Sunday, April 7, 2013

Flash Report! floyd Returns With Two Daytime Reports From The Paris Theatre in Portland

Doc here with the return of our old friend and local public transportation ace, floyd. This senior reporter has been AWOL for a little while, so it's good to welcome him back to the front page of whatever this is.
floyd covers the daytime scene at Portland's Paris Theatre, and today we get a two-fer from our senior reporter. A Friday plus a Tuesday afternoon yielded fun for our reporter...
Daytime at the Paris…..X2
It’s been ages since I’ve checked in, so I thought I’d best file a few reports, lest you and your readers think I overdosed on Voodoo Donuts and Stumptown Roasters coffee and never made it to the theater. 
In fact, there have been numerous daytime “Flags” (Portland’s Paris Theater’s posting system which indicates a couple has entered) over the last few weeks, but I have missed most of the good ones due to those pesky business obligations and some travel.  All that changed over the last few days….
Part One
Last Friday a mid-afternoon Red Flag flew, and your loyal reporter was off to the streetcar for the short ride to Burnside Ave and a quick walk to the Paris.  Upon entering, I saw a young couple back in the couples’ area at the rear of the theater.  She was twenty-something beauty, blond hair tied in a bun, and her fishnet pantyhose, lace top tied behind her neck, and black lace thong could not hide a killer body: long legs, perfect little ass, and what appeared to be nice naturals.  Her guy was a short, fit, dark-skinned black guy.  They were sitting on the bench together and she started stroking his big cock. “Here we go!” was the thought that popped into floyd’s mind, and boy was he right!
She moved on to give him a nice slow blowjob, which lasted five minutes or so, and then he laid her back on the bench and pulled down her fishnet hose.  Pulling her little thong aside, he proceeded to give her pussy a good licking, and from her moans of appreciation he was doing a fine job.  They paused and chatted quietly for a few moments, and then she retrieved a sheet and headed for the “bedroom” area, which is a small cubicle with a mattress and a door, with walls about four feet high, so the penis gallery can get a front row seat for the action therein.
When the sheet was placed, the stage was set.  She returned to BJ mode, and he was stiff again in a flash.  He fucked her doggie for a good long while, with her showing her feelings by screaming whenever he banged her hard.  He rolled her over into a kind of scissor/missionary position, and this reporter had a perfect view of him pounding her shaved puss, as I was right over top of then less than two feet away.  The sweet aroma of her sopping pussy filled the air, and floyd was hard as stone.  This action continued for 15 minutes or so, and they took a break with a bottle of water, got dressed, and went outside for a smoke.
They returned less that ten minutes later and she proceeded to put down a fresh sheet. At this point she turned to the dozen or so guys and said, “First one to go to the corner store and get me a pack of cigs can come in here and play with us.”  Well, a tall, thin, dude dressed business casual spoke right up and asked her her brand.  She asked for some kind of menthol 100 things (floyd is not a smoker) and he split, only to return in about five minutes with the prize.  She let him in the bedroom, even though her guy was still sting in a seat in the theater.  From there, he called out loudly, “Tell him the rules!” 
“You can touch me anywhere with anything….except your penis,” she said, and he readily agreed.  He stripped naked, as did she, and he positioned himself between her legs and asked if a little pussy-licking was OK.  “Of course,” she said, and away he went.  After a few minutes her guy sauntered in and she called for his cock.  She sucked him off while getting eaten, which was a hot scene enjoyed by all.  He tossed Nude Guy a small bottle of lube and said, “If you finger fuck her asshole she’ll probably cum.”  Nude Guy was a quick study, and minutes later he had an index finger deep in her tight pooper while he continued to lick her.  It bears repeating that this girl was gorgeous; as good as she looked in the fishnets and thong, naked she was magnificent.  She flipped over on her hands and knees and sucked her guy with her ass up facing me.  What a sight!
The next act of this play was even hotter.  Her guy (BF or fiancĂ© I’m still not sure; she called herself “Tiger”) turned her around with that ass facing him.  He then absolutely slammed her doggie for about ten minutes; you could likely hear her from outside the donut store next door.  Taking a pause, he started fingering her butt.  “Can I fuck your ass? He asked.  She responded with one word: “Lube.” So he retrieved the lube from Nude Guy, who was happily stroking in front of her face, and applied a liberal amount.  The subsequent ass fucking will go down as one of my all time greatest memories of this thing of ours.  He started slow and easy, but she appeared to have no problem taking his big bone, so he gradually picked up speed and depth until he was absolutely slamming her butthole.
She stopped him after a few minutes, saying she was about to come.  “Why not?” thought your loyal scribe, but whatever, it was a hell of a show.  Following a longer smoke break outside, they returned and sat and chatted.  They were very friendly, nice people, and he had a disarming sense of humor that put everyone at ease.  The boys were incredibly well behaved; as a theater vet I was proud of them!  My time was up, so I left after about 90 minutes of some of the hottest daytime theater sex ever.  And it was just getting started!
Part Two
Here’s is the second half of this week’s Paris daytime action report, submitted with respect to the Good Doctor and his readers by your loyal daytime reporter in Portland, OR.
After Friday’s great action, I was prepared for a bit of a drought.  Imagine my surprise when on Tuesday afternoon another early Red Flag flew.  Two for two in the looks department. Ka-ching!  Young Asian-looking guy and his stunning black-haired girl were sitting in the couples’ section cuddling when I arrived.  She had her legs draped across his lap, and it was pretty hard to get a look at either of them.  After about 15 minutes she got up and went to the rest room, walking right by where this reporter was sitting in the couples’ annex area.  Wow!  Early twenties babe, in tight jeans that showed a perfect round ass, a beautiful face framed by long black hair, and a flat belly with medium chest up top; a stunner to be sure.
After she returned it was more of the same for about 30 minutes, at which time they packed up to leave. I noticed the both had smokes in their hands when they left, so my fervent hope was that they were going to go out for a puff and come back and fuck each others’ brains out right in front of us.  After waiting 45 minutes I gave up, and they did not return.
All was not lost for the week, because yet another couple turned up just after 1pm today, Wednesday.  Coincidentally, I was meeting a business associate at a Starbucks about four blocks from the Paris, and he had just left when I saw the flag.  I was in the theater no more than five minutes after the notification, and action had already started.  
It was a couple I used to call the Strange Ones, because I have seen them in the theater numerous times in the afternoon, always with the same scene.  They sit close together in the couples’ section; she stays fully clothed.  He drops his drawers and slowly jacks off intently watching the movie.  I have seen them three or four times and I have never seen them talk to each other or even touch – he jacks off slowly and she just sits there.  See why I called them the Strange Ones?
Well, today when I arrived she was nude to the waist, bent over sucking the cock of a slim, light-skinned black guy that I recognized as a semi-regular.  I knew it was them because there was her guy, sitting right next to them, pants down, slowly stroking to the movie and not even watching his girl swallowing dick.  She sucked him for a long time, him both sitting and standing.  She’s a very pretty thirty-something, with a cute face and very short dark brown or black hair.  She has nice big-nippled hangers for tits, and a substantial but very attractive caboose.  Chunky but not a BBW; all in all, a very attractive lady.  From what we saw up close and personal, she can also give one hell of a blowjob!
After this, the Other Guy matter-of-factly asks, “Do you want me to fuck you?”  To which she answers, “Sure, whatever you want.”  Game on.  He wraps it up, she pulls one of the ottoman-type benches right in front of the railing where we are all standing (thanks, baby!) and lays back with her legs spread and her feet up in the air.  Other Guy wastes no time, and climbs on and fucks her, I mean FUCKS HER, like a machine for twenty minutes.  I can hear what you’re thinking: “Twenty minutes? floyd, old buddy, surely you exaggerate.”  Nope.  You see, there’s a clock in the theater, and it was twenty minutes if it was twenty seconds. 
After this ferocious pounding, she begged for a break as her legs were giving out.  He offered doggie but she declined.  She went back to sucking him bareback for ages but he didn’t cum.  They thanked each other profusely and he dressed and left.
I figured it was over, especially since I had never seen them play before.  Oh, no.  She invited up a similarly slim white guy who was at the rail jacking and who told her she was beautiful.  A long BJ ensued, and wound up jacking it and cumming in her mouth (she spit it out.)  During this action, her guy actually watched and even finger fucked her from the rear while was oh her hands and knees sucking. 
The next guy up had been watching from the doorway and stroking a big, pierced dick.  She gave him a long BJ and tried really hard to make him cum.  Her guys was now fingering her again and talking dirty, encouraging her to milk a big load.  After what seemed like an hour (actually about ten minutes) he asked her if he could fuck her, and she readily agreed.  He sheathed his weapon and she assumed the same position as before.  He fucked her vigorously with her obviously loving it, given her loud moans and verbal encouragement, and he groaned out a huge load deep inside her.  They are the Strange Ones to me no more, as they both seem like really super-nice people who get off on theater sex, so who’s to say what’s strange and what’s not?  Not floyd.
When I left ten minutes later she was sitting balls-ass naked on the bench next to her guy, who was still lazily stroking and watching the movie.  Who know how many more she took?  Not this scribe, as I had a date with my job after two hours of hot sex in the theater.  Doc: here’s hoping your readers enjoy these latest reports.

Doc here again... Many thanks to Floyd for the extra effort in pulling these two reports together.  Great stuff, sir!