Monday, July 30, 2012

Tour Of Duty 2012: Chapter 11 - Port of Call San Diego

Doc here with the final three San Diego adult theaters on Old Marine Corps Guy's Tour of Duty 2012.

OMCG decided to finish his reports off with a bang, and these three theaters are a good example of San Diego's healthy adult theater scene. Of the three, Adult Depot #1 and the Barnett Adult Superstore have been very kind to The Good Doctor over the years. 

Adult Depot #2? No so much.

The proximity of these three theaters to each other allows you to bounce between the three if you like, and was my SOP.  And as always, Old Marine Corps Guy's observations have military precision.

In this next week, I will have more detailed Flash Reports from the San Diego theaters, as OMCG finally hit paydirt on his long Tour of Duty 2012. 

Here are the final recaps of San Diego's adult theater scene from Old Marine Corps Guy...


Adult Depot #1
3489 Kurtz St
San Diego, CA
  • 24/7
  • Bookstore and arcade
  • $7.00 admission for 2 theaters, both show str8 movies
  • Appx. 25 regular theater seats in each theater.
  • Admission good for 4 hour in and out.
  • Loud door sound when someone comes in.
  • Lots of gay, but good couples action also.  Clerk say quite a few regulars and a fairly steady flow of them throughout the week.

Adult Depot #2
405 Pacific Hwy. 
San Diego, CA
  • Small bookstore, arcade and theater
  • $7.00 admission to theater 24/7  In and out OK
  • One small theater with 12 regular seats
  • 6 screens on 3 walls
  • Street parking only
  • Very hard to find and to get to.
  • Clerk says very few couples

Barnett Superstore
Corner of Barnett and Midway
San Diego, CA
  • Sister theater of Jolar
  • Very large, clean bookstore and arcade with 1/2 doors
  • $10.00 admission for 4 hour in and out to theater or $20.00 for 24 hour in and out
  • 2 theaters for one admission price, each has 2 screens one showing str8 the other gay
  • Very comfortable "theater" seats, appx 20 in each theater.
  • Loud door noice alerts you to newcomers, and long hallway has to be walked to enter theater area.  Allows time to straighten up.
  • The seats make it a little difficult to play (6" wide arms on each seat, and seats are side by side), but play does go on.
  • Probably the best theater in SD for couples

Flash Report! Cathy's Visit To The Art Cinema in Hartford by The Shadow

Doc here with the first of the Flash Reports detailing Cathy's  (from visit to The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT. This first stop as part of her Summer Road Trip 2012 would set the tone for the rest of her adult theater visits. And judging by the huge success of Friday's nights visit, we are all in for a great end of summer spectacle.

This report will be followed up by a second report on this same evening Tuesday @ The Journal by reporter Incognito.

Please welcome back to The Journal, The Shadow, and his account of the evening...


Hello Dr.,

Been a while since my initial report from the Art, but what a night this was.  I am hoping there are other reports, because I am sure I missed a lot!

Was a wonderful, steamy, sticky night in Hartford Friday night, and the weather was kinda hot too.  The real action was inside the Art Cinema where there was action galore, ending with the sensational Cathy the "Creampie" Queen.

I arrived around 8:30 and was advised that Cathy was due in around 9.  Walked into the main theater to see a group of patrons surrounding a tall blonde with great tits manually accommodating as many hard rods as she could.  Generous tits play and sucking made the spectacle complete from an observation standpoint. 

Two other couples gradually joined to watch also.  One couple got so hot watching they moved off to the other side of the aisle.  There she proceeded to give him a BJ for a grateful audience.  She was into being watched, but not touched, but there was plenty of self gratification around her.  Soon the blonde came over, bringing her fan base along and the 2 women put on a show for all to see, just not with each other. (DAMN!)

Both couples adjourned to the balcony, but not too far back.  Miss "look but don't touch" moved straight to the rail and blew kisses to the men gathered under the exit sign, then bent over while her bf/hubby/fuck-toy knelt behind her and made a meal of her ass.  Her moans were louder then the screen at times.  She then moved to the front and sat on the rail masturbating while Mr. Lucky watched and stroked.  Hard to say who was more turned on. 

There were 3 couples in the balcony at this point, all engaged by themselves, but the sounds of sex filled the air.  Miss LBDT was bending towards the audience getting hard doggy, but then turned, I am guessing, to watch the other couples playing next to her.  There could not have been 2 soft cocks in the building.  And then Cathy strode in!

Cathy and her husband walked down the aisle and it was like stereo sex......we were surrounded.  Husband was filming, so for once there was a great view of a hot MILF surrounded by erections.  Hand and blow jobs were the order of the day, sometimes 3 at a time.  I am guessing no one had the prerequisite papers because there were only hj and bj.  Most men stepped right up and took their turn in Cathy's mouth;  one guy declined and continued to jerk himself ....whatever!  The only conversation to note was the regular "who's next" in the wonderfully sexy Australian accent. 

The balcony emptied and 3 couples were down watching Cathy do her thing.  Well, not exactly watching.  One was giving another hot BJ to her man, another was servicing a small group of her own, and one foursome, one wife with 3 men, had their own menage going, all with approving watchers. 

I could go into detail again but whats the point?  Lets just say everyone who wanted was getting either sucked, fucked, or jerked for what seemed like forever.  Eventually the crowd thinned until Cathy was left servicing 2 guys, one for the 3rd pop apparently, while one woman somehow found her fingers servicing Cathy, and claiming it was her first time!  Not the last I would bet!

I have had fun nights in the Art before, and I have rarely seen 3 groups playing downstairs at the same time.  This was a night to remember.  I am looking forward to seeing the couples return.  Cathy was the spark that took a hot night into another zone, but all 3 couples brought the heat!

The Shadow Knows!


Doc here again... I will be speaking directly with Cathy on Monday, to get her take on the evening, and hopefully put together a first person account from her on a great evening at The Art Cinema.

Remember ladies and gentlemen, Cathy is not stopping in Hartford. Visits to CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN, Berlin News Agency , NJ, and Portland are on the schedule... Make sure you visit her when they hit your town!

Thanks again to the very sexy Cathy!