The right mix of respectful guys and willing couples.  I have heard that other new couples are coming to the Art, which means more chances for a great downstairs experience if you are patient and respectful of the couples.

Have a great weekend DOC!


Doc here again... Thanks again to CTFireGuy for another great report!  You are 2 for 2 sir... Keep up the great work!

The Good Doctor is still looking for adult theater reports... E-mail them direct to me at I will edit and format the reports, and even drop in a pic or two.  First time reporters, please also give me a pen name you wish to use for your report(s).

Lastly, remember that comments are open on all reports now at The Journal.  Just play nice...


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Flash Report! Professor 7x6 Hits The Valley Of The Sun

Doc here with the latest from our good friend, Professor 7x6.  The Good Professor is a wise man, but on this latest trip, he was not a lucky man.

Here is Professor 7x6 and the latest from Arizona, and Missouri...



I've nothing redeeming to report.  My Wichita trip fell through, but Phoenix set up well with a full Sunday to prowl.  However, Sunday evening was spoken for with a craigs list hookup so i can't say if    things improved Sunday night in Phoenix.  I noticed later on the Yahoo site that Old Marine Corps Guy had reported hot and heavy action at Personal Preference in Mesa just the day before.  Just like comedy, it's all about timing.

Several come and goes to the Adult Cinema # 2 on Holly Street, and a road trip to Mesa to Personal Preference were devoid of vagina sightings Sunday afternoon.  The Wednesday afternoon/evening report is the same.  Move along, nothing to see here :(.

I have a quasi-report on Vegas Video near Joplin MO.  I lucked into a sighting of  a hot Jane Fonda type with an older guy on a Wednesday noon driveby.  I didn't even see her at first in the darkness, then saw this slender form bobbing in his lap.  I knelt down and felt the boobs, and still wasn't sure if this was a TG or what.  They were perfect B-cups and if they were fake, they were damn good ones. 

She climbed in his lap facing him and I reached under to a sweet honey hole and had some fun for a minute or two before they took a break.  She put on a pair of Daisy Dukes and a skimpy top and went out for a smoke break.   I couldn't stay and play, but they said he aid they would be back the next week.  When I checked it the next week, he was alone and I learned she was on the clock, and he comes in with different ones.  I have no issue with clock-watchers, but to the Professor, if it isn't done for the fun/thrill/excitement, then it isn't the real deal.

Based on Craig's List postings, and the occasional scout report, they do get some couples play there on weekend nights.  It is too close to home for the Prof to frequent, but if I get a real report, I'll duly submit it to the Doctor.

I don't know when the next upload will be.  No travel scheduled.

Prof 7x6


Thanks again to Professor 7x6 for his take on Arizona's and Missouri's scene in this thing of ours.  Timing is everything, and sometimes it's good, but when it's bad, it's brutal.

Hang in there Prof...


Flash Report! Szabo Visits The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas

Doc here with a first time reporter, Szabo, and his report on one of The Good Doctor's favorite adult theaters, The Lido in Dallas, TX.

The Lido is possibly the cleanest adult theaters in the country. With a ton of off-street parking in it's huge lot, huge ABS downstairs, and an 80+ seat smaller theater downstairs.  However, the real fun is upstairs at The Lido.

16 large private rooms, two lounge areas with flat screen TVs, and a large 100+ seat main theater.

In any case, here is Szabo and his report from The Lido in Dallas.


Lido Theater Review Dallas 05/10/2012

Being from San Diego, I was in Dallas for business last week. Checked out the theater reviews and saw that the Lido in Dallas had the potential to be hopping on a Thursday night. Quick Google search showed it to be about 2 miles from the hotel where I was staying. Ok I guess I will walk to the theater.

Found the parking lot packed with cars, which you just don’t see in the San Diego theaters. Went inside and paid my money. Checked out the downstairs theater and there were only a couple of guys in there. Went upstairs and got buzzed through the door. I was met by a bunch of guys that were cruising the hall way and hanging out in the door ways of the viewing rooms. Rooms were very large with a huge flat couches. Could get 15 people in there. Bunch of people in and out of the rooms and at the end of the hall way was the theater.

The Lido
Dallas, TX c. 2010
I went in and sat down, glancing around to check out the scene. A very large fem black guy sat down next to me looking like he wanted some action. Not my type. Went to the front of the room and a not so attractive CD sat down and starting playing with his dildo stretching himself for some later action.

I got up and stood by the back wall to observe some more. A young couple came in and she stripped down and started blowing her man, and he was allowing others to grab some ass. She finally sat on his lap and a few minutes of bouncing later they got dressed and left. Several more couples came in and one very well dressed and attractive black couple sat in the front row with the woman pulling her dress up so her husband could play with her.

About then an older couple came in, probably in their late 60’s to maybe 70 and sat down. She was only about 5’3 and her husband was 6’3 and he had some handicap that made it hard to walk. I sat down 2 chairs away from the husband and he gave me the eye. He asked me why the hell I was sitting next to them and to get lost.

I told him that I was from California and heard that this was the place to be for some fun and I all I wanted to do was talk and ask them about Dallas.

This was a smart move, as after a few minutes of conversation he motioned me to move over to the other side next to his wife. She was very sweet and I wondered why the hell they were there unless he was unable to satisfy her.

So the husband unbuttons her blouse to reveal some pretty nice breasts. Her skin was magnificent, not at all wrinkly, just soft and warm. He motions at me to suck on them which I was glad to do. By then we have a crowd around us watching the action and a few hands fondling her breasts also. Since she was wearing only a thin blouse and a jeans skirt, access was very good.  After 10 minutes of this I see his hand between her legs, which were shaved smooth and the skin was like butter. I could tell he was finger banging her and pulled his finger out and licked it with a big smile. He then motioned me to go for the honey pot.

I softly and slowly rubbed on her ultra-smooth legs and worked my way north to the pot of gold. She was not shaved, but her pussy hair was very soft and thin. She lifted her ass up and slid her shirt around her waist revealing her mound glistening in the glow of the ambient light from the movie that was playing.. I ran my fingers in between her thighs and easily found the source of her moistness. Her clit was engorged, and as I lightly ran my fingers over it, she moaned loudly. I spent considerable time massaging her legs and lips, but purposely avoiding her clit. By this time she was unable to sit still and her hips were bucking like crazy. She grabbed my hand and thrust it onto her clit.

I looked at her husband who was really enjoying this, and he motioned to me to lick her pussy. I was glad to oblige. She spread her little legs as wide as they would go and grabbed me by the back of the head and pushed my head as hard as she could into her pussy. She was incredibly tight and I had a hard time getting my finger inside.  Was only a minute or so before she had an incredible orgasm. This one flowed into the next one and then into another one. There had to be 15 people standing all around stroking themselves enjoying the show.

Her hubby asked me if I wanted to fuck her. "Of course", I replied.

She stood up and pulled down her skirt and buttoned her blouse and exited the theater with me in tow. Her hubby found an unoccupied viewing room and we closed the door. Stuck $5 in the machine and she undressed again in full light. She was really about 70 and very hot! I could not believe it I was going to fuck my grandmother. She was so sexy and had really taken care of herself. She was sitting down on the couch and looking directly at my cock dripping with precum. My shorts were soaking wet. She looked like she wanted to suck it, but didn’t. Her husband asked me if I had a condom to which I replied I did not, but would go downstairs and buy one. Threw my clothes back on and ran down, got a condom and some lube.

Up stairs her husband greeted me at the door as he was standing watch. She was lying on her back with her legs spread awaiting my arrival. I decided to try another oral orgasm and went down on her again. After all the moment was slightly dampened by the delay to get the condom. It did not take too much licking to send her over the edge again writhing about on the couch.

I quickly put the condom on and she sat up with a slightly glazed look staring at my cock covered in its thin sheath. She placed her hand on it stroking me slowly, but seemed concerned. I am not that big, but she was tiny. I asked her if she wanted me to use the lube to which she replied “please”. Our fucking unfortunately did not last long (my fault) as I spent the previous hour and a half working on her and getting pretty worked up myself. She came 2 more times during our session.

It feels pretty weird to fuck a total stranger who I don’t even know her name and then say “Thank you”. I walked outside and noticed the clock. Crap it was 1:30 am and I had an hour walk back to the hotel and had to at the morning meeting at 7:30am.

I better sleep fast. I know my next trip to Dallas will include a Thursday night at the Lido.


Doc here again... Thanks for an outstanding first time report on The Lido, Szabo!  Thursday nights @ The Lido are the best time for single guys to visit?  Why?  Because on Friday or Saturday nights, single guys are not allowed upstairs unless you want to purchased a VIP ticket for ...wait for it... $150!  Thus, Thursday nights are so popular for single guys looking for couples at The Lido.

The Good Doctor still needs your adult theater reports... Please send them along to me at I will edit, format, and drip in a pic or two, and you get the byline!



(BTW, comments are open for this report!)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Flash Report! DryCleanOnly Reports on Upstate NY

Doc here with another outstanding Flash Report from one of the newest additions to The Journal's Team, DryCleanOnly.  DCO reports from The Good Doctor's original stomping grounds in upstate New York.  These venues have hosted yours truly on several occasions, and I'm sure there will be more to come in the future.

So without further delay, from parts unknown, weight unknown, here is DryCleanOnly and his latest report...


Doc, good to see your call to action has brought some good stories from fellow fans.  Since discovering your site just a few weeks ago, I've been busy taking advantage of free time on some trips to gather some insights on Video Liquidators in Buffalo and The Paris Cinema in Syracuse, and a couple Show World locations in Rochester.  Feel free to edit any or all of this to suit your editorial tastes and needs.  This is just my good deed for the day.  And, thanks for bestowing Pen Name of 2012 (year to date) upon me.  It's an honor, sir.

Also, pardon the rather brief and to the point flash report from last week.  What's a DryCleanOnly working man to do between meetings but to stop into the local adult theater and crank out a quick message to the Good Doctor?  But tonight, from the comforts of home, I've caught a break in the action, and have some time to send a proper update. 

Since stumbling upon The Journal, I have to say, it has given me the balls to check out a few spots that I've only wondered about in the past.  All of you newcomers to this thing of ours should do so, too.  So, settle in for this update on the Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse locations that you good readers need to know about in the little slice of heaven known as Upstate, NY from the DryCleanOnly working man.
My first visit, prior to discovering The Journal, was to The Paris last February.  I had no clue what to expect, but was in the area for a meeting that left me with some free time before heading out of town around 11am on an unusually warm Thursday.  Well, unusually warm for February in Syracuse is about 55 degrees...  The Doc can confirm how heavenly this is for us Upstaters (ed. note: Agreed!). 

The Paris is on an offshoot from the main drag headed out of Syracuse proper and into the burbs.  There's the usual assortment of chain restaurants, strip malls, muffler shops, etc. and two "gentlemen's clubs", an adult book store, and The Paris.  The Paris is located on a side street behind a warehouse-like building which sits between The Paris and the main drag.  It's situated pretty indiscreetly.  When you pull in, there's parking to the left and right of the building, and one entrance.  I did the "nervous guy drive by" a couple of times, and decided to give it a shot. 

As I pulled up, I realized I had missed the mark by 20 minutes:  there was a woman standing against the open front passenger door of a car in the lot, guy in the driver's seat, smoking a cigarette and staring me down as I pulled in.  She looked like she had gotten what she had come for already, and was headed home. 

Walking in, you've got a small lobby with the old fashioned ticket window, a couple bathrooms, and two theaters; left and right, known as 1 and 2, respectively.  Now, being the new guy, I walked in and the clerk appeared from seemingly nowhere and had little to say.  I think he thought the dry clean only attire was suspicious and only offered me the advice of "1 or 2" and promptly stole my $10.  I asked what the difference was, and he repeated "1 or 2".  So, I picked "1", got the ticket, and headed in.  I had no idea how dark it was going to be and what to expect.  There is a good size screen and a bright projector, but it's pretty dark in there. 

And it was full of guys of all sorts.  I've since learned it's the guy side, however, the movie showing was a lesbian scene.  I sat down a few rows in from the back, to the left, and prayed I wasn't going to trip on anyone or sit on somebody's lap in the darkness!  Fifteen minutes into this, after eyes adjusted, I could tell there were about 10 guys in there, and a few guys going at it in on the right side a few rows back.  The age range was 20-40 I'd guess.  Probably 20 rows of seats with one aisle down the center, and a good four or five seats to either side. After about an hour, I pulled the plug and headed out, determined on another trip to figure out the right hand side.

Fast forward, Dear Readers, through my discovery of The Journal and trip to Video Liquidators in Buffalo, and allow me to shed some light Theater Two at The Paris, which I visited again last week.  Between meetings, I found myself in the neighborhood with an hour or so to spare.  So, I dropped in to The Paris at about 4:00pm on a Tuesday, and checked out Theater Two, which has the same layout as Theater One.  This time the clerk wasn't so nervous, but it was the same guy, and I walked right in after the $10 fee. 

A great video was playing in the theater with good guy-girl action, and I was happy to grab a seat on the back right.  After just a few minutes for the eyes to adjust, lo and behold, there was a couple in the front row!  He was older, maybe 55, and she a bit younger, and not bad looking.  She was pretty interested to see who was coming in and sitting where, as she would look back every now and then.  There were only a few other guys in the place, all in the 40+ range, and as the clock ticked on, the average age went up. 

After checking things out a bit, I moved up to the same side as the couple in front, and respectfully sat several rows back.  It wasn't long before they were making out, and not much longer after that when she went down into her guy's lap.  I couldn't believe my luck.  Now while I'm "minding my own business" and patiently waiting for this couple to do their thing, another guy comes over sits in the row in front of me, settles in for the movie and the couple, then reaches back and starts rubbing my leg.  I gave a respectful but firm version of "get the hell outta here", and he was up and out.  I think you know where we're headed from there: quickly a couple guys came over to check things out with the couple about as close as they could get, and the couple showed no signs of interest.  One guy their age came up,  who wasn't quite as jolly as Santa, sat two seats away from her, unzipped and dropped his drawers, and started strokin' it, with still no attention from them.  She'd come up for air every now and then, and would sit back and watch the movie.  Her guy would caress her neck and presumably her leg, they'd kiss, and she'd go back at it.  She'd glance behind and to her right, and about every time, Santa would advance a seat and spread his legs even further. 

Well now there are a few guys sitting in the row behind the couple and Santa is just trying everything possible to get in on the action.  After having brushed up on my theater etiquette via The Journal, I was starting to think that Santa was going to send the happy couple packing.  Well, things then took a quick turn as the movie scenes got a little hotter, and fortunately, the projector in Theater Two throws enough light to give us a good show in the seats.  The guy she was with gave the nod to Santa who was trying to caress her breasts, and it wasn't long before the pants came off and the shirt was pulled up over her medium sized breasts.  She was sitting back in her seat, with her man now rubbing her inside thighs and pussy, and Santa was getting more and more of the action from the next seat over.  She was really enjoying herself, and the guys started to congregate.  At this point, I've moved in for a better view, and one of the patrons even offered to trade out his seat for me to get in.  Watching the clock like a good working stiff, I knew I had to get going.  I headed back with the satisfaction of scoring a real live playing couple on just my 2nd trip. 

On the way out, in walked another couple, this pair in their 20's I'd guess.  She went back to use the restroom, and came back quite comfortable with the scene and took a seat midway down the aisle on the left next to her man.  I suspect some good stuff broke out in the next hour or so from there.  Tuesday night quitting time in Syracuse... who knew!  On the way out, the clerks had changed watch, and this guy quickly pointed out that our star gal in the front row has been coming in for 20 years, and that the regulars all know her every move and moan.  Then, he conceded that they don't get glamour at The Paris very often.  I bet she was glamour 20 years ago!

The next night was another couple hours to kill between meetings, so I headed over again at 5pm on Wednesday, and found another good movie playing in Theater Two.  The crowd was a bit lighter, and all guys.  I recognized a few faces from the night before, and the clerk recognized me.  He laughed and thought I was nuts expecting to "get lucky" two nights in a row.  He was right, and I headed out just in time for the evening meeting.

Now, let's rewind a bit.  Shortly after my first Paris trip in February, I thought it best to see out the discerning advice of a seasoned expert in this field of adult cinemas.  The google gods were on my side when I hit the big one with The Journal in April, and, it happened to be while I was gearing up for a trip through Buffalo to Canada.  I enjoyed reading about Doc's trips to home and some other readers' stories about Video Liquidators among others.  With the help of the nav, I set out to stop in.

What's interesting about Video Liquidators is that there is a large pole barn to park in attached to the store in the rear.  Think of it as a luxury in the adult theater world that we have up here in our little slice of heaven, where you can go to a store in the winter, get your dick sucked dry, and come out without having to brush the snow off the car.  Now that's livin' --- and only in Buffalo, folks!  Take that, Target and Home Depot! 

Ok, so back to the story.  I pull in on a Wednesday night at about 9:00pm, and one car headed out (just a guy), and only two cars there, I figured it was not worth the time, and I had a long drive ahead.  Fellow amateurs:  this was probably a bad idea.  Don't underestimate the fun factor when you only see a couple cars in the lot (read on).  Business done in Canada, and a night in the hotel to sink my teeth into The Journal.  Reading, taking notes, making flash cards.  Just like the Boards, right, Doc?  Well, I timed my return to put me back at VL close to 4:30pm on Friday in mid-April.  When I pulled into the "garage", there were just a few cars, and I thought for sure this was going to be a wasted detour... afterall, it was a nice day, and 4:30pm on a work day.  I mean, everyone works until 5pm, right?  Wrong.  The place had a decent crowd! 

When you enter from the rear (no pun intended), you walk into the showroom but right past the "gay/bi" theater, and then the "straight/couple" theater, and into the video and toy store.  As I recall, $10 gets you a theater ticket of your choice, and a $5 surcharge let's you surf between the two.  The store is bright, and well lit.  Think of it like a dirty Walmart with a couple theaters that have been tacked on.  So, I checked out the straight theater first, and found a few guys stroking to the movie, but no real action going on.  Some guys were talking amongst themselves through the movie.  The theater didn't have much in the way of lighting, but it was obvious there was no couple action going on. 

So, I checked out the other theater, and in the course of doing so, found a 5'8" gorgeous blonde shopping the aisles with her guy not far away.  I though for sure I'd be seeing them in a few minutes behind the theater doors, so I mosied on patiently.  In the gay/bi theater, I found it to be much smaller than the couples theater.  Couples theater was narrow and deep.  Gay/bi theater was wide and shallow with a flat screen vs. projector (as I recall), and it was decently lit.  There was some guy-guy action going on in there and some stragglers, and a creepy wierd dude who kept following me around.  So, I checked out the area between the theaters, which had some booths.  I couldn't tell if any had holes, but they certainly looked big enough for two, and one seemed comparatively big enough for a small wedding reception.  The movie was changing on the gay/bi side to a cheezy Brazilian bi mmf movie - which I'm not opposed to except for the cheeze --- so back to the straight/couples theater.  I don't know how, but another couple had appeared and was getting settled in at the front row.

Unfortunately, she wasn't the beautiful blonde from the store, but hell, this girl was performing.  So, following the good advice of my fellow readers, I moved in for a respectful view, and so did a few of the other guys.  This couple was about 30 I'd guess, and she was a small BBW, but who cares:  she unfolded her blanket onto the floor, pulled offer her top, and got down on her knees and started sucking her guy off.  He was relaxed back in his chair ---- can you blame him --- drinking from his mega-mocha sized mug of beer or booze of his choice, and enjoying the show.  He looks around, and motions for the onlookers to move closer.  One guy about 50 walked right up, unzipped and left it out for this girl, she asked him to put on a condom, which he didn, and she blew him and stroked her guy. 

Her guy was equipped, and the stranger not so much... I think he probably had a hard time getting it up.  And, I forgot to mention, this guy has one had on his big gulp (beer), and the other is working their flashlight for everyone to get a good view of the action.  What a sport!  Now, I give this girl all kinds of props for putting on a show, but her size and rather slow and gentle blowjobs aren't really my cup of tea.  So, I'm just enjoying the action and keeping an eye on the clock again and then it happens... Creepy Guy wanted to make friends --- he was kind of like that kid, PigPen, on The Peanuts --- take a bath, dude!  Well, that was enough to spoil the mood for me, and it was time to hit the road.  Besides, I didn't need him mussing up the clothes! 

Apparently Saturday is still couples night, and based upon the activity I've noticed on Craigslist, it looks like there is a decent couples scene on Saturdays and even during the workweek.  Isn't everyone working during the workweek?  ;)

Friends, it's late.  Another report soon will find me detailing what I hope is another visit to VL and a couple stops at two of the Rochester area Show World locations, which are really ABS's, but it's the best Rochester has to offer, and worth shedding some light on.

Doc, thanks for the Nancy and CEO posts, too.  Both are beautiful woman with the right attitude.  I'm keeping fingers crossed that my package meets her needs and a trip through Ohio comes to fruition later this year.  Keep those two ladies posting on a regular basis!



Thank you DryCleanOnly for a great report, and the excellent eye on what was going on around you at The Paris and Video Liquidators.  Keep up the great work, sir!


Couple's Flash Report! Ebony & Hubby @ Circus Cinema in Denver

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from new reporters, Ebony & Hubby.  E&H have hit Circus Cinemas in Denver, and they have plenty of thoughts on the matter

Here we go... Ebony and Hubby!


Dr Emilio,

I writing this report after a large amount of contemplation, partly due to my  writing abilities. I finally concluded I could not hold back such important information any longer. Information that will please Denver theatre goers as much as it will help please my wife.

Circus Cinemas
Denver, CO
You see, my wife and I began this theatre thing about a year ago, and instantly fell in love with her fucking random strangers in a dark seedy environment. She always craved groups of men and now she found the place she could unleash her inner desires to be a complete cum-slut, fucking and sucking all men to the point of their final cum. I love the sight of watching her take a full theatre (30+ if we are very lucky), and let every guy fuck her and cum inside every hole as long as there are takers.

Circus Cinemas is one of two theaters in Denver (the other is always dead so we always opt for the circus). We frequent the place at random times and often no warning. We always enter with the objective of her pleasing every man in the place. The problem is often the men are shy or we have 2 or 4 participants and 10+ spectators.

It must be a Denver thing, because the posts I read from other parts of this country would actively invite her to a buffet of willing men. I figure if you post this men will know when you see a young 23 year old petite ebony with the roundest ass walk into the Circus don't be shy, come right up and fuck her like a pornstar! We are so into this we are going to make a summer for travel just to random west-coast and mid west theatres so she can show people how this thing is done!

Dr. Lizardo, direct the people to great participation, and we will report, I promise.

Ebony and Hubby!


Doc here again...  Consider this a call for action for the Circus Cinema in Denver! You never know, one day you might run into Ebony & Hubby.

Do yourself a favor... Submit a report to The Journal.    Send them to , and I'll do the rest. You know the pitch by now.