Saturday, December 29, 2012

UPDATE 2! Velvet Skye @ Fantasyland I in Tampa (w/PICS!)

Doc here with Update #2 from the vivacious Velvet Skye and her visit to Fantasyland I in Tampa, FL.

The Tampa portion of Velvet's GH Xmas Tour went swimmingly well, according to her and her best guy, Mr. V. As a matter of fact, it could  not have gone better.

Velvet made three separate trips to Fantasyland I: Thursday night, Friday at noon, and Friday night at 9pm. All three trips yielded hard cocks, plenty of cum, and plenty of good times... Just what Velvet likes!

I have received a dozen or so Tweets and e-mails from guys who were there over the last day and a half of debauchery, and every comment was over the top positive.  Most thanked me as well, which I appreciate!  However, I was just the white suit wearing humble messenger... The real kudos belong squarely on the shoulders of Velvet and Mr. V. 

Here are a few pics from her Fantasyland I adventure (Click images to ENLARGE thumbnails)

Want to see more of Velvet Skye?  Log onto her website, , where you find plenty to choose from to fit your fancy. She's fun, she's personable, and she's an excellent driver. She's Velvet Skye.

This is a message I received from Velvet about Friday night at FL I:

Currently, Velvet and Mr. V are off to Fort Lauderdale, where her plans will be spontaneous. I have no idea here she will pop up, so stay tuned to my Twitter account @Lizardojournal . If you do not follow me on Twitter, you probably should, since that may be the only way to know Velvet's whereabouts on this leg of the trip, and the return trip back north after the New Year.

If you were there at Fantasyland, and have a report, e-mail me direct at I will edit and format your reports, and slide in a pic or two... Try it.

More pics and reports as they come in to the news desk of The Journal.

Thanks, and God Bless Velvet Skye.