Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Flash Report! Summit Street News Couple's Night by "T"

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from T, a one-time contributor in the past along with his girl, B

This outing was a solo adventure for T at the excellent Summit Street News in Warren, OH.  And luckily for him (and us), it was a good Couple's Wednesday at The Summit Street News facility.

Take it away, T.


Its been a long time since I wrote you about Summit News. Been too long actually (B&T First time at a Porn Theater). Unfortunately B and I don't get out that way much and the porn theater here in Akron is not even worth driving by. 
Anyways, I was out doing some work for my job and it took me out towards Summit News. So I figured what the heck, its their free couples Wednesday and decided to stop in. B was not with me so it was a solo run. 
Summit Street News,
Warren, OH

Now as I said before, its been a few months since we have visited and they have made some changes. For the better, I must say. They have locked down the theater with a buzzer door for one. This really has cut down on the rif raf constantly trolling in and out of the theater.

The second change they have made is they replaced ALL of the theater chairs and ALL the couches with brand new very comfortable leather couches. So now instead of just having older couches lining the walls, they have a total of 8 full size leather couches. Both changes have made for a very comfortable environment for couples to come in and enjoy some fun.

I arrived at the theater around 9:15 PM. The parking lot was about half full. I entered, paid my fee, and headed back to the theater. There were NO couples on couples night!!! Very disappointing considering they get into the theater for free. I decided that I would hang around and see what would transpire anyways.
Roughly 10PM a couple finally entered the theater. You could tell this was their first time there as the misses asked her man if he was nervous. She was a larger woman, not entirely my scene, but was nice to have some live entertainment enter the theater. They settled in, and watched the movie for a bit. They did eventually start playing with each other but was obvious that they were not ready to take the plunge in playing with others. 
During that couples soft playing, that is when things got interesting. Another couple entered the theater. I shall call her L. L is by far the type of woman we all like to see enjoy this thing of ours. Younger thirties, tight spinner body, and sort of punk rockish look about her. Dressed in tight jeans complimented with some killer fuck me heels and a sexy corset. I have seen L and her man there before when I have been there with my significant other. Also have had the pleasure of watching the two of them in the private theater while they watched B and myself.
Well to my luck, the two sat down in the couch right in front of me, giving me a great view of them without having to make the creepy "switch your seat move". They settled in and enjoyed some quiet conversation between the two of them. During this, there hands were lightly wandering. Both of them would look my way every now and then and then move back to each other. I could tell by the looks that they were both possibly into me, but in the spirit of playing the all important patience card, I waited for the clear invite. And as always, good things come to those who wait. About 15 mins later, she looked at me, gave me a smile, and the come hither motion. Oh lucky days, as I have had a few fantasies about her after meeting them the first time.
So I do what every good man would do, and I didn't keep a lady waiting. I sat down next to her. She smiled at me, and gave me a warning that her hands may be a little cold. I told her that is fine, I am sure we could warm them up a little. She proceeded to stroke my cock ever so softly while her man and I gave her whole body a through inspection with our hands. And I must say she was very responsive. She then sat up and wrapped her mouth around my cock and gave him a full work out. It was everything I could do to keep from blowing right there. About 10 mins in, she whispered in my ear and asked if I had a cover. Ugh, I left my coat in my car and that's where they were. I told her in my car and she told me to go out and get it.
So, I speedily obliged, kicking myself in the ass on the way for not being prepared. Got the covers, ran back in. The couple moved to one of the couches in the back corner and I rejoined them. L wasted no time picking back up where she left off. She proceeded to drop back to her knees and continue sucking my cock with her warm velvety mouth. After about another 5 mins, I lifted her up and decided to repay the favor and gave her pussy the tongue lashing it deserved. Again, L is a clearly responsive woman. Loud moans and lots of squirming. Looking up at her face, I could tell she was in total ecstasy.
After getting her close to a big O I gloved up and slid my cock into her. Her pussy just grabbed my cock and took it hostage as it did not see the light of the theater for the next twenty minutes. It was tight, it was warm, and attached to a woman that knew how to use it. The perfect trifecta. As before it was everything I could do to keep from blowing my load early like an over eager teenager. But years of experience helped me work through that problem and allow me to fuck her the way she wanted. Deep, hard, and very sensual as L loved to kiss. It seemed that she liked it very sensual but aggressive and rough at the same time. Every time my cock went to the hilt, her nails would dig into my back in pure pleasure.....how did she know I loved that!!! 
About 5 more mins passed and I couldn't hold back any longer, I shot my load in the cover. Oh how I wished it didn't end. I got up and looked around to see every guy standing there watching us. To tell you the truth the sex we had made me forget we were even in the porn theater. L and her man met me outside for a smoke. We exchanged contact info for possible future play. Possibly a four way in the future? I do indeed hope they contact me sometime. It was 10 mins till closing time so we all said our good-byes and headed home. For sure an amazing night at the Summit, all compliments of the great facility and staff there.
Doc here again... Many thanks to "T" as he researched throughout the theater for just the right amount of fun.  Mission accomplished!

Couple's Flash Report! 2004 Theater & Bookstore in Lexington, KY by The Flying Dutchman

Doc here with a fantastic Flash/Field Report from The Flying Dutchman, and his wife, J.  The subject of their report is 2004 Theater and Bookstore, in Lexington, KY.  

I know next to nothing about this location, so I am sitting on pins and needles learning about this theater from The Flying Dutchman.  It sounds like a lot of fun, but let's dig deeper into the report and the details of their visit to 2004 Theater and Bookstore.


Hello Doc,


Flash Report: 2004 Theater & Bookstore, 2004 Family Circle, Lexington, KY
  • ABS with Arcade and 2 Mini Theaters (1 straight, 1 male interests)
  • Couple friendly, open 24/7, Admission $10 per Theater, $?? for the Arcade.
My wife J. and I visited the 2004 Theater & Bookstore on a Tuesday evening last month. Although it was a slow evening, J. enjoyed all the pleasures of playing with 4 men and being fondled and played with by 4 men. 
 As we entered the straight side, the theater was empty, so we sat down to watch the flick. While we where waiting, J. stripped down to her most intimate underwear; consisting of nothing but a natural skin bra and a tiny pair of beaver fur panties. It did not take long before the first man showed up.
In the course of our 2 ½ hour stay she spread her legs for 2 men, and let them take her for a joyride until her rider was close and ready to pull his primed and cum-loaded cock out of her furry soft pussy and spurt his load all over tummy and tits.
In between the 2 romps, she played with another man's cock until he took over, and stroking himself to an orgasm was shooting each spurt of semen into the valley between her breasts.
We sat there for 20 minutes or so, when another man came into the theater and spotting J. naked and showing off her womanly charms, he asked if he could sit down next to her. At J. affirmative yes, he unzipped his pants and pulling them down sat next to her.

J. reached over and got a hold of his limp manhood. She winked at me, as his cock was growing harder and harder, and with a wicked smile on her face, J. kissed the head of his cock and proceeded to give him a good, slow paced Blow-job, letting the soft red lips of her mouth kiss and caress every inch of his now very stiff love muscle. When her partner said that he was about to cum, J. used her hand until he sprayed himself all over her tits.

After a short wait the 4th man entered the theater. And you already know what happened next. During the 2nd ride J's moaning became louder and louder, and just before her 2nd rider pulled his very hard part out of her furry soft part, J. was screaming and shouting with joy in the throws of her final orgasm of the night.

When we left J. was very satisfied and smiling. And we knew the men where too; since all of them thanked her for her services and for letting him play with her.


Doc here again... Thanks for the fantastic Flash Report goes to The Flying Dutchman and his wife J.  Keep up the great reports!